Reports Claim Drew Goddard Will Write & Direct New 'Spider-Man'

March 2, 2015
Source: Latino Review

Drew Goddard / Spider-Man

This is moving fast. Our friends at Latino Review are reporting a big scoop that apparently Disney/Marvel are keen on hiring Drew Goddard for the new set of Spider-Man movies. If you recall, a few weeks ago it was confirmed officially by Marvel that Sony & Disney have partnered up and agreed to share rights to the Spider-Man character. This means that Spidey can appear in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe (and rumors are he'll appear in Captain America 3: Civil War, if not sooner) and that Spidey will also get a new series of movies (throwing out everything established by Marc Webb with Andrew Garfield) following his re-introduction. They don't have a scoop on any casting just yet, but it sounds like Goddard will be taking over the new Spider-Man movie since the Sinister Six project (that he was also attached to) has fallen apart.

Drew Goddard is a certified geek that has established himself well in Hollywood recently. He was writer on Cloverfield, "Lost", and World War Z, and wrote/directed the horror cult classic The Cabin in the Woods. Since then he's been involved as a producer on the "Daredevil" TV show, but hasn't directed anything yet. He was attached to the Sinister Six movie at Sony, but now Latino Review is claiming that project is dead. "That’s scrapped but the big news," they say, "is that the director of that film, Drew Goddard, will write AND direct the Spectacular Spider Man movie." Sounds good to me. They also add this info about the new Spidey:

-No new origin story, Spidey exists from the beginning, taken as a given

-New actor, probably an unknown, he will be specifically based in High School and they want him to be able to grow up into the role. The thought being if this works, Spidey can do multiple trilogies for years ala Harry Potter.

-A major part of the first film will involve Spider- Man fighting Iron Man and then trying to pass the "audition" to join the Avengers

-The first film will involved the Sinister Six coming together with the thought to later maybe spin them off.

So, from the sounds of it, Goddard's Sinister Six movie is now canned and instead of kicking him out, he has moved right onto Spider-Man next. That makes sense. For Sony to keep the Spider-Man train moving and move on from Andrew Garfield/Marc Webb without completely destroying the universe they've created, it makes sense to transition Goddard's Sinister Six work into a full-on Spidey feature. The "Sinister Six" are a group of villains that have been teased by Sony for a while, though we don't exactly know which villains they're using for the big screen. The original line-up featured Doctor Octopus, Electro, Sandman, Mysterio, Vulture and Kraven the Hunter. From here on out we'll have to keep a close watch on development updates.

The news about Marvel and Sony teaming up for Spider-Man was some of the biggest geek news of the year so far. Many discussions have arisen since then on how the characters will integrate, and where they can take Spider-Man after he crosses over into the MCU for a little while. Goddard is a fine choice and I hope he can bring some new excitement to this series, instead of retreading the same familiar territory. Thoughts?

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Jon Odishaw on Mar 2, 2015


I would love to have seen Phil Lord & Chris Miller direct the new Spider-Man film even Brad Bird would have been an excellent choice, if not the first film maybe a sequel down the road.

Jordan Odinson on Mar 2, 2015


I like both of those. Especially both of those.

The Walking Cuban on Mar 2, 2015



The Walking Cuban on Mar 2, 2015


Sweet fan art. I suspect Spidey's role won't be as prominent as this poster suggests.....

TheOct8pus on Mar 2, 2015


Yeah, I agree. Looks awesome though

The Walking Cuban on Mar 2, 2015


I also agree but I would be totally fine if his role was prominent

Jon Odishaw on Mar 2, 2015


Well at least it would be a good way to make it up for Goddard, that Warner Bros' attention whore Suicide Squad stole Sinister Six' spotlight. At least the SS spin-off isn't fully abandoned which I'm happy about since I was insanely excited for it.

Tuomas Lassila on Mar 2, 2015


A Suicide Squad movie makes more sense than doing some Sinister Six spin off movie. Considering the Suicide Squad already has an established comic book history with many great stories that would translate to film. The Suicide Squad are essentially not just a group of random villains like the Sinister Six who decide to team up for this one cause but instead are a group of villains that are forced to work together for an actual purpose and with their own lives at stake also.

Jordan Odinson on Mar 2, 2015


But sense is overrated so Sinister Six is a lot better choise for a movie. The one reason I was so insanely excited for the Sinister Six movie was because the choise was so unexpected that it made it awesome. And Sinister Six has cooler supervillains than Suicide Squad.

Tuomas Lassila on Mar 3, 2015


No origin story telling, thank God!

Kasual7 on Mar 2, 2015


I wouldn't mind some small flashbacks here and there but going for another direct origin approach should not happen, agreed.

Jordan Odinson on Mar 2, 2015


Flashbacks on viewpoint from the Avengers or like media from the MCU or even SHIELD. Introducing spidey from someone elses point of view might be cool.

ProjectionistHP on Mar 3, 2015


The tweet that RDJ made last week concerning some big news is most likely referring to the new Spiderman (he will co-star in it) coming out in 2017 that the LR reported on. That's my guess. +++You've been good so here's a new #IronMan poster from @Avengers. & on the DL, big announcement in 8 days… #getexcited +++

Demial Carter on Mar 2, 2015


Third times a charm. DO THE VILLIANS RIGHT!! Best villians in the Marvel Universe.

Angry Lester on Mar 2, 2015


And let's not forget Ray Stevenson's Punisher!!!

Angry Lester on Mar 2, 2015


Ray Stevenson is already playing a character in the MCU despite how he is not really that much of a relevant character to begin with but I would rather see Marvel reboot The Punisher again but this time doing it right. I feel over the past years with the three versions of The Punisher that have appeared in film already they were never the definitive version of the character.

Jordan Odinson on Mar 2, 2015


Thats a pretty solid choice.

Rock n Rollllll on Mar 2, 2015


Excitement is hard to drudge up.

Xerxexx on Mar 2, 2015


I really need an Aunt May origin story. Can we do that Sony?

mooreworthy on Mar 2, 2015


aren't we spiderman tired? And I don't mean the fanboys but people like me who don't care if spiderman dies... Origin story after origin story and still is spiderman not badass like thor or iron man. Let's play him a small part in the marvel universe but don't give him a new movie. Spiderman two wasn't that bad, but people are fed up with it...

ari smulders on Mar 3, 2015


Drew Goddard is a good choice. He wrote Cloverfield, and directed Cabin in the Woods...which was great. If memory serves me right, he also co-wrote that movie with Joss Whedon. So having a bit of that 'Whedon stamp of approval' is certainly a good thing.

Chris Groves on Mar 3, 2015


Multiple trilogies? Spin-offs? "Years" of growth a la Harry Potter? They are putting way too many eggs into this basket, even if they are only tentative plans. I think outside of die hard comic book fans, a lot of people just need a break from Spiderman. A modest role in Marvel ensemble movies, fine, but It sounds like they're hoping for 6 more Spiderman films growing from high school to adulthood? Come on.

Wafffles on Mar 3, 2015


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amy87474 on Mar 4, 2015

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