New US Trailer for László Nemes' Holocaust Masterpiece 'Son of Saul'

November 18, 2015
Source: Apple

Son of Saul Trailer

This is one of the films that I will be putting on my Top 10 list this year, so make sure you find a way to see it. Sony Pictures Classics has debuted the full US trailer for the Holocaust film Son of Saul, directed by Hungarian filmmaker László Nemes (read my interview with László). The film follows one man, played by Géza Röhrig, who is one of the "Sonderkommando" assisting with the work in the camp for extra time alive at a concentration camp during WWII. It's a harrowing, but stunning masterpiece of a film, that pretty much every critic has been raving about. The film is also only playing in 35mm on film wherever it shows, and it is worth seeking out. I really mean that, it comes highly recommended from every film lover I know.

Here's the new official US trailer for László Nemes' Son of Saul, in high def from Apple:

October 1944, Auschwitz-Birkenau. Saul Ausländer is a Hungarian member of the Sonderkommando, the group of Jewish prisoners isolated from the camp and forced to assist the Nazis in the machinery of large-scale extermination. While working in one of the crematoriums, Saul discovers the body of a boy he takes for his son. As the Sonderkommando plans a rebellion, Saul decides to carry out an impossible task: save the child's body from the flames, find a rabbi to recite the mourner's Kaddish, and offer the boy a proper burial. Son of Saul is directed by Hungarian filmmaker László Nemes, of a few shorts previously (read my interview). The script is co-written by Nemes and Clara Royer. It first opened at the Cannes Film Festival. Sony Pictures Classics will open Son of Saul in select theaters starting December 18th this year.

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Reader Feedback - 7 Comments


As much as I want to like this film, given the horrendous subject matter, I thought the trailer was a terrible representation of how this filmmaker has presented this harrowing story. With something like this, if one doesn't like the film, it might be best to stay quiet as the folks would not be happy to hear that kind of opinion. Still, I've heard nothing but great things about this film. One being that there never has really been a film about the Holocaust telling the story of these people who were members of the Sonderkommandor in these camps and doing what they had to do and the effect that had on them. That alone makes this an incredibly interesting film, if for no other reason than on an educational level. I only hope the actual film is better executed and has a more profound emotional effect than this trailer did. I certainly plan on seeing it and making up my own mind and hope others will do the same. The marketing of a film is never easy and can be a detriment if not handled properly.

Guest on Nov 18, 2015


There has been at least one. Review of "The Grey Zone" from Rotten Tomatoes: "Based on actual events, "The Grey Zone" is the staggeringly powerful story of the Auschwitz's twelfth Sonderkommando -- one of the thirteen consecutive "Special Squads" of Jewish prisoners placed by the Nazis in the excruciating moral dilemma of helping to exterminate fellow Jews in exchange for a few more months of life. From inside the working organs of the infamous Auschwitz death camp, this film asks to what terrible lengths we are willing to go to save our own lives." IMDB synopsis

Craig on Nov 18, 2015


"Holocaust Masterpiece"... I know, it just doesn't sound right.

DAVIDPD on Nov 18, 2015


That! is a trailer! Damn.

jlw034 on Nov 18, 2015


I wonder if I can deal with all that close up framing all through the movie.

Mark Sheridan on Nov 18, 2015


Thanks for the heads up re: The Grey Zone, Craig. In fact, now that you've mentioned it I seem to recall something about this in the past. Interesting in that some of the marketing on Son of Saul is proclaiming something along the lines of this being the first time a main stream film has dealt with the Sonderkommando. I don't know if they've actually done that. I hope not as it appears not to be true as you mentioned The Grey Zone. Still, marketing a film, especially one of this nature with this kind of subject is very difficult. I wish them well and hope the filmmaker has made a film worthy of the subject matter. I don't think the mass audience will turn out for this kind of dark piece and it's not American. Sad, but true.Alex on this site raves about it and I've read lots of other praise. As always, I will see for myself, regardless of what others may say or think. Thanks again. Peace. P.S. I decided to click on the link you left, Craig. I remember this film now. From 2001 and the actor Tim Blake Nelson (I may have mixed up middle and last name, sorry) directed it. With David Arquette, Harvey Keitel...I don't recall seeing it so I must have passed for some reason. But yes, you were right on the button about there being another film and The Grey Zone was totally about the Sonderkommando. Thanks again.

Guest on Nov 19, 2015


Another East European grim story, a chunk of restless history. Films do a lot of job to display it, but I'm not sure if they do any justice to it. On the other side, it's better to try comparing to silence. And East Europe is dark in its histories, you just don't know enough about it. A sorrow that can't be described. Hungarians are pretty good on that account. This is for sure worth watching, even if I won't find out anything new (I studied history and saw and read too much of it). Since I know too much about the subject, I can only rely on a good rendition of it. Which is quite probable ...

shiboleth on Nov 19, 2015

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