Photos from 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Provide a First Look at the Villain

July 16, 2015

X-Men: Apocalypse

"Who the [bleep] are you?" That's the first line out of Magneto when he first meets Apocalypse. "Come and see…" is his reply. It's unlikely that 20th Century Fox will release the Comic-Con footage for Bryan Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse, despite it leaking online. Instead, they've let Entertainment Weekly debut a new set of photos showing us a good look at Apocalypse as well as the rest of the cast. The mag also debuted a new cover, but it's Photoshopped so much it doesn't even look like Apocalypse anymore (refer to photos). Oscar Isaac plays the villain. We also can see: Michael Fassbender, Olivia Munn (as Psylocke), Alexandra Shipp (as Storm), Jennifer Lawrence, Rose Byrne, James McAvoy + Evan Peters (as Quicksilver).

Here's the new photos (+ cover shot) from Entertainment Weekly for Bryan Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse:

X-Men: Apocalypse - First Look Photos

X-Men: Apocalypse - First Look Photos

X-Men: Apocalypse - First Look Photos

X-Men: Apocalypse - First Look Photos

X-Men: Apocalypse - First Look Photos

X-Men: Apocalypse - First Look Photos

For more updates, follow Bryan Singer on Twitter @BryanSinger; plus the X-Men account @XMenMovies.

X-Men: Apocalypse is directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men, X2, Superman Returns, Valkyrie, X-Men: Days of Future Past), who co-wrote the script with Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris and Simon Kinberg. Details are scarce, but we know the comic book villain Apocalypse will be the antagonist, and we'll see Alexandra Shipp, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan and Kodi Smit-McPhee join the team as Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops and Nightcrawler respectively with James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, and Rose Byrne all reprising their franchise roles. X-Men: Apocalypse arrives in theaters on May 27th, 2016.

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He doesn't look powerful or frightening to me. Looks like a sad old man on life support.

OfficialJab on Jul 16, 2015


yeah cuz 1 out of context photo is all you need to make a complete assessment of the character and the actor's performance. quit being a whiny little asshole.

davidshaw on Jul 16, 2015


David....your pills!

TheOct8pus on Jul 16, 2015


I was only commenting on the photo.

OfficialJab on Jul 16, 2015


OfficialJab is right. His performance must match his look in all ways possible, doesnt matter if he gives an Oscar performance, if he looks like a miniature purple space dildo, it just wont work. Even before Apocalypse maximizes his self, he still towers over everyone by at least 4-5 feet. This looks like garbage.

Rock n Rollllll on Jul 16, 2015


Agreed! Remember how shit the THOR stills looked!? The armour looked like shitty plastic fan made bullshit. Everything will be touched up and improved in POST!!!

DAVIDPD on Jul 16, 2015


Stop comparing Marvel to Fox. There's no comparison. How the fuck can you like Fox when they steal from Marvel and make shitty movies that make idiots who don't know any better think that Marvel sucks.

___ on Oct 11, 2015


it is enough... if Apocalypse is not 100% GCI it is a failure. Just like Hulk...

Theelysium on Apr 4, 2016


I'm just glad Quicksilver is back. Hopefully he's actually a part of the crew this time.

Aj Meadows on Jul 16, 2015


I heard he dies trying to protect one of his teammates

TheOct8pus on Jul 16, 2015


Amazing *Initiates slow (fast?) clap*

Aj Meadows on Jul 16, 2015


Gonna agee with most, Apocalypse looks lame as fuck and concur in him looking like Ivan Ooze from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)

Cxnstant!ne on Jul 16, 2015


To me he looks like a side villain from a Star Trek Next Gen episode

TheOct8pus on Jul 16, 2015


Ivan Ooze, lol fuck can't unsee that

Jeff Prioleau on Jul 16, 2015


The costumes don't look great, but maybe it's a nod to the 80's comics, since the story takes place in the 80's....

TheOct8pus on Jul 16, 2015


Ive only ever seen random pictures of him from Google images and he looks bad ass in comic form. Does he wear a mask, or will this be only look in the movie?

Cxnstant!ne on Jul 16, 2015


He doesn't wear a mask in the comics....he's more of a weird reptilian guy....

TheOct8pus on Jul 16, 2015


He's the giant one in the middle.

TheOct8pus on Jul 16, 2015


Yeah I'm also really digging the 80's esthetic of what I've seen, but What Is With All The Damned Purple? Only time he wore purple was in the picture there, Age of Apocalypse, and even then it was just a cape and set way in the future. My only hope is that the story, filming, and acting are so good I don't care about the costumes.

BNN667 on Jul 19, 2015


Apocalypse armour looks fine but his face looks terrible. They should have at least given him a mask that resembles his comic book counterpart. Plus is he just going to be the same average height as everyone? Prop him up make him look bigger like what they did with Ultron because Apocalypse is physically supposed to be huge. You don't really need a whole lot of CGI to do that perfectly.

Jordan Odinson on Jul 16, 2015


Yea, I expected him to be hulkin over the rest.

Franklin Carpio on Jul 16, 2015


doesn't look that impressive this villian but that wasn't ultron either! Maybe they are running out of ideas! 🙂 Watch slow West with Michael Fassbender, great movie....

ari smulders on Jul 16, 2015


THAT PSYLOCKE CASTING CHOICE DOE O_O Olivia Munn for the fuck win, lol wow.

Jeff Prioleau on Jul 16, 2015


Not sure what people see in Munn. Eye candy? sure. Actress? no.

Brian Sleider on Jul 16, 2015


Say what you will, but she was the best thing about The Newsroom (Acting wise)

ryderup on Jul 16, 2015


You're tripping. She was the weakest acting link on the entire show my man. Every one out did her. Not saying that she was bad but the acting caliber was so high on newsroom that she was out-shined by damn near everyone else.

Russell on Jul 16, 2015


I have to disagree with that. I went in the Newsroom disliking her and quite quickly found I had to revise my opinion of her. I don't know about her general acting-skills, but I think she pulled her weight in the Newsroom.

Snev De la Fontaine on Jul 16, 2015


Never said she didn't pull her weight or that she was bad. Just that every other actor out performed her in my opinion.

Russell on Jul 16, 2015


With pulling her weight, I meant she was, though not necessarily the best, at a generally equal level with the other performances in my opinion. God, I miss the Newsroom.

Snev De la Fontaine on Jul 16, 2015


Watch The West Wing or Studio 60 instead.

ryderup on Jul 17, 2015


Don't worry, I have. I miss The West Wing most of all.

Snev De la Fontaine on Jul 17, 2015


Newsroom is a bad show. Overwritten to hell and beyond and the acting was not "high caliber". Munn owned that show. At least season 1, never finshed season 2 because of how bad the show was.

ryderup on Jul 17, 2015


she was awesome in it but better than Daniels? oh, no, no.

ColtNoir on Jul 16, 2015


Agree to disagree. Lova Daniels though, and he wasn't bad in Newsroom - is he ever? But Munn really stood out in that show.

ryderup on Jul 17, 2015


She sucks at acting. She sucks at comedy. She is not attractive. Good agent she must have.

DAVIDPD on Jul 16, 2015


The same can be said for Alba. Never understood it.

grimjob on Jul 16, 2015


This power rangers reboot is looking soooo good!

Oblique on Jul 16, 2015


Well...Apocalypse's look is definitely a deviation from the least Pyslocke and Storm look their part. I guess we'll see...

RAW_D on Jul 16, 2015


Looks horrible. And Olivia Munn looks like shit in that Psylocke costume...

Jon Holden on Jul 16, 2015


Kind of a awkward pose I think. Might be better to see her in action?

RAW_D on Jul 16, 2015


Never saw the big deal with her. Why is she even acting in movies.

Jim Dawkins on Jul 16, 2015


I never heard of her before but I Googled her name alongside the word b**bs and then I understood.

Nash on Jul 17, 2015



___ on Oct 11, 2015


So sad...they got him all wrong. He was my favorite villain...and they ruined him. I saw the trailer David so lay off!

Boogie Woogie on Jul 16, 2015


Well there goes my interest to see this movie. My favorite X-men villain looking like Ivan Ooze from the gawdamn power rangers movie! Just looks horrible. Everything all wrong. He should of been created the same way Thanos was created. What a shame.

Rock n Rollllll on Jul 16, 2015


Costumes weren't exactly great in DOTFP already.. but this?! This guy makes me want to take him home and take care of him. And not in the kinky way...

Butchy Butch on Jul 16, 2015


Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing as always. As for the rest...let's wait for the movie.

TC_94 on Jul 16, 2015


Apocolypse shouldn't be 5'10'' tall.

Mishoogoo on Jul 16, 2015


The cameras add 2 or 3 extra feet, so I've heard.

theslayer5150 on Jul 16, 2015


haha - hope so, cuz damn

Mishoogoo on Jul 16, 2015


And Wolverine shouldn't be 6'2... Honestly gang, Jackman nailed Wolverine because he's a complex character. Like a tiny hairy hulk, that smells like Canada. So yes, a drastic deviation in look is forgivable. And to be honest, Logan has gone from fugly troll to handsome dwarf (Hobbit anyone?) in the comics. Apocalypse is a 1 dimensional monster villain. Yeah "Marvel nailed it" with Thanos, but since Apoc is pretty much the same character (admit it fanboys/girls!) this is a failure on Fox/Singer. Besides, they missed a golden opportunity to beat Marvel to the punch by having Apoc take center stage before Thanos. So yeah.

Akirakorn on Jul 17, 2015


You haven't read the comics if you think he is 1 dimensional

Illusive Man on Jul 18, 2015


Don't know how you think marvel "nailed"anything with Thanos. Dude looks goofy and fake as hell and hadn't even been on screen enough to judge his presence.

RunAwayTrain on Jul 22, 2015


Memo to all Hollywood casting agents.....Olivia Munn has the acting chops of Justin Timberlake...please stop booking her....what...Rihanna wasn't available?!?!?

PikeyOneil on Jul 16, 2015


Agreed. She is not a good actress.

DAVIDPD on Jul 16, 2015


Uhh... side not. I am kinda offended you comparing Munn and Timberlake. I was never a Timberlake fan until his movie roles n SNL appearances. The boy has talent. He is a good actor. Honestly. Check out Black Snake Moan, Southland Tales, and/or Friends with Benefits. You'll be surprised. I was. I loved Munn in AOTS, and have seen almost all her roles... uh yeah that Rhianna reference is pretty accurate.

Akirakorn on Jul 17, 2015


Timberlake is entertaining, Munn is just cardboard.

Brian Sleider on Jul 18, 2015



angel figueroa on Jul 20, 2015


Apocalypse? Nah, it's the same dude as the one with the headphones from GotG... See?,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/znw25uaosrveo6z9csz2.jpg

Nash on Jul 16, 2015


My favorite part of the SDCC panel, is when Olivia Munn gloats about how good she can deep throa a hot dog. You could hear a pin drop in the audience. Every nerd guy was immediately thinking about... Well, you know. Seriously though, Munn is kind of a dick. She seems really insecure and snarky. I have a feeling she was grossly miscast in this.

Trey Wilson on Jul 16, 2015


It was "Way too much Wolverine" in the comments about the previous X-Men movies. Now it is "The costumes are absolute shite" with no Wolverine in sight to criticize. Personally, I am glad that they didn't go the Thanos or Ultron route that the MCU did. I prefer practical costumes. I am not too upset that they changed Apocalypse's appearance so drastically because it is just Singer trying to bring something else to his view of the X-Men universe. As long as the performance is strong, I'll be happy. Though I do agree that Apocalypse should tower over the other mutants. Can't be so imposing if even a 5'2" Wolverine barely has to lean his head back to talk to him.

Maxx on Jul 16, 2015


Come now people! Let's not conclusions (mat)!! Until I see the movie, I am going to hold out hope. Yes, it does seem Singer may have bitten off more than he can chew with this film, but I am always down to be surprised.

DAVIDPD on Jul 16, 2015


Gotdamn you people are never happy.

you'sajoke on Jul 16, 2015


It's a comment section on the interwebz... you were expecting rainbows & lollipops?

avconsumer2 on Jul 17, 2015


Nope. Just less complainers

you'sajoke on Jul 17, 2015


Why would you expect that? I'm happy, I just don't like this apocalypse. I can dislike something AND be content at the same time.

Phil Airborn on Jul 20, 2015


He looks like a villain you would see fighting the Power Rangers! I hope they fix it in post.

Paul McReynolds on Jul 16, 2015


ivan ooze

monster x on Aug 2, 2015


Man. . .no. This is not what I expected at all. 🙁

Dre Mosley on Jul 16, 2015



Jim Dawkins on Jul 16, 2015


Why are people complaining? Apocalypse I can understand. He looks like crap. But Psylocke's costume is on point. I can't be the only one who prefers comic accuracy over practicality, right? In some cases, it's suitable like with Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, etc. who don't have powers and need a suit that offers a lot of protection But people who do have abilities should be allowed to have their costumes. It's one reason I haven't seen most of the X-Men movies. Go ahead, give me hate if you will, It's my opinion and I'm sticking to it

King Antoine on Jul 17, 2015


Cause this movie is ALL ABOUT APOCALYPSE!

Rock n Rollllll on Jul 17, 2015


I know, I said I understand why everybody hates this Apocalypse. I'm saying I can't understand the hate on Storm and Psylocke

King Antoine on Jul 17, 2015


I dislike Psy because Munn is a Terrible actress.

Brian Sleider on Jul 18, 2015


You're crazy. Olivia Munn is an awesome actress.

Braddock81 on Jul 20, 2015


Agree to Disagree. As far as I can tell she is a set of tits with an OK face.

Brian Sleider on Jul 20, 2015


That and she's missing the straight Asian faced features psylocke has. She has to much of a pudgy face.

Retsu Unohana ® on Aug 10, 2015


I don't proclaim to be a photoshop wizard, but I think Apocalypse would look better with white eyes, the line on the side of the face and a smaller cranium. But even with these modifications I still think he's too small.

ken.jets on Jul 17, 2015


Oscar Isaac will probably deliver a solid performance worthy of the character but I feel that this on-screen rendition of one of the most iconic X-men villains is missing some key characteristics that make Apocalypse, Apocalypse. He's too small for starters and I think he would look marginally better with white eyes, the line on the side of the face and a smaller cranium. Here's a quick before and after I did in Photoshop. Man, what a missed opportunity...

ken.jets on Jul 17, 2015


Honestly if that was how he looked in the film I'd be 100% alright with it, he actually looks awesome with what you did! This isn't Age of Apocalypse so why is he purple!?

BNN667 on Jul 19, 2015


Appreciate it sir, considering I put this together pretty quickly!!! 🙂 The lines on the face are such a distinguishing feature of Apocalypse, I don't understand why they got rid of them. Maybe once the film has been color corrected and we see the costume in context, we might appreciate what's going on here, but looking at it now I can't stand behind it.

ken.jets on Jul 20, 2015


Cuz Bryan Singer doesn't know what the F he is doing.

Theelysium on Jul 20, 2015


I'd be willing to accept this compromise. What they have now is an epic fail.

Mark on Jul 21, 2015


That awkward moment when cosplayers make a better costume than a million dollar Hollywood production....

TheOct8pus on Jul 17, 2015


The comic version is so much better! This movie costume sucks and the actor playing him is too damn old. Apocalypse should be 100% GCI!

Theelysium on Jul 20, 2015


They always do. Maybe it's because they actually care...

___ on Oct 11, 2015


This makes me scared. Those saying "they'll fix his face in post"... feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but they'd likely have the tiny little white mo-cap balls glued to his face if he were getting the Apocalypse "lips". Plus, he just seems a bit old and frail for the 80's (he doesn't look that way till the 39th century according to research). Meh, we'll see. Hopefully not a show stopper.

avconsumer2 on Jul 17, 2015


Looks like the original Tron villain. Lame.

Eric The Redhearted on Jul 17, 2015


I hope this dont suck

Trey on Jul 17, 2015


Hate to burst your bubble but...Fox.

___ on Oct 11, 2015

91 Apocalypse is a Kree???, he looks like Ronan!!!!, fu**ing great!!!!!! i was hoping they create Apocalypse more like how they did with Thanos in Avengers and Gardian of the galaxy 🙁 🙁 🙁 :(. This blue looking mutant looks like..well....A BLUE MUTANT!!!!!! instead of a freaking APOCALYPSE!!!!!!

Gaualofa Sili on Jul 17, 2015


Bryan Singer is involved so it will suck. He has ruined EVERY thing X-Men!!!

Theelysium on Jul 20, 2015


How do you explain the great success of every X-Men film he's been involved in, huh?

RunAwayTrain on Jul 22, 2015


Because the masses will swallow anything as long as it has pretty lights and splosions.

Joshua William Doucet on Aug 5, 2015


First off, let's write out the word explosions shall we?'s just one more letter so you're not abbreviating anything by doing that, and it sure doesn't look cool. Secondly, singer's early versions of the X-Men movies were highly criticised for being dull and void of color where color was supposed to be. Anyone and everyone will use that same argument about the masses buddy, it doesn't make you sound smart nor original like you think it does. You think because you're in the minority it somehow makes you cool and special because you're not like the majority, but really all it says to me is that you're so desperate to think your special that you disassociate yourself with what's good in order to satiate your appetite of needing attention. Next time you try and make a point, how about saying something that actually MAKES A POINT!!

RunAwayTrain on Aug 5, 2015


Hey anal McAnal pants explosions tends to be pronounced splosions by the knuckle heads that enjoy and wierdly defend singer. By the way stat and ratings wise he is in the majority in thinking the movies suck. Maybe your just an asswad in the minority that thinks your artsy by defending nonsense shit movies.

kepler on Aug 24, 2015


Wow dude, nice insults. What are you, 12? And that grammar, good God that grammar =(. Please have some valid points, as well as some statistical facts to back up your wild and atrocious opinions. Please show me these stats you speak of that lends any sort of an idea that Singer's X-Men movies have been enjoyed by the minority of people...You can't, you immature, idiotic critic wannabe. And you're defending splosions now like it's a thing that Singer's fans say and that he just was ironically using the term to make fun of the fans? ARE YOU KKIDDING ME WITH THIS?! Dude, you're so desperate to write back to me that you're just making up stuff that make you sound like the biggest idiot in the world. Please don't respond back to me, I have no time for children such as yourself.

RunAwayTrain on Aug 24, 2015


Meh, Transformers movies had great success, and they all suck so...

___ on Oct 11, 2015


Success? Hmm, no you mean the movies Fox keeps turning out so they don't lose their rights? Those crap hole movies with huge plot holes and contrived contradictions. Those movieS? The daft public cannot remember from 1 movie to the next, but watch them all in order and you will see joke that is Singer's work. If you have ANY comic book knowledge you wouldn't even try to defend these crap movies. Now, we have a joke of an Apocalypse movie with the cast looking like a cheap 90's made for TV movie knock off.

Theelysium on Apr 4, 2016


He looks like Mr Freeze from Batman & Robin...

stevieray1986 on Jul 18, 2015


Hopefully the first mutant power he displays is the ability to shape-change into a different costume.

BNN667 on Jul 19, 2015


If Bryan Singer is involved, it will suck. Plot holes, jacked up characters, contrived and poor interpretations of the original literature.

Theelysium on Jul 20, 2015


Nothing is ever going to be good when Fox is involved.

___ on Oct 11, 2015


I urge the production team to re-design the Apocalypse!! Gosh, does the design team know what they are doing? I will just lay off from this movie until they did a better resemblence of Apoc

Glen Liao on Jul 22, 2015


What Bryan Singer has done to the beloved Xmen is a god damn travesty.

jonnyb61 on Jul 22, 2015


Fox is to blame.

___ on Oct 11, 2015


The design they have created needs to be seriously redesigned ....I was hoping it to look something like this...That would be awesome.

Pete Ilemenovs on Jul 22, 2015


Was so disappointed they didn't go with that design. It's possible and would look way better. The new design he looks straight out of the stargate series.

Retsu Unohana ® on Aug 10, 2015


F..k this. they are killing my favorite villain next after Dart Vader. . well Lucas kastrasted him as well

FatoldBaron on Jul 26, 2015


I don't mind the look but Apocalypse should be huge and have really dark blue/black skin/suit or whatever. I doubt this will be the final Apocalypse

VertyxxC on Jul 27, 2015


How are Asian Psylocke and Jubilee even in this film? Doesn't it take place in the 80's? In the book, these two characters don't even show up until about ten years later! Psylocke could have possibly been there, but as the british version not the ninja. Yay Bryan Singer for more continuity farts!

Galen Nycroft on Jul 28, 2015


The costumes look very cheap and apocalypse's make-up is horrible... He looks more like Kree... The new fantastic 4 and X-men movie are going to fail. I have seen better costumes and better plot lines done by Cosplayers. If you guys are really Marvel fans read all the comics from 1960'c up to until now and you will understand where I am getting at. Its always the details that turn me off...

Claudio Rodrigues on Aug 3, 2015


Screw Fox.

___ on Oct 11, 2015


Fox knows jack about costume design.

___ on Oct 11, 2015


Perfect resemblance.

___ on Oct 11, 2015


Is Fox run by Japan or China? They sure make cheap knock-offs like them.

___ on Oct 11, 2015


Olivia Munn is such a pig, she should be in porn so we don't have to look at her for more than the time it takes to fap.

Mav Black on Nov 19, 2015

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