Sound Off: 'Furious 7' Directed by James Wan - What Did You Think?

April 3, 2015

Furious 7 Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "This takes crazy to a whole 'nother level!" It's here. It's time. Universal has released Furious 7, the latest "high octane" sequel in the never-ending Fast and the Furious franchise started back in 2001. This one is directed by James Wan, starring the original cast and tons of other actors all over. Furious 7 features the late Paul Walker, plus Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Tyrese, Elsa Pataky, Lucas Black, Tony Jaa, Kurt Russell, Gal Gadot and Michelle Rodriguez. So how is it? Any good? Are they getting better or worse as it goes? Do you want to see even more? Once you've seen it, leave a comment below with your thoughts on James Wan's Furious 7.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

Editor's Note: I haven't yet had a chance to see this movie due to some scheduling difficulties, but I will be checking it out soon. And once I do see it I'll update this post with my thoughts here. In the meantime, here's an excerpt from A.O. Scott's fairly positive review in the New York Times: "Occasional ogling aside, 'Furious 7' extends its predecessors' inclusive, stereotype-resistant ethic. Compared to almost any other large-scale, big-studio enterprise, the 'Furious' brand practices a slick, no-big-deal multiculturalism, and nods to both feminism and domestic traditionalism. 'I don't have friends. I have family,' Dom says, and there is something beautiful and downright utopian about the idea that the bonds among his gear heads and speed demons transcend race and nationality. Gasoline is thicker than blood." Do you agree? Which is best?

Furious 7

So what did you think of James Wan's Furious 7? Best movie in the series or one of the worst?
We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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I thought the picture was fantastic. Now I'm reviewing this as a filmmaker and film fan. I thought James Wan (Director) did a superb job for his first action movie. I really enjoyed the emotional depth this installment had as well. There a quibbles with the film, as with every "Fast" film. The story arc that had me hooked in the beginning was Deckard Shaw's (Jason Statham) revenge on the team for killing his brother. Instead, the film decides to make the secondary story arc as the terrorist looking for the hacking device take center stage. I did appreciate how Shaw started working with them to find the team, but I think the only reason that arc still worked was because we were reminded of Dom's (Vin Diesel) mission to go after Shaw as well. The first fight with Shaw and Hobbs was awesome. Don't mind me, I would have watched another ten minutes of that. The final street fight with Shaw and Hobbs (Dwane Johnson) was great too, but because of that becoming the secondary story arc I didn't feel much of the emotion going through their minds; though I did get n exciting sense of it. To my filmmaking community out there, we honor Paul Walker's legacy through this film. Though he was not the center of this story, though he did get the emotional scenes, this was probably the best performance from his (as Brian O' Connor) in the series; and even that's reductive, I might go far enough to say from his entire career. The tribute for Paul in the final scene of the picture was beautifully done; as an art and tribute. It did a great job reminding us that the reason this entire crew came together was because one day a young undercover cop decided to get a really bad tuna sandwich. And something that also contributes to this film as well as everything else, is Brian Tyler's score. It if fucking relentless. It is the heartbeat of the picture. Furious 7 was a great start to the summer blockbuster season. See it in IMAX, as I always do. Furious 7's goal was to get audiences to the theater to experience a high octane film with explosive action and to say goodbye to an old friend; and it does just that!

Vahn Gharakhani on Apr 3, 2015


My thoughts exactly! Absolutely loved the tribute; it brought closure to a beloved man. The second story was good-got the cool action scenes, but it would've suffice with focus just on Deckards's revenge. James Wan did terrific! Lastly #ForPaul what a really good movie

III on Apr 3, 2015


Saw it last nite Awzome all the way. The cars, the action, the whole time it was a good movie. RIP Paul.

redskulllives on Apr 3, 2015


I cried my eyes out watching the tribute. I just got done watching it, I am still choked up. Everyone poured their soul into it for Paul, It showed, Not to be missed at all, action was great! Again what a great symbolic tribute. I can't stop saying good things about it. Everyone will miss Paul and what he brought to this world. 10/10

Tyler Cobaugh on Apr 3, 2015


Seeing it on Saturday night and really hope that it is more like Fast 5 rather than Fast 6. The former was crazy but invigorating, the latter was crazy but just too much.

Payne by name on Apr 3, 2015


Was it good? Yes. I thought it was very entertaining. Lots of ASS shots. And very fun action sequences. The one where Walker grabbed Leti's spoiler was LOLable but amazing.

DAVIDPD on Apr 3, 2015


Love how you put all caps on for "ass", haha. If there's one thing FF is known for and good it, it's gettin' guys in the theaters to half/full erection on account of all the latina booties.

JBroti on Apr 4, 2015


A ridiculous, yet very entertaining summer movie that goes just a tad too long, and has one of the most moving final scenes I've seen in a film in a long time. Say what you will about how cartoonish the action is, but by the end you realize that the people who made it put their heart and soul into it.

fazha on Apr 3, 2015


Saw it this morning at AMC Century City, one of the best times ever at the theatre. At its end, everyone had taken one last ride with Brian O Conner and his family. Last time I saw so many fellows cry was for the Caan/Williams Brian's Song. It maybe over the top with its action (Can Spectre or Damon's new Bourne exceed those scenes in Abu Dhabi ???!! And isn't Mr Nobody just maybe a part of a rogue nation operating with Dom's team and Hobbs? ) but it makes sense and we will always remember Paul Walker. The montage at the end and Diesel's voiceover said it all. "See you Again"

feingarten on Apr 4, 2015


A movie for 12 years old kids.this is tragedy that this grade B director will direct Star Trek movie.

Guest on Apr 4, 2015


This review is a tragedy

Jon Odishaw on Apr 4, 2015


James Wan isn't directing Star Trek Justin Lin is. Just saying.

Nathan Williams on Apr 4, 2015


I was a bit worried about how this movie was going to feel knowing Walker hadn't finished filming his scenes (may he rest in peace). I think the casual movie goer may not notice where he's missing and where he's actually there (which is very commendable) but there are times where you can tell. The difficult thing for me was telling myself not to look for the scenes Paul may or may not have been there for and to just enjoy the movie. Once I did that I very much enjoyed it, however Its not the best one. I enjoyed Jason Statham as the villain he is by far the greatest threat and most entertaining villain of the franchise. Bad ass enough to kick the crap out of Dom and Hobbs which is really saying something. But I couldn't escape the feeling that Dom was or should have been in way over his head. Dom has a lot of skill as a driver and theif and yes he's pretty tough but going up against highly trained government assassins and world class terrorists is slightly out of his depth, or at least it should be. So that was something that bothered me. I also wish that Dwayne Johnson was in the film a bit more, having him there would have at least countered Dom's lack of training a bit as well as the rest of the team with the exception of Brian. Also the chemistry of the team was a little bit off, the dialogue between Roman and tej wasn't nearly as funny as the last film. I gotta say for me the best one was fast five. But it's nice that they finally wrapped up things with the Tokyo timeline and very seamlessly I might add. Furious 7 continues the over the top action we've come to expect from this franchises but the difference in this movie is that they are incredibly fun to watch. Seeing Dom drive his super car through some of the tallest buildings in the Mid East was extremely fun! And the fight scenes delivered some pretty interesting action as well. I liked this one more than the 6th installment for sure yet Fast 5 is my favorite of the franchise. Furious 7 is extremely entertaining from beginning to end with a very bitter sweet yet classy ending that sends Paul Walkers Brian O'conner off perfectly.

batsupe on Apr 4, 2015


Is what you expect: is crazy, is fast, is very much like 5 and 6. The goodbye to Paul was pretty well done. Dom is now the solo lead character.

Miguel Garay Boszeta on Apr 5, 2015


I enjoyed it. The silliness was crazy and over the top but it had the Fast 5 silliness rather than the Fast 6 silliness if that makes sense to anyone.

Payne by name on Apr 6, 2015


Worst directing ever! Wan was great with Insidious, but action is not his forte. Every shot (except for Dubai) was a close up, and the editing was so bad! So choppy and millions of shots packed into one film. I get the need to keep a fast pace, but I just hated his directing style for this one. Lin was soooo much better - wider, far away, and longer shots were better. Fast Five was the best in terms of directing.

Rhys Kabra on Apr 6, 2015


I liked half of it and was bugged by the other half. One thing I hated was the Dubai reveal which was super obnoxious.

OfficialJab on Apr 6, 2015


The problem is that Wan turned this into an action flick. Pretty much made it a "Die Hard" movie instead of F&F. There were no hero/villain cars. The cars in this were just props. Lin knew how to make the cars the co-stars.

Ryan Cole on Apr 11, 2015

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