Olivia Munn to Play Psylocke in Next Summer's 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

April 13, 2015

Olivia Munn / Psylocke

Perhaps the only thing more abundant than Disney's plans for a new live-action adaptation of their animated classics is news of yet another cast member joining the mutant ranks of X-Men: Apocalypse. And today brings one more addition to the comic book sequel with director Bryan Singer revealing on Instagram that "The Newsroom" and Magic Mike co-star Olivia Munn will be taking the role of Betsy Braddock, who fans probably know better as the psychic warrior Psylocke. The character was only briefly glimpsed in X-Men: The Last Stand, but this will be the first time the mutant will be prominently featured.

Here's the X-Men: Apocalypse casting update from Bryan Singer himself today:

Excited to welcome @oliviamunn as Betsy Braddock! #Psylocke #XmenApocalypse #XMEN

A photo posted by Bryan Singer (@bryanjaysinger) on

Psylocke has also been one of the title villain Apocalypse's (Oscar Isaac) Four Horseman, so she may not be a good guy all the time. Munn joins a long list of new cast members taking on the roles of both new mutants, and young versions of mutants we've seen before. Alexandra Shipp, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan and Kodi Smit-McPhee join the team as Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops and Nightcrawler respectively with James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, and Rose Byrne all reprising their franchise roles. Meanwhile, newcomer Lana Condor will be Jubilee, Ben Hardy has been confirmed to play Angel (see concept art here) and Evan Peters is supposed to show up as Quicksilver again. There's certainly going to be a lot going on in this one., so stay tuned for more updates.

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Reader Feedback - 38 Comments


I like this actress and can't figure out why she gets the bad rap. She was pretty good in The Newsroom, so what's the deal? She's gotta be happy with landing a decent part in this big movie. I forced, I mean forced myself, to watch X Men: Days of Future Past the other night on my new Samsung 55" Smart TV. It sure looked didn't really hate the thing, but I didn't really like it either. Just trying to get a grip on why these damn things are so popular. Different times, I reckon. I'm of the age where I grew up with films with Brando and Monty Clift and James Dean and Paul Newman and McQueen, and Gene Hackman then Pacino and DeNiro and Hoffman; films that were based in reality and not so damn far-fetched. Different times, different kinds of movies. So be it. I didn't hate the X Men movie, but I still find myself liking the 'other' kinds of films and watched Newman in Hombre right after and set myself highly, highly, recommend that film to anyone with any real interest in film. It's just a great film with a terrific story that has much on it's mind regarding racism and social consciousness with very, very good actors in all the roles. Richard Boone plays one of the great villains in film, but of course, they are all real people dealing with real situations in realistic ways. My cup of tea, obviously, and can't see how anyone wouldn't like this film. Oh well. Give it a try; or not. If you do, you might be surprised.

Bo on Apr 13, 2015


I think she gets a bad rap in some circles because she used the show AOTS to springboard her career when she clearly knew nothing about tech on that show. I think she may have belittled the tech communities/geeks but personally none of this bothers me, but from what I've come across I'd say that is the source of a lot of people's anger.

Matthew on Apr 13, 2015


Really? I didn't even know what ATOS was so I googled it. Ummm...I don't know, but I've heard she's a pretty smart gal, but whatever. So she used the show to springboard her career. What the hell's wrong with that? Oh well, not that you can or should answer these most pressing questions of mine, especially since none of this nonsense about her bothers you. Which speaks well for you, imho. Thanks for filling me in. I, myself, can't be bothered by these petty hates and judgments, but to each his own...righto?

Bo on Apr 13, 2015


she was a host , prob not being paid to be a geek ; paid for people to see a pretty face /hip young interviewer .. nobody SHOULD have taken her seriously as a tech geek ....

Dominic on Apr 14, 2015


That was G4TV's whole shtick, hot woman, geeky guy, inevitable slave Leia costume, boners for g4 guys.

Xerxexx on Apr 14, 2015


This is pretty funny, Xerxexx. I like your very basic sense of humor. Guys get boners watching her or the likes of her on a TV? Wow...what doggies! Maybe the boners distract from the ability to ascertain her intelligence? Ummmm....

Bo on Apr 14, 2015


Did you ever watch G4? That's all it was, Morgan Webb, Laura Foy, and Tina Wood were the only credible hosts to be featured on the shows associated with G4.

Xerxexx on Apr 15, 2015


Nah, I never did watch it. I can't say how I came to miss it and admit that I was never even aware of it until it came up on this thread. I still like Munn though. Lot of really bad actresses out there and to me she isn't one of them.

Bo on Apr 16, 2015


I agree, Munn will be great.

Xerxexx on Apr 20, 2015


Cool. Man, look at the above pic/instagram from Singer of Munn. Pretty amazing/interesting. She has a really different and exotic beauty about her that I like; plus, she comes off intelligently. Her character name in this movie also grabs my attention. Psylocke. Still, it's a comic book super hero movie and I'm not a big fan as all on this site pretty much know by'll gut it out to watch her!

Bo on Apr 20, 2015


I never watched this show and was not aware of it until this recent thread discussing Ms. Munn. I like her work as an actress and it appears, to me, she's an intelligent woman. I don't care what other think of her and their petty judgments. I hold fast to my perceptions without any anger at those that disagree or dislike her. 'Tis their right and all that. Why should it bother me if someone thinks she's lame and untalented and I think the opposite. Ain't no skin off my butt.

Bo on Apr 14, 2015


Calling it now, Bo will be a cosplyer by the time infinity wars rolls around.

mooreworthy on Apr 13, 2015


Ah, perhaps, mooreworthy, perhaps. But only if I can wait and watch it on my big ole new TV; I shall not go to the theatre and pay for it amongst the herd and their popcorn munching, yammering back and forth with each other and the constant insane use of cell phones and texting during the movie. Even though all the loud crashing and bashing and zooming of robots flying around is pretty hard to distract from, whenever a phone 3 rows down lights up from use it distracts my eye and I find that a bore. I will say this, I envy your 5th graders in that they have a teacher who asks them to see these movies and then discusses them in class. I would have loved that as a kid, there is no doubt of that!

Bo on Apr 14, 2015


lol do you read comic books ? or did you when u were a kid .... apparently not , or you would get the allure of "these movies" ..why they are so popular... btw there's no worse REALITY , than your Existence being wiped out ... by robots or alternate universes ... But wait a minute :take the mutant aspect out of it , and DOFP is just a good -guys -get -the -bad-guys , movie .. no different in scripting , than the movies with all your heroes u mentioned ... just stick to that "Spy vs Spy " reality ( black vs white , good vs bad ) of the story , and u can enjoy it .. Maybe there's too many anti-heroes for you ( Wolverine , Mystique Magneto, an addicted Charles , and NIXON Lol ... ) ; we don't believe in the Good Guy with no flaws , in THIS era of movie-making ... it was very well plotted out ; no holes one could win a " No-Prize " for ...

Dominic on Apr 14, 2015


Yea, sure Dominic, I read comic books when I was a kid. We used to take our good-sized box of our collection to another kid around the corner and trade them with him and what he had. I loved doing that. However, as I shall paraphrase...When I was a child I enjoyed childish things, but when I grew up and became an adult I left childish things behind. It's a different time now for the movies. I don't like many of them anyone and that's a drag, but it is what it is. Think of me as a dime-store 'social critic' and interested in discussing the modern pop culture we live in dissecting it and its effect on the population. I also, still, just like realism. These super-hero movies stoop to the lowest level of perpetuating the 'noble lie' narrative of our culture designed to manipulate very low level and immature emotions in the audience. Not being aware of that is a travesty. Attempting to bring that awareness into these conversations, by myself, is met, often, with a lot of anger and hostility. This is not surprising as people that are unaware and numbed to the point of slumber do not want their narcotic inputs messed with and react violently to being shaken awake or into awareness. I realize all this, of course, but wake up we must or else live a life which is essentially false. I do thank you for you calm, intelligent response and respect your doing so in a manner without anger and name calling. I appreciate that, Dominic.

Bo on Apr 14, 2015


which ONE of those "noble lie narratives" would that be ?? , it's just entertainment , of a form representative of that artwork we read when we were younger .., told in the same way every other movie has , since The Wizard of Oz ... unless we identify with the villain , and not the hero , I don't see the problem

Dominic on Apr 15, 2015


Okay, Dominic. Whatever. I've said all there is to say above, so there's no point in becoming redundant. Take care. Perhaps re-read what I posted above and re-think if there's any value to it. If not, so be it. Carry on.

Bo on Apr 16, 2015


Your amazingly pretentious. first of all, don't give a shit what kind of tv you have, second ya that fictional movie about superheroes is a little far fetched. and 3rd of course how could we not like your movie right....

Marc on Apr 14, 2015


Look, Marc...I don't know how to break this to you in any other manner, but you sound like an idiot! Why waste time with idiocy?

Bo on Apr 14, 2015


Love that quote from a guy who throws up walls of text to proclaim his intelligence to an "idiot".

Panzerknecker on Apr 16, 2015


Idiots are deserving of a reply just as any one else. So what's your internal mechanism all about that prompted you to jump into this with you 2 cents worth? Eh? Ego, always ego trying to aggrandize itself. Hope it worked for you and you felt better after you posted this and jumped into something that's none of your business. That ole ego again...see?

Bo on Apr 16, 2015


Thank you, I did.

Panzerknecker on Apr 17, 2015


Ahhhh Bo and his infamous distaste for the movies surrounding superheroes. I honestly dont think you're trying to "get a grip" on why these movies are so popular. I think that you are in fact intrigued deep down which is why you decided (not forced) to watch DOFP. AND, i also bet that you didnt dislike it as much as you claim to, since you have mentioned before that you have taken a chance on other movies as well. You may hate em, BUT, you're continuing to watch em, on your "big screen tv" no less. Anyhoo, I understand you're from a different time, and you seem to still be stuck on that different time but times are changing. Doesnt mean you have to adapt, but you do have to accept it. Comic books were very popular in the late 70s and early 80s and actually still are today, this was what many of this generation grew up with. The fact that they have transitioned now to cinema along with the growth of technology is needless to say just very cool. Why is that so hard to comprehend? I can honestly say that I love Brando, i love Orson, i love Gene, De Niro, Pacino, McQueen, etc as well, and their movies are great (within their time); however it doesnt mean all else is pointless/meaningless to watch. Nevertheless, I bet that you'll continue to complain, OR, you'll continue to provoke argument (probably just to stir the pot), whichever the case may be, my advice is just to relax and take joy in watching these movies just cause they're "fun" to watch................Or dont.

Rock n Rollllll on Apr 14, 2015


As to the 'or don't', rest assured I won't. But hey, it's cool. I liked your dime-store shrinking/therapy, even though it was pretty lame, but I took it with the joking/irony in which, I hope, it was attended. You can take it to the bank that when I post I post truthfully and honestly and not to cause an effect or 'stir the pot'. These comic book super hero movies are nonsense to me and that will never change. As far as not comprehending that technology has caught up and the making of these kinds of movies 'its cool', I just disagree with me it ain't cool and that's my right...right? Why you people have difficulty accepting my voicing my opinion on this subject is worth your dime-store therapy not my intelligent and correct opinion(s). I hate to break it to the fan boys on these sites, but it's pretty well accepted within the film business that these movies are junk and they even joke about that. Didn't Jack Black get up at the Oscars and jokingly rant about these crap movies and everybody laughed...because they know. So? As Pauline Kael said it's okay to like trash, just be aware that your watching trash. Why argue with the obvious? Look, I'm just funnin' with you now, Rock and Rollllll. It's okay with me...I even admitted in my post that I kinda liked that damn thing even as the guy was destroying the stadium and lifting it into the air...jeez...come on, man. What're we talking about here? This shit is what it is and if lots of people like it so what? It's still shit! lol...

Bo on Apr 14, 2015


Hmmmm. Soooooo you mean to tell me that an intellectual (self-proclaimed that is) like yourself is taking the time to come to each of these forums (forums regarding comic book movies) just to smear shi+ on them along with peoples intelligence??? The way you reply back to some of these posts almost seems as though you just have nothing better to do than actually doing something productively to change peoples lives, views, awareness, or whatever you're so desperately trying to reach at by continuing to come back here.

Rock n Rollllll on Apr 14, 2015


Never proclaimed myself to be an intellectual. Look, man, trying to have a serious discussion with someone who calls themselves Rock n Rollll is a pretty fruitless endeavor, however, I'll trudge on. Your perceptions of me and what I'm doing are pretty distorted and there's nothing to be done about that. How do know that my challenges and confrontations regarding comic book movies won't change lives, views, or awareness. I know that when older and wiser men then myself challenged me and my way of seeing things I learned from it. So whatever this preconceived and programmed perception of yours as to what 'doing something productive' really means is what's being addressed here. Are these shallow and silly comic book movies being productive in your eyes? You see, in mine they are not. On the contrary they are regressive and serve only to numb audiences to not having to think and deal with the real world; to forget themselves, rather than to become conscious and aware of themselves and their plight in life. I don't come to these forums, comic book or otherwise as a purpose and certainly not in any type of desperation. When you make statements like that you do yourself and your perceptions a great disservice. I come onto firstshowing because I find the site informative as to what is going on in film. When I read a thread and feel the urge to comment and voice my opinions I do. That these opinions, which I certainly feel are intelligent and worthwhile, and confrontational and challenging, cause so much ruckus only tells me that I'm dealing with very young, very immature men who are very insecure in their opinions and not sophisticated enough to engage in intelligent debate with opinions different from their own. I find that very interesting and more than a bit sad and pathetic. How can one learn if they have their head up their butt unless someone tells them it's up there? I've been told that many times when I was younger and it helped me pull said butt out of said butt. My head is no longer up my ass because of these personal confrontations, and it matters to me in the least if you can realize that or not. What matters is if yours is up yours and what the hell you will do about it. The first thing might be to grow up and stop naming yourself something as silly as Rock n Rolll and go with a regular name instead of this silly internet naming of one's self which is nothing more than ego trying to make itself look and sound better than it actually is. Talk about awareness and whatever all you want, but look in the mirror and makes the changes to yourself and forget about me and what I'm doing. You don't seem to enjoy the necessary perceptions required to see what I'm doing or saying about these silly movies so what's the point of further discussions between us? Eh?

Bo on Apr 14, 2015


LOL, this lady is not an actress, she is eye candy for nerds. How she is still around amazes me.

Brian Sleider on Apr 13, 2015


Eye candy for nerds - in a movie for nerds. Makes a lot of sense to me.

Jay on Apr 13, 2015


Not like there are women out there who can act AND look good.....

Brian Sleider on Apr 13, 2015


and she's PERFECT for Psylocke ! IF Singer didn't want to double dip with Kelly Hu , a better 1st choice kudos to Casting ..they did their job ..... Now , up to the director to get a good movie out of her . don't be so cruel , ..until you look u the movie where she and a guy were on the run , in Canada ...prob find it at IMDB may have only seen here in comedies

Dominic on Apr 14, 2015


You cannot get a good movie out of a bad actor.

Brian Sleider on Apr 14, 2015


well only if that bad actor is the lead .... she;s more part of the ensemble , and only has to emote the Betsy Braddock story .. again u blame the director , if she flops , before her

Dominic on Apr 15, 2015


She was apart of a relatively good HBO series.

Xerxexx on Apr 14, 2015


Not even GOOD eye candy. I think there are way better choices out there. Jamie Chung or if you want an older woman Maggie Q.

David Brown on Apr 14, 2015


I think she's a very good choice... maybe she's not the best actress around but she's got the right looks. And when a director is good, even passable actors can deliver good performances.

Zed68 on Apr 14, 2015


Horrible casting choice here!!! All those actresses busting their butts in LA trying to get a booking while working at The Coffee Bean and they give Munn the role....C'mon some new talent, give some hungry actors a shot....please 😉

PikeyOneil on Apr 14, 2015


She can't be worse than the shit show that was January Jones in X MEN FIRST CLASS.

DAVIDPD on Apr 15, 2015


Ah, yes. It's like every Geek and Nerd's Masturbatory/Wet-Dream.

Mark Brackney on Apr 18, 2015

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