Neill Blomkamp Shows Off More Concept Art from His 'Alien' Movie

July 17, 2015

Neill Blomkamp - Alien

There's a line of dialogue missing from this scene. Director Neill Blomkamp just posted a new hint on social media at some of the concept art for his Alien movie in the works. We've been following development on this closely ever since it was announced that Blomkamp would be working with Ridley Scott on a new Alien. This art shows that Sigourney Weaver as Ripley and Michael Biehn as Captain Hicks definitely seem to have a role in this new one. There's also a glimpse at some kind of mech that seems to be a signature Blomkamp suit of armor to the side. Neill only said: "#alien going very well. Love this project." View below.

Here's the new concept art posted very recently to Blomkamp's Instagram (@neillblomkamp) seen in full:

We don't know too much about Blomkamp's new Alien movie yet, however we'll recap what we do know. Between this concept art and the last piece, it definitely looks like Sigourney Weaver will be back as Ripley. A few months ago, Blomkamp explained that "She knows about it, and part of it was just inspired by speaking to her on set when we were filming Chappie, and getting her thoughts on Alien and what she thought of the movies that came after Aliens and what she felt about Ripley and what was incomplete for her about Ripley. There was so much fuel in what she was telling me." Fellow filmmaker Ridley Scott is also producing this new Alien, so he is directly involved in it and working with Blomkamp. The film is currently aiming for release in 2017, so stay tuned for any more updates. Follow Neill on Twitter @NeillBlomkamp.

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please please please please don't suck !!

Tester on Jul 17, 2015


Neil better do something because Chappie was wack!

Trey on Jul 17, 2015


You didnt like the Short Circuit reboot?

Brian Sleider on Jul 17, 2015


I had a sh it face the whole time watching it

Trey on Jul 17, 2015


I liked the 2nd half all right, the first half I was laughing that he called stealing Short Circuit "Original"

Brian Sleider on Jul 17, 2015


if it's just as good as chappie it will suck! Hé is running out of credit, let's pray he is no one hit wonder!

ari smulders on Jul 17, 2015


I thought for a minute this was the scrapped original Alien 3 idea that picks up where Aliens left of. If only we could have had that film.

Brandon on Jul 17, 2015


Alien 3 > Aliens. Not trolling. I think it has its place. It's different. But at the same time, it doesn't look like a grainy and cheap B-movie compared to Alien like the second one. Respect everyone who prefers it though ofc.

ryderup on Jul 17, 2015


I love Alien 3 but unfortunately the effects on the alien brought it down hard for me.

OfficialJab on Jul 17, 2015


I don't think Alien 3 a was bad film, David Fincher's talent goes without saying. But, I disagree that it was better. The first five minutes kills off everything that they fought for in Aliens. I prefer what Cameron brought to the franchise.

Brandon on Jul 17, 2015


How does Aliens look cheap and grainy? It still looks crisp and great even now.

Panzerknecker on Jul 17, 2015


Have you had a chance to see the directors/extended cut of Alien3? I really prefer it to the theatrical cut...if you haven't had the chance, seek it out. I think it will give you an even greater appreciation for the film. Completely changed my view of it from stinker to good movie.

Gohikeone on Jul 17, 2015


I agree with you. Normally I dislike director's cuts for some reason, but Alien 3 DC is so much better than the theatrical. I never liked the film at all until thatDC version came out. Now it makes sense and the pacing is so much better.

Charles Knowlton on Jul 17, 2015


...I must live in a totally different dimension because so far Blomkamp has 3 out of 3 amazing movies for me, and I also love all four Alien movies equally. Hoping for the best with this project and the art so far looks very interesting.

Yahzee on Jul 17, 2015


wait... what ?

Tester on Jul 17, 2015


uhm! 3 out of 3???? yes indeed different reality!

ari smulders on Jul 17, 2015


4 great alien movies and Neil is 3 for 3? Yeh you are in a different universe. The real universe only has 2 good Alien movies and 1.5 good Blomkamp movies.

Brian Sleider on Jul 17, 2015


1.5 is generous IMO. Chappie and Elysium were both complete messes outside of the visuals. The characters in chappie had the most ass backwards character motivations and Elysium had a dirivitive plot that was boring.

adam lamonica on Jul 17, 2015


I enjoyed the second half of Chappie. Thats his .5

Brian Sleider on Jul 17, 2015


I suppose you can from a pure action standpoint, but story wise that is when it went to shit. Forgive me, because I have erased names from my memory, but that guy went from dont give no sh** about anyone but him to making the sacrifice play. Hugh Jackman when from 0 to 60 real fast, from wanting an Iron first of control on the streets to literally blowing the streets up himself.

adam lamonica on Jul 17, 2015


Hrmm... thats a fair point. Its just that I was busy loling at the "original" first half which was just a remake of Short Circuit. I guess it made the 2nd half seem better.

Brian Sleider on Jul 17, 2015


Agreed. He really turned it to 11 halfway through.

DAVIDPD on Jul 17, 2015


So, will this take place in some alternate timeline?? Because as I remember, Hicks and Newt died when the escape system with the cryo sleep chambers crashed on the prison planet in Alien3. So how could Hicks be in this new, continuation of the original story, movie? Just thinking out loud is all.

theslayer5150 on Jul 17, 2015


That is why I am wondering if they took the original script for Alien 3 script (that was going to more like Aliens with a returning Hicks and Ripley).

Brandon on Jul 17, 2015


You remember correctly. I'm thoroughly confused & concerned. Maybe Skynet goes back in time to... wait.... ugh. Nuke it from orbit. Only way to be sure.

avconsumer2 on Jul 17, 2015


With any luck they just retcon 3 and 4 out of existence. 3 was an ok movie but it lead us to 4 which is an abortion.

Brian Sleider on Jul 17, 2015


Looks pretty cool. I would be keen on Biehn returning to the world.

DAVIDPD on Jul 17, 2015


Looks great.Neill is a talented director.

Н.И. + on Jul 18, 2015


Nobody noticed the south korean flag in the armour ?

Beru on Jul 18, 2015

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