Sound Off: Colin Trevorrow's 'Jurassic World' - What Did You Think?

June 12, 2015

Jurassic World

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? The park is open. It's finally time to return to Isla Nublar and meet the dinosaurs all over again. Playing in theaters everywhere is Jurassic World, directed by Colin Trevorrow, the highly-anticipated sequel continuing the Jurassic Park series. This time, the park has opened, it's filled with thousands of visitors, safety procedures are in place. What could go wrong? It's the new dino that wreaks havoc this time. The cast includes Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Irrfan Khan, Vincent D'Onofrio, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson and Jake Johnson. So how is it? Better than the original or no way? Worth watching? Once you've seen it, leave a comment with your own thoughts on Jurassic World.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

To fuel the fire, and get this discussion going, Jurassic World is definitely better than the other two sequels (Jurassic Park 2 and 3) but nowhere near the original. Not much is that good, but it's obvious they tried to model this new movie closer to that first one. Despite incredibly high expectations, I still had fun, I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie but it's not perfect and has a some minor setbacks. The setup with the raptors and the bigger themes of "this is what happens when you try to go bigger/better for the sake of more money" and "don't fuck with mother nature" are the best aspects, while some of the goofy humor and abundance of overwritten characters are minor detractions. If you came for the dinos, they still kick ass and win the day.

Perhaps one problem is that we're all going in to scrutinize this movie and tear it apart, when we should be going in to be entertained. Too often we have unjustifiable expectations for what we want and how a movie should be, and forget that we're actually there to experience the adventure that someone else envisioned. With Jurassic World, there's a impressive balance between the fun of it all, and the scientific/political angle that's supposed to make you think. Yes, it has characters who get their due when they think they can control nature, but it also has characters we can admire. And it's another great reminder that bigger does not always mean better. I still recommend this movie to all JP fans, it will satisfy them. Now I want a pet raptor, too.

Jurassic World

So what did YOU think of Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World? Exhilarating or utter disaster?
We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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Spectacular film. I literally haven't felt that way about a movie since the original came out when I was 8. Of course it's not as good as the first one, but this is the best Jurassic film we could have possibly hoped for. It definitely merited an IMAX screening. Will go see again.

ion677 on Jun 12, 2015


What a great movie, I was hoping for at least decent but I left with a cheesy smile

carlos on Jun 12, 2015


I get the original jp is incredible but people seriously need to stop expecting jw to be as good as the original. Nothing compares.

Xerxexx on Jun 12, 2015


The book is so damned great, no movie can ever match it. But for those who have seen it, is the dialogue really as bad in the final cut as it is in the trailers?

Joker's hideout on Jun 12, 2015


The dialogue is choppy and super cheesy in a lot of parts. And tons of little references and lines of dialogue from the original JP. It was kind of 50/50 half of the dialogue good and half bad. I will say most of Chris Pratt's dialogue actually worked though.

Nathan Williams on Jun 12, 2015


This isn't Gone with the Wind man, it's Jurassic Park!! Seriously, who goes to the movies to watch Jurassic Park then complains about the dialogue!?!??

Angry Lester on Jun 12, 2015


The original Jurassic Park has some of the best quotes and dialogue in any movie I know. You can have a great popcorn flick with great dialogue and this movie doesn't have much of that. I never expected it to live up to the original but for some of the elements to be treated at a higher regard. It's a fun movie yes but the characters are very cartoony in a way which the dialogue enhances on that fact. Not trashing the movie by any means I'm just not blown away by something unless all the factors are there and this movie doesn't have all of them.

Nathan Williams on Jun 12, 2015


Dialogue is cheesy, but it didn't feel as forced (to me) as it did in the trailer.

Snev De la Fontaine on Jun 13, 2015


Trevorrow went and made the best JP - movie since the first JP - movie!

Stefan Kuhlmann on Jun 12, 2015


Saw it in 3D because that was the earliest showing... Loved it. Going back for a 2D showing tomorrow, and again next week.

txJM on Jun 12, 2015


Why? Seriously. Unless you are just trolling..with home theater and the price of DVDs to buy, why would you waste hard earned money to see something even more than once?

Guest on Jun 12, 2015


Because I enjoyed it. Why waste your money on cable TV just so you can watch a bunch of gay bodybuilders grapple each other?

txJM on Jun 12, 2015


and watch the same tv shows over and over. anyone who uses the word trolling is an assbag.

Angry Lester on Jun 12, 2015


Especially coming from a person named 'guest' and the word ASS in their avatar.

Jason Scarpelli on Jun 13, 2015


Oh I'm sorry Mr. Scarpelli. I did not know that on the internet you had to use your real credentials. Would you like me to list my credit card numbers as well? Would that make you feel better? Would that make me a more "serious" commenter?

Guest on Jun 14, 2015


Again, where did my post mention watching tv shows? Are you people really that stupid? And you call me trolling, assbag?

Guest on Jun 14, 2015


When did my post say I wasted my money on cable tv? Who watches gay bodybuilders? You got all that from a person on the internet questioning how stupid you are for spending multi-dollars to watch a movie you can buy on DVD in a few months for $20 and watch on a big screen at home? Wow. Psychic as well as really rich.

Guest on Jun 14, 2015


Your post history says it all, Mr. Wrestleview. I don't have to be psychic to square off with an idiot.

txJM on Jun 14, 2015


Because people who make going to the movies a hobby and can afford to pay $10-12 for a ticket like seeing movies more than once. This isn't anything new. What an arrogant, and honestly, stupid question to ask.

JBroti on Jun 12, 2015



ari smulders on Jun 12, 2015


Such a fun movie. Yeah it has issues more than a few but more often than not I was able to look past my issues with the film and just have a ball with it. This movie made me feel like a kid again multiple times during the film which is all that matters. It did what I expected it to do and won me over. Nothing will ever top the original but this was pure summer popcorn fun!

Nathan Williams on Jun 12, 2015


You're the second one I read that said it had issues. What issues?? It's a fun movie man, stop being such a square!

Angry Lester on Jun 12, 2015


I haven't seen it yet, but I am glad that you all have liked it! Pumped.

Franklin Carpio on Jun 12, 2015


I am amazed by the responses so far. Not trolling here. I had zero interest in seeing this until 6/6 provided decent comments. Might have to run out to the cineplex this weekend now...

dbucks on Jun 12, 2015


It was really good. Chris Pratt proves he's no one hit wonder, and the action hits on all of the right beats. See it in 3d if you have the chance, it was worth it. I especially liked some of the call backs to the first film, without being heavy handed like the last star trek film.

MrFoo on Jun 12, 2015


I went in with no expectations and was highly disappointed. It was was boring and dragged on and jumped around too much. Way too long. Sloppy.

tyban81 on Jun 12, 2015


How can you be disappointed if you went in with no expectations lol.. That doesn't make sense. It wasn't too long either. Same running time as 1 & 2. What about it dragged on?

steve on Jun 12, 2015


Let me rephrase myself. It's basically a cheesy ripoff with horrific acting that made it seem like it was dragging on. I was 12 when the original came out and my 12 year old self would have walked out of this one.

tyban81 on Jun 12, 2015


You're just a douchebag.

Angry Lester on Jun 12, 2015


Curious as to what you think is bad acting since everyone and their mother is praising Pratt and Howard. D'Onofrio also did an amazing job at making you hate him. Ty and Nick were also great so no clue what you're talking about

steve on Jun 12, 2015


I have read more bad reviews of this movie than good reviews. Pratt is a great comedic actor and Howard can't act her way out of a paper bag. Hollywood has brain washed you kid. Open your eyes.

tyban81 on Jun 12, 2015


Lol hollywood hasn't brainwashed me. I've taken film classes. I'm a filmmaker. I enjoyed the film so I could care less what you say. It's funny too how you read more bad reviews when it has 8 stars and 70% fresh rating. You just seem bitter and as if you have a vendetta against the film. Learn about acting and get back to me. Because what you think is shitty acting shows how ignorant you are towards the profession

steve on Jun 12, 2015


That's awesome, good for you. Everyone has there own opinion and I have myn and Rotten Tomatoes doesn't mean shit to me and I don't base what movies I plan on liking from a website. Go out and make something for yourself in Hollywood. I have many friends who are doing the same thing.

tyban81 on Jun 12, 2015


If this movie came out 20 years ago you would have been shitting your 12 year old pants

Mdiddy on Jun 13, 2015


MAJOR SPOILER: Trevorrow said in an interview that the original T-Rex from the first movie has a major role here. "This movie is her Unforgiven", he said. I think we got one of the coolest monster fights ever put to film. I left the theater with a big stupid grin.

ion677 on Jun 12, 2015


This comment contains SPOILERS I'm not going to write a huge response/review on my opinion because it'd just take too damn long, but know that I LOVED this movie but did feel it needed some work. There were flaws but the perks outweighed them, easily. Wanted to highlight that end fight...fuck that was amazing. Once the ***SPOILERS*** -Once the Blue jumped onto the rex's back, I lost my shit from then on. And the mososaur ending was perfect. I was going to be extremely pissed if the rex died again by another large predator but thankfully that didn't happen. -Much as I liked watching it, I felt kind of bad for Zara, as she wasn't a bitch or anything in the movie, she was just doing her job but she got killed over in a horrible way. -Was very letdown that some of the dinosaurs marketed in the trailers/JPwebsite were not in the actual film like Baryonyx, Suchomimus, etc. -Wasn't a fan of the beginning of the movie. I liked the egg hatching but there needed to be more. The first trilogy had a scene that go you hooked with something thrilling and mysterious happening on the island or near it that this movie didn't have. Which I felt is as iconic as a after credits scene for a Marvel film or the Paramount Pictures mountain becoming a mountain at the start of an Indiana Jones film. -Although I was hoping for more animatronics, I still felt the CGI was impressive and realistic. -Lastly, I don't know which was wide eye opening, thrilling: the I-Rex in camouflage or the T-Rex glowing red eyes when the gates first open.

JBroti on Jun 12, 2015


Yeah, it's a good thing you didn't write a huge response/review!!

Angry Lester on Jun 12, 2015


Haha haha great!!

ari smulders on Jun 12, 2015


Yea I realized this after I wrote it. But I thought "ehhh, fuck it!"

JBroti on Jun 13, 2015


I went into this expecting nothing more or less than it being an all out summer popcorn blockbuster worth every cent and it delivered 110% Such a huge improvement over The Lost World, especially since the number one over actor of all time Jeff Goldblum wasn't there to grate your nerves. Can't pick any particular scene as being a favourite, other than say all the scenes added up to the experience (although there's something incredibly bad ass cool about the Pterodactyls.) Will I go see it again? Yep. In 3D again? Nope, it stands on it's own and it simply doesn't need the distraction.

Jason on Jun 12, 2015


I've never felt like such a child while watching a movie like I did during this. There were twists which I didn't expect such as the I-Rex being able to camouflage as well as being part raptor and turning them against everyone. I almost cried when I thought the T-Rex was Going to die but then outta nowhere came Blue to save the day! I almost screamed of excitement when that happened. I did like how they discovered the old jeeps and used one. There was nothing I disliked in the entire movie. I didn't dislike it but I wish Masrani didn't die:/ overall it was extremely exciting and has a lot of "OMG! That was awesome" moments as well as some emotional connection with the Raptors. Not everyone will be sad when the die, but it was pretty sad when the I-Rex killed them. Def am going to see it again, and probably again after that lol

steve on Jun 12, 2015



Angry Lester on Jun 12, 2015


This one one hell of a fun movie. Erases JP2 and 3 for sure. Lil disappointed that Omar Sy was reduced to the 'brotha' in the movie and had lil to do....but I was super excited to see Irrfan Khan in this. Chris Pratt's star is rising... wouldn't actually mind seeing him as Indy now.

Duane on Jun 12, 2015


Least the "brotha" didn't die first. This time it was a woman. But I too was hoping for a more expanded role for him. Even Jake Johnson got listed before him in the credits.

JBroti on Jun 13, 2015


isn't the bottom of the pit not reached with birdman and isn't everything afterwards always better?

ari smulders on Jun 12, 2015


wow, did you really hate birdman that much?

Ryan on Jun 12, 2015


It's a pompous, irritating movie and the critics who praised it should be given a pink slip from there bosses. But it also a law of nature if you when you see the best movie from the last 10 years(mad Max) you also attract the worst ever (birdman). Realy I am still mad at all critics with there intelligent educations to 'teach'the dumbasses like me with filmhistory.Who cares if a movie is one long shot. It should be thrilling, emotionally binding,a great story and not filled with intelligent thinking if a movie goes nowhere..... PS I don't like jazz, it's music for the living dead among us...

ari smulders on Jun 12, 2015


So I'm guessing you also didn't appreciate Whiplash...

Huck PS on Jun 13, 2015


In all my honesty I didn't see that yet, but I think it will be better than birdman...

ari smulders on Jun 13, 2015


Well, spoiler alert, it's Jazz up and down, non stop for the whole duration of the movie. Here's hoping you like it! 😉

Huck PS on Jun 13, 2015


Sorry to add to the birdman thread on this Jurassic forum... But I just wanted to let you know the one friend of mine who hated birdman did so for the exact same reason Ari. Thanks for the insight. Curious on your thoughts on whiplash when you see it.

Duane on Jun 13, 2015


I will let you know, I now feel obliged to watch it....

ari smulders on Jun 13, 2015


Ditto Ari, well said. When it comes to critics it's all about the flavour of the month and being afraid they won't be invited to jump on the pompous bandwagon if they disagree with other critics. Years agio, I gave up on anything related to what a critic and (fanboys for that matter) say and put more stock what moviegoers think on this weekly forum and Cinemascore.

Jason on Jun 13, 2015


Exactly! It's what Elvis said :millions of people can't be wrong...

ari smulders on Jun 13, 2015


I don't share you're Birdman hatred. I thought it was a nice movie actually.

Huck PS on Jun 13, 2015



ari smulders on Jun 13, 2015


Well the premise is nice. No? Actor on the outs with himself tries get back on top. There enough quirkiness to make it interestingly different. I liked the weird moments, and thought they were a nice addition to the main narrative. I thought the acting was good too. Especially Keaton's and Stone's. And of course the "one take movie" thing made it even more fresh and different than other movies. Now is it the best movie ever? No, but it's defo not a bad movie (imho). Did it deserve the hype it got? Movies seldom do. Why didn't you like it?

Huck PS on Jun 13, 2015


I think the soundtrack(i am realy disgusted by jazz) and the one shot cinematography. I don't know who said it (it was a big director) that every classic movie should have one good scene, and 3 great scenes. That's in birdman not possible. And don't get me wrong, I like also not Hollywood movies and Indies and his previous work from inneratu is awesome and especially Amos perros, is one of my favorites...

ari smulders on Jun 13, 2015


How can anyone take you seriously with statements like "i am disgusted by jazz". What are you, 12 yrs old? Also, try to form a proper sentence for once. You sure type like a 8 year old.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Jun 13, 2015


English is a second language for him, obviously. Mocking him or making fun of the way he writes does not invalidate his argument. However, I don't agree with it. Movies are subjective, and that is his subjective opinion.

Quanah on Jun 13, 2015


So in your eyes everybody has his own objective opinion that's not influenced by others? Tell me how that works,because the enviremont where people grow up is just important... Realy seriousley i am interested...

ari smulders on Jun 13, 2015


Ari. Don't over-complicate this discussion with some ethereal idea of subjective versus objective based on environmental influences in a fucking Jurassic World movie discussion. Save that shit for a website that's interested in sociological discussion. I'm not. I simply defended your entitlement to an opinion and your use of broken sentences. Take it or leave it.

Quanah on Jun 14, 2015


I think that a discussion always goes it own way. When I feel offended I have the right to defend myself because otherwise I feel like a human doormat.

ari smulders on Jun 14, 2015


holy crap! you like jazz!!! I always knew you where a dickhead but now i know for sure! If people can't disgusted by something? Fool, yep you are... And by the way i am from the netherlands,and i type better english than you dutch....

ari smulders on Jun 13, 2015


That would be "an 8-year-old". Just my two Dutch cents...

Nash on Jun 29, 2015


Birdman was amazing

Adam on Jun 16, 2015


*this comment contains spoilers, dudes. careful!* If you think twenty years after the first park went bananas they would've become experts at building dino-resistant enclosures, you're wrong. I liked the movie in the big eyes "Oooh! Aaah!" kinda way. When that music started playing I was back in my eleven year old body feeling giddy and hopeful for one more adventure. It isn't perfect, far from it actually. The plot seems a bit rushed, the same dumb mistakes that got people eaten in the previous adventure are made again. It really supports the theory that this is a reboot of the first movie for a younger generation. I enjoyed the comedic side of it with Pratt, Howard and even Irrfan Khan delivering some proper "Bahaha!" moments. I also thought there was a strange "let's be violent and ruthless but not too much so we don't get flack from the censors" feeling. There are some crazy deaths, some hidden violence behind bushes, and some amazingly evil ways to kill secondary characters that were completely unnecessary (i.e. the personal assistant). I didn't like the ending, the T-Rex bit, the double-double Raptor turncoat moment. I don't like the B.D.Wong and Vincent D'Onofrio character arch either. I find it didn't have enough depth to be interesting. - Thumbs up: Chris Pratt's zingers and one liners. Raptor sounds. Jimmy Fallon's cameo. - Thumbs down: T-Rex has become an extra. Omar Sy's half a dozen lines. The kids. - WTF moment: When the Pterodactyl shenanigans ensue in the main street of the park, there a guy that can be seen running away holding a cocktails in each hands. Priorities.

Huck PS on Jun 13, 2015


I agree with you on almost all of this, apparently the guy running with two cocktails was Jimmy Buffet. I read it after, and at the time it seemed pretty dumb, now that I know its Jimmy Buffet cameo it's kind of funny though.

rickvanr on Jun 13, 2015


Makes perfect sense! He was running from Margaritaville!

Huck PS on Jun 13, 2015


Dammit you ruined the entire movie for me!! 🙂 Well said....

ari smulders on Jun 14, 2015


entertaining as long as the dinosaurs were on the screen. otherwise a giant Lame-asaurous. to many cliches. if your old enough you've seen it hundreds of times. such potential wasted by producers and studio execs who follow the same hollywood formula that has been dead for years. Pratt was crippled by a bad script, red head was stereo type and kill one of the kids already. to many faults to list. go in with low expectations.

MrKuel on Jun 13, 2015


Just as good, even surpasses the first Jurassic Park. Exciting, thrilling and hell of a fun ride.

Jason Scarpelli on Jun 13, 2015


Surpasses huh..

Ry on Jun 13, 2015


I believe that's what I said.

Jason Scarpelli on Jun 14, 2015


I believe you misunderstand. It's not.

Ry on Jun 14, 2015


To each his own. Telling me how you feel of JW doesn't change my opinion of it. Neither does trying to tell me what it 'supposedly is'. Many people liked JW better than others, some didn't. An opinion is an opinion and I respect how others think. But making others follow and think how you feel is pathetic.

Jason Scarpelli on Jun 14, 2015


opinions can be wrong you know, I know that's a mind blowing truth but it is reality

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


Reality is people have their own opinion and no opinion is wrong. Just different from one another's. If a person finds another's opinion wrong and has a problem with it, that's their problem.

Jason Scarpelli on Jul 5, 2015


It was hitler's opinion that the world would be a better place with mass genocide of millions of them or not I think that's a pretty bad opinion and just in terms of humanity's sake I think it's just ridiculous!

UNCMoose187 on Jul 5, 2015


No way. Maybe 2 and 3 but 1 is untouchable.

chuckpenz on Jun 14, 2015



Adam on Jun 15, 2015


No movie is literally untouchable.

Jason Scarpelli on Jun 15, 2015


lol, no this does not surpass JP, nothing can. It is a classic. In all terms.

Brian Sleider on Jun 15, 2015


The Godfather is a classic. Jurassic Park is popcorn entertainment.

Jason Scarpelli on Jun 15, 2015


No, its a classic, and a pioneer of CGI. Its an amazing film for many reasons. But I could give a fart if you agree.

Brian Sleider on Jun 15, 2015


So if somebody agreed with you, you'd fart on them? That's disgusting.

Jason Scarpelli on Jun 15, 2015


This movie was plain and simple, dumb. There is no other word to sum it up. From the dialog to the ridiculous high heels. Just how most movies are made today, for the retarded (Sorry) masses. And on top of that 1993 JP Cg is still better. In my eyes at least.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Jun 13, 2015


Totally agreed. I was so disappointed. My 4 year old even hated it! &she LOVED the original so much that we watch it all the time. She was bored to sleep and I was almost right there with her.

Nicole Lynn Albers on Jun 16, 2015


It was a fun movie

Bounty 4 Zuckuss on Jun 13, 2015


it was probably the most boring Hollywood blockbuster in years, it was also missing action as that was pretty bad as well... But I guess someone needs to apologize for this disaster effort 🙂

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


I took my 9 year old son to see it- we loved the movie!! He can't wait to go back to see it again! 🙂 Pratt is so hot! 🙂

Vesber Lynn on Jun 13, 2015


I thought it was pretty good overall. I felt it was a solid, by-the-numbers effort. It checked all of the boxes to place it squarely in between complete garbage and inspired film making. Those wanting to experience a semi nostalgic trip to Jurassic Park won't be disappointed but if you're looking for something to re-invigorate a series (like Mad Max Fury Road), look elsewhere. Also, during the entire final act I couldn't help thinking how much more amazing the dinosaur battles were in Peter Jackson's King Kong, especially the one between Kong and the two (Yes, two!) T-Rex's.

fazha on Jun 13, 2015


I thought about Kong too. But go back and look at the CGI. It's basically video game quality, and it's waaay over the top. We've come a long way since then I think.

ion677 on Jun 14, 2015


Kong looks a lot better than this movie, you serious?I'm not talking about backgrounds either I'm talking about Kong vs the dinosaurs

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


if you are looking for a movie that had good direction, a coherent a story with an actual plot, & a script that explained characters motivations let alone why they were there to begin with then this movie is not for you because it has absolutely none of those essential things to make a movie... Also, for an action film there was very little of that as well which is truly remarkable as that was the only thing that could have saved this film from being a complete disaster... Ultimately this is the worst Jurassic Park movie out of the four, it's almost as though they weren't even trying and it's a real shame because the people deserve better than this trash

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


I thought it was fantastic. Now it is easy to see where the 2nd and 3rd film went wrong. The original is the ultimate 'straight thriller with dinosaurs', it was handled perfectly. When you try to just repeat that with 'different situations and different characters', it doesn't have the magic. So this film went for a much more 'modern blockbuster' attempt. It was more of a hyper-real, Marvel Studios type of approach. It was a roller-coaster full of thrills, as well as raw entertainment and and loads of humor. It was a different tone. Less gritty, more light-hearted. More stylized in its approach. It was a tonal shift that worked VERY VERY well. It was more of a monster movie with the I-Rex, and slightly tamed raptors is a more 'hyper real' type of concept...but it is a new spin on what has come before. We've seen 'straight horror raptors' 3 times already. This was a way to do something new. Long story short...THIS is how you revive a franchise, pay proper tribute to what has come before, and take it into a new direction. I have no idea where the franchise could or should go from here, but this one is a gem. My theater applauded at the end of the film.

Chris Groves on Jun 13, 2015


Great review, I always appreciate your opinions....

ari smulders on Jun 14, 2015


Disagreed. I agree it had a marvel studios type of approach. To me that resulted in this being the least enjoyable movie of all, One thing all former movies did right, character devolpment. Say of the dinosaurs/action/plot what you like, but the characters where good. This movie lacked chaarcter devolpment and was simple popcorn yet people dino murdering spree movie with a villain dinosaur that did not feel Jurassic park like, but cartoonish. Not to mention the very obvious mistakes. (They specifickly say the I REX can see heat. Yet he can't find owen because he covers himself with Fuel? Did his body temperature drop so much the psycho Dino did not see him anymore? ..Ok And outrunning a T rex with heels on, no prob. And glass orbs that are somehow perfectky safe and strong, yet get easely gets kicked around and broken at first contact with psycho rex. Ok. Kids fix up 22 year something old car and it works perfectly. Ok. Etc. Yes all movies have their mistakes, but in this movie has so many it feel like lazy writing. There is tons of action, and the raptor pack is cool. Thats where the pro's of this movie end. Bad plot, underdevoped characters, major plot holes and cartoonish moments and villains. I preferred 2 and 3. 2 had not 1 T rex, but 3. A family. They had the brilliant long grass scene, the awesome glass breaking scene, and a great characters (Sarah Nick Ian, that bad ass hunter, hell even Eddie. Kelly not so much, but even she got more devolpment then either of the kids in 4) 3 had Alan Grant (which by itself is reason enough to love this movie) and his interesting side kick Billy, the guy who survived on his own for 8 weeks, Eric (is that a record people?) and 2 of the most ''normal'' people the kirby's. They are annoying I admit, but they are normal people. It would not have made sense to have action hero like characters in those roles. I felt 2 and 3 had dino action, and emotional human human interaction and devolpemnt balanced, while 4 was just one big bumpy ride of action once shit hit the fan. I missed the meaninfull moments between characters. The fact teh whole movie took place in less then a day also made it feel rushed to me. The raptor pack was cool. I love Blue, she is possible my favorite character of J4. But take away the special effects and chasing/murder moments and what is left? Nothing worth watching. While 2 and 3 had meaningfull moments that packed a punch. Meaningfull deaths as well. 2 had Eddie. A close friend to Owen Sarah and even Ian and by the time he died an established character. 3 had Billy (yes he survived, but when you watch for the first time, you don't know that, and neither do the others,) 4 had.uh well maybe Zara? Except we barely saw her at all. Or the new boss guy? Who ended up surving Dinosaurs just to blow himself up with crashing his chopper...what was even the point..what did that whole scene even acomplishexcept giving the flying dino's even more room to escape? (More, because the psycho dino already made a door) 4 had nothing meaningfull It was pretty soul less. All 3 former movies had soul AND action, AND suspence AND death. Some did it better then others, but all of them had it all. 4 does not. 4 does do some things better, like the action for the most part. But just because it does some things better does not make it a better movie. It did some things better, some things worse, some things not at all. The simple plot, underdevolped characters, and random drama moments that had no buildup and where just as quickly discarded (the divorce threat of the boy's parents, for example). The characters, where poorly written, and all the kick ass action in the world can not make up for that. Not to me. it's a fun movie. Thats all it is. I prefer more depth in my characters, and less cartoon like shots. Jurassic 1 was so great because it was plot heavy. With great characters who where fully devolped. 2 and 3 where fun because of the well written characters, not so much the plot (though I personaly liked 2nd's plot a lot, and felt 3rd plot as just as lacking as 4th plot. ONly difference is that 3rd had betr worked out characters then 4th, and didn't rush like 4th. 4th was a spectacle movie. Almost no suspence, or character devolpment. Claire devolps a little, but how she started was so stereo type cliché it was annoying. She is by far the worst female lead of the franchise so far. Ellie and Sarah leave her far behind. (Not counting mother in j3 because she was not the second lead, Billy and or Eric seemed to have more importand roles then the parents did. Billy before his ''death'' Eric after he was found. Or he found Alan. 4th is many things, but a gem is not one of them. It's a rock and not the fosil kind either. It's an hyped, to over the top movie. J1 is a gem. 2 3 are fun in terms of characters/their devolpment (and depending on your point of view plot as well). 4 is a visual feast, with bad ass raptors but an over the top phycho dino and cartoonish characters (the villains, Claire, even Owen to a degree) People seem to like the action driving story which sacrefised depth, character devolpment/interaction. (With the exception of the rather well devolped bond between Owen and the Raptors) People seem to care more about the wow effect then the plot or characters these days. Pitty. I agree on one thing, the Raptors where great. no they where AWESOME this movie, That they did right. BUt they could have done that AND written a better plot and better devolped characters. Then it would have been a gem. I also feel it repeats some of the mistakes of J3 withoud actually doing the things right that J3 did right (again character devolpment). A bigger badder dinosaur, who in the end just doesn't excite people as much as the good old T rex does. I felt nothing for the I rex when I watched the movie. Not fear, not dread, not respect. I was more in the facepalm direction. Frankenstein meets Godzilla meets pshyco maniac meets dinosaur. Ok then. I know Jurassic park is not realistic, but I still prefer the dinosaurs that actually feel like dinsaurs, and that act consistand. I rex was very flawed and frankly so over the top I stopped caring halfway trough the movie. Instead I wanted to see more about the Raptors. The real starts of this movie. Also lacked A truly thrilling scene WITHOUD dinosaurs. Like the car in J1 the breaking glass in J2. J3 also missed this. Also not only paid respect to J1, sometimes it downright copied it, and thats not cool. 2 kids like J1, of similar types (only less interesting and less worked out as Tim and Lex where) related to person running the park (or at least high on the list). Said park runners having same blind spots. Kids attacked in car= kids attacked in hamster ball. In many ways J4 was a waterd down version of J1 and also a pumped up version of J1 in all the bad ways. Despite all of this, it is still a great movie. It's fun, it has some awesome moments (again Raptors). It's not a bad movie, but it's not a gem. Not in a long shot, and it's not better then 2 or 3 in terms of character devolpment and plot. (Ps: also disagree we got the same Raptors 3 movies in a row. The 3rd had Raptors wanting their eggs back. They where not hunting for food or for the hunting. They just where protecting their own. Once they got their eggs back, they even left. Not anything like J1 OR J2 raptors in my opinion.) Owen has potential, and so do some of the side characters (The funny guy with his toy dinosaurs was pretty awesome, as well as the character played by Omar. Hope to see more of them in the future. Claire they need to ditch and trade for a new better written and devolped female character. Maybe an Azian, Black, Hindo, or brunette woman next. (We only had blondes and red heads so far, and 1 black girl)

Amber Hesselink on Jun 14, 2015


Spot on. They copied as much as possible and made multiple references with props etc. I can imagine it keeping a similar story line and being better.. but it is what it is. I'd still rather watch Dredd 2..

Ry on Jun 16, 2015


that's because they apparently changed the appearance of the IREX in the film... In trailers it had spikes but in the movie it looked exactly like a t-rex so you figure what the hell is the point? Also, for an action movie Jurassic world featured very little action at all with the dinosaurs which is pretty remarkable considering that it also had a lack of story, plot, and any direction as to what they were trying to do... It was such a train wreck that in every scene I was just waiting for a character to look into the camera and acknowledge they were filming a movie, that's literally how bad it got.

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


no offense as you're entitled to your opinion, but everything that you wrote above seems like it's for a completely different movie... Roller coaster full of thrills? Raw entertainment and loads of humor? I mean are you kidding me? This was probably the worst film in the entire franchise as it lacked a coherent script, and actual plot, and the acting was so bad with a dialogue so corny that I can't even believe some of the reviews that it's getting... Worst of all was the lack of action, I mean how can you have a dinosaur movie with literally closed - no action with the dinosaurs? That's not to mention some of the characters and how poorly they were written into or at least tried to be included in the story like the military guy played by Vincent D'nofrio ... I wish the movie was as good as you're making it out to be, lol, it just wasn't nothing like what you're saying above 🙂

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


this is how you make money, not good films. There really is no arguments here, even though the second and the third movies weren't great they are still leaps and bounds better then Jurassic World in every single way that I broke down.

UNCMoose187 on Aug 23, 2015


I loved it. From the moment it started with that bird landing in the snow, it set the mood for exactly what it was. It said get ready for some thrills with some fun along the way. To be honest this is the type of Jurassic World movie I thought of when Colin Trevorrow was announced as the Director. A straight shooting thriller with some comedy interlaced into it. The VFX was brilliant and the story was very very simple and I think that is the way they wanted it to be. I might be on a very nostalgic high right now haha because it did very much make me feel like a kid again and I absolutely enjoyed the ride.

TK on Jun 14, 2015


honestly, did you even watch this movie? Because if you did its not hard to identify how absurdly terrible it was from director Delta screenplay and to the acting and lack of action with the dinosaurs... Nothing made sense and the whole proceedings seemed like an entire joke that everyone was nayeon... It's almost like they broke that fourth wall because the characters knew that they were filming a Jurassic Park movie, I was literally waiting for somebody to look into the camera and acknowledge what was going on, that's how bad it was... There wasn't even a plot, how can you have a god damn movie without any plot?!?!?

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


What I also love is that nothing was filmed in a green screen studio and they were all built sets

steve on Jun 14, 2015


Okay, I had a great time watching this film. It's extremely entertaining and definitely worth a watch. However, I've gotta say it was borderline B-movie material. They packed pretty much every cliche possible and the acting was cringe-worthy all around. It's basically Sharknado with dinosaurs. I was legit waiting for the raptor to wink at Chris Pratt while they were gazing into each others eyes at the end. All of that being said. This was a terrible film, but in a very very good way if that makes any sense at all, and I genuinely want to see it again because I had too much fun watching it.

Danimal on Jun 14, 2015


My son and I enjoyed this movie. A lot of fun. The studio should pay Chris Pratt a bonus because he carries this film. I wish they hadn't trashed the park. The whole movie could have taken place with the bad Dino lurking in the restricted area and "almost" making her way in. Would have been equally suspenseful and offered an opportunity to have a different spin. it would have also allowed for another sequel. They should have completely left militarizing Dinos out. That was beyond dumb.

chuckpenz on Jun 14, 2015


Pretty sure Pratt has said he is signed on for sequels. They could go interesting places with the set up we left with. All the data on ID Rex made it safely off the island, along with the man who is all the brains.

Brian Sleider on Jun 15, 2015


I agree with that. I really wished that they hadn't trashed the park, because I don't really know where they can go from here for a sequel-a good one anyway. I actually liked the idea of the raptors. It was only Vincent D'nofrio's cartoonish character who wanted to militarize them, and in case you didn't notice he was the only one who thought that, and was the human villain of the film. I liked the concept of the raptors having a bond with Pratt's character through mutual trust. It was an original nugget of an idea that I thought strengthened the narrative of the film.

Aaron on Jun 19, 2015


even though they will make a sequel they clearly shouldn't because they didn't even have any ideas for this first film so what would make you think they could write a second? I mean this was by far the worst Jurassic Park film in the franchise with a plot that made 0 sense and characters like the one played by Vincent D'nofrio would destroy a person's career if not for his solid track record as an actor. The whole movie should be abolished off store shelves plain and simple, that's how bad the whole thing was from director down to screenplay... Even the CGI and action were lacking and this is supposed to be a summer blockbuster!

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


Came for the dinosaurs, was not disappointed.

Simon Coulton on Jun 14, 2015


too bad they were barely on the screen

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


When I saw the trailer, I doubted about the scenario, but loved the idea of the raptors as hunters. After seeing the movie, it all made more sense. I agree there are some weaknesses, but I felt sad the movie was over. I totally relate to this idea. I just love Dino's.

Peter T'Sas on Jun 15, 2015


I enjoyed the ride but sadly it's not an awesome movie. Reason is the characters more than anything. They're bland and generic. The older brother was particularly bad, on the page and acted. Reminded me of the dickhead kid from War Of The Worlds. The kids' scenes were really crappy. Pratt and Howard were great, but again, on the page their interaction was pretty lame. Give us great characters we care about and the film transcends the genre. Some nice set pieces and a cool ending though.

SV7 on Jun 15, 2015


I felt like it was a very good dinosuar movie, but not a very good Jurassic Park movie.

Jon Odishaw on Jun 15, 2015


I mean its the 2nd best JP movie.

Brian Sleider on Jun 15, 2015


Hah, u least two and three had plots and characters whose dialogue in script made sense... Jurassic world was a literal trainwreck from start to finish, nothing made sense and there was absolutely no point to the proceedings at hand, it's almost like a 10 year old wrote the goddamn thing and an eight-year-old directed it

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


Maybe quit being a little bitch

txJM on Jul 19, 2015


The movie is absolutely ridiculous, but it's a good time. If you just go to have some mindless fun, this movie delivers the goods.

Unfiltered Lens on Jun 15, 2015


the movie was completely boring and lacked any action that one would consider memorable

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


I had way to high of expectations. The cgi was OKAY at best. the original animatronics are still superior. Chris Pratt was fine and I usually like Bryce but she was really bland in her role. Overall C+

Adam on Jun 15, 2015


Loved it, went in with tempered expectations and it exceeded those. To much CGI though, a real shame. Thats part or what made the original so magical. I am also 100% positive there is no way she would have had the day she had and stay in heels w/o breaking an ankle.

Brian Sleider on Jun 15, 2015


We laughed until we cried the screenplay and acting was so horrible....... The kiss in the square after she shoots the flying dinasour trying to kill him was hilarious. We had a great time though as it just got worse. No suspense at all compared to the earlier movies..... Screenplay was atrocious.... Raptors as military weapons when a thirteen old boy is taking them out with a stun rod..... Wow.... Worth seeing for the laughs.

shonek on Jun 15, 2015


Bingo...none of this s*** made any sense and they didn't spend time with any of the characters to make things like that this work... It's almost as if Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard characters never met once during their time working in that park and yet we are supposed to believe that they've been there for years... The movie was a total disaster from start to finish and the screenplay, acting, and the lack of action itself are good places to start criticizing... It almost broke that fourth wall because it's like the characters knew they were filming a Jurassic Park movie, it's that "meta" effect, you know?

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


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Shirley5454 on Jun 16, 2015


All I could think to myself all the way through was "If he mounts one of those raptors I'm so fucking done".

Sean on Jun 17, 2015


He would really have to be hung

shonek on Jul 6, 2015


I think I might have liked JP3 more. I always thought it was pretty good, and this is pretty good too.

OfficialJab on Jun 19, 2015


Jurassic Park 3 was definitely a better overall film, Jurassic world was a complete mess from start to finish

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


While it's definitely not a thinking man's summertime blockbuster, for the most part you get what you paid for; to watch giant CGI dinosaurs wreaking havoc and some pretty awesome set pieces. The main flaws for me was with the script. The film lacked the nail-biting tension that the original had that made it so great. JW also has very generic human characters that were, at times, poorly written. It made us not care as much about them which provided some slight emotional detachment. Chris Pratt is eminently likable, but nearly every other human character feels like a chore to listen to and most of the scenes with them were very bland and slowed down the movie in a bad way. Other than that it's a pretty solid summertime thrill ride. Overall the story was solid, and I don't know about everybody else but I liked the whole idea of the raptors sharing a bond with a human through mutual trust. It's something that hasn't been done in the other movies and I thought that was a good, original idea from the writers. The film really needed a great and thrilling climax, and for the most part I think it delivered. Other than the fact the Bryce Dallas Howard's character was out-running a T-Rex in high heels, the climax was mad entertaining. 3/5 stars

Aaron on Jun 19, 2015


Lol, wow, you are being way too polite

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


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KathleenCAtkins on Jun 21, 2015


Common people it was what it was A Fun Movie!- why must you lot spoil it with all your criticisms? I loved the first one and nothing can touch it because it was the FIRST! I for one would pay to see it again- love Chris Pratt!! Also nice to see the Raptors on the side of good this time and of course see the King -T-Rex save the day again. 🙂

Cheryl on Jun 21, 2015


Pay to see again? Only if your mommy lets you!

shonek on Jul 5, 2015


this was probably the worst movie out of the four by far, the script was terrible which gave the actors literally nothing to work with which meant the acting sucked as well... There was no plot, there was no sensible story, it just did not work whatsoever and you have to blame the director for that... I knew that the film based on the trailers wasn't going to be good but I was absolutely surprised at how poor this movie truly was... Likely because they were paid to give positive reviews, critics have given this around a 70 percent which is about 35 percent higher than it should be. Honestly, this was Hollywood's biggest robbery ever considering the film made over a billion dollars on the backs of one of the worst scripts for a big-budget Hollywood film in a long time.calling this movie better then the last two is completely disingenuous and if you think that is the case then you have no business reviewing film. lastly, how can this be an action film when there's literally no action at all? The new dinosaur looks nothing like the one they showed off in the trailers as it's completely missing spikes and for the most part there really aren't any entertaining scenes that will stick with you after the film is over because they are so short and inconsequential to the overall storyline... Again, it's because the script is terrible and the actors struggle to work with what they were given.

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


You nailed it

shonek on Jul 5, 2015


Such a cynical review. Granted it's not going to win any Oscars, but it's not as terrible as you say, and it's definitely the best Jurassic Park sequel to date as the other 2 were worse than this one. I also don't know how you thought there was no action in it, which makes me doubt that you even saw the film. You also contradict yourself by saying there's no story or plot but then saying later on that no scenes were entertaining because their inconsequential to the storyline which is apparently non-existent, so that statement by you doesn't make any sense at all. This seems like a very bitter point of view on your part.

Aaron on Jul 5, 2015


the other two had scripts with characters that made sense, this was the most random and unresolved movie out of all of them.

UNCMoose187 on Jul 5, 2015


Lol of course it's bitter, it was so boring!

UNCMoose187 on Jul 5, 2015


Raptors as military weapons?.... Lol.... A raptor is put down by the youngest brother from the back of moving van with a stun rod...... It was so stupid it was funny.... The kiss was hilarious

shonek on Jul 6, 2015


Saw it twice. sadly it was even worse the second time as things are more noticeable.

UNCMoose187 on Aug 23, 2015


your last comment stating that what I said made no sense doesn't make any sense either. The script was so bad and lacking of action and any sensibility that the overall final product was complete s***.

UNCMoose187 on Aug 23, 2015


It makes perfect sense to someone who has common sense. You said there isn't a plot but then refer to there being a plot in the movie later on in your review. Pretty simple, not sure how you didn't think my comment on that "didn't make sense" lol. So you not only contradict yourself in your "review" but also make an erroneus comment about there being no action in a film where the is a giant mutant dinosaur running amuck in a theme park with other dinosaurs that includes a plane crash and multiple dinosaur fights. No action? Really? Ok.

Aaron on Aug 24, 2015


well said

Anne Oide on Aug 17, 2015


that's what you get for paying off critics to positively review your film... The opposite can be seen with the Terminator Genesis, a solid movie that critics had, many of which never saw the film before they wrote their reviews in the first place... Thankfully audience scores are more realistic and where they should be, between a six and seven

UNCMoose187 on Jul 4, 2015


as a retort to the person who said opinions can't be wrong

UNCMoose187 on Jul 6, 2015


Idiotic retort.

Jason Scarpelli on Jul 6, 2015


just providing evidence that opinions can indeed be wrong

UNCMoose187 on Jul 8, 2015


Oh really the claw marks on the inside wall pen area are signs of the large Rex dinosaur escaping ?!? Oh Quick let's get inside it's pen area and stare at the claw marks like a bunch of bafoon's before we get a device that hears the heart beat of the large Rex. Yes we have no devices to spot the creature that is hiding from us 50 feet away. Yet we are so smart that we created it, but, just way too dumb to find it in it's own pen area hiding ??? Oh I know no matter how predictable and stupid and dumb the plot and story line is, Chris Pratt will save this movie !!! NOT....

Aaron on Jul 15, 2015

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