New EW Cover + Photos for 'Batman v Superman' Before Comic-Con

July 2, 2015

Batman v Superman

Meet the new DC superheroes (and villains). Next week it's Comic-Con 2015, the annual convention in San Diego where thousands of comic book/pop culture geeks of all kind converge. Entertainment Weekly has published their annual preview piece, and that means revealing some new photos from movies we expect to show up at Comic-Con in Hall H. Warner Bros has a big panel on Saturday morning, and we expect Zack Snyder to bring lots of never-before-seen footage from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It's DC's chance to pull the spotlight away from Marvel for a bit. The photos show Henry Cavill as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Diana Prince and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. See them below.

Here's the new batch of photos previewing Comic-Con, meaning we expect to see some footage from it there.

Batman v Superman Photos

Batman v Superman Photos

Batman v Superman Photos

Batman v Superman Photos

Batman v Superman Photos

Batman v Superman Photos

And finally here's the Entertainment Weekly cover featuring the three superheroes from Dawn of Justice:

Batman v Superman Photos

Follow Zack on Twitter @zacksnyder for updates, as he seems to be the source. Watch the first teaser here.

Zack Snyder's sequel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the DC Comics Universe will bring back Henry Cavill as Superman and introduce Ben Affleck as Batman. Amy Adams, Laurence Fisburne and Diane Lane are all reprising their roles from Man of Steel, while more new additions include Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, and Holly Hunter in a role newly created for the film. Jason Momoa will also appear as Aquaman and there have been rumblings of Ray Fisher as Cyborg. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters next spring, March 25th, 2016. For more info on the film, visit the official website at: Like what you see?

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Okay, these pics do nothing for me. Gal Gadot still looks nothing like Wonder Woman. Ben Affleck's numerous moles on his face would give his identity away immediately in the "real world" . Heck, I even hate the new Bat-logo and costume. Nothing about these pics encourages me at all. And this from someone who actually liked MOS!!!

kitano0 on Jul 2, 2015



Jorrell Mcdaniel on Jul 2, 2015


So the moles on Affleck's face would give him away, but when Clark Kent removes his glasses, he's a completely changed person? Sorry but that was just a dumb comment. I personally didn't care for MOS, but I'm actually anticipating this film. Obviously we haven't seen much, but I have hopes for it.

Justin R on Jul 2, 2015


And I hope your hopes are fulfilled!

kitano0 on Jul 2, 2015


Plus; Supes could kill the Bat instantly by punching the uncovered part of his face. I hope this is going to be a believable showdown...

Nash on Jul 2, 2015


This is what I don't get. Unless the suit is somehow infused with kryptonite or something... it's just really no contest. Will probably see it to simply satisfy my curiosity. (& I did enjoy Cavill as Superman - great casting imo)

avconsumer2 on Jul 6, 2015


In this cover photo at least, I think Batman looks really stupid. Something about the facial expression and the mask. Just looks silly.

ListenToVinyl on Jul 2, 2015


I completely agree. Wonder Woman looks a bit goofy too. Not feeling the casting choices here.

Gym Jones on Jul 2, 2015


this will be a huge disappointment! we are now 2 years fed with announcements,photo's and trailers and still looks batman fat! I pray to god Zack Snyder doesn't make a second sucker punch.....

ari smulders on Jul 2, 2015


Let's wait and see Ari. IMHO, Snyder did some pretty amazing stuff in the past, such as 300, Watchmen and especially DotD.

Nash on Jul 2, 2015


true and i think he did a great job with dotd and 300. We will see, but i still having big doubts about it... It feels this will be one big mess of introducing characters and a story that will suck because they want to make a cinematographic universe like marvel....

ari smulders on Jul 2, 2015


Yes and he followed it up with MoS, Sucker Punch, and now this giant piece of feces.

kneesus on Jul 29, 2015


Sucker Punch indeed was visually spectacular but other than that empty. I think most critics and the audience agree on that. But MoS did rather good at the box office, so the audience must have liked it. And it gets a solid 7.2 in IMDB and even the very critical Tomatometer shows 56% which is not that bad. And I suppose You haven't even seen BvS yet, so perhaps your judgement is not only short on arguments but also a bit premature?

Nash on Jul 30, 2015


56% is still an F even by the most liberal testing scores. I can name plenty of movies that score a 7.2 on IMDB and are feckless visual spectaculars (a quick search will yield Fast & Furious 6). I apologize if movies like Nolan's Dark Knight, Iron Man, or Guardians of the Galaxy have raised the bar, but that's the reality we live in. I don't need to see an entire movie at times but just shots of the trailer to know it will be bad. Lex Luthor exclaiming, "The red capes or coming..." that was delivered well (sorry I can't emphasize the sarcasm enough). The special effects that involved Wonder Woman are obviously bad. All the protesters holding the signs so the cameras can read them all screams of lazy directing. To say something does well at the box office makes it a good movie, or does justice to the audience which doesn't compromise 100% of people in it for the flashes and bang is a bit unfair to the definition of a complete movie. I will suspend disbelief when it's warranted but at some point you call a lazy movie exactly what it is. I hope you go see it and I thoroughly hope you enjoy it. I wish I could be as forgiving when watching a movie. I hope I have given you sufficient argument, however, premature is unfair. You don't have to watch ALL of Gili to know it was a bad movie. Enjoy the cinema and good day!

kneesus on Aug 5, 2015


Thanks! That surely covers the 'short on arguments' part! Guess now I understand better what You mean.

Nash on Aug 5, 2015


If you were a comic book fan you would know that Batman's suit in this version is based off of Frank Miller's Batman and it's not a fat look.

Bill Lange on Jul 2, 2015


than i don't like the frank miller version of it...For me he looks like a human tank!

ari smulders on Jul 2, 2015


I agree, he does look fat in it, or at least too beefy, he's meant to be fast and agile and ninja like, I don't see that here?

David on Jul 3, 2015


exactly what I mean.... he looks fat....

ari smulders on Jul 3, 2015


I'm so tired of reading the comments board on these pages now. It's just filled with people complaining, plus its not like you have seen much of the movie. The footage you saw wasnt done yet, and the picture you see have no context around them. Im just so surprised that these people think that their opinions matter, i know mine doesnt

Sky on Jul 2, 2015


This is my most awaited movie. Man of Steel is great if you edit out the 45 min fight scene. Try it out. Not a good picture of Batman at all but he looked amazing in the trailer. Affleck has been stepping up his acting game in his last movies and I think he is going to be really good. Synder learned from the mistakes for Man of Steel and I think this will be all of our dreams come true. How hasn't imagined seeing Batman and Superman fight?

Snowmanfloza on Jul 2, 2015


Agree about MoS. It had a lot of potential. I actually enjoyed most the scenes when Superman was more down to earth particularly as a kid and teens. I wanted more of that and less of the mindless action. On top, killing Zod was just..stupid.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Jul 2, 2015


Battle of The Chiseled Chins!

DAVIDPD on Jul 2, 2015


Cover looks cool, trailer looks terrible!!!!

Bill Lange on Jul 2, 2015


the trailer was badass, you just have horrible taste in, well, probably everything.

davidshaw on Jul 2, 2015


You say that trailer was "badass" and I have bad taste?? Ha!!

Bill Lange on Jul 2, 2015


actually he wrote you have "horrible taste".....I agree

Joker's hideout on Jul 3, 2015


You probably feel like Kevin James is a comedic genius don't you?

kneesus on Jul 29, 2015


Yes, I will join this discussion... I think everything here looks great. Now, for the final picture that is shown...of course it looks weird and strange. These are very dark costumes centered around a white background. Our eyes can obviously catch that something is off (why the editor did that...I have no idea). I do think the team along with Zack are giving the fans enough of what we should be seeing. **Remember when we got like 1,000 eye-candy shots of The Amazing Spiderman 2? Then when it came out we realized they showed all the best parts in the butt-loads of trailers? Mhhmmm.** I am worried a tad for this movie, (mainly because I LOVE the DC property).. but surely it is not b/c of these pictures that have been released.

Jesse on Jul 2, 2015


"In this scene Batman and Superman will team up to waste the audience's time and simultaneously take their money." - Zack Snyder

kneesus on Jul 29, 2015

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