New Concept Art Shows Off Marvel's 'Ant-Man' Villain Yellow Jacket

January 9, 2015
Source: EW


Though the teaser trailer for Ant-Man showed off a little bit of what we can expect from Marvel's second summer release this year, there was no glimpse of our villain, played by Corey Stoll, in the suit he eventually creates for himself to become Yellow Jacket. That's likely because much of the visual effects aren't finished (the sequences of a miniature Paul Rudd riding an ant in the trailer are from footage created for Comic-Con this past summer). But the good news is that we now have a glimpse at what Yellow Jacket will look like as a formidable opponent with some official concept art that has surfaced. Look now!

Here's a couple pieces of concept art from Ant-Man from Entertainment Weekly:



It's a cool design, and those extra appendages will probably give him some advantage over Ant-Man when they finally face off. As for that second piece of art, that's form a scene that we see briefly in the teaser trailer, and it's likely the first time Scott Lang (Rudd) puts on the Ant-Man suit. And just for good measure, here's some new photos from the film that have surfaced from Entertainment Weekly's latest cover story:





Ant-Man is directed by Peyton Reed (Yes Man) with a script by Edgar Wright & Joe Cornish, rewritten by Adam McKay and Gabriel Ferrari & Andrew Barrer Armed with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, con-man Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) must embrace his inner-hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), protect the secret behind his spectacular Ant-Man suit from a new generation of towering threats. Against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Pym and Lang must plan and pull off a heist that will save the world. Marvel/Disney releases Ant-Man starting July 17th this summer.

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Im no expert in the comic world, so can someone tell me exactly how this guy fights crime? does he eliminate dust bunnies?

Jon Odishaw on Jan 9, 2015


He has super strength, but at his size, he's better at infiltrating and sabotaging...and he can usually talk to insects.

TheOct8pus on Jan 9, 2015


Hank Pym was commissioned by the government to develop an immunity to low-level radiation, so he studied ants. He made the helmet to communicate with them to help his studies, and when he discovered Pym Particles to alter his size, it came in handy when he was that small.

stavi82 on Jan 9, 2015


When he punches you in his small state it hurts just as much as if he hit you while normal size. He uses the suit mostly to be a thief and a spy though.

MattPeloquin on Jan 9, 2015


when he shrinks his strength grows. he can also go into small places and shrink those things and steal. in a comic i think Ant-Man shrunk and when into Hulk's ear up to his brain and knocked him out.

Andre Gomez on Jan 9, 2015


I don't know about in the movie but in the comics the original Ant-Man Hank Pym could shrink to subatomic level, grow to the size of a skyscaper and had super strength. He could control a wide variety of insects but mostly controlled ants or yellowjackets when he took that identity up.

ryan on Jan 9, 2015


wasn't yellow jacket actually the later name for hank pym in the comics?

Ryan on Jan 9, 2015


Yes, but in this film the villain is Pym's ex-partner who creates the Yellowjacket suit for nefarious purposes while he goes on to create the Ant Man suit to help the world. In this iteration Pym recruits Lang to steal back the Yellowjacket suit, so maybe in the future we'll still see Ant Man have an identity crisis and don the suit after all.

MattPeloquin on Jan 9, 2015


This version sounds cool and looking forward to seeing it. Would of been nice to see Hank Pym be Ant-man though, like he originally is, thus when the next Avengers movie hits the threat is too heavy and Hank Pym uses his Pym Particles to grow and becomes Giant-man to help eliminate the threat, then Hank being who he is retires from being a superhero in the aftermath, Ant-man 2 movie comes along and Scott Lang joins the party to become Ant-man... #JustThoughts đŸ™‚

Matthew Tupper on Jan 9, 2015


I really hope the movie will be great. I like the idea of introducing antman as a thief--heist movie...then maybe toward the end of the flick--someone from the Avengers or Shield notices his work and the discussions begin for him to join the Avengers--kinda cool. It seems that one of the themes of the movie will be redemption--We see scenes of antman by the frisco bay bridge in some old van...with bandaids over his eyes, dirty scruffy beard--kinda shabby looking--maybe from living like a slob and running from the law...after he steals stuff. Yet, he is also a brilliant scientist who is trying to raise a daughter. So he becomes the antman and starts to do good things in order to earn his peer's respect--hmmm--yeah I'm thinking redemption. Also, Just noticing the prehensile limbs emanating from Yellowjackets back-side, they look kinda robotic and maybe clunky. I wonder if he flies--or if the limbs are also weapons--I'm excited to see the movie.

jem on Jan 9, 2015


The suit looks terrific! If anything I can't wait to see all the effects they are using for this film. I have high hopes.

DAVIDPD on Jan 10, 2015


I hope Tony takes a look at the color design of Yellowjacket and makes an Iron Man suit to mimic Cross's cause that suit is sick! And it's kinda terrifying. Looks like a mixture of Iron Man/Doc Oc.

JBrotsis on Jan 10, 2015


What about the Red Jacket he actually worn.. I think yellow one is off villain.

Linda on Jul 2, 2015


Another "heist movie" well, there are a still more infinity stones to steal!

Akirakorn on Jan 10, 2015

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