Sound Off: George Miller's 'Mad Max: Fury Road' - Your Thoughts?

May 15, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "What a lovely day!" Finally, after years and years of waiting, it's here. George Miller's long-awaited new entry into the Mad Max franchise titled Mad Max: Fury Road. This dusty new post-apocalyptic chase movie introduces a new Max, played by Tom Hardy, as well as another hero - Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron. These two unlikely partners lead a band of rebels on a chase across a desert run by deadly scavengers, driving vehicles like you've never seen. The cast also includes Nicholas Hoult, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Zoë Kravitz and Hugh Keays-Byrne as Immortan Joe. Once you've seen it, leave a comment with your thoughts on Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

To fuel the engines and go chrome, I f*!king LOVE this movie. It's a masterpiece. An instant action classic, I don't even care about box office, the fact that the movie exists at all and just premiered at the Cannes Film Festival is enough. I still don't know how it was made, how they let them pull off these kind of stunts, build these kind of cars, tell this kind of story on this kind of scale. It's unbelievably amazing and the results are spectacular. This movie is everything I've missed about the incredible big screen experience from action movies in recent years, and it delivers in full, moving from scene to scene. I love Tom Hardy, but Charlize Theron is the real star and she really kills it in this. This is also Nicholas Hoult's best performance to date.

More than just the action, Fury Road is a brilliant movie about the power of women and I sooooooo love how it all plays out. The fact that Max is just there, he's "reliable", not a man to be worried about though he can help them. And he does help them win back the day. And then the ending where he just fades away, beautiful, I wanted to give the movie a standing ovation right then and there. Because this movie is all about women kicking ass, especially Theron, and how they aren't "things" but can rule with humility. I loved every last beat in this, the characters, the depth of the ideas, the way it handles everything, and then you throw in all of the action and yep - this is a masterpiece. And I am not using that word lightly. Bravo, George Miller.

Mad Max: Fury Road

So what did you think of George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road? Best of the year, or disaster?
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Awesome start to a hopefull franchise. Great from start to finish for me, thought it would have more ultra-violence, and I don't know if that is a good or bad thing, that I wanted more. It seemed they were stuck between PG-13 or rated R, but it didn't take away from the film though or the fact Max was the strong silent type. It would have been boss if he actually got behind his ride and kicked ass. And c'mon, the guitarist, the sound system was flipping wicked and hilarious.

mooreworthy on May 15, 2015


A chick flick. Some amazing scenes...but essentially a Chick Flick.

Have Hope on May 15, 2015


Well, how come I grew an extra testicle while watching it? 🙂 Couldn't disagree more.

Nick Perkins on May 15, 2015


lol, bad troll. Keep trying.

Ry Wakefield on May 15, 2015


O dear you missed the muscle bound hero and the rape scene. Well there are plenty out there, go fetch. Good boy! #moron

mediate4ueu on May 16, 2015


I take it you are a woman?

Have Hope on May 16, 2015


I take it you're a curmudgeon?

Keithist on May 16, 2015


Says the dipshit

Keithist on May 16, 2015



Have Hope on May 16, 2015


If it's about "class" then your unwiped ass is without it with the "chick flick" comment.

Keithist on May 16, 2015


Not trolling, giving my honest opinion.

Have Hope on May 16, 2015


Pretty sure "chick flick" doesn't mean what you think it means.

avconsumer2 on May 18, 2015


What satisfied me the most, upon thinking about it, is George Miller's utter competence. This is the kind of movie that, 15 years ago, some studio suit would give to Rob Zombie because he's so "edgy" and "raw." There would have been lots of gory torture and rape scenes so Rob could go "SEE?! It's gritty! It's hardcore! See? See?!" George Miller has nothing to prove. This movie is actually low on blood, guts, and any sexual violence; yet it is so visceral and gritty at the same time, you see the touch of the master's hand at work.

Nick Perkins on May 15, 2015


Well said. This was one for the history books.

DAVIDPD on May 15, 2015


Let me just say this right: OH MY G-D!!! This movie was beyond expectations. The theatre I saw it in was playing the volume so loud, it was giving me heart palpitations. I completely agree with io9's review in that we have completely forgotten what a great action movie is (when compared to FURY ROAD). This movie was intense, funny, and contained some of the audacious action set pieces I have ever seen. EVER!!! People who are calling FURY ROAD a piece of "feminist propaganda", one, your wrong, and two, it doesn't fucking matter. So there are some strong female characters? Grow up! Not every action movie needs to have some macho man running around and acting dumb. // Likes: Theron kicking ass and taking names, the "green place" plot, amazing cars, action scenes were tops, Max himself being a quiet badass ("Are you bleeding? It's not his blood."), baddies were weird and grotesque and kind of awesome, nice balance of showing us violence without a ton of gore. Dislikes: (that being said) sometimes not enough gore, could have used a little more mythos building around the V8 religion, 3D effects (at my 2D screening) were obvious, a little more Max talking. Overall, an amazing film that deserves respect and adoration. Grade: A.

DAVIDPD on May 15, 2015


grade A+ simply

ari smulders on May 24, 2015


Fantastic movie. But everything was in the trailer so I wasn't fully satisfied. Kingsmen still the best of the year.

Jon Odishaw on May 15, 2015


Hard to top kingsman...

ari smulders on May 16, 2015


Both are great films, there's only what you prefer..

Ry on May 16, 2015


2 hour movie vs 2 minute trailer. You do the math idiot!

Why? on May 16, 2015


Just seen it, and I must admit :mad max is better than the kingsman.. That said, the church scene is not being topped by mad max, but the whole movie is better at the end...

ari smulders on May 21, 2015


Absolute crap. Lets grunt for 87 lines and call it dialogue. It's basically Fast and the Furious: Fury Road.

tyban81 on May 15, 2015


The real crap is your stupid comment.

Н.И. + on May 16, 2015



Ry on May 16, 2015


I wanted to like this movie, but I think the hype machine around it really pumped it up too much. Not that it wasn't watchable, but when everyone's saying this is a 10/10, and it's at best a 7/10 that's a real disappointment. There were issues that I couldn't get over: (SPOILERS) 1. There's a guy who literally plays electric guitar the whole movie. It was cheesy and clashed with the tone of the story. 2. There's absolutely no comic relief whatsoever. 3. Max has maybe 10 lines of dialogue. 4. Max has no car in this movie. 5. Imperator Furiosa is the main character. 6. Max's flashbacks are never explained or talked about. Why even include them? 7. It's basically a two hour music video.

ion677 on May 15, 2015


Mad Max was a sidekick

Have Hope on May 16, 2015


Umm no he wasn't.

Ry on May 16, 2015


No he wasn't, he was just there and plays along. That's why ending is perfect. It's for mad max just a another day...

ari smulders on May 24, 2015


1) He's awesome. 2) Don't need it.. 3) Don't care. 4) Big deal. 5) She's cool, didn't mind. 6) Doesn't need explaining, perhaps you weren't listening. 7) Love it.

Ry on May 16, 2015


Hell yeah.

Keithist on May 16, 2015


1. There's a guy who literally plays electric guitar the whole movie. It was cheesy and clashed with the tone of the story. It's rooted in Ozploitation. You missed the mark 2. There's absolutely no comic relief whatsoever. You must have no sense of humor. Yes there is. (E.g.; a. Max turning the corner and seeing beautiful girls with fresh water, b. The guitar player... etc 3. Max has maybe 10 lines of dialogue. Yeah, and delivered so well and everything he says is badass. 4. Max has no car in this movie. Are you gonna cry? 5. Imperator Furiosa is the main character. Uh, yeah... One of the best actresses of the last 25 years, boo-hoo! 6. Max's flashbacks are never explained or talked about. Why even include them? Because it's a reminder of why he's MAD. You dolt. 7. It's basically a two hour music video. Nah, that's Suckerpunch. You suck dude.

Keithist on May 16, 2015


People literally walked out of the showing I went to, and no one laughed even once. Afterwords I overheard several people saying what a disappointment it was.

ion677 on May 16, 2015


Yeah, I went to laugh. FML.

Ry on May 16, 2015


Then you didn't see Mad Max. Theater I went to people actually did walk out

Guest on May 18, 2015



ari smulders on May 24, 2015


ok... what?!?!

Angry Lester on May 17, 2015


See that's what hurts you fanboys the most. I'm not trolling. And when someone comes along with honest criticism you feel personally attacked by them because your whole life is wrapped up in worshipping some movie.

ion677 on May 16, 2015


I agree only in the opinion that I think they showed too much in the trailers.

Angry Lester on May 17, 2015


"1. There's a guy who literally plays electric guitar the whole movie. It was cheesy and clashed with the tone of the story. " The guitarist functions as a futuristic "drummer-boy" to play the troops into battle. It's a very old concept. He only pops up here and there, anyway. "5. Imperator Furiosa is the main character. " Max has more screentime than Furiosa, though - she has more lines, yes, but that's Max for you. These comments about her taking over the entire film are a bit off the mark.. "6. Max's flashbacks are never explained or talked about. Why even include them?" Because this new iteration of Max has PTSD, according to Miller. The visions aren't meant to make sense, they just bombard him at random intervals to indicate that he's tormented by his past. That's part of his "madness". If the audience finds them disorientating and confusing, then they worked.

Griff on May 19, 2015


This is what a summer action movie should be!! Yes, there were plotholes, yes Mad Max was a secondary character but WHO CARES?!!! Non stop action, Miller made to balls-to-the-Wall version of the Mad Max movie he wanted to make since Road Warrior, Nicholas Hoult was brutal just like Charlize Theron. Great cinematography, the stunt teams deserves an Oscar, it entertained me for 2 hours and who can complain about this?! DON'T THINK JUST WITNESS!!!

Héctor Pérez Tovar on May 15, 2015


Insane! Watching it all I can think was, "please be a sequel!!"

III on May 15, 2015


He said there's going to be two sequels if this does well which it has..

Ry on May 16, 2015


Lol you don't know that yet. Box Office results aren't in yet. Nice try though;) Fantastic film btw

SkyNet300 on May 16, 2015


Dude. 98% fresh on RT. There's two more..

Ry on May 16, 2015


WB has already greenlit it.

Why? on May 16, 2015


Doesn't matter if the movie is good or not, When america dies I will be eating lizard heads and killing people all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hagalnigs on May 15, 2015


I loved every moment of this movie. I felt like I was getting ripped off because it was so short. I didn't realise the running time was over 2 hours because it was so high octane that it got me from A to B within a blink. The pace never let up and even the slow contemplation periods in the movie were supercharged. Just the vision, practical effects, cinematography, sounds and music, as well as a director well honed in this world pulling it all together to make, what for me seemed like visual bliss. I want to keep going back to watch it.

TK on May 15, 2015


LOLOL!! I said the same thing when it was over. I had no idea it was 2 hours!

Why? on May 16, 2015


Dammit now I am totally nervous at the thought getting a heartattack and missing it!

ari smulders on May 15, 2015


Awesome. A proper action flick. Loud continuous music and great action sequences with beautiful art and acting. Best movie of the year.

Ry on May 16, 2015


Amazing. Exciting. Loud. Proper action movie with the right amount of violence, humour, depth of story and good character. It made me feel like a kid again. Great movie all around! GREAT EFFING MOVIE!

Huck PS on May 16, 2015


5/10 If you like NASCAR i guess this movie is the greatest thing ever made. Its a 90 min chase scene. Some spectacular action no doubt. But if George Miller is a Mastermind then so is Michael Bay, and I'm not buying that for a second. The Road Warrior is still the best in the series.

Razzbender on May 16, 2015


For me MM Fury Road was a simple story handled with care and love. It knew exactly what the goal was and the journey was amazing. It knew what it was and didn't pretend to be anything else. Michael Bay and Transformers on the other hand (yes it can be entertaining at times) handle complex stories that often get convoluted and at times pretentious. Plus the cinematography for MM was awesome. Every shot had a purpose. I only recently watched Age of Extinction again and sometimes it really does feel like I am watching a music video. Miller is a mastermind in this particular post apocalyptic genre. His vision has had a great influence on a lot of modern day media. Btw I can't stand NASCAR.

TK on May 16, 2015


Yep....just saw Road Warrior. That was an actual film...whereas this wasn't.

Have Hope on May 16, 2015


I think it's Troll Saturday today? They are everywhere...

Sascha Dikiciyan on May 16, 2015


So everyone who thinks this is not a perfect film made by a mastermind is a troll now ? Go troll under a bridge Dik

Razzbender on May 16, 2015


That's not it at all "Dick".. see that's how you spell it, I figured a Ricky Martin wannabe would know better. If you don't like it then move on, people really go out of their way to make sure others know they didn't like it and they say the dumbest shit. Like you did.

Angry Lester on May 17, 2015


1. Look at the name of the guy I was talking too.Dikiciyan. So I just wrote Dik. Try keeping up Lester 2.You may think calling the film a " 90 min chase scene" is "the dumbest shit". I was just trying to make a simple point. And since the plot of the film is so dead simple, there really is no way to go that in depth is it.

Razzbender on May 18, 2015


Actually you're the "troll". I remember growing up "Trolling" meant walking around with your dick hanging out your zipper to pick up chicks, man this world keeps getting gayer all the time.

Angry Lester on May 17, 2015


But now you've manned up and masturbate in Mom's basement, eh Angry Lester?

Guest on May 18, 2015


I finally saw it.. Damn.. Totally disapointed... You sir have made a point about the 90 min car chase.. And there is no storyline. Nothing.. It's just.. Chase scene after another, stop see Furiosa's "sisters/Mothers/aunt/Whatever" (ps. talk about a lucky strike there finding the very people you were looking for in the middle of a freaking desert without any gps, maps or any other thing that may help her find them) .. Then chase scene.. Kill the big bad man... Ooops.. there you go.. All done.. Go back to the home base, everyone just accepts her as the new leader.. No questions asked.. No debated, no battle.. Nope.. All good.. Seriously.. this wasn't a good movie.. Don't know if most of the people who are ranting about this being a freaking masterpiece are being paid to do so or do they just not care about actual good movies anymore..

Only Amoron on Jul 26, 2015


I think I liked the slow parts the best. You know, the 15 seconds every 30 minutes when you were allowed to breathe. It allowed me to realize how far back in my seat the movie had pushed me. I can't think of another movie that has done that to me...been so overwhelmingly intense that my body felt the need to retreat. The movie was glorious for what it was: breakneck yet beautiful, unfiltered action. I read a review that mentioned needing a cigarette afterwords...just to calm the neurons. That couldn't be more true. 9/10. Pay the money for the big's totally worth it.

jlw034 on May 16, 2015



ari smulders on May 18, 2015


It really stank, except for the chase scenes. Hardy and Theron felt forced, and the supporting actors actually carried the movie. There was no real "man hate", as was reported. In reality, all the "strong womyn" turned to Max every time things went wrong.

Dem Feels on May 16, 2015


Its a good thing then that 95% of this movie are the 'chase scenes'.

Rick on May 17, 2015


Haha, true...

ari smulders on May 24, 2015


I knew there was a reason I never watched Fast and the Furious, it's because the universe was waiting to show me a real action film... Mad Max:Fury Road!!!! BTW I know this isn't from the movie, but I am very interested in their story. Such a cool scene. I immediately thought Dark Crystal. BTW this image is from Burning Man...IRONY? I Loved Mad Max:FURY ROAD!!!

Why? on May 16, 2015


It was freaking great! Excellent re-boot. Looking forward to the next one. AWESOME action. It was one of those movies that made you wonder how much of the crash/stunts scenes were all real or CGI. Loved the story and how it all flowed to the end.

jimfromtoto on May 16, 2015


Not a reboot...

Griff on May 19, 2015


Not usually a fan of reboots but this one was a fun action flick.

Jim Dawkins on May 16, 2015


Last year I saw one movie at the cinema. It was Interstellar and I saw it twice. This year I have been only once to see MMRD. I saw it in 3D and it was the best action adventure movie I have seen for over two decades. I give it a 9 out of 10 score for the movie. I am a big fan of the Mad Max movies not because I am an Aussie but because I enjoy good old fashion stories that entertain and mesmerize me while watching a movie. George Miller is in the same league, and on the right page, as Kubrick, Kurosawa, John Ford, and Hitchcock.

Mike Zarquon on May 16, 2015


Sorry fanboys but it just wasn't good no matter how much you praise it.

Guest on May 16, 2015


Just about everything in the film was beyond "good"

Ry on May 16, 2015


Sorry that you're too dumb to know what makes a great film. But at least you saw it.

Hodorin on May 17, 2015


Your reply makes you look like a mad 12 year old twat. Do you know the topic of this threat? It's "Your thoughts". Good or bad. And surely, if you thought this is a great film, you are in love with mediocrity.

Sascha Dikiciyan on May 17, 2015


It was so great Hodorin that Pitch Perfect 2..........yes, Pitch Perfect 2.......slaughtered it at the box office. That in itself is beyond sad.

Guest on May 17, 2015


That's because you and the rest of the homos in the world watched it 3 times already.

Angry Lester on May 17, 2015


So your weekend was spent wacking off to Mad Max was it? Good for you. Now back to your Mommy's basement lil' fella

Guest on May 18, 2015


dumb pitch perfect fans here

Snowmanfloza on May 19, 2015


Like the guy above you said, your opinion isn't fact. Not sure why think this is geared only toward "fanboys". If you didn't like it, you sure went out of your way to make sure people knew. That says something.

Angry Lester on May 17, 2015


Nope, the movie was awesome and a reminder what a great action film should aspire to be. The movie deserves all the praise and hype its getting, deal with it.

Furiosa21 on May 17, 2015


Wow, reading all of these comments almost affected my comments....almost. At the risk of sounding like a dichotomous movie snob, I found myself loving this movie the same way I loved Far From The Madding Crowd: the craft of movie making. Every frame of FFTMC looked immaculate to me, every frame of MMFR injected the adrenaline into me as intended (except for the slow parts)! If you ever watched the original Mad Max movies, and liked them, this movie should have been an old friend back for a visit only to then to throw an explosive-tipped spear into your car as he drives off. I managed to see a 2d showing on my local RPX theater with Dolby Atmos (which basically just sounds just overly loud to me, sorry) but there wasn't that visual pop I wanted from the HD trailers so I guess I am going to have to go try it in 3d. I usually don't see live action in 3d, just doesn't work most of the time. Too bad they didn't use IMAX cameras for some of this, that sandstorm in IMAX would have been ridiculously epic! And if you noticed, you could totally see the possibility of MasterBlaster 2.0, bring it on! And if I must troll a bit: please don't consider Beyonce for the Tina Turner role when they revisit Thunderdome!!...end troll-bit! Thanks for your time 🙂

Whichhalfofthewit on May 16, 2015


From the director of Happy Feet 2 comes a not so great retelling of the original Road Warrior film. Furiosa? Is the road named after her? Where's the ROADS in this Fury Road? I came to see a Mad Max film and got Max the sidekick. No one laughed and cheered in the theaters except for some old men. The gratuitous shot of the guitarist flying at camera then bouncing back thanks to hi Bungie tethers followed by an oddly animated steering wheel hitting the camera perfectly was lame. I recommend saving your money and watching it on Netflix.

Age of Marvel on May 16, 2015


No appreciation for the amazing work done here.. I have to wonder what your check boxes are.. One of the best films I've seen in years.

Ry on May 16, 2015


You need to stop pretending like you're opinion is a fact. It's not. If you think this is one of the best films in years then I feel sorry for you.

Sascha Dikiciyan on May 17, 2015


It had lots of explosions! But I didn't like it. When did gas not become a finite resource in the mad max world? The guy on the guitar? That was stupid IMHO, but whatever.

B mill on May 17, 2015


then you really don't get it, go watch Pitch Perfect 2, I think that is more your style.

Angry Lester on May 17, 2015


blah blah blah

Angry Lester on May 17, 2015



Snowmanfloza on May 19, 2015


to summarize... he liked it.

Angry Lester on May 17, 2015


My review:

Richard Newby on May 16, 2015


I really thought that this one was well done. I saw it today and really enjoyed it.

Love Life Post on May 16, 2015


All the best parts of his first 3 Mad Max films on display. A finely orchestrated chaos. someone below compared it to Michael Bay's films. It's a fair point, And I have to admit to some guilty pleasures of watching some of Bay's films (The Rock, Armageddon, Paid and Gain off the top of my head), but in this case it felt like the movie knew exactly what it was, and embraced it. Plus, there were some nuances, like the almost religious reverence given to steering wheels, almost like weapons of honor (samurai swords come to mind), and some laugh out loud 4th-wall-breaking ideas, like literally driving around with your own personal soundtrack (Immortal Joe's portable rock band). Stuff like that you'd seldom see in a Bay film.

fazha on May 16, 2015


Mad max is made by a genius...

ari smulders on May 24, 2015


Loved it! As someone said before, Max "seemed" like a secondary character, but meh, who cares. Charlize was excellent, such a revelation and what a screen presence. Tom Hardy was great as Max... hopefully we'll see a bit more development in the sequels. Nic Holt was awesome. He embodied a "warboy" perfectly. The best thing about the film? The CINEMATOGRAPHY... OMG!! The film was beautiful! And the stunts (along with the vehicles and their props!)... haven't seen that in...ever. Love that most FX were practical. And the CG, tho not perfect, worked just fine. People overanalizing the film over plot, back story, etc... Max said it at the beginning of the film... he's on survival mode. Period. They all are. Anyway... had a lot of fun with this one. GO SEE IT.

Qrious on May 17, 2015


I thought it was awesome. Incredible colors, incredible special effects. It was amazing trying to imagine how in the world they got some of those shots. Im not really sure where all this hype came from about Fury road being a "feminist action movie" though, it definitely did not feel explicitely feminist in really any way to me. But that didnt really change my opinion of it. Definitely worth seeing in theatres. 8/10.

jay on May 17, 2015


George Miller has once again raised the bar for action movies. Kudos to the entire team for this masterpiece.

Vespertilio on May 17, 2015


I uh...I spent hours looking for my lower jaw...if fell off about five minutes in. Fcking classic.

Xerxexx on May 17, 2015


Ouch! Beaten up at the box office by Pitch Perfect 2. THAT'S gotta hurt.

Charles Knowlton on May 17, 2015


The world is full of homos.

Angry Lester on May 17, 2015


Its also an R-rated movie in a +/- 130 million dollar box office weekend, mainly aimed at a male demographic. It hit the predictions pretty much spot on.

Rick on May 18, 2015


Fury Road is still more niche than Star Wars or the latest Marvel blockbuster. It's also R rated. The general public love their fluffy, forgettable comedies so of course PP2 did better in many territories (although not globally, of course). It's Mama Mia/Twilight syndrome. No sane person takes that as an omen of quality. In the long run Fury Road will be the one that's remembered for it's sheer eye-popping audacity. That's just a fact.

Griff on May 19, 2015


it's a classic like the raid and face off...

ari smulders on May 24, 2015


It wasn't a mad max movie it was an amazing movie with mad max in it

Donna Irene Harris on May 17, 2015


Er, that would still make it a Mad Max movie then.

Griff on May 19, 2015


Seriously smartass, you know EXACTLY what i'm saying... Ironman in an avengers movie does not make it an Ironman movie; it seemed more like a collaborative effort b/t madmax and furiosa (especially with furiosa doing all the talking and madmax doing all the grunting)... madman was more of a sidekick in this movie and furious could have her own movie

Donna Irene Harris on May 19, 2015


Such an awesome movie!! I really needed this!! Greatest action flick ever!!

Angry Lester on May 17, 2015


And they who are not getting it are teletubbies...

ari smulders on May 24, 2015


I'm sorry but how is this film about "the power of women"? Just because Theron steals the truck, and the bad guys harem of women and they run into some hells OAP angels doesn't make it a film about the power of women. It simply makes it a film with women having a bigger role. Why the pseudo post rationalising in trying to find social commentary? Was MM2: Road Warrior a film about the power of men? By all means enjoy the film but do we really need to turn the idea of having women in greater roles as some massive political statemen?

Payne by name on May 17, 2015


There are two branches of feminism at work in the film. The good one, which you mentioned, is giving women an equal share of the bad-assery and representation. It also passes the arbitrary Bechdel test. The other one painted men as the raping-enslaving-destroyers of the world ("Who broke the world?") and women as the saviors/nurturers who will repair it. This part was a bit ham-handed, but overall it didn't ruin the movie. It's just a bit cliche. Adding a creepy female matron who was working *with* Immortan Joe would've gone a long way to blunt that. Or better yet, tie in 3 "hags" and call them "norns" to keep the Nordic theme going. There's nothing wrong with having a movie with a feminist agenda. Eve Ensler could've toned it down a slight bit, but her contribution was well-done otherwise.

EvilVegan on May 18, 2015


I can believe how much everyone liked this movie... I've even seen great scores from top movie critics who comment on how it had no plot and little to no character development...I don't care how much action it had or how well it was shot, without a decent plot and developed characters, it's not a great movie

Deron on May 17, 2015


If you haven't seen it, you have no place commenting here

rolyjimenez on May 18, 2015


After all the rave reviews, it was difficult to come in without expectations. I'm very happy to say it did not disappoint. A truly awesome spectacle. Also, I find it weirdly amazing that Miller is the same guy behind the Babe and Happy Feet movies.

liyanc on May 17, 2015


I saw the movie on Friday and am still perplexed by my feelings towards it. On the one hand I very much enjoyed the action scenes though I believe this was made so by the cracking soundtrack in the action scenes which so perfectly accompanied the visual eye candy. I've got a lot of time for Junkie XL and just as his music had such an impact on 300:Rise of an empire, it also did here. However, I had doubts about seeing this film and it was it's astonishing ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, 99% when I last looked, that ultimately made me go and see it. Yes it's a visually spectacular action film but why are so many critics turning a blind eye to some of the films failings and giving it a free pass? Things like the speeded up action at the beginning, the lack of real back story that would make the audience feel for the characters, the laughably cliched scenes like Theron falling to her knees and screaming at the sun, the ridiculous implausibility that whilst making scenes visually appealing renders them so outrageous that you can't connect with whats going on and the over riding feeling that almost every scene was created first with the goal of looking cool and then shoe horned in to the film. It's a film where the sizzle is far more important than the sausage. Where how it looks far outweighs how it feels. Now there is nothing wrong with this but why when other directors (say for instance Michael Bay) are picked apart for the empty vacancy of their films, why isn't this? By the way I'm not defending Bay as I thought the last three Transformers films have been trash. Maybe a better example would be Avengers: Age of Ultron. I went into that film really wanting to love it. I like the Marvel films and really enjoyed GotG and Avengers. However, I was disappointed with AoU. It had too much going on, too many characters, too much action and suffered from overload. They clearly threw everything at it and as a result it damaged the film. A case that less would definitely have been more. This was picked up on by the critics and whilst it didn't bother some people, it did others and hence the reviews were in the main positive but still mixed. As I say this isn't a defense of all those films. I'm just really curious why critics who would normally criticise elements that were lacking or sub standard from other films ranging from big box office hits to b-movie Deathrace films, seem so willing to ignore those from this film? What is it, apart from the spectacle, that is making this film so teflon?

Payne by name on May 18, 2015


I get where you're coming from. Some of the RT critics actually point out these failings you've mentioned, yet they still rated the movie Fresh as opposed to Rotten. I think that in the case of Mad Max, the enjoyment factor eclipses the faults to the point where they don't really matter much or at all. At least that's how it was for me.

liyanc on May 18, 2015


Lost you at Michael Bay.

Why? on May 18, 2015


Is this your first Mad Max movie? They've all been all about spectacle. It's like Seinfeld. Since Seinfeld there have been many shows about nothing, so if you saw a bunch of sitcoms before Seinfeld, it just seems like another sitcom. But it was the first. If you've seen all these other mindless action movies before Mad Max, it's harder to appreciate. But the series as a whole has been very influential on pop culture over the years.

The Pygmy on May 19, 2015


No this isn't my first Mad Max. I take your point that they are about spectacle and FR certainly ramps up the action elements from RW. However, I felt it offered a lot less about Max to make you connect with him and likewise didn't bother putting the action in some kind of context. To be fair all Miller did was to throw some vague stuff onto the screen in between ever increasingly mad action scenes and let the audience figure it out. Ask for clarity and you are dismissed for needing to be spoon fed. It's perfect for the director really. You don't have to figure out how things connect, just create some pretty scenes and pass the responsibility onto the audience to figure it out and find their own way.

Payne by name on May 20, 2015


Bad bad analogy.

yorgo on May 21, 2015


No, this is my fourth.

Payne by name on May 24, 2015


Perplexed by a movie...really???

yorgo on May 21, 2015


Wow, great analysis of my post.

Payne by name on May 24, 2015


I think this is a great post with some great observations. I would like to provide some observations of my own on why I thought this was such a good movie. The movie is something best told in film and in a movie theater. The story works for telling a film. For some analogies expanding on this thought, think of Philomena (if I told it as a stage play would it lose any impact?), or the Notebook (just as good in book format), or Avengers (just as good in a comic book).

FamousGrouse on May 21, 2015


I hear what you are saying and I certainly can't deny that it is a visual and sensory overload. To that extent, I can see it as an evolution of the Road Warrior. Though for all of the limitations that time and money had against it compared to the greater budget on this version, I still feel that Max in RW had a stronger, better established character. Whether that be through his interactions with the dog, the gyro copter guy or even the feral kid

Payne by name on May 24, 2015


It's called political correctness! Rambolina will always get way better reviews than Rambo. To the academic left the idea of males as the stronger sex is a social delusion that must be combated with ridiculous movies like this. All of human history says they are wrong. There are no female warriors, no matriarchies, not even female motorcycle gangs: a fact that completely destroys their thesis. That accomplishments of the human race are almost exclusively the accomplishments of men. That's a fact. A the looney ideology of feminism won't change that.

Henry D Crum on May 21, 2015


Quite a spectacle. More originality in a film than I've seen in a quite a while. Not enough time to discuss all the "likes" about it. I was fairly disappointed at Max's screentime, as well as Hardy's mumbling performance, and some of the story. Going in I was all "ugh... Charlize Theron...", coming out, I was all "WOW.... Charlize Theron!!". Amazing performance from her (likely some direction playing a hand there.) Glad I saw it on the big screen. Have to see it again at some point. Quickie... will say, the line between CG and live f/x was completely invisible for me on this one (or, I simply didn't have time to analyze.) Again... spectacle. Grand spectacle on a grand scale. Spoiler... was also supremely disappointed we only saw Max in the Interceptor for, literally, like a minute. This was likely my biggest qualm. The lack of him driving off into the wasteland at the end was also a screaming omission in my eyes.

avconsumer2 on May 18, 2015


I'm sorry, are you implying that Oscar winner Charlize Theron is not a good actress? She has been kicking ass on-screen for two decades now.

kevjohn on May 18, 2015


Yeah... I dunno, can't put my finger on it. I just generally get a giant wave of despondence washing over me when I see her in the credits. She was great in this, but case & point - got home and Aeon Flux was on.

avconsumer2 on May 18, 2015


Jennifer Hudson won the Oscar too. So much for the Oscar argument, toots. That Precious was nominated for one also. Oscar, a shadow of what it once was.

yorgo on May 21, 2015


Yeah I too would've preferred some more Max and a bit more lip from him.. maybe we'll get that with the next one.

Ry on May 19, 2015


There won't be a next one if it will be like this. That one will lose to Pitch Perfect 3.

yorgo on May 21, 2015


So you liked the chuck flick then.

yorgo on May 21, 2015


"Chuck flick"? I know not of what you speak.

avconsumer2 on May 22, 2015


Hated the last scene as well. Max in a crowd bleh, Should have been the amazing closure of the last 2 movies; Doing the right thing has cost Max everything, leaving him standing alone surrounded by wasteland.

FamousGrouse on May 21, 2015


Yes would be a better ending, that's why 9.9

ari smulders on May 21, 2015


Only a moron would say anything against this movie.

hygtfrde vgdsehy on May 18, 2015


Well... that was uncalled for! I said nothing as such!

Only Amoron on May 18, 2015


Don't get your pussy hairs in a snag

yorgo on May 21, 2015


You have to appreciate the sheer talent required to pull this off regardless of whether you liked the movie or not..

Ry on May 19, 2015


Anyone can act. Ever see a great actor with a poor script. Great actors are known for ruining movies. Don't believe any money sucker's hype. If I've seen your face a thousand times it really pulls away from the story. There should be a law against them.

hygtfrde vgdsehy on May 19, 2015


I saw it with 2 groups of people, neither of them liked it. I don't understand what's going on.

ragethorn on May 20, 2015


If you don't like action movies, then you don't like action movies. It's like the guy giving The sound of music or Gone with the wind a bad review. It's just a bunch of silly dancing and pointless storyline. I don't get it.

hygtfrde vgdsehy on May 20, 2015


No no, these guys love action movies. I couldn't figure it out.

ragethorn on May 21, 2015


Probably drugs alcohol war or other issues.

hygtfrde vgdsehy on May 21, 2015


Because it was a Mad Maxine movie '

Henry D Crum on May 21, 2015


They wanted to see the other chick flick...Pitch Perfect 2.

yorgo on May 21, 2015


Those I know who didn't like it said it was due to it being very thin plot wise, and Hardy's Max not having much depth which made it hard to relate to the character. They all said the action scenes were great though. But when I pay 10 dollars to see a movie, I want more than action, I want a solid story and character depth. One of the reasons TWD is such a great show is its got tons of gruesome kills, decent special effects, and tons of character depth and great acting. If the new Mad MAx film doesn't have those things, I probably won't enjoy it that much.

Bryan Devianza on May 24, 2015


Sorry but the TWD isn't a great show. Actually, it's far from a great show but that's a different animal altogether. I found Fury Road to have more story then what people see on screen. Every line from every character has a backstory and I love using my imagination so I put 2 and 2 together.

ragethorn on May 25, 2015


And Mad Max is far from a great movie, in fact it isn't even a good movie. The plot is paper thin, the character depth is shallow as hell, Hardy is an iffy actor at best, and it relies as much on action as a Bay film. If a show or film can't rely on dialog and a solid story, and has to rely on action to cover it up, that film is no better than Kiss who had to use makeup and smoke to cover up the fact they were just an above average rock band. But different strokes for different folks.

Bryan Devianza on May 25, 2015


No you're wrong. See Mad Max is a great ACTION flick. 🙂 Walking Dead isn't scary. If you want a scary show, try out The Missing. Only 8 episodes but ten times scarier than Walking Dead. Enjoy. 🙂

ragethorn on May 25, 2015


I don't want scary, I want well developed characters who are trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world with solid acting, and Andrew Lincoln owns Hardy. Just sayin'...

Bryan Devianza on May 25, 2015


simply: fools are they...

ari smulders on May 24, 2015


OK. finally saw it.. And you actually thought this was any good? ... Ok if you like a bunch of cracked up idiots following a messed up guy chasing cars for 90 minutes.. but.. damn.. I just lost 90 minutes of my life..

Only Amoron on Jul 26, 2015


I was at the dmv and some lady went on about some worthless information reguarding her day and the legal ownership of a first time driver. it was so dull and slowly dralwn out with as many words as possible, that I wanted to bash my brains out. maybe you'd like to spend 90 minutes chatting with her.

hygtfrde vgdsehy on Jul 28, 2015


THIS WAS GREAT!!!!! I loved how simplistic the plot and story were. That was essential for the pace of this movie. The action never looks fake and for the love of god, how did they pull off at that live action stunt work? INCREDIBLE!!!

Adam on May 18, 2015


Yes compared to fast and Furious and kingsman it's utterly honest. Amazing stuntman ship...

ari smulders on May 21, 2015


Apart of course from the twister/fire/sandstorm and the cirque de soleil meets red bull motocross. The action was exciting but let's get real, it was pretty preposterous.

Payne by name on May 24, 2015


yes it was and fully over the hill but it fits the movie!

ari smulders on May 25, 2015


What most appealed to me was practical effects. It was amazing.

Preet on May 18, 2015


The amount of work required.. the full on-ness of it all. I can't think of a movie that has ever done that to this degree.

Ry on May 19, 2015


Well produced, -------------skillfully done ----------------------------decades STALE --------------------------------------------franchise slum -----------------------------------------------------------TORTURE PORN -------------------meets demoralization ------------------------------------and emasculation op. WHO NEEDS IT?

IT-- II --IT on May 19, 2015


Charlize stole the show and you gotta love a villain who rolls with his own theme music!!!

BigGraham1 on May 19, 2015


Saw it again last night. 2nd viewing destroyed the first. So far this year 1. Fury Road 2. It Follows 3. Kingsman

ragethorn on May 20, 2015


Now I am curious about it follows, but indeed mad max the best of this year. I don't see star wars being a better movie!

ari smulders on May 21, 2015


IT Follows is a very creepy/cool horror flick. Def check it out.

ragethorn on May 21, 2015


I will check it out for sure, it's my favorite genre besides sience fiction. But the most are crappy '' how to scare teenagers in a cinema '' movies and get there bucks. By the way seen age of Ultron and it was oke, but not great. So still the kingsman is way better and mad max was phenomenal and a über classic! Maybe the best action movie ever besides the raid one...

ari smulders on May 21, 2015


I agree with AoU. Saw it a few days before Mad Max and was entertained but forgot about it the day after. Kingsman was more memorable and yes, I'm trying to check out Mad Max for a 3rd time this weekend. I can't stop listening to the soundtrack. Just great!

ragethorn on May 22, 2015


It was mindblowing, everything in mad max was just perfect and especially the editing and the close ups of the bad guy at the right time with the badass music from my fellow dutch man junkie Xl.By the way I didn't know he was that good. As a dj I disliked him, but working in Hollywood as musician he is at his place.

ari smulders on May 22, 2015


LOL That's trippy as shit. Love my dutch DJ's and I was thinking the same thing listening to him on the way into work this morning. Had a couple of good Tiesto remixes a decade or more ago but other than that, I would've never given Tom a second listen.

ragethorn on May 22, 2015


Mister holkenboer is also not my favorite dj, but a few are and most of them are from the Netherlands, but that says Nothing of course. Fedde Legrand is my favorite together with Ron van den beuken! I also make mixes, I would like to hear your honest opinion if that sometimes possible in the near future. You can find me on soundcloud :srce3316.... Mad max is of course still the pinnacle of filmmaking of course!

ari smulders on May 22, 2015


done and done.

ragethorn on May 22, 2015



ari smulders on May 22, 2015


Kingsman still number 1 for me this year. Followed by Fast 7 and John Wick.

Payne by name on May 24, 2015


Why was it called Mad Max? when it should have been call Mad Furiosa ! Seriously guys..this wasnt about Max..he was a side note. ...i dont why such a departure from the originals...and why did Max have so many crazy flashbacks..when not even one was explained. You reference his daughter the entire movie and then give us no details. Plus..out of respect they should have had a Mel Gibson cameo. I think remakes should be done by different directors..odd to have one remake his own.

disappointed on May 20, 2015


Mad Maxine

yorgo on May 21, 2015


The movie was all about Furiosa I agree. Max did not have a character arc at all. He was static the whole time. Unless his major conflict was saying his name, in which I guess that was it? Overall good movie though. There was a unique world here with a lot of interesting characters. I would like more development of Max, and slow it down a bit, it was a 2 hour car chase.

MaqueeStalker on May 21, 2015


Max's major arc was overcoming his fall into madness. In the beginning he's a long haired, bearded man rambling within his head. He then graduates to a short haired man who grunts a bit. When he finally comes to term with the death of his family, he can accept who he is and keep himself from becoming completely insane. In other words, he goes from Mad to Max.

Jack Kelly on May 26, 2015


Max's entire point was to showcase PTSD. Which I thought was a very noble and well-done endeavor.

Patricia Alexandra on Jun 10, 2015


Without Max, you'd never be introduced to Furiosa's story. He may not be the 'star' of the film, but ever since The Road Warrior his main purpose has been to serve as the observer of someone else's story while regaining his own humanity. Fury Road isn't really any different in this regard.

politicaldefiance on Sep 9, 2015


So far Mad Max is the Best movie of the summer!!!!!!!!!!!

silentjay on May 20, 2015


Your standards are low. Should be called Mad Maxine!

yorgo on May 21, 2015


I bet you worked on that all night just to have something to say! Since you don't have any real critical thoughts other then thinking about some chick named Maxine!

silentjay on May 21, 2015


It's the best action movie since the raid and maybe in entire history of cinema!

ari smulders on May 21, 2015


Shakespeare is envious of Fury Road!

Henry D Crum on May 22, 2015


And he should be! It's epic, historical, fine tuned and going straight to the walhalla of essential need to see things! I never watch movies twice, but this deserves to watched every month like the performance of health ledgers joker!

ari smulders on May 22, 2015


It should be shown in high school as part of basic course requirements. College courses should be devoted to analyzing this marvel of the cinema.

Henry D Crum on May 23, 2015



ari smulders on May 23, 2015


Face palm. An opinion is one thing, but this is one long chase scene with great explosions. Yes I get the metaphors and z-zzzzzzz

the Plants Official on Aug 7, 2015


Chick flick...nothing more. It got beat by Pitch Perfect TWO! WTF!!! MAD MAX...PUSSY ROAD.

yorgo on May 21, 2015


Honestly, regardless of that feminist propaganda stuff, Max is reduced to a side character in his own movie. Theron did a great job but if this is the story Miller wanted to tell he needn't have bothered including the title character, he felt like an afterthought. The problem is the action was so incredible yet a movie called Mad Max did absolutely nothing to make a care about the freakin' road warrior. But my god, it's like poetry in motion, so well put together. Just doesn't do justice to the character, oh well, there's always the sequel

Ciaran on May 22, 2015


Dear NECA, please make a collectable "figure" of this Max in the restraint gear. A detachable-arm Furiosa would be pretty damn nice, too. Thanks, Mark A. Brackney. (Also, p.s., Funko, I STILL am waiting for my "Vikings" figures. Please make it happen. Thanks.)

Mark Brackney on May 23, 2015


You nailed it... Perfect review.

ari smulders on May 24, 2015


Thanks! Much appreciated.

Richard Newby on May 25, 2015


Very well written, it has a certain tempo in it and it flows. From on I will follow you every time...

ari smulders on May 25, 2015


Thank you!

Richard Newby on May 25, 2015


I was disappointed. The story is so thin, you can watch the trailers and get it from front to back. There were a handful of scenes that I really enjoyed - the rest was pretty "meh", and the plot holes were outrageous. I never felt any real danger for Max or the wives. And the Nux character was annoying.

txJM on May 31, 2015


agree!!! I had high expectations for mad max just for the action. Many people told me it is like the best action movie of all time! I watched it with really high expectations and I left disappointed. Action was just alright or mediocre. This is not the best action movie of all time but just an meh okay one. I hated it at first but then I forgave it a bit

Yale InsertLastNameHere on Jun 30, 2015


Crazy talk! This movie's great.

politicaldefiance on Sep 9, 2015


He "faded away" because he has PTSD and couldn't participate in the celebration. So, way to totally miss that.

Patricia Alexandra on Jun 10, 2015


All the cars have shiny chrome, everything is immaculately clean, they waste bullets like the apocalypse never happened, all the telescopes look like a production assistant grabbed them at the store 5 minutes before shooting the scenes. somebody thought the blower was so cool on the MFP Pursuit car that they put on on EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE IN THIS MOVIE AND THEY RUN NON-STOP. This is one big 2-hour music video explosion, not a Mad Max movie. And the big car made of amps with the guitarist on it? What's up with that? I think Miller was going for comedy or satire here. This isn't bands of people struggling to survive anymore. Skip this and continue enjoying the second one as the best.

me myself on Jul 2, 2015


Right?!?! It was just one long chase scene and it wasn't even Max's movie. He played a supporting character.

Crossrifles on Jul 6, 2015


did you ever fight a war. would you prefer a long winded explanation of how the girls got along in life before . or perhaps a light hearted childrens character somehow brain washing children to think violence is OK,

hygtfrde vgdsehy on Jul 28, 2015

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