Sound Off: J.J. Abrams' 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' - Thoughts?

December 17, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "The Force, it's calling to you. Just let it in." It's here!! It's time!! Lucasfilm and Disney present Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, now playing in theaters worldwide. The return of Han and Luke and Leia and Chewie and all of our old friends. But it's also an introduction to a new set of characters - Finn, played by John Boyega, as well as Rey, played by Daisy Ridley, and Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaac. On the bad side, there's Adam Driver as Kylo Ren + Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux. Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Peter Mayhew all return. Star Wars is back! Does it live up to the hype? How does it compare to the Original Trilogy? Or is it a mess? Once you see this, leave a comment below with your thoughts on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

To fuel the fire, let's get into this. I love Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It's a wonderful, wonderful movie made with so much heart and hopefulness for all of us, crafted with such tender care and a deep love for this sci-fi universe. J.J. Abrams really nailed this one, using nostalgia as kindling to connect with our emotions then introducing such an exciting new set of characters in a story that is so relevant and yet inspiring. I love Finn, I adore Rey, I am a huge fan of Poe, I now despise Kylo (you know why). It's awesome that J.J. has cast these characters so perfectly - Daisy Ridley and John Boyega and Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver are stellar and make me so happy to see. I can't wait to see where it goes next, as it ends on such a poignant note, where things were just getting going and, dang, we have to wait another 524 days until Episode VIII.

It's not perfect. There are some parts that are a bit too goofy, and the bigger story isn't exactly impressive (which may be because it moves at such a swift pace and introduces so many characters and asks some questions that won't be answered until the other two movies are made). I don't think it's better than A New Hope or Empire Strikes Back. But it's fun, oh so much fun, and they get the universe perfect which makes up for everything else. The practical feel of the sets and the locations and background characters really make a difference, it almost feels like Abrams and crew went back and made this in a different time. I love John Williams' score. I've seen it twice, and it was even better the second time. I'm going back again right away.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

What did you think of J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Masterpiece, or disaster?
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Loved it. The characters were great. Dialogue and interaction between them were awesome. Loved the practical effects too. All the foreground stuff was really well put together. Overall 10/10. Thank you J.J Abrams for bringing Star Wars back and doing what George couldn't do with the last 3 movies in making an amazing Star Wars film.

TK on Dec 17, 2015


i had tear by the end running down my face .... will see it at least 4 times over the next week

Nathan Oliver on Dec 17, 2015


me too...

ari smulders on Dec 18, 2015


Near perfect Star Wars film. Loved the parallels with ANH. The surprises were plentiful and there were tears. Will probably see it 3 times. Better than coitus.

Quanah on Dec 18, 2015


I think you're doing sex wrong.

davidshaw on Dec 18, 2015


No. I'm old and washed up.

Quanah on Dec 18, 2015


For some odd reason looked like Han Solo was holding chewy's head?

venoms havoc on Dec 18, 2015


where in the actual hell did you get 252 days until Episode VIII?? that's less than a year and it's 2 years away. it's 524 days, genius. FIX IT.

davidshaw on Dec 18, 2015


eeeeeasy bro.

Malcolm on Dec 18, 2015


My mistake, I should've double checked. I finished this late last night after coming back from seeing it opening night.

Alex Billington on Dec 18, 2015


Practical effects were stunning, which kind of made cgi Snoke bit of a weird contrast visually. Totally stunned over how well the chemistry between Han and Chewie still worked, and Luke has never looked cooler in my opinion. The new characters were easy to like and especially Boyega impressed me. There was one little tiny detail that ruined the near perfect SW feel of the movie for me, and that was the absolutely final shot of the movie. *NOT REALLY A SPOILER, BUT BE WARNED* : A obvious chopper fly by shot that took the intimacy away from the tear wet eye meeting that was there the second before. Reminded me more of some bad Bay cinematics or a Braveheart moment and took the final feel out of the movie in the very last second. Im having Kylo REn conflicts between Empire Strikes Back and this now.. so good!

ErrorSapiens on Dec 18, 2015


I agree on the CGI part. I dont know if you saw it, but back in the summer they released a little spot showcasing all the practical effects they were using for TFA, and that was honestly my biggest disappointment. Many of the characters and sets could have been practical but just looked washed over with CGI.

jay on Dec 18, 2015


Last shot was the worst part of the movie, felt like a cheese ball scene from some 80s flick, not in a good way.

Higgens on Dec 19, 2015


So my eyes did not fool was shit.

ErrorSapiens on Dec 19, 2015


Seemed like a shot out of Highlander.

Higgens on Dec 19, 2015


I saw it last night and I'm seeing it again in 30 minutes. I will say this: If you thought the Prequels were bad already, after seeing this makes them literally unwatchable.

The Shnizzle on Dec 18, 2015


Disney needs to remake the prequels....just get rid of them....

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2015


They aren't that bad. And what's done is done, lets just learn to live with them...

ProjectionistHP on Dec 18, 2015


They're that bad....they're atrocious!!

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2015


I have fooled myself to cope with them by taking only the good parts in and never watching them again.

ProjectionistHP on Dec 18, 2015


You might have seen this already, but there are a few "super-edits" on Youtube, where people shaved literally HOURS off the original trilogy and condensed them into one short movie. They're not great, but they're better than sitting through all the senate meetings, counsel meetings and melodramatic speeches.

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2015


What I wrote on Instagram: "It's both a gift and a curse being so aware of what the fans want. It's great being able to go on a rollercoaster ride that "feels" like Star Wars but at the same time the failure of the Prequels has made this into nothing more than a rehash shaped out of fear. Great craftsmanship held back by a lacklustre plot and heavy handed dialogue. In the end it's like going to a greatest hits Rolling Stones concert (or in its worst moments - a local cover band) and it makes you respect Lucas desire to challenge and taking his universe further a bit more. "

ryderup on Dec 18, 2015


There were so many excellent practical effects and they made a CGI villain... that was worse than Jar-Jar... one of the characters that should be mysterious and scary... was funny and goofy... I will be honest at this aspect of the movie I was really pissed! One more thing, soundtrack... in my opinion was decent. Only few links to the OT and actually no new great tracks... I dont know maybe I should watch it one more time... Although the movie was good but it was not a masterpiece...

Szkari on Dec 18, 2015


true, a better villain was neccesary...

ari smulders on Dec 18, 2015


The Good: - Kylo Ren has a couple of really cool moments as a bad guy in this film. - Rey is a great leading character. - BB-8 was endearing and funny - It looks great. It has the visual feel of the old Star Wars films, while still looking contemporary. - A great marriage of the practical and digital effects. - It's funny. - It was obviously made by people who love Star Wars, which makes for a very welcoming feeling while watching it. - Some nostalgia-buttons were pressed very well. The Bad: - Not every nostalgia button needed to be pressed just for the sake of it. - The story (especially the second half) is kind of a scattered tapestry of rehashed plot-elements of the old films, but without the original force (pun not intended). - Another Death-star, really? - The music seemed to only supply one cool new theme. - Luke's lightsaber seemed forced in, making it lack some of the excitement in both the finding and using of it. Especially since it seemed so easy and casual to use. - Snoke is a lame, generic-looking CGI character. - Some clunky dialogue sometimes (then again, it is a Star Wars film). - The very last shot. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty solid, fun new Star Wars film that would have flourished if only it had a better story. However, my opinion might improve once I see it again, without as much expectations for it. So, when do we get to see a trailer for Episode VIII?

Snev De la Fontaine on Dec 18, 2015


So psyched to see this tomorrow. Not psyched about the long ass lines however. I'm gonna have to get there 2 hours in advance...

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2015



Adam on Dec 18, 2015


Oh wow...where to begin. I'll start with yes I liked it. It's Star Wars! WARNING SPOILERS MAY BE IN MY COMMENTS. Def felt, looked and sounded like Stars Wars. Also felt like more of a reboot than a sequel. Tons symbolisms and yet lacking in poetry. JJ nails the SW universe but rehashes its former glory rather blazing a new trail. To boot, for those fanboys that read the books, JJ and team use parts of it to..well...tell this story and turn it on its head. All in all JJ plays it safe and delivers a retelling of a familiar story and leaves us wanting more. Esp with Luke. WTH JJ, guess we have to wait for EP VIII?

Isaac Rodriguez on Dec 18, 2015


WARNING SPOILERS MAY BE IN MY COMMENTS. The only ONE question is: How much to get paid for taking off a hood (and no word) ?

Jul on Dec 18, 2015


It's a great star Wars movie but not the best of the year. Mad Max is better and even the martian. Liked the story and Daisy Ridley especially. Adam driver is a good badass, but no Darth Vader or Darth maul. Boyega didn't impress me a bit, and that has nothing to do with skin color. He felt for me out of place, but Daisy Ridley overshadowed him with her presence. There where allot of great oneliners and nice jokes. Ofcourse the story is looks abit like a older version, but hey it's star Wars and no martyrs :its family fun... I liked the old and new mixed together and can't wait for part 8... 8,5

ari smulders on Dec 18, 2015


cmon bro lol

Adam on Dec 18, 2015


??? please explain if you feel offended... Now you look like a fool...

ari smulders on Dec 18, 2015


what? how do I look like a fool? i was jokingly saying c'mon bro the martian isn't better then star wars. And I wasn't offended this is all opinion.

Adam on Dec 18, 2015


the strangest thing is that i like the martian as a better movie. If you think star Wars is better OKE! No problem with that...

ari smulders on Dec 18, 2015


I feel like i'm the only one who could really give or take The Martian. Don't get me wrong, It was good, but honestly I thought it was a little overrated and too predictable (this coming from someone who didn't read the book). It might've been all the praise it got, that let me down. Went in with expectations set too high.

Danimal on Dec 18, 2015


That's for me also problem when i get pumped up by the hype. And you are right, but i had no expectations for the martian because i found it a stupid title. Same goes for mad Max. I thougt again a mad Max movie??? So indeed with low expectations going into a movie is better.

ari smulders on Dec 18, 2015


100% agree with you. It was an awesome movie, but it wasn't blow me away awesome. I agree with everything you said, and for me I think Boyega would probably been better with his natural accent rather than a forced american one

Antonio on Dec 18, 2015


I also didn't know Daniel Craig was a storm trooper!!! lol He was the trooper that undoes her restraints haha

Antonio on Dec 18, 2015


* SPOILERS * Conflicted..... Visuals & themes were great. Gorgeous movie to look at. Have to agree with some other folks - I like how confused/conflicted Kylo Ren was, but he did come off as a whiny, Anakin wanna be (which may be the whole point)... is it genetic? Ha, ha. But... damn. I think Han (we?) deserved better... but that being said, a father laying down his life for the love of his child is powerful. Maybe that's what hurts so much.... LOVED that Chewie shot him, but having him bleed in the snow...? Guess JJ had to remind us that he was injured.... And at first glance, it looked to me like Rey took his (KR) head off with the last swipe...but even Vader survived the destruction of the first Death Star, eh? Not sure what to think about a feeling he's over-compensating with the giant hologram. LOL My crazy theory - Rey is Luke (& Mara Jade?) 's daughter, who they did their best to keep away from any force influence (similar to Luke's path in the OT). Rey certainly seems to be the best bush pilot in the outer rim....

Mikeylikesit on Dec 18, 2015


lol I agree with the Snoke thing...I thought it would've been much more interesting if they kept him a bit more mysterious, appearance-wise

Danimal on Dec 18, 2015


I agree about Rey being Lukes daughter, disagree about her being kept from the force, I think she trained with Ren, until the darkside took him.

Higgens on Dec 19, 2015


It reminded me of Batman. It wasn't the Star Wars we all deserve, but its the Stars Wars we need right now.

jay on Dec 18, 2015


Also anyone here seen Avatar: the last airbender? Because Kylo ren is like LITERALLY Zuko. Like the exact same character. Spoilers: He even has the damn scar on his face now. Im not upset about it.

jay on Dec 18, 2015


On a serious note, there were some things I could complain about for sure (Some of the unnecessary CGI, the scope felt a little narrow), but for me it was ultimately a success if for nothing else than the fact that the characters were so damn likable. The three new protagonists and BB-8 were all amazing, and I'm genuinely interested in the rest of their collective and individual stories. I think Abrams may have fell short in a few areas that I can deal with, but man, he really got me invested with some characters who I actually care about, even Kylo Ren.

jay on Dec 18, 2015


Exellent SW movie. It has the magic that the originals had. Some little flaws and a little hasty but it's just nitpicking imo... Don't often get to see a movie that you hope it not to end at all. And Kylo is going to be a great villain in next films. It's nice to see some character building in the villains story arc, rather than just to get a ready made villain like in the original saga. He's gointo be menacing in the future. Late to the film I was afraid that they were going to kill him off...

ProjectionistHP on Dec 18, 2015


I agree. It was nice to actually get a story of a Jedi turning to the darkside, and have the inner conflict of his final decision to cross expressed and fleshed out so well. The five mins with him on the bridge with Solo was what the prequels missed out on in Anakins turn. There were a lot of layers of angst going on in Anakin and all George used was Hayden's stupid grimaces or whining to express it... Abrams use of lighting on Drivers face was great how all by itself represented the internal struggle going on and when he finally turns. He could have done that whole scene with his eyes closed and no facial expressions and you still would have understood level of conflict that was going on. Now he is all disfigured thanks to Rey (aka Vader 2.0) and to play off what Solo said to him on the bridge, he isn't taking that mask off anymore. Honestly, I cannot wait for the prequels to be rebooted.

dbucks on Dec 19, 2015


This new SW is a copy of A New Hope but with different faces. A droid with important info is being chased by a formal Jedi turned to the dark side. Old man gets killed trying to bring him back to the light . Sand planet resident discovered is force sensitive and goes to find a self exiled Jedi master . A bunch of x-wings destroy a super weapon just before it wipes out the rebel base etc . So how is this a new movie?

Vlad on Dec 18, 2015


Thought that same thing while watching it 😀 And why they allways abondon their children in to places that are so god forsaken that even basic survival ods are against them, jerks...

ProjectionistHP on Dec 18, 2015


I get your point, but I think this wasn't supposed to be "new". Here is why: Star Wars has always been a modern mythology. So even if it was "new" to us, it was still old in that it was a retelling or remix of old myths. George totally lost sight of that in the prequels, which is one reason they had no soul. He tried to do too much, and failed. Abrams kept it simple and took the series back to its roots. He nailed that portion of it, even if he made other missteps in the execution.

dbucks on Dec 19, 2015


I hate to admit it but part of what Vlad says is my opinion as well. JJ had L kasdan, all the money in the world and time to make this an interesting story. If you will, nothing in the movie is something we haven't seen before. I remember Empire and it had Walkers, Yoda, Cloud City etc all these interesting new locations and things. We have already seen X-wings attack the deathstar twice now. Esp. I have to say that the ending space battle in ROTJ still was more impressive than this one. So the questions is why do it at all? I really like the idea of Luke hiding because he failed and people trying to locate him. But TFA is almost an exact copy of ANH. Not an homage. So if TFA would have been an official 'reboot' I could have lived with it. However as a sequel to ROTJ, it is just a complete failure IMO.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 19, 2015


Fun film. No doubt about that... but there are some major flaws in this film once you get past all the nostalgia. Here are three things that jumped off the screen to me: 1. Contemporary retelling of an old story for a new audience. Yes this is total negative for me. We always hear how everything is about instant gratification these days. The original trilogy promoted a work ethic. The underlying motif was you have to put effort into becoming an expert at something (and you also have to be comfortable at failing sometimes to succeed - it is how you learn). Case in point, it took two films (aka years in the film lore) for Luke to be able to take on a trained Sith (which I guess has been stupidly retconned in the recent comics of course), and we learned that Yoda and Ben were basically throwing him to the wolves by fast tracking his training due to his age, which I expect will have something to do with the whole Kylo Ren fail. Now it takes Rey days... This was also the failure of ROTJ. Luke leaves Yoda, then comes back as a self proclaimed Jedi doing nothing btwn the two stories. Lazy and killed the importance of Empire. She also becomes an expert pilot of the Falcon in a matter of minutes after nearly destroying it just trying to take off... Had they slowed down her maturity process (or heightened her starting point), it would have made the story much more interesting IMHO, and taught the next generation of fans an important life lesson as the OT did for me when I was a kid. 2. Han and Chewie weren't Laurel and Hardey in the OT; now they should have their own show in Vegas. WTF... I loved the banter and the chemistry, but tone it down a bit. It removed any sense of urgency from the film. Sidenote: did any react to Han's death other than Chewie pouting for 15 seconds? 3. All money to throw at CG and they only send 12 X-wings to take on a planet (and not just a small exhaust port mind you) in the final battle? I would have loved to have seen more of a ROTJ type of battle. Good stuff: I loved the characters. It was a great to see the passing of the torch, and I cannot wait to follow Rey's adventures in the next two films. Daisy was awesome with what she had to work with. I also loved that Luke learned from his youthful mistake, and let Han sacrifice himself. Cannot wait to see what Rian Johnson has in store since I loved Looper.

dbucks on Dec 18, 2015


I totally agree. The first time shes flying the Falcon I smirked a little bit thinking, how is it this easy for her? Especially if its such a tough ship to fly.

Adam on Dec 18, 2015


good review...

ari smulders on Dec 18, 2015


Just to hit some of your points. 1) I believe Rey had training but her memory wiped. As for piloting it just came naturally to her. 2) What got me more than Han was a whole planetary system was destroyed and no one seems to care..we are talking billions of people. 3) A gripe with me was how small the resistance was. They didnt have a cruiser only like you said 12 xwings it wasnt a cg thing but that they were tiny. So my gripe is how thw first order couldnt deal with them.

John Henri Rivera on Dec 18, 2015


After seeing it a second time, I agree with all your points. On #3 though, in the movie they hint that Leia's unit was a small outpost just there to look for Luke. So they were not setup to fight a battle. They also indicated that the rebels/resistance doesn't have a fleet, the Republic does, which was far away from where they were. They explained this stuff way too fast so I missed most of it the first time. In the first showing, I was like WTF with Rey force grabbing the lightsaber. In the second showing it made a lot more sense. I think you are dead right with #1. She clearly had repressed memories, hence her "awakening". I cannot wait to see the rest of her story. They did a decent job setting her character up, I hope they do a good job finishing it.

dbucks on Dec 19, 2015


Im pretty sure she trained with Ren, and was sent away when he went to the dark side, to protect her. My bet is Luke is her dad, and her mom is in what ever grave Luke was standing by at the end.

Higgens on Dec 19, 2015


Oh wow. That gives me a whole new viewpoint. Gotta see it again. Thanks for that.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 19, 2015


The Rey character didn't make any sense.

Have Hope on Dec 18, 2015


After seeing it a second time, I respectfully disagree. This film is clearly an intro to her character and with this trilogy we will follow her journey. She is most likely the offspring of two Jedi (one is foreshadowed as at least being Luke), hence during her "awakening" she discovers that she has very strong powers. Like Luke, she was hidden away on Jakku from Snoke and Ren. I could be wrong, but only time will tell.

dbucks on Dec 19, 2015


Tell me what happens, won't be watching any more of these films under Disney

Have Hope on Dec 19, 2015


I still haven't seen the film, so I'm not going to jump into this discussion, but did they show any new/awesome trailers? I was hoping we'd get some new Civil War footage....anyone care to coment?

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2015


No new trailers that haven't been released online, but the Civil War trailer was the best one we got last night. There should be a Jungle Book one, so hopefully it is shown starting today.

Mxyzptlk on Dec 18, 2015


Hey! Thanks.

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2015


We already posted the Jungle Book trailers months ago: Everything I saw in front of my showing last night was already released. Don't know if there are any others not yet out, but will be watching.

Alex Billington on Dec 18, 2015


Walt Disney Studios ‏@DisneyStudios Dec 16 See a new extended version of The #JungleBook teaser on all 3D screens of @StarWars

Mxyzptlk on Dec 18, 2015


There ya go, new one it is. 😉

Alex Billington on Dec 19, 2015


don't post here if you haven't seen it not hating just saying.

Adam on Dec 18, 2015


Did you even read my comment? You're hating....

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2015


lol no biggie bro. enjoy the film. you'll love it

Adam on Dec 18, 2015


I know.... (eh? Reference? eh?)

TheOct8pus on Dec 18, 2015



Xerxexx on Dec 18, 2015


Nothing cool on my side.

Fox on Dec 20, 2015


a 20-second Deadpool ad if you see it in IMAX in Canada

OfficialJab on Dec 22, 2015


Loved it, Disney marketing killed BB-8 for me though. BB-8 would have been fun and exciting in the movie but he white washed the entire marketing of TFA and it was already old. I feel they took some character elements from the EU for the new force generation which I didn't mind at all.

Mxyzptlk on Dec 18, 2015


I thought be BB-8 was perfect. funny, not in every scene, not annoying. perfect.

Adam on Dec 18, 2015


I have to agree, after ~6 months of that thing being every where I was just tired of it. Over all, a good droid just got that "popular song" fatigue, if you will.

Higgens on Dec 19, 2015


I absolutely adored this film. It was a perfect blend of new and old characters. All the new actors are great but my favorites are Oscar Issac as Poe, Daisy Ridley as Rey, and Adam Driver as Kylo Ren. Poe is the baddest x wing pilot in the galaxy and is the most assured of all the new characters. You believe Daisy in every scene as Rey, she gives an absolutely amazing Oscar worthy performance. Adam plays a perfect young Ren who hasn't completed his training YET. I do feel bad leaving John Boyega as Finn out of my favorite, don't get me wrong hes good but, I've only seen the film once. My opinion upon further viewings will definitely change. The film is always moving along just like the original three movies and doesn't explain everything to us, lets us put the pieces together at times. That's where the prequels failed. It didn't respect the audience. You don't have to worry about that with this film. JJ's direction is amazing and I couldn't imagine another director pulling this movie off. I can't forget to mention John Williams score!!! ITS GREAT!!! It amps up every action scene. I thought it couldn't have been ended better. Luke looks epic when Rey find him, it gets you ready for the next one. 9/10 SEE THIS NOW!

Adam on Dec 18, 2015


great review...

ari smulders on Dec 18, 2015


thanks man

Adam on Dec 18, 2015


The science of it I didn't mind accepting (since it's Star Wars). And I even have to admit that sucking up the energy of a star was a pretty good idea narratively. With the original death star, the timing before attack was shown by a monitor of the death star moving into position. Sucking the energy of the sun, though, meant that the darker it got, the closer they were to firing. That's kind of a fitting, atmospheric way to show the impending doom.

Snev De la Fontaine on Dec 18, 2015


I couldn't stop smiling. It was phenominal. It wasn't perfect, obviously, but it was exactly what I hoped it would be and more. The ONLY thing I was a little let down by was the lack of Captain Phasma. I thought we were going to be seeing a lot more of her in action, but other than that I can't wait to see it again next week!

Danimal on Dec 18, 2015


Same here, grin from ear to ear the entire time and found myself getting emotional way more than I though I would. Amazing new cast, amazing old cast, exciting action, and a lot of great genuine laughs too which is something the prequels definitely lacked. It's exactly what I wanted. I was glad I was right about who I thought Kylo Ren was although I thought he'd have his EU name. And I won't be surprised if Rey is Luke's daughter. Her awakening of the force was so well done. When she force pulled that lightsaber my face hurt I was smiling so hard. So glad Fynn made it too because he was great. Only negatives for me were the under utilization of Phasma. It's awesome we have our first female villain but she was barely in it! And the deja vu of the attack of the death star was a bit disappointing. But just a bit. The awesomeness of the rest far outshines the minor quibbles. I can't wait to take my son to see it after Christmas.

David Diaz on Dec 18, 2015


Totally agree on your Capt. Phasma point, I don't think we even saw her fire her blaster at all 🙁

PikeyOneil on Dec 18, 2015


Felt like the character was made to sell toys. If Phasma was the trooper fought Finn with lightsaber it would of made the character better

John Henri Rivera on Dec 18, 2015


Absolutely loved it. It's basically what every Star Wars fan needed after the those other 3 came out. JJ did an amazing job. I was concerned when they cast Adam Driver but those were put to bed with his performance.

tyban81 on Dec 18, 2015


Adam Driver casting was very clever and fanttastic joice. And his villain is absolutely awesome WITH or WITHOUT the mask. Absolutely 3 dimensional. And REAL which (despite the obvious immaturity of the character) makes him kind of more terryfing than any other villain before. I had resevations too, but now? I totally love Kylo Ren.

Butchy Butch on Dec 18, 2015


He was terrifying and it was because he was out of control, a small bit of bad news and you may wind up on the hot end of a lightsaber. He will grow, he made his last push to the dark side when he killed Han. Now all he needs is proper training, something he will be getting between now and the next one. I think the actor did a very good job.

Higgens on Dec 19, 2015


Totally agree. IN fact Adam Driver was the best thing about this movie. His anger bursts and face expressions were well done. Even without makeup or a scar (which he know has).

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 19, 2015


Yeah, after that fight and the new scar, I couldn't stop thinking about how he was set up to be one of the coolest villains, if not the. I look forward to more of him.

Lar Rackell on Dec 19, 2015


I thought Daisy Ridley was, but Adam driver did a solid job... Good casting choices.

ari smulders on Dec 20, 2015


Loved the Kylo. Really stepped up the quality of the movie for me. Also, his lightsaber tantrums were epic.

TheOct8pus on Dec 21, 2015


Crap film. Daisy Ridley? Oh man....her acting was NOT good. And the film just didn't feel like Star Wars. And that villain...not scary at all.

Have Hope on Dec 18, 2015


Finally! I was beginning to think it was only me that hates this naive  remake of the most loved original Star Wars. It would've looked like a proper Desney's crap if Kylo was singing

Vlad on Dec 18, 2015


Di$ney man....their whole women's lib thing, and yes, they were too scared to try something new and interesting

Have Hope on Dec 18, 2015


Disney had sweet fuck all to do with this film. It was left to JJ and crew.

Ry on Dec 19, 2015


Stupid. They played it safe for the cash

Have Hope on Dec 19, 2015


Yeah something was off for me. I don't know if it was Daisy but that part where she closed her eyes for 10 secs... it really ate at me. Like did they really practice holding that scene. "10 secs, were good here!". Don't get me wrong most of the movie I was impressed, had my jaw wide open and was smiling. It just didn't feel like a star wars movie. It was fast and just didn't seem authentic. Then it was over. Pros: Liked the early ship fighting, cameos, bits of humor(death star size). Luke is back! Meh: Strong female lead movie. One guy lost his jacket and stormtroopers have hearts. Cons: lightsaber fighting(granted I guess everyone is learning). Pirate ship scene(we get cowboys). Dang that was a lot of steps...500+ Death star planet. Mr.Solo's(Yes I'm saying that as a joke because of Finn) death(liked how the sun did dim).

JOSH on Dec 18, 2015


Crap film. lol. You guys are a bunch of idiots. Sorry.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 18, 2015


Yes Sascha. I was an idiot to believe that Di$ney and JJ could make a SW movie. They made a movie to sell more Barbies and Kens to 6years old kids. Now go get yours.

Vlad on Dec 19, 2015


I never said I liked the movie, you wanker. But to just comment "crap" isn't really saying much. And please use your shitty wit on someone your own age and don't be calling me by my first name, twat.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 19, 2015


I really dont argue with Twats like yourself who throw out "its crap" without explaining what they didn't like. And BTW if you want to look witty and clever you gotta try a lot harder than that, VLAD.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 19, 2015


What's your fave SW film?

Ry on Dec 19, 2015


agreed,fools they are...

ari smulders on Dec 19, 2015


I'll say it again...CRAP. MOVIE.

Have Hope on Dec 19, 2015


I think we get that you didnt like it. Now you are just trolling.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 19, 2015


So crap and pointless that you guys take your time explaining why it was shit to "idiots". Tell me more how this movie didnt engage you in any way 😀

ErrorSapiens on Dec 19, 2015


Whatever you are having I want some of that. 😉

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 19, 2015


You still here? I rest my case 😉 You make it so easy.

ErrorSapiens on Dec 20, 2015


If this comment makes you feel 'smart' and 'witty'. From your original post its clear I would be just wasting my time. BTW - I am no fan of TFA.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 20, 2015


Your cheap master supression techniques don`t work with me. So Opaque. It´s okey though. You played all your cards with the first comment.

ErrorSapiens on Dec 20, 2015


Again, some anonymous troll off the internet. Lol. Whatever you opinion or shitty comments are, they are irrelevant. So yes, I played my card but you never had any to begin with. Now back into the troll cave.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 20, 2015


Here we are, your true face finally coming more and more into view. Sink and bait. You continue to use those cheap master supression techniques I see, and to even think my critisizm of ur "idiot" comment has anything to do about anonymity is so far fetched I wonder if you even belive that argument yourself. You claim to be a movie lover. So am I, and I like to think I respect other peoples opinions without devaluating theirs.. which basicly makes you the troll. And as smart as you are, I think you know it.

ErrorSapiens on Dec 20, 2015


Pretty much share your sentiments.. don't forget the cheap Han Solo death..

Ry on Dec 19, 2015


Handled poorly. I felt NOTHING when they killed him. Was sooooo telegraphed.

Have Hope on Dec 19, 2015


Dumb movie that will make a lot of money. I feel cheated, like I got robbed.

Have Hope on Dec 19, 2015


Yes. Robbed of child hood favorites and if they told us this was a remake of A New Hope I wouldn't have watched it at all.George Lucas went through hell to make the first SW and almost got sacked and broke. Spineless JJ made a cash generating one cheating all of us

Vlad on Dec 20, 2015


Abrams is a prick and a loser with no talent and about as much creativity as my left nut. If I was told that this would be a total rehash with the WORST FINALE FIGHT OF ALL TIME, I would have bootlegged the film

Have Hope on Dec 20, 2015


So, who is the master?

Higgens on Dec 18, 2015



Cyberdine on Dec 19, 2015


plageuis, or VERY similar lookin fella

ErrorSapiens on Dec 19, 2015


Disappointed. I feel the story should've catered more to the older group and they shouldn't been all split up either. Would have been epic to have everyone together and lead into new characters rather than just leading straight with new ones.. And killing Han Solo.. THE ACTUAL FUCK.. Sorry but it looks like it's just the OT for me.. the rest isn't canon as far as I'm concerned.

Ry on Dec 19, 2015


You people crying and moaning, I bet my money Han Solo isn't dead they didn't even show where he got stabbed on... he probably got stab on top right corner of collarbone and fell down, someone must have catch his ass under the fog cloud, Kylo Rei is still alive which is good, and that big ass brain guy who was under hologram still alive, and ending showing something that was unfinished meaning THE NEXT MOVIE likely all about Luke there will be 9th and 10th film don't worry...there so many theory behind that fucking films

Max Mahfouz on Dec 19, 2015


Rey might be Luke daughter 8D

Max Mahfouz on Dec 19, 2015


I think Rey is Kylo's sister...

Verithin on Dec 20, 2015


Sister in law*

capitandelespacio on Dec 28, 2015


he ded bro, even Leia knew it

OfficialJab on Dec 22, 2015


I loved it, Can't expect Harrison to sign on for two more movie's.. He's getting pretty old. Kylo acted a bit too much like a pussy, but other than that I liked the comedy and battle effects and Daisy Ridley brought a cool future apprentice to the screen. Didn't care for the old yellow headed alien with glasses, She looked a bit too fake. Overall I think they brought Star Wars back in a big way.. Better than all three of the disgraceful last three movies.

Shawn Cowan on Dec 19, 2015


I think he was a pussy, and meant to come off that way a bit, spoiled and angsty.

Higgens on Dec 19, 2015


It was a good movie I also loved it although they should not have any full CGI speaking characters...ever, I agree; it was the biggest mistake of the prequels so why even test it here? Now we have to deal with that giant orange headed mystic and Voldemort Snoke for 2 more movies. Stop it with the CGI characters already damn.

Zebra Fly on Dec 21, 2015


So JJ's calling card is.... whenever there is a beloved character that dies in a popular duo..... reverse it in some relaunch. If JJ ever does a Batman movie and Jason Todd is in it....Bruce's ass is toast.

Duane on Dec 19, 2015


People complained that Rey's force ability manifested a little too quickly. .. and that she was able to pilot the Falcon too easily. She was a scavenger who clearly was mechanically inclined. ..she had actual knowledge about the components of the ship. Also.... it isnt beyond the realm of possibility that Rey is actually a Solo...not a Skywalker.

Duane on Dec 19, 2015


Twin brothers, again, it's like poetry, so they rhyme.

capitandelespacio on Dec 19, 2015


She also speaks Wookie....a language that apparently not many speak (isn't that a running joke - "You can understand that thing?") ....maybe she knows Wookie, because she's heard it ever since she was a baby.

TheOct8pus on Dec 21, 2015


I scrapped with a couple people over the mindtrick scene. She did learn it quickly, but sorry to them if it seems like a copout, but it's in her genetics (allegedly!) that she will learn these things quickly. But also Ren mistakenly taught her how to do it in a really aggressive trial-by-fire way.

OfficialJab on Dec 22, 2015


I loved this film. While it may not technically be a perfect film (no Star Wars film is), it FEELS perfect. THAT'S what we should all want out of a SW movie. That feeling that we've returned to that universe that was perfect to us growing up with this franchise.

dangeer on Dec 19, 2015


its very well explained...

ari smulders on Dec 19, 2015


What was perfect???? The scavenger that was just scraping by and definetly malnutritioned and all of a sudden managed to outmaneuvere the imperial pilots and then defeat the quite powerful sith follower???? Or the deserteur rookie storm trooper that knew every detail of a top secret installation????? Or how they portrait Luke as a quiter who abandoned his friends after messing things up a bit?????? Or the big ONE. No one dropped a tear for dead Han Solo (apart from fellow cinema goers). They didn't seem to care. It was all smiles and farewell hugs?????

Vlad on Dec 19, 2015


It's a moooooooooooovie. A movie.

Quanah on Dec 19, 2015


I know it's a movie. But a good movie should have a GOOD story that even the prequels had(preferably new one ,not a copy) and apart from the mistical Force everything else must be plausible otherwise it's just a fairytale and I believe that Star Wars is much,much more than that. Or should say it used to as this blasphemy is out.

Vlad on Dec 19, 2015


If you've read the novels by D Karpyshyn or J Piceno for example you would know what I mean. May be they should've written the new one

Vlad on Dec 19, 2015


Oops. Meant J Luceno ( auto correct lol)

Vlad on Dec 19, 2015


Nailed it.. there's more though.. Han's death was just terrible. Stupidly set up and done without a care.

Ry on Dec 20, 2015


Well I don't have any urge to vehemently defend TFA because like my opinion on any of them, I thought it was fine. But to address a bit: 1- Rey was demonstrated to be trained in combat and engineering. No doubt has a knack for it for soon to be obvious reasons, but she wasn't a screwup before the story arrived. We will probably find out why she's an all-out prodigy, for reasons above her having the force. Also they showed Ren stopping the bullet which was probably a mistake, because they otherwise worked pretty hard to ensure the audience know that he is not really a powerful Sith apprentice, he's a wannabe sith who's all talk and knows a couple tricks. He's a weak immature apprentice in a Vader halloween costume. 2- Finn is a rookie in that he was on his first ground mission but he was trained in the facility from childhood, hence his capability and knowledge (somewhat) of the facility. Remember he didn't know about shutting down the shields, he lied. 3- We don't know about Luke yet, but it's not unthinkable that he quit after his school was ruined and students killed. It's all speculation right now, but I'm sure he'll be chided for what he did and then reveal even more of the details. We can't really comment on that as is, that's for the characters to do. 4- I agree with Han, but only for Chewie's angle. I thought he would have hung back from the crowd with Rey and Leia afterward and that would have satisfied me, but I don't really care because the death scene reactions were pretty big and I didn't want Han's death trampling the celebration of the entire system being saved by minutes. But again, I'm not in love with this movie. I liked it though.

OfficialJab on Dec 22, 2015


I didn't mind the parallels to ANH. That's the way life's full of history repeating itself. I think as the series grows those parallels will be less obvious. It's still it's own movie and was entertaining on its own merits. I think it's comical how much some people hate the movie and can't articulate why. Those that do articulate it I appreciate more, even though I categorically disagree with them. I guess I had zero expectations considering I had to throw out what I knew of the books post episode 6.

Quanah on Dec 19, 2015


That's not their fault though, people just know something's not right with it. There are lots of reasons why this fell flat.. and it has to do with the story and how badly it follows on from the originals. Not to say there wasn't a lot of good stuff.. but in my mind this film was set to be epic.. I was expecting something that truly felt like a continuation of my most favorite films.. and I didn't get that at all.

Ry on Dec 20, 2015


OMG the last shot, wtf? Walked out confused by it.

Higgens on Dec 19, 2015


So "happy" someone else noticed!

ErrorSapiens on Dec 19, 2015


Anybody who is complaining about this movie isn't a Star Wars fan because JJ and his team brought back everything that original fans fell in love with. Thank God he didn't try and Christopher Nolan/Zack Snyder this film... nothing against those guys or their work but, to quote Gerard Butler in '300' - THIS IS STAR WARS. It's supposed to be a popcorn flick, supposed to be a little convenient and corny and it's supposed to take you on far flung adventures. The visuals were amazing, the creatures... it was great. Was it original in every sense of the word... no, but it paid homage in all the right places and it sets up the next films to come amazingly. Here's hoping they're all as fun as this one was.

Verithin on Dec 19, 2015


I'm sorry, Nolan is > JJ. Snyder is shite.

ragethorn on Dec 19, 2015


JJ was he perfect guy for what this franchise needed... indeed, Disney chose wisely.

Verithin on Dec 20, 2015


Also, I love Nolan and Snyder in their own right... just not what this franchise needed.

Verithin on Dec 20, 2015


indeed, well said..

ari smulders on Dec 20, 2015


So Verithin you claim to be a true SW fan? Tell me please how do you feel now JJ Abrams has brought back the original characters only to disgrace them? Han Solo has abandoned his wife in her darkest time(her son turned into a murderer) having a late midlife crisis and only comes back when he bumps in Ray and Finn. Home is where your family is (the litle boy in me did like "Cewie we're home"though ) Luke hiding from responsibility, friends and sister that desperately needs him. And WHY are the good guys called the resistance? They won last time ,REMEMBER??? The Republic is back. Surely the First order is the resistance now and they kind of behave like one. Original SW was the beloved pop corn this is a blasphemy . JJ killed the little boy in me that was running around with a lightsaber in hand 35 years ago. RIP good old Star Wars

Vlad on Dec 20, 2015


You're exactly spot on. I'd class you as a true fan like myself.. In the real Star Wars universe.. it wouldn't have been this way at all. Han would never have lost the falcon.. he wouldn't have let his son "turn to the dark side" and he sure as hell wouldn't have been stupid enough to get himself killed in a situation that was obviously more precarious than his confrontation with Greedo.. And this isn't even the full extent of issues with this film. Sorry but... This wasn't the real story IMO.

Ry on Dec 20, 2015


In the real Star Wars nothing bad would ever happen? Haha.

Moss Doerksen on Dec 20, 2015


these guys arent rational Star Wars fans....if 4-6 came out today it would get picked apart soo fast by logic in the nitpicking going on.

desispeed on Dec 20, 2015


Yeah are you're just blinded sheep. Psssst.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 20, 2015


yup we're all sheep....ur too intelligent for the rest of us

desispeed on Dec 20, 2015


Yeah, there is plenty to complain about in the original trilogy if you are honest.

Moss Doerksen on Dec 20, 2015


Appreciated. There is hope then if more of us speak out in the coming weeks.

Vlad on Dec 20, 2015


I'm going to reply to everyone here by first saying that I enjoyed the movie. It was fun, it looked great, paid homage to the original trilogy and laid down a foundation for episodes 8 and 9. To those who think Han would never have left Leia in "her darkest time", I actually think it's quite common after a son "dies" for the parents to split up. You can't look at each other without being reminded of what you lost. We don't truly know why Luke went into hiding. It has to do with what happened to Kylo but I think there's a lot more to it then that. While I agree that there were a few too many cheesy moments throughout, and Han's death didn't hit me like I really wanted it to, the movie as a whole did exactly what I wanted it to. Once I heard the old cast was going to be involved I knew what we were going to be in for, so I don't know why everyone's so surprised. Yes, they could have had a more original story but you risk losing the original fan base who so deeply love the original trilogy. So yes, the movie was servicing the fans in many, many, ways. But my hope is that, now that they've laid the groundwork with some new characters and a familiar story, they'll start to go in a different direction with episodes 8 and 9. Which, now that I think about it, is probably why they went with a different writer/director crew in the form of Rian Johnson. JJ is known for taking something old and making it look new. Now he'll pass the torch to Rian Johnson who can take that and turn it into something original and something we haven't seen before. That's my hope at least.

AySpergz on Dec 21, 2015


It certainly made him appear very weak for someone whos an intergalactic smuggler.

Why? on Dec 22, 2015


Umm.. I absolutely adore 4-6.. but not this and I know of people that dislike it for similar reasons. It wasn't done as well as the original three.. I was hoping like hell.. but nope sorry. Still destroys any of the prequels but I don't think anything could live up to the original three now.. not that I don't want it to.. but because I don't think anyone can just nail it right..

Ry on Dec 20, 2015


You're absolutely right. No SW movie could ever live up the originals, but not for lack of trying. The feeling, the characters and most of all, the experience can never be recreated. Every future SW movie can only be a reminder of those originals....and that might not be a bad thing.

TheOct8pus on Dec 21, 2015


Are you really yelling? "The visuals were amazing, the creatures... it was great." Are you speaking of the Empire strikes back? Because I didn't see anything in TFA (aside from redesigned xwings, stormtroppers) that we haven't seen before. Oh wait, the cantina scene? Ah nope. Saw it before. Hmm. Snoke? wait. Lord of the rings? Xwings running into a Trench? hmm 1977? Meh

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 20, 2015


"Anybody who is complaining about this movie isn't a Star Wars fan..." Ahahaha Any one who really is a true Star Wars fan wouldn't even see this movie. Disney entirely disgraced any fans and the Star Wars universe with the making of this movie.

player2aj on Dec 25, 2015


I didn't knew this was a reboot of the original. Fan service and references. Even a bigger Death Star. It's ok, as the fan film this movie is, works. Not interested in watching any more of this saga in the theaters, I'll just wait the video release for the next 2.

capitandelespacio on Dec 19, 2015


Come on Captain! Are you still mad that JJ didn't cast Newt Gunray in the movie? Personally, I would have liked to see a Newt Gunray Force ghost...maybe in the next episode.

TheOct8pus on Dec 21, 2015


I did like this movie a lot. I'm worried they just re-do Empire and Jedi for the next ones. The best thing of this movie are the new characters, saying so, I'm worried they just play it safe and remake the originals just because it's what fans want. I don't care for the other 3 movies, the origin stories and spin-offs, which they all sound dreadful. And, yes, I'm worried we are lacking Neimoidians and endless politics speaches. George, we forgive you, please come back. (Joking, ofc)

capitandelespacio on Dec 21, 2015


Different directors and writers for 8 and 9 isn't it?

OfficialJab on Dec 22, 2015


Oh, yes, for 9 we are going to have the lovely Jurassic Worlds director... who did every reference and copied as much as he could from Jurassic Park. But, I'll give you that, not like JJ re creating Star Wars, Trevorourourur did a completely lifeless movie, boring to tears.

capitandelespacio on Dec 24, 2015


Whats the Starkiller supposed to do after it eats up its sun?

Higgens on Dec 19, 2015


Dunno... find another sun? Unfortunately now we will never know.

capitandelespacio on Dec 20, 2015


I'm pretty sure it would've discharged the suns energy and destroy the Resistance base planet. Like the deathstar in the first film. After that, dunno. It was a "real" planet, not a space stationn, so I guess they wouldn't be able to move around with it like with the deathstar?

D6 on Dec 20, 2015


Then again, if they have the power to drain a sun, they probably have the power to move a planet, I guess. 🙂

D6 on Dec 20, 2015


Yeah, I'm not sure it's a thing to worry that much. It was a planet this time, as you say, not a space station, so, what happens with its own orbit when the sun is gone and where they got the energy for shooting the thing and killing 5 planets at the start. This and other pointless questions will follow.

capitandelespacio on Dec 20, 2015


Move to the next one.

Ry on Dec 20, 2015


Keying up the next question, how? And at what speed?

Higgens on Dec 20, 2015


At what speed? Well, they'll take exactly two years from now to find another sun.

capitandelespacio on Dec 20, 2015


Not with that StarKiller. I mean, its a cool weapon and its functioning sort of like the Star Forge is cool as shit. But It just doesnt make sense as explained in the movie. It consumes the star, at which point it would need to find another, how do you move a planet to another sun in any sort of reasonable time frame. It bugs me.

Higgens on Dec 20, 2015


maybe it uses a part of the "sucked"power to fires AND the rest to move on after??? we'll never know anyway

Jul on Dec 21, 2015


But it seems to be just a planet. I think the idea of a base on a planet was a nice homage to the Death Star. If we overthink any of the Star Wars movies, even the classic trilogy, we are missing the point. Is more about the characters and not so much about the science fiction behind this universe.

capitandelespacio on Dec 21, 2015


Im guessing thats just what it is, dont over think and move past it. Leads back to another discussion I was having, Star Wars is not science fiction, its fantasy. To many things that "just are".

Higgens on Dec 21, 2015


Shit it out?

Cyberdine on Dec 21, 2015


Haters gonna hate. I actually thought it was a very enjoyable movie with perfectly explainable parallels. It makes sense... Loved the characters and how unfinished they are. It leaves a lot of space for them to develop, and that's what I hope happens in the next movie. Loved Rey who is obviously the new Luke but more capable and intelligent and with a definitive knack for the Force, a prodigy in sorts. Loved Finn (new Han) who's in it for himself first and for Rey second (still himself if you think about it) and the humour he brings. Love Kylo Ren as the new Vader who's very conflicted and teenage angsty and who I bet will renounce to the Dark Side just in time to die a heroic death. I was moved when Han got killed, I bought the symbolism and the pain in both him and Kylo Ren at that moment. I thought Leia looked tired (which makes sense in the movie) and finally when Luke appears I think he looks pretty badass. I think it's pretty clear he only disappeared himself because he was the ONLY living being in the universe still bringing balance to the force, if he actually died then it would be the final blow to an already frail balance. But that's just me musing. I also enjoyed the character of Poe who also has some Han traits to him but I still am not sure how he'll fit in the whole plot. All in all great movie. ps: Didn't see it in 3D. 3D is for suckers.

Huck PS on Dec 20, 2015


Nah. I don't care how you turn and twist it, TFA is one giant piece of lazy filmmaking. But we already knew that JJ steals story lines (into darkness) and pays 'homages' (super 8). I could go into details as to why this movie is a remake and not a sequel but really if you loved it, I am happy for you. I expected more. I expected something original and innovative. Instead JJ gave us ANH (2015 edition). Sounds lame I know but a lot of people I know agree with that. And BTW - haters gonna hate. What does that even imply? That because I disagree with your view, I hate everything automatically anyways? you don't see me calling you Sheep will be sheep. Right? I love movies. Esp. the OT. But I also love good, innovative film making and TFA was not innovative (IMO).

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 20, 2015


"3D is for suckers" Ugh - THANK you. 2D 70mm was THA SHIT. So immersive. (even with ~400 of your closest friends) ;P

avconsumer2 on Dec 24, 2015


SPOILERS AHOY I cant understand some people. they hate on the prequels for not feeling like star wars then complain this is just a re hash of a new hope and use that to ignore everything good about the film. I know this isn’t everybody, in fact the majority of people seem to either like or love it but there is a contingent of fans who it seems cannot be pleased with anything...ever. This film is great, it's heartfelt, action packed, entertaining and is stuffed full of great performances. the pressure on this film was incredible and the fact it is half as good as it is a miracle. Did JJ play it a little safe? sure but he blends the old and new very well and sets the course for an even better follow up. To dismiss this film as a rehash / remake with no new ideas is horribly unfair. To me a think it is a very elegant inverse parallel of the first two star wars films, it use the basic structure of a new hope to weave an intricate new story. Georg Lucas always said star wars was like poetry it should rhyme, this succeeds in introducing a new contingent of great likable character and re introducing fan favourites. It echoes the past in an interesting way while adding plenty of originality and differences to the characters. Other then the Death star at the end it is actually very surface level in the way it parallels the old films. As one example (I have many) A droid gets given top secret plans and comes across Rey who starts off on a desert planet and gets drawn in to a grand adventure, familiar right, yeah except that’s the extent of the similarity. everything else in the opening is different, her character traits and personality are DIFFERENT, the way events play out ARE DIFFERENT, the pacing and structure of the opening act is DIFFERENT. Like I said they are surface level similarity’s. In the end it doesn’t matter, I have loved star wars since I was a kid and I loved this film. Its well made, well acted, and entreating. seriously what FUCKING MORE DO YOU WANT!!! Plus Han dying broke my heart and I cant wait to see the rest of Kylos story, is he Vader? nope he is far more interesting. So in conclusion any 44 year old whiney, unhappy, impossible to please original trilogy only purists who are crying foul and giving this film zeroes on metacritic please take your impossible expectations and irrational ignorant refusal to see the good in this film and go FUCK YOURSELF WITH IT. If you aren’t one of these people please ignore those comments, if you are please shove them up your ass!

Closerempeor16 on Dec 20, 2015


Is Kylo the apprentice that ruinned Luke's new Jedi school and made Luke run away? How the hell did Finn go from wearing a Stormtrooper outfit to help save the galaxy? You can't learn the force that easily Rey.

Daniel Jenkins on Dec 20, 2015


I left with the same questions...and a handful more. I'm sure they'll be answered in future installments....if they start selling tickets to episode 8 tomorrow, I guarantee people will start buying them.

TheOct8pus on Dec 21, 2015


Yes from the flashback and explanation I'm assuming KyloBen is the apprentice that ruined it. I did wonder that about Finn as well, why him, of all the storm troopers? What made him go against the seeming brainwashing and conditioning that was done to all the others, but he was the only one to fight it?

Serijag on Dec 21, 2015


Loved the movie. Hated THAT death. WTF JJ Abrams.

Fox on Dec 20, 2015


It had to be done....but yeah. It was hard to watch, especially if you think of that character in the original trilogy.

TheOct8pus on Dec 21, 2015


It was probably more Ford than Abrams. He wanted his character to die after the whole carbonite situation in the originals but Lucas said no. He didn't want to come back to the new movies but once he talked to Abrams and was showed the script he decided to come back because he liked it. I'm assuming it's because of that death that he did come back. Super said though not saying I wanted it by any means haha. I'm going to miss him so much in the new EU books and comics, his stories in the now Legacy EU were some of my all time favorites 🙁

Serijag on Dec 21, 2015


I was right JJ doesn't know how to handle space or what to do with it. Very little stras is those wars were. The story and plot is nice. All and all very entertaining Disney movie.

Alpivan on Dec 21, 2015


I enjoyed it. As many have said before it was entertaining, it was exciting and it made me laugh. Yes after seeing it there are things that I think it could have been handled better. Phasma could have done a bit more with her cool outfit, Chewie could have got physically angry and roughed up some hapless stormtroopers after the death scene but overall it's solid and safe and I don't think we could have asked for more than that. It takes an incredibly brave person to go a bit too mad with the first one in a hugely lucrative franchise so maybe the main story will always be safer and it will be left to the breakaway standalone films to push the envelope a little bit more. A thoroughly enjoyable film and one that will probably get another viewing at the cinema. Best film of the year for me? - probably not.

Payne by name on Dec 21, 2015


What to say....greatly enjoyed it. Fun, quality film. My thoughts leaving the theater were that the Star Wars we grew up with will never be the same. It just can't....and that's not necessarily a bad thing. The cast of the originals are elderly and if we want the universe to continue, we need new blood pumped into the galaxy. The Force Awakens succeeded in doing this - in setting up future installments, and defining the world in which they will take place. What I liked: The cast. Everyone involved, from Daisy, to Boyega, to Adam Driver, to Harrison Ford - everyone did a fantastic job and played really well together. The young cast really breathed new life into this dusty old franchise. The tone. So much of the prequels were filled with dry, flat dialogue and lackluster over-polished visuals that sucked the soul out of the movie. There is none of that here. The fear, danger and darkness is real - it's not forced the way Lucas did in the prequels...and the comic relief coming from Han Solo, Boyega and even Kylo Ren during one of his tantrums is such a breath of fresh air which captures a lot of the spirit of the originals. The settings, Every location in this movie is obviously real, and JJ uses location beautifully. The worlds we see are lived in, and the background characters are actually alive and there. Never do you get the impression that the actors are standing in front of a picture speaking their lines. They're actually in the desert, in the forest, in a spaceship. Nicely done. What I didn't like so much: At times, the story unfolded a bit too neatly. For months we've speculated about how Rey and Finn ended up aboard the Millennium Falcon....the answer was rather disappointing to me. Also, why does everybody have to be secretly related? It's like there's only one bloodline in the universe where people are talented at controlling the Force....but I can overlook all that stuff....because.... I really, really disliked Snoke. I felt that he was completely out of place. He looks like a reject from I Am Legend. What is he? If he's a human, then why did they go the CG route? If he's an alien, then why is he so HUMAN looking? They could have designed a scarier looking alien. And if he's going to appear to them as a hologram, then why represent him as a 3D giant? A grainy floating head or torso (like the Emperor in Empire) would have been more in line with previous Star Wars villains and would have added some mystery to him as well. Loose ends. The Force Awakens doesn't really stand on its own the way a New Hope did. I guess at this point in the saga, all movies are episodic, meaning they lead into something else. I felt that The Force Awakens had a bit too many loose ends, and left us with more questions than we had before the movie started. Who is Rey’s family and why doesn’t she have any memory of them? Why is Rey so adept at using the Force and wielding a lightsaber? She’s obviously trained. Why did Finn have a conscience? How was Kylo Ren driven to the Dark Side? Who’s Snoke? What happened to Phasma? What’s Luke’s deal? What’s the deal with Kaz Manata- does she play a bigger part in the Rey story? Do Mon Calamari smell like fish? The last scene - as emotional as it was - felt like it was tacked on just so we could see Luke, but ultimately left me teased and unsatisfied - not the way you want to feel after such an epic film. And finally, my biggest peeve of the movie: why did nobody hug Chewbacca? When he got back to the Alliance base, he walked right past Leia and she didn't even pet the guy! He just went through the worst trauma of his life and nobody stopped to comfort him! Poor Chewie - he doesn't get a medal, and doesn't even get condolences from his friends. Poor bastard's probably gonna be crying himself to sleep for the next 2 years. There, there, Chewie, everything’s gonna be alright. Pat, pat.

TheOct8pus on Dec 21, 2015


Your list of dislikes is longer than mine and yet you claim to have enjoyed the film!!???? Make up your mind

Vlad on Dec 21, 2015


Haha! Thanks for reading! I'm probably gonna go see it again soon. Yes. There were some things I disliked, but my likes outweighed the dislikes substantially

TheOct8pus on Dec 21, 2015


Re: wookiee hugz... I think you're anthropomorphizing him a bit cause of the fur, he's not a teddy bear, he's a wookiee. His friggin' best friend was deceivingly murdered by his shit-head emo son / Vader wannabe. It was literally just hours ago at that point. I've had folks close to me die (not even murdered!), and the sadness doesn't hit till later. He's a wookiee on a fuckin' mission yo. Chewey is pissed. Hellbent on justice/revenge.

avconsumer2 on Dec 24, 2015


What's the point of posting what you think when all a certain group of people do is trash it because they think it is the cool thing to do.... I have read all the reviews both positive and negative and after seeing it last night the only thing I can conclude is the negative people on here clearly are nothing more than trolls who like to hear themselves talk. It was a great movie, deserving of the name Star Wars!

Chris McDermid on Dec 21, 2015


I agree 100%

Eric Williamson on Dec 27, 2015


There is no way I can sift through all these comments since I only just saw it last night. I loved the movie, though it felt a little safe, probably since it's a Disney property now. I thought it was a bit too long, that certain scenes were long for lengths sake, and some fat could have been trimmed and still been relevant. Also, the entire "scary aliens" that Han and Chewie had that were accidentaly release to cause havoc...that entire sequence could have been cut since it did nothing to move the plot along, it only served to give a brief ides as to what the two of them had been doing for the past decade or so, and could have been left to a mystery and revealed once Han and Leia had been reunited. I suppose after 30 years they wanted to include as much Star Wars in this film as possible. Also, due to the long scenes and obvious foreshadowing, I had figured out the big twists and shocks before they happened. The moment Leia told Han to tell their son to come home if he saw him was the moment I knew Han would die, and confirmed when he and Chewie split up to set bombs, something they rarely do. I'm ok with his death, someone important had to die I think, just a little bummed that I knew it would happen 20 minutes before it did. Overall, I did love the movie, the special effects enhanced the movie's sets and practical effects, not dominate the movie like the prequels, and I think the Star Wars movie universe will continue to be in good hands.

theslayer5150 on Dec 21, 2015


Loved the movie, saw it 3 times within 24 hours. Cannot wait until more infomation on the next ones are released. And I'll be waiting to read all the new EU (RIP all my favorite Legacy EU stories). So much stuff left unanswered...but that's obviously because it's a whole new opening for hundreds of stories so not really upset about that, just hoping lots of stuff are going to be expanded upon. One thing I noticed that bothered me...Po and Finn should have died when they left the Star Destroyer in the TIE fighter. TIE fighters don't have atmosphere in them hence whenever you see an Imperial or First Order pilot they are wearing that breathing piece. I thought maybe after 30 years they would have upgraded that point but then later in the film you see 2 pilots wearing them. Just a little something I noticed.

Serijag on Dec 21, 2015


LOL maybe in 30 years the Empire figured out how to build a better Tie Fighter but only the prototype that they stole? That theft set research and development back by a decade.

bumboclot on Dec 24, 2015


Good story - my only gripe was its tone. I can forgive a little to much in the connections with ANH, but It seemed way to dark in my opinion and not really a kid friendly movie that Stars Wars should be.

Steven on Dec 21, 2015


Tight action sequences with little character development/story in between, I never had time to settle down it was just all go go go, but an awesome go admittedly.

Matthew on Dec 21, 2015


As someone that saw the original series and they came out, I have waited 30+ years for this episode. If you take this movie on its own merit, Great movie. But it is supposed to be a continuation of the series. There were too many things that were just rehashes/ retreads of the original series. It felt like they they are trying to force the new characters into the mold of the originals. I am truly torn on this movie. On one hand I loved it, on the other disappointed..

David Alan on Dec 22, 2015


Same here, saw the originals when they came out and although I didn't let myself get caught up in the hype I am still torn days after seeing it. In the end Star Wars is not just a movie but an experience.. so if I add it all up I would give the movie a 7 to 7.5. Regardless, I am glad I was around to see the next chapter and hope to make a few more.

Tester on Dec 23, 2015


Problem is they should have made this 5 years after JEDI, obviously. Now they have no choice but to force a new generation of characters into the story! The way they did it was not disappointing at all, just that it had to be done.

bumboclot on Dec 24, 2015


Indeed. I gotta say, probably one of Lucas' biggest fuck-ups (maybe even trumping the prequels), not screenwriting/producing some of the EU in a timely manner (or at all.) Gonna have to go back & reread the Thrawn / Timothy Zahn books.

avconsumer2 on Dec 24, 2015


Didn't like the last shot specifically. I liked the shots of Luke's face and Rey holding out the saber, but the distant spinning shot looked awful imo.

OfficialJab on Dec 22, 2015


Wow you nailed that on the head. I thought it was a great, powerful scene until it started the spinning around them. It messed it up. To cut to end credits while spinning was dumb.

LightningB on Dec 23, 2015


heh - it was a bit odd for a SW ending scene.

avconsumer2 on Dec 24, 2015


Since all has been said and done I will just add 10/10 worth the wait wow what a movie.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 22, 2015


Nothing special imho ... yes it most definitely was a good movie but not mind blowing enough for me to say it was better, or even nearly as good, as many I've seen. 6 out of 10 for me and that's being generous.

Scott Cofrancisco on Dec 23, 2015


Jar Jar Abrams killed SW and its EU.As simple as that. From now on I'll boycott anything coming out of disney and its subsidaries . Save your children and grandchildren and do the same.

Vlad on Dec 24, 2015


This is so true. Just imagine all those authors, artists and others whose work was just thrown out the window.

player2aj on Dec 25, 2015


The minor problem I had with the story was the same as Ep 4 - a planet is destroyed and some huge amount of (tens of billions perhaps?) people die with little more than a casual remark. I get why that was done, they wanted to keep the plot moving, and not show people standing around crying about it. Other than that I really enjoyed the artistic work and acting of all involved. JJ had some amazing camera work that rivaled Ep 5 for the best looking movie of the series. Every new character is already more engaging than either Padme or Annakin. The actual story? Well that will mostly be decided by how the sequels play out.

bumboclot on Dec 24, 2015


My thing with the planet destruction - nay, an entire SYSTEM... if you'll remember, Obi-Wan felt the destruction of Alderaan very clearly and caused him obvious physical discomfort! We know Leia is "force sensitive", but she's all "meh!", but can clearly feel when you know who dies. (lol - I still can't "spoil" it) But yeah, minor nitpickin's.

avconsumer2 on Dec 24, 2015


Yeah maybe if Rey suddenly stopped running for a second and felt something it would have honored the dead like Obi Wan did. But mostly it's the audience that has no concept of what Alderaan or this planet are.

bumboclot on Dec 26, 2015


Episode IV was the first movie I ever saw in a theater. (Thanks Mom for bringing my booster seat!) I grew up eating and breathing SW / Lucasfilm. Practically chose a career path from being such a Ben Burtt / Skywalker Sound fan. Given those things, I was very mindful of keeping my expectations in check - to the point of attempting not to have any. Limited my trailer watching to the teaser alone. DID make travel arrangements to see it at the Branson IMAX (2D 70mm), which was a phenomenal presentation. That being said, I was quite happy with Mr. Abrams work. Bravo. Encore. Sure, there were nit picks here and there, and the story did seem rather close to the original in maybe a few too many ways, but meh. Overall, I think he should be very proud, and I will see it again in theaters, and purchase the BD.

avconsumer2 on Dec 24, 2015


I really liked the new characters, Finn and Rey. Other than that I was disappointed. It had a weak story, very weak villains and they misused the original cast. Too many coincidences and even the final battle was boring. I went back to watch it a 2nd time just to see if I was being to harsh but it still fell flat. I am as big a fan as anyone. I still have my original trilogy VHS boxset. This one didn't have the magic. Sorry, a missed opportunity.

cs on Dec 25, 2015


This is the first time im seeing SW in theaters. I think its a great way to bring new fans, unfortunately Sw doesn't actually need new fans. Im someone who usually can never predict an point of the plot whatsoever and I gotta say I figured everything out-still I loved the characters especially Finn-he's totally lovable. This is still gonna be an exciting ride.

Barbara Ruiz on Dec 26, 2015


I don't know why I expected this to be good. JJ Abrams should consider a career change; accounting might suit someone like him without an imagination.

rabbit_ears on Dec 30, 2015


why is there a map to luke, who made it, how, when, how did max von sydow get it, why did he only have part of it and R2 the other, what if luke had gone somewhere else before they put the map together. and why give 3PO a red arm?

Britain Roush on Dec 30, 2015


Like a dry slice of bread and a warm glass of water, you will survive till the next meal but trust it can only improve.

Tony Malin on Jan 1, 2016


JJ Abrams is officially now the new Jar-Jar. Wow. That blew.

Peter Simon Kim on Jan 1, 2016


I was 8 years old in 77 when i saw star wars. It blew my mind. So grateful to revisit this world today. i have similar views as many to the retread of the original film. Unnecessary and a bit disappointing. Movies should be about the story telling. But again i loved going to this galaxy far away and i can't wait for more. But i will add... where the hell was Leia??... "your sister has it." In the originals her character was a ballsy, feisty woman. Face slap Han after walking out. Have her kick a little ass or fire off a salty quip or two. She was simply matronly and had no character. This has nothing to say about Carrie's age ( she looked great!) and everything to do with the disservice done her by the script.

fasterpetey on Jan 3, 2016


Han needed to give Kylo a good slap. Some good bits though between the nostalgia porn. Someone went full Michael Bay at the end on the baton pass, 97 camera angles was a bit much.

Carpola on Jan 5, 2016


Very enjoyable, however the story seemed recycled. I would have preferred a unique story rather than a story that seemed to hit all the notes the fans wanted. Also I find Rey is a one-dimensional character with minimal character arc. She seems "bad-ass" from start to finish. I think this is becoming a common trait among recent movies where they are trying to get away from the "damsel-in-distress" role, but the way to overcome that is not to do the complete opposite "bad-ass" role. Kylo Ren had the more complex role, I found his role more intriguing, which is great if he is the focus of the film, but it is Rey who is the focus of the film.

Anser Ahmedi on Jan 7, 2016

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