Rooney Mara Says 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' Sequel is Dead

February 24, 2015
Source: E! News

Rooney Mara

If you're one of those fans who has been waiting patiently for a sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, you might want to sit down for this news. E! News recently caught up with the film's star Rooney Mara at an Oxfam benefit in New York and asked whether or not we would see The Girl Who Played with Fire make it to the big screen. Sadly, Mara's response was not promising in the least as she said, "“I don’t think it’s going to happen. I’m sad never to do it again, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards." The first film came out in 2011, and hope has lingered that we might see the sequel, but it really seems dead.

However, Mara speculates that just because she won't star in a sequel as Lisbeth Salander doesn't mean they won't do something with the property, or at least the script which has already been written. The actress says, "I think because [Sony] already has spent millions of dollars on the rights and the script so it will result in something. The script that we now have [has] a huge potential, I can reveal as much as it is extremely different from the book.” If the story is so different from the book, it probably wouldn't be hard to just turn the film into a standalone thriller without the Lisbeth Salander character Mara brought to life.

The script certainly wasn't cheap since top writers Steve Zaillian and Andrew Kevin Walker both worked on the sequel. At the time, Sony Pictures hoped that David Fincher's adaptation would successfully launch a new, mature crime thriller franchise. And while the film certainly didn't bomb, it just didn't do as well as the studio expected at the box office. This franchise casualty can likely be attributed to the departure of Amy Pascal, former co-chair of Sony Pictures who was a big champion for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. It's a little disappointing, but maybe we'll see this script get in front of cameras at some point. Or maybe we'll just see Lisbeth Salander get her own TV series or something. Bummed?


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Kind of sad but at the same time I wouldn't want to see Fincher bogged down by a trilogy. I would like him to keep trying different things.

Jon Odishaw on Feb 24, 2015


So sad to hear this. I am a huge fan of Fincher, Mara, and this series. When I first watched this trinity come together for this project I was very excited and loved Dragon Tattoo. Great story, craft and impact

Jacob Puiras on Feb 24, 2015


Well this was kind of obvious cause Fincher has stated that he didn't want to do all the films. And as big of a Fincher fan as I am, the movie he did was average. Im glad he's out of the Jobs. He needs more ambitious material.

JohnB on Feb 24, 2015


I love that movie, I'm saddened by this. I really wanted Fincher to finish that franchise he did such an amazing job casting, I was amazed by their chemistry.

skipmenever on Feb 24, 2015


Love the movie and the book, but I did not care for the second book, not a whole lot interesting happens. Cool to read that the script is a lot different than the book, that has me very interested. Hopefully something will come of it. Her Lisbeth is great.

NathanDewey on Feb 24, 2015


Bummed. Fincher nailed the first one. At least his version of the movie doesn't feel like it needs a sequel; it's pretty self-contained.

Concourse D on Feb 24, 2015


Hopefully the next person to take over wont screw it up.

Rock n Rollllll on Feb 24, 2015


Das right...I really enjoyed the first one, although I found a little inferior to the original one. That opening was absolutely incredible though.

DAVIDPD on Feb 25, 2015


I agree with you. I read the books and watched the swedish trilogy and it was great. No need for american adaptations.

gonsa sba on Feb 25, 2015


Here's a petition to show Sony there is interest in a sequel: Please sign it!

fierysadness on Feb 25, 2015


I believe you have your facts mixed up. The author of the novels, Stieg Larsson, died in 2004 before the novels were even published in 2005. He never knew of the great success of his novels and was long dead before any of the movies were made.

Leroi on Feb 27, 2015


Didn't you know? Apparently Stieg Larsson actually rolled over in his grave when the American remakes were announced, thus signalling his displeasure. People always say that "so and so will roll over in their grave", but Stieg actually did it!

Ken Scott on Mar 3, 2015


Just watch the Swedish versions...they're leagues better anyways...

ResurrectRider on Feb 27, 2015


I have, and no, they're not.

Xenu on Mar 24, 2015


I don't believe you...scientologists lie...

ResurrectRider on Mar 24, 2015



HARDTALK on Sep 6, 2015


Rooney Mara Scare's the shit out of me anyway. Fucking Scarecrow Face! lol

Original_Outcast on Feb 28, 2015


How is this bad news? The American remake sucked! The Swedish version was the best and Noomi Rapace was 20 times better than Mara not to mention the hair, makeup, and costume design in the remake was ridiculously obviously fake.

Stevie Alexander on Mar 2, 2015


What the hell are you even talking about? Have actually watched any of the behind-the-scenes documentaries for the Fincher version? That's Rooney Mara's actual hair. This complaint is just beyond bizarre. Also, how can any hair, makeup, and costuming be called "fake" when THE ENTIRE STIEG LARSSON TRILOGY is fake? It's a completely made-up tale. As are all Hollywood movies, for that matter. It's called "fiction." Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees. Finally, the David Fincher adaptation is not a "remake" -- it's an adaptation, taking a previously-existing novel and formatting it for the big screen. Was Kenneth Branagh's 1997 Hamlet film a remake of Franco Zefferelli's 1990 version? Was Zefferelli's movie a remake of Laurence Olivier's 1940 Hamlet? Of course not. And neither was Fincher's movie a remake of Niels Arden Oplev's.

The Bandsaw Vigilante on Mar 4, 2015


Stop trying to reason with crazy people, dude.

Kickback Jack on Mar 5, 2015


What? It's called get away from people lie you.

HARDTALK on Sep 6, 2015


swede trilogy rules....English version doesn't hold a candle to it

James Dunn on Mar 10, 2015


Totally agree, there's absolutely no need to have a new version of the trilogy - just promote and show the Swedish version more.

Chip on Mar 16, 2015


Typical. We get hooked on one part of a series and the whole thing is cancelled. Just keep it up Hollywood. Eventually we will all stop watching.

William J Schmidt on Mar 10, 2015


ughh. Such a great series, finally something is not teen shit and it doesn't continue. SONY sucks. The original series sux. Beside the main character, everyone else were terrible. Script was bad, acting was terrible. What the hell is wrong with SONY and Fincher? Bring back TGWTDT Fincher, it's something closest to Fight Club. So so SAD.

Freedom of speech on Mar 10, 2015


I thought Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara did a great job in the English translation of the book. I wish they would do the second, and the last. I know Craig is anxious to get out of the Bond movies so.....Guess the box office take just isn't enough to merit the new films. Money is the bottom line after all.

WickedPissa on Mar 15, 2015


Rapace and Nyquist! Nobody can match them!

HARDTALK on Sep 13, 2015


fuck sony. when i heard they got hacked i cheered my ass off. anti-art coke addicted dickwads nearly as bad as Fox

Dave Rotheson on Mar 17, 2015


Personally Rooney Mara did not do the film justice. They should just have had Noomi Rapace reprise her role. NO ONE else could do that part justice.

Castielle Elorea on Mar 25, 2015


I think the Swedish movies are good enough. Americans don't get subtitles? Well, time to get on with it. Or learn Swedish

Ernest Barteldes on Mar 25, 2015


They did an English dub of the Swedish films anyway, though obviously the lip syncing is a little corny. Still, I'd like them to do the second native English one anyway.

svchost on Mar 26, 2015


Dubbing is never a good thing, it lacks emotion of being on the set... I've seen many bad jobs over the years....

Ernest Barteldes on Mar 27, 2015


The dubbing on the original trilogy was very good. It basically fits with what they're saying in Swedish, but is easy to understand to those that don't speak the native language it was made in.

Lorenso McKewan on Jun 12, 2015


I liked the subtitles. That language in the background had a charm of its own.

Judy007 on Oct 12, 2015


Well, sometimes the subtitles for some, go too fast and they'd rather have an option to listen to the film in their language instead of seeing it being said in the language the film was made in, with subtitles sometimes distracting those as they pay read what's being said and are not looking at what's going on in the film

Jared Wignall on Nov 11, 2015


The Swedish trilogy was the best! I think the Americans just wasted time and money on crecycling a perfect product. Lead actors were great but why settle for leftovers when the source was perfect? I watch the Swedish trilogyevery year and it never looses its strength, I saw the American version twice and it was more than enough !

Leon Gray on Mar 25, 2015


Anonymous on Nov 14, 2018


I see a lot of people on here who say the American movie sucked. I love the Swedish films, but I love the American one as well. The American one was being respectful to the source material and the original film, but doing something different enough to keep some intrigue as to see where the film will go and how much of the basic story will it tweak or still go along with. I was looking forward to see the two other sequels, but no. We get dumb ass $100 million dollar superhero movies and shit that not a lot of people asked for, while two films that could be really good as long as everyone put the same amount of effort into it as the previous film, will not be made as they're dicking around too long... The logic makes so much sense.

Lorenso McKewan on Jun 12, 2015


Logic is this: You have businessmen, not artists, running the studios who graduated from Harvard. All they care about is bottom line...films have nothing to do with artistic expression anymore, hence the plethora of crappy super hero, stupid chick-flick films.

Galle on Feb 4, 2017


Recently, it's been said that a sequel with Mara is starting to come to light. So I hope we will get to see the next two films. I hope that Daniel Craig is returning too. Though, the director, David Fincher, doesn't seem to be coming back, but as long as Mara is Lisbeth and Craig coming back too and if the director they get is very good and competent, I hope the sequels will come to life.

Jared Wignall on Feb 8, 2017


There won't be sequel or driquel, whatever is called. They copy the movie from the Swedish, and the butchered it. What is wrong with Hollywood or whoever made this film. Watch the original trilogy. It's simply marvelous!

HARDTALK on Sep 6, 2015


Wrong. Try Again.

Comments_Usually_Suck on Sep 12, 2015


Oh my! I won't be able to sleep tonight!

HARDTALK on Sep 13, 2015


Goal accomplished. HARDTAlk couldn't sleep. Mara, Fincher and Craig were excellent. We need a sequel.

Comments_Usually_Suck on Sep 13, 2015


Opinions are like a-s-s-holes! Everybody has one!

HARDTALK on Sep 14, 2015


It' like Hollywood feels compelled to be in charge of virtually EVERYTHING, but here they lost the plot.

Judy007 on Oct 12, 2015


Mara was not able to pull ahead of the Rapace acting. Pretty lame!

HARDTALK on Sep 6, 2015


Bull excrement.

Comments_Usually_Suck on Sep 12, 2015


You haven't seen the Swedish versions, have you?

Judy007 on Oct 12, 2015


I did see the Swedish version. It was great, but Mara did an excellent job as well.

fundie on Oct 30, 2015


That is not true, at all. And they were not supposed to be the same. That is the whole point.

Michelle on Feb 5, 2016


It could NEVER be compared with the Swedish version with Noomi Rapace. And all three those have been made to watch over and over. The american version fell flat as a pancake.

Judy007 on Oct 12, 2015


I just finished reading the trilogy, and I have got both movie versions out of the library, and trying to decide which to watch? Sounds like the Swedish version wins! Thanks!

Mike Delaney Campeau on Nov 22, 2015


Oh my goodness - no contest. If you watch with sub-titles it's better. That Scandinavian language sits so beautifully in her mouth and it makes it the more endearing. My husband says she's mesmerising. He watched the US version 1/4 of th way and said bring my DVD's! PLEASE watch it exactly that way and report back to this site 😉 😉

Judy007 on Nov 22, 2015


Your opinion is great and all.. But, whether one is better than the other is completely subjective. The Fincher version was a masterpiece. It doesn't matter how good or bad the other films were.

Michelle on Feb 5, 2016


But I reckon the Swedish movies redeemed them?? Noomi Rapace is one of those riveting creatures once can't stop watching. I'll be most disappointed if she EVER does a romcom.

Judy007 on Oct 12, 2015


I like the original trilogy, but the fincher movie was great and mara was great as well. what a shame I was really looking forward to the sequel

Charlie Lafontaine on Nov 4, 2015


Mikael Blomkvist was far better and more attractive played by Daniel Craig. Period.

Michelle on Feb 5, 2016


I was googling to find out when the sequal woud be released and found this.... definitely bummed out.

Tsrif Tsal on Feb 16, 2016


seriously late here but i think its so fun when people say that the american version was a copy of the swedish version. the american version was a adaptation of the book such as the swedish. the hole fucking point of the american version was to be original in its own way. of course you cant be original if another person already did an adaptation before you. of course there will be morons who think the new one is copying the older. they both were adaptations! fucking stop with this nonsense

// on Aug 20, 2016

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