Sigourney Weaver Hopes New 'Alien' Will Give Ripley a 'Proper Finish'

February 25, 2015
Source: Sky Movies


Now that Neill Blomkamp has officially been hired to direct a new movie set within the Alien universe, fans are anxious to know what we can expect. Of course, Blomkamp's initial posting of concept art gives us some idea of what we'll see, including the return of Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, but we're still not clear on the story. And while Blomkamp and Weaver have been doing the publicity rounds for Chappie, they haven't been forthcoming with many new details. However, Weaver did make a few remarks about giving the Alien series and her character Riply a "proper finish," which seems to imply that this could be the end.

Here's a video from Sky Movies (via HeyUGuys) with interview clips from Weaver and Blomkamp:

As you can see, Blomkamp also makes it a point to say his film will share DNA with Alien and Aliens, and that his film would come next. That's more than an implication that they're ignoring anything that happened in Alien 3 or Alien Resurrection, and really just a flat out statement that those movies don't matter in his mythology. Obviously, it's early days on the project, so Blomkamp is likely still following details, but it certainly sounds like Weaver will be leading the film again, and this could be the one fans have been waiting for. And we're still hoping Louis C.K. gets to die a horrible death in the movie as well. Thoughts?

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I can't wait to not wait.

ragethorn on Feb 25, 2015


"Alien, Aliens, and this movie"?! Although I disliked Alien 3, I feel slightly disappointed that Blomkamp will need to use a midway reboot if you can call it that to make his story. Nonetheless...please bring back Hicks.

superultraboy on Feb 25, 2015



Carpola on Feb 25, 2015


michael biehn better be casted.

Xerxexx on Feb 25, 2015


Blomkamp! Hear this man!!

grimjob on Feb 25, 2015


Of all the Aliens cast members, he's the one who has aged the least.

TheOct8pus on Feb 26, 2015


Holy crap - he does look amazing for 58! Carrie Henn (Newt) did grow up though unfortunately. ;P

avconsumer2 on Feb 26, 2015


I actually thought that the directors/extended cut of Alien 3 was pretty decent...far superior to the theatrical cut for sure. If you've not seen it, check it out and let it replace the memory you have of the theatrical cut. If you've never seen the theatrical cut, skip it for the directors/extended. At any rate, always happy to revisit this franchise. If Weaver's involved, I'll be happy to watch.

Gohikeone on Feb 25, 2015


Best news all day! Aliens is my favorite movie of all time so I am super excited about this!

SteveB on Feb 25, 2015


it will suck like Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Alien vs. Predator, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem and Prometheus. They should just leave this franchise alone and stop trying to pick up crumbs of profits off the street with crap plots. ,

me on Feb 25, 2015


You are right. I think the saying goes "If at first you dont succeed, dont ever try again and complain when other people do"

AC on Feb 25, 2015


Alien 3 didn't suck.

SalsaBandit on Feb 25, 2015


alien 3 is awesome!

alien 3 fan on Feb 26, 2015


Haha! I love everything about this comment.

TheOct8pus on Feb 26, 2015


Well, you've just proved the existence of time travel, because the only way you can say this--which is an uninformed opinion, by the way--is if you time-traveled to the future, saw the movie, and are coming back to the present to tell us how it sucks. Plus, you don't even know what the plot of this film is!

Scopedog on Feb 26, 2015


Oh oh - back up. I agree with you to a point but I think Prometheus was a very good idea explaining the possible long history humans had already with aliens. I look forward to the sequel.

Lika564 on Feb 27, 2015


Cautious, but interested...

grimjob on Feb 25, 2015


Best thing to say, Grimjob. It's how I feel too.

Scopedog on Feb 26, 2015


Alien 3 was made by david Fincher and wasn't that bad but after James Cameron who made part 2 it is always a lett down. And it's stupid and arogant from Blomkamp to think he can do just a great job as Cameron. It's no coincidence that Cameron has two movies that are watched the most. It's a fucking genius... But still the best movie news since a decade...

ari smulders on Feb 25, 2015


Personally loved all the films and looking forward too this one too 🙂

nicole green on Feb 26, 2015


Das right. Some how make her into a badass human female again and tear a Xenomorph queen a new a-hole in the process.

DAVIDPD on Feb 26, 2015


Umm Ripley's end in Alien 3 was incredible.

OfficialJab on Feb 26, 2015


I guess when I look back on it from now it is not as stupid as I once found it to be.. I think at the time I saw the movie I was hating so much about the movie itself that when the final scene came, I was already biased and was gonna hate regardless. I know these guys are old but I would love a movie that picks up after 2 and ignores the crapfest that was 3 and.... I cant bring myself to say it

Tester on Feb 26, 2015


The only thing about 3 that I don't like is the bluescreen effect for the Alien. Looked like garbage.

OfficialJab on Feb 26, 2015


Yeah, I can agree with that.. Overall, I wish I had enjoyed the movie as much as you did

Tester on Feb 26, 2015


Agreed. The only thing lacking for me was the inclusion of either Hicks and Newt.

Steven on Feb 26, 2015


Yep inclusion of one of those characters, preferably Hicks IMO would of made it a tighter continuation, especially as Bishop was used.

Steven on Feb 26, 2015


It would be possible to write a new "chapter that happens between 2 and 3, but it wouldn't make sense because Sigourney Weaver is an old lady now and she was pretty young between Aliens and Alien 3. Same with Lance Henrikssen and Michael Biehn (Hicks)....they're all so old....

TheOct8pus on Feb 26, 2015


see my post above

Tester on Feb 26, 2015


and latest comment from Blomkamp “I want this film to feel like it’s literally the genetic sibling of ‘Aliens.’ So it’s ‘Alien,’ ‘Aliens,’ and then this movie.”

Tester on Feb 26, 2015


So... maybe... just MAYBE Hudson somehow survived?! ;D

avconsumer2 on Feb 26, 2015


Hicks, sir. He's Hudson. 😉

Yoyo on Aug 12, 2015


No disrespect for Sigourney Weaver, but I'd be happier if her character wasn't even in it. Having some goofy way to fit her in just to kill her off is ridiculous to me. Just make a great movie about the Alien!

Bill on Feb 26, 2015


I'm happy for the remake/reboot or whatever it is called. I almost walked out when Alien 3 came out. The opening scene of Ripley thrashing in her cryogenic (sp?) tube. I only watched Resurrection because I can't leave a series unfinished. :} Hope I'll like this new film better. I hated that she "died" that way.

Lika564 on Feb 27, 2015


Why wait to have a marathon? Rent them from the library or buy them and watch.

Lika564 on Feb 27, 2015

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