Rumor: Spider-Man Joins Marvel Universe in 'Avengers: Infinity War'?

January 14, 2015
Source: Latino Review


Last year, in the midst of the Sony Pictures hack, there were several movie news stories that surfaced due to the materials obtained from the motion picture studio. One of the most interesting revelations was that Marvel Studios had been talking with Sony Pictures about getting Spider-Man to appear in Captain America: Civil War. The webslinger is an integral part of that comic book storyline and his presence on the big screen would have been huge, but talks fell apart, and while the character could still have a cameo, he won't have a huge role if something can be worked out. But that doesn't mean Marvel has given up on geting Spidey into the Marvel cinematic universe in a big way if a big, new rumor is to be believed. More below!

Latino Review, who gets a lot of superhero scoops (many accurate), is saying that Spider-Man will enter the Marvel cinematic universe in The Avengers: Infinity War - Part I. The explanation as to why this makes sense and how it will jive with the rest of Phase Three is pretty spoiler-filled, so if you want those details, you can read them over there. But we've already talked about how there will be a new team introduced at the end of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and it sounds like Thor: Ragnarok and Captain America: Civil War will have a huge impact on the trajectories of most of the original Avengers, so it would stand to reason that at the beginning of The Avengers: Infinity War - Part I, the original team isn't around.

And that's where Spider-Man would come into play. If fans have any doubt that a new team of heroes, one that might be without Iron Man, Thor, Captain America or Hulk for one reason or another, then Marvel bringing one of their most popular characters of all-time into their cinematic universe for the first time would certainly help out the two-part film coming in 2018 and 2019. And as you might remember, any future Marvel deal that involves Spider-Man will not involve Andrew Garfield and will be a new version of the character, without a new origin story being told (thank goodness).

This is a pretty huge rumor, so take it all with a grain of salt. There's been plenty of Marvel rumors that haven't panned out, if only because some of them surface too early and the plan changes, or new ideas come along, but considering what we heard about the negotiations between Marvel and Sony, this doesn't seem farfetched at all. But until then, we still have a lot of movies to get through. The Avengers: Age of Ultron arrives on May 1st this summer, but The Avengers: Infinity War - Part I doesn't arrive until 2018. Stay tuned for any new Marvel updates.

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Rumor: Sony May Do Something Good?

OfficialJab on Jan 14, 2015


Not with that attitude of yours.

Tuomas Lassila on Jan 14, 2015


I'm so sick of these rumors!! I want facts, dammit!! Facts!!

TheOct8pus on Jan 14, 2015


Don't trust Latino Review.

Tuomas Lassila on Jan 14, 2015


Why not? they actually do great with "rumors".

el copi on Jan 14, 2015


And many times their rumors end up being false.

Tuomas Lassila on Jan 15, 2015


I will believe this when it HAPPENS, there have been like 4 or 5 rumors about this, all fake. Why do you keep reporting them?

Brian Sleider on Jan 14, 2015


I thought this website didn't post rumors :O

HarryFiddleSticks on Jan 14, 2015


We have a tag dedicated to rumors, so that's never been the case. We just don't post EVERY single rumor out there. And since we know and trust the guys at Latino Review, and it's a very exciting potential development with roots in actual negotiations that took place between Sony Pictures and Marvel, it's a viable one.

Ethan Anderton on Jan 14, 2015


I can live with that 🙂

HarryFiddleSticks on Jan 14, 2015


Spiderman possibly entering the MCU for Infinity Wars pt. 1?! Sign me up. However, I personally don't like the idea that by the time we finally get to the infamous Thanos battle, our core characters (Capt, Tony, Thor, and Hulk) may not be there for the battle. I mean, we the fans, have been growing alongside them throughout this massive series through 3 long phases. And to finally see it come to an end (excluding what they do with phase 4 and so on) and not have them all there, kind of sucks. And I'd rather have them all together with all the new characters planned to enter phase 3 before Infinity Wars, if that meant not having Spidey at all. But they are talking about Spidey's role and the exclusion of the core 4 for Part 1. Maybe for Part 2, is when we'll see everyone together again, which in that case, I'd be all for.

JBrotsis on Jan 14, 2015


We've seen too much of Capt, Tony, Thor, and Hulk already. Its time for new blood.

Rock n Rollllll on Jan 14, 2015


They will all be back for Infinity Wars Party 2 where I think we will have them battle Thanos 1 on 1

desispeed on Jan 14, 2015


that's all I care about. I can agree with what Rock said above but just as long as the core characters are there for Thanos, is all I want.

JBrotsis on Jan 14, 2015


Who is the a$$hole that keeps stating these so-called rumors??? When it does happen, then announce it, otherwise no one gives a f**k.

Rock n Rollllll on Jan 14, 2015


I don't care if Spidey showed up in Dr. Who's phone booth, I just want to see ol Webhead sitting on Hulks shoulder!

mooreworthy on Jan 14, 2015


Spider-Man isn't in Infinity War. He has no part in the film's story line whatsoever. I seriously hope this is just some silly rumor to waste our time. Which it probably is.

Jason Scarpelli on Jan 14, 2015


Do you have a script? Marvel almost certainl don't so how would you know? Fact of the matter is, this was definitely under consideration at one point. The Latino Review story has been debunked now, but other variations still are around.

The_Eternal_Dalek on Jan 15, 2015


Sony denied the whole thing and debunked the whole ordeal complely. Besides, if you even follow the marvel cinematic universe storyline and film history you know Spiderman's not even a part of it. You can't just pull a comic book character out of the air and throw him randomly into an already set storyline with placed characters. No matter what other so called 'other superheros' may lie in comic universe.

Jason Scarpelli on Jan 15, 2015


They denied one rumour, certainly not the whole thing. If they did deny the whole thing we'd know they were lying because Marvel were hinting at it when the talks definitely were ongoing.

The_Eternal_Dalek on Jan 15, 2015


That's why it's just called "talks".

Jason Scarpelli on Jan 15, 2015


PR and marketing always denies news that they haven't put out there themselves. No-one is going to confirm this, so we just don't know. I hope it's true, Sony is making a mess of Spiderman.

Panzerknecker on Jan 16, 2015


I certainly hope it isn't. Unless spiderman shows up jokingly in a cameo like in a comic store window or something, just having him pop up out of the blue in an already planned storyline with characters set in place from said films in a series of movies of that universe, makes no sense whatsoever. Including a multitude of superheroes for infinity war, just like the comic, is something which Marvel would NEVER do and it would ruin the MCU universe. Marvel isn't DC fortunately.

Jason Scarpelli on Jan 16, 2015


you're an idiot

jason scarpelli on Jan 17, 2015


To create a username with my name just to call me an idiot makes you the idiot.

Jason Scarpelli on Jan 18, 2015


Agreed, I do hope Marvel gets Spiderman back though.

Panzerknecker on Jan 19, 2015


They may have very well just been "talks" but they certainly existed and there is no denying that because we've all seen the e-mails (and Marvel have certainly been very happy to joke around the issue rather than panicking like Sony are). This one story has been denied, and quite rightly so as it is filled with errors regarding both Marvel and Sony.

The_Eternal_Dalek on Jan 19, 2015

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