Plans For a Trilogy Leading to King Kong vs Godzilla Coming Together

September 16, 2015
Source: THR

King Kong vs Godzilla

It's happening. They're going to fight, and it's going to be epic. Over at Hollywood Reporter, they've posted a full-on article examining the deal that came together between Legendary and Warner Bros. Universal passed on Legendary's most recent iteration of the new King Kong, which is in the works from director Jordan Vogt-Roberts titled Kong: Skull Island. Apparently they didn't agree to the budget, so instead WB said sure, no problem - because they have big plans. They want to make a new trilogy leading to King Kong vs Godzilla. We all know that Batman v Superman is going to be huge next year, why not these monsters? That's why this is such an interesting deal, and it sets everything up to work out nicely across three movies.

The report confirms that the plan is: Vogt-Roberts' Kong: Skull Island first, which is tentatively scheduled for March 2017. Then the Godzilla sequel, with WB behind that, and likely Gareth Edwards returning after Rogue One. Then, finally, likely a third movie that will see King Kong and Godzilla meet and fight it out, or potentially team up, or more likely both. And for those worried about size problems, here's the quip in THR:

A threshold problem is that Kong supposedly is much smaller than Godzilla. That fact was not lost on Universal. "There were funny comments about him having to be the size of the Empire State Building instead of hanging off of it," says a studio insider. But a source close to Tull says Legendary is confident it can come up with a rationale to explain how Kong and Godzilla can do battle — and possibly become allies.

You can read all of the details about how it happened on THR. They talk about some disappointment with Legendary working with Universal, but it's all politics because Legendary has a great slate this year to show for it - Jurassic World & Straight Outta Compton, plus Krampus, Crimson Peak & Steve Jobs coming up. It's also mentioned that the Pacific Rim sequel is on hold "indefinitely" at the moment, meaning Legendary is focusing entirely on Godzilla and King Kong as their money-maker big screen monsters over the course of the next 5 to 10 years. We'll keep an eye on development for Kong: Skull Island, which is the one I'm most intrigued by. It's going to be important to re-establish the King Kong character in an endearing way to make this epic fight be worth the PPV price. For now, I'm excited to watch how these two heavyweights shape up.

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I will remain doubtful until I see a movie with Godzilla in it.

Higgens on Sep 16, 2015


On the topic of the actual fight, How would that even work? Godz is now ~450 feet tall, That makes sense for him, but sizing up Kong to that degree wont real make sense, will it? An island filled with creatures in that size range that we have some how missed?

Higgens on Sep 16, 2015


yeah let's analyze the realism of this idea

Venom on Sep 16, 2015


yeah because the idea of a godzilla type of monster was realistic in the first place?

desispeed on Sep 16, 2015


that was the point of my post genius

TheoLeo on Sep 17, 2015


sorry meant to reply to OP

desispeed on Sep 17, 2015


Why apologize to a rude troll?

Higgens on Sep 17, 2015


no one said sorry to you...they called you sorry...there's a difference

TheoLeo on Sep 17, 2015


Where did I bring up realism? I asked how their size discrepancy would work on the screen, a question TPTB are also pondering. Like whats the harm in some idle speculation?

Higgens on Sep 17, 2015


Everyone thinks you're an idiot. It's a godzilla movie and you are worried about realism and accuracy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

TheoLeo on Sep 17, 2015


School got out early today I see.

Higgens on Sep 17, 2015


So you're also a pedophile?

Venom on Sep 17, 2015


Is there a reason we cannot? Is not a comment section of a movie news site a place for frivolous comments and speculation?

Higgens on Sep 16, 2015


Because the idea is inherently pure nonsense to begin with so who cares about the relative scale of made up monsters that can be redefined at any point. That's why we can't. There's frivolous and then there's are the latter.

TheoLeo on Sep 17, 2015


Well its clearly a discussion the folks in charge are having. I guess it matters more than your opinion. Ad Hominem only makes one person look foolish. How bout you go back under your bridge, I left a tire there for you.

Higgens on Sep 17, 2015


Posting idiotic, retarded nonsense makes one person look foolish. How about instead of swinging on the tire you just off yourself and do the rest of us a favor. Oh and spare us the references to your freshman year Critical Thinking class. I feel like only kids throw out rhetorical ploys because they just learned about them yesterday.

TheoLeo on Sep 17, 2015


Did your bridge collapse or something, that makes me sad, even trolls should have homes. #homesfortrolls

Higgens on Sep 17, 2015


Lighten up man and don't take things so seriously, you make yourself out to be an grade-A A-hole. The guy is entitled to his opinion even you are the biggest Godzilla fanboy in the world.

Charles Knowlton on Sep 18, 2015

19 just putting character from different franchise together is a cool thing to do now, and something to be exited about? No thanks. I'd like to know how Gareth Edwards will take this and if it happens, what will become of the three Toho monsters that were set to appear on the next Godzilla movies, not to mention how can you have a Kong movie with a creature so big as to fight Godzilla and still have a connection to the humans he interacts with. Also this article says Jurassic World is under Legendary's slate this year, when in the original article it clearly states that Legendary just put some money in it and it's not their creation, something that pissed folk at Universal who feel that Legendary is trying to still their thunder

Yahzee on Sep 16, 2015


They did this decades ago

Venom on Sep 16, 2015


Well, Jurassic World is a movie that came out this year and it DOES have the Legendary logo at the front. The distinction is that they had a 25% financial stake in the film. That earns their logo being at the front. Other articles are just pointing out that they didn't have much CREATIVE input in the film, but that doesn't change their financial contribution, which gives them the right to have their logo on it. And as far as Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah...they could easily use the former 2 in Godzilla 2...and have King Ghidorah be the 'big bad' that Kong and Godzilla eventually team up against in their crossover film

Chris Groves on Sep 17, 2015


Oh dear gawd no!

John Doe on Sep 16, 2015


Let them fight. // They will make it work.

DAVIDPD on Sep 16, 2015


Or better yet an ultraman movie?

Jim Dawkins on Sep 16, 2015



ari smulders on Sep 16, 2015


I don't think they need to worry about scale as Godzilla seemed to vary in size throughout the movie. One minute towering over buildings, the next minute having them topple on to him.

Payne by name on Sep 16, 2015


Well, not all buildings are the same size...I would guess that the buildings in SanFran would/could be bigger than those in the city in Hawaii? I think they stated he was about 300ft or so. And there is a big difference between the height varying a little and the differential between a 25-30 ft Kong and a 250-300ft Godzilla.

Chris Groves on Sep 17, 2015


I don't know. I guess maybe seeing him in the official poster for the film towering over the Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco, which is 853ft tall, and then having buildings fall down on top of him during the fight in San Fran must have got me confused.

Payne by name on Sep 17, 2015


I so badly want this to happen. King Kong vs Godzilla was always one of my most watched Godzilla VHS tapes as a kid, and from an early age I understood the reasons it would probably never happen again(Rights issues, etc etc)....but the stars seem to be aligning to make it possible, which would just be fantastic. Just upscale King Kong by a huge margin in the new Skull Island movie and make this happen.

Chris Groves on Sep 17, 2015


Chris... Never mind.

Arby on Sep 21, 2015



Chris Groves on Sep 21, 2015


I don't remember the old school movies that welI, I think they can link theyre origins somehow. Maybe Kong grows with radiation over the years or maybe humans try to bomb him with some kind of chemical agent that causes him to grow even larger. They can come up with anything. I share your enthusiasm Chris. That would be pretty bad ass!

timnimbus on Sep 22, 2015

33 a world where we are dealing with giant monsters...having some kind of plot device that results in Kong being relatively equal in size to Godzilla is perfectly acceptable. We don't really know how Skull Island might relate to the 'original Kong story' it the 33 film or the 05 film, so there might be wiggle room. If this is just an entirely new 'reboot' type of story, they can just have Kong ALWAYS be that big.

Chris Groves on Sep 22, 2015


Iron Man Vs. Captain America, Batman vs. Superman, Godzilla vs. King Kong.....what's next, James Bond vs. Jason Bourne?

TheOct8pus on Sep 17, 2015


Absolutely not because.. and I can't believe I'm saying this.. that would actually be original. Wow that is depressing.

borninatrailer on Sep 17, 2015


This a real thing? Looks bad ass.

Higgens on Sep 17, 2015


Iv not read "Ready Player one" (yeh yeh I know, go do it) But I gather there are a lot of pop culture references, I wonder how that will work out, I mean like in a IP rights sense. Seems like it could be daunting to get rights for a lot of material. Does that make sense?

Higgens on Sep 17, 2015


Yeah that would be cool. I read that Spielberg might be involved with such a movie.

Jim Dawkins on Sep 17, 2015


Well, now you are talking about something different. I thought you were talking about literal continuity within the film itself, and not comparing the film to exaggerated and sensationalized marketing/promotional material. The posters with giant floating heads above smaller characters must REALLY confuse you.

Chris Groves on Sep 17, 2015


King Kong comes up to Godzilla's balls at best.

Andy W on Sep 19, 2015


Dumb! A hole Hollywood/Pentagon/CIA people dreaming up annoying, overpriced entertainment because 'that' (and ruining minds) entertains them, when they aren't spilling blood or imprisoning whistleblowers and journalists.

Arby on Sep 21, 2015

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