Rumor: Spielberg Wants to Direct Chris Pratt in New 'Indiana Jones'

February 21, 2015
Source: Deadline

Chris Pratt / Indiana Jones

Here we go… The big rumor on Oscar weekend, with all of Hollywood in town, is that Steven Spielberg is apparently quite interested in directing the new Indiana Jones movie. If you recall, in January we posted another rumor that Chris Pratt – star of Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy – is Disney's top pick to star as the new version of Indiana Jones. Ever since Disney got their hands on Lucasfilm a few years ago, they've been figuring out how to bring more franchises back. Aside from Star Wars it sounds like Indy is next, and word from Deadline around Hollywood is that "assuming a script comes in to his satisfaction, Spielberg hopes to direct that film." That film being the new Indiana Jones perhaps starring Chris Pratt.

Before everyone goes crazy and starts criticizing this choice and calling blasphemy, it's all speculation at the moment. Nothing is set in stone, nothing is confirmed yet. Even Deadline says that "it's too early to determine what will happen because there is no script yet and they are just getting going." Makes sense. That's Hollywood for you, putting films into production and banking millions on projects that don't even have a script yet. But from the way they're presenting this news, it seems as if Spielberg is still interested in watching over Indiana Jones, and doesn't want anything bad to happen to it if someone else directs. And it also seems to indicate that even Spielberg is interested in having Pratt take over for Harrison Ford. Not a bad choice if you ask me. At the moment, Steven Spielberg is finishing work on that Cold War thriller with Tom Hanks as well as the animated adaptation of The BFG, and he's still attached to Robopocalypse as well.

Only time will tell what happens, but we'll do our best to keep you updated on any news from Disney and Lucasfilm. While we've got Star Wars coming up this year, I expect we'll be hearing more about Indy soon.

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Bummer was hoping Sony would snatch him up to play in the uncharted movies as Nathan Drake. I mean I would love to see a new indy flick but what would this be a reboot, a prequel, or just a whole new jones entirely!? Seems like a waste of talent for an old franchise when you could make a new one.

Oblique on Feb 21, 2015



Xerxexx on Feb 21, 2015


I say Sony because they obviously hold the rights for the Uncharted series on the "Sony" Playstation. So it would only make sense that Sony studios would produce the movie. Regardless I still think the Uncharted route would be a better fit for Pratt to play. Plus nowadays how profitable would a Indy movie be, even with Pratt helming it. 1.) The last one left a sour taste in most people's mouths and 2.) I'm 30 the original Indy movies came out in the 80's most kids these days probably barely know Indy but I'm pretty sure they know Nathan Drake especially with Uncharted 4 releasing on the PS4 soon. And last, though the Indy movies are an awesome franchise it will truly always be Harrison Ford's franchise. Like it or not. But if it happens I'll still be down to see it.

Oblique on Feb 21, 2015



Quanah on Feb 21, 2015


Im comfortable with this, but as I said else where, I would rather an original adventure series in the vein of Indian Jones opposed to a reboot.

Brian Sleider on Feb 21, 2015


I'm all for these iconic characters to get the Bond treatment. No need to reboot or start over just keep having new adventures.

rocky728 on Feb 21, 2015


Chris Pratt is this generation's Harrison Ford. There is simply no other option.

davidshaw on Feb 21, 2015


Pratt is the new Harrison Ford? I think I can live with this.

DAVIDPD on Feb 21, 2015


Yeah, why would we call it blasphemy and criticize it? Except for the fact that a reboot doesn't HAVE to happen at all...Chris Pratt is the perfect choice for this! Perfect I say!

Stefan Kuhlmann on Feb 21, 2015


Chris Pratt would be a better choise to play Indiana Jones jr than Shia in the last movie :/ a reboot of the Indiana Jones, noooo.. please Mr. Spielberg, don't do that, reboots are in 80-90% pure shit! When Spielberg want to make a new Indiana Jones than do it a diferent way: 1. Option, Chris Pratt plays Indiana Jones in the young years, eveyrthing before Harrison Ford, that makes sense. 2. Option, Chris Pratt take the role of Harrison Ford son, right, he plays the role of Shia but 10 years older, and of course it would be great if Harrison Ford ist also in the movie, get a great same movie and ending like the third Indiana movie with Sean Connery, Chris Pratt is the new Indiana Jones, Harrison steps back, and than we have a great start for a new Indiana Jones franchise with Chris Pratt. I think this two options how the movie should go, are the only one which will succes, a reboot is a very bad idea, and I think Spielberg know this, and also it's not fair to Harrison Ford, his Indiana Jones movies are classic, making a reboot, it's shit and not fair.

Ronin on Feb 22, 2015


Totally for option 2. Chris Pratt even has the look of an older filled out Shia IMO. Plus it's a continuation and not a tired reboot.

Steven on Feb 22, 2015


I'd sign on to watch #2. There's already been a Young Indy, and unless Pratt tones it down (in which case, might as well play a reboot-Indy vs earlyIndy), it'll be too jarring. As for an older Mutt Jones character - I can see it. Pratt & Lebouf have similar comic chops/timing, but Pratt has a better... presence, for lack of a term.

VAharleywitch on Feb 23, 2015


Pratt is a great indy but I feel Spielberg isn't a right choice to do it again because he is simply to old to feel what's cool or not! Don't get me wrong, Spielberg is the best director ever, together with kubrick, but you can't buy young age. Leave it up to young people.

ari smulders on Feb 22, 2015


Yup, and I want Spielberg to do "Robopocalypse"! But I think Pratt is an excellent choice to play Indiana.

Drived on Feb 22, 2015


Spielberg doesn't want anything bad to happen to Indian Jones? The worst thing that could happen to it is Spielberg. They need someone new to the franchise, like Shane Black.

CoosCoos on Feb 22, 2015


Agreed, it's not like he had no input in the Crystal Skull.....

Steven on Feb 22, 2015


I thought Crystal Skull was pretty good. I'm not married to Spielberg anyway though.

OfficialJab on Feb 23, 2015


I don't know. I like Chris Pratt a lot, but he's only had a couple movies and a bunch of TV work under his belt. He's still not a guaranteed success.

TheOct8pus on Feb 23, 2015


Just watch out for his evil twin Chris Brat.

MLTC on Feb 23, 2015


I think once he's seen in Jurassic World, will more or less seal the deal one way or the other for Pratt to step into the shoes of Indiana Jones. If he's still wise-cracking a lot, w/ something like JW, even as much as I like the guy, he ain't Indy. OTOH, if he's only cracking a joke here & there (much like was done in JP), then I can buy into him as the new face of the franchise.

VAharleywitch on Feb 23, 2015



ali3000 on Feb 23, 2015


Rumor: I, John Connor, Want to Punch Spielberg in his fucking face.

John Connor on Feb 23, 2015

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