Sound Off: Marvel Studio's 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' - Your Thoughts?

May 1, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "There is only one path to peace… your extinction." Now playing around the world is Marvel Studio's Avengers: Age of Ultron, the highly-anticipated sequel to Joss Whedon's The Avengers from 2012. The whole cast is back for a superhero team-up unlike anything, but this time the villain is a creation of their own. Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, Chris Evans as Cap, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Don Cheadle as War Machine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver, Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany as Vision. Directed by Joss Whedon. So how is it? Better than the first? Once you've seen it, leave a comment with your thoughts on Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

To fuel the fire, I was considerably let down by Avengers: Age of Ultron, mostly because it doesn't really amount to much nor does it ever top the first Avengers movie in any way. I'm not sure if it's just one big continuing setup for Thanos, or what, but it feels like another filler movie to just progress everything. Even the action never tops the first one, with the best fight scene being Hulk vs Iron Man, but beyond that the rest is a bit like "that's it?" which seemed odd for this sequel. It feels like it is way too much of a product of Disney more than Marvel; while being a darker story it still plays to overly safe family guidelines, right down to superheroes with a family and saving kids. Vision is awesome, but appears at the end and is barely shown.

Aside from Vision, I did enjoy Ultron's voice, by James Spader. It was cool to see him play it so casually, and not robotically, so to say. Though I'm fairly sure Artificial Intelligence was covered so much better in Ex Machina. Whedon makes some good choices here and there, with a few great moments. Scarlet Witch was weird, and Quicksilver was way better in X-Men: Days of Future Past, but they have some nice moments at the end. I do still like the way they use with the Hulk character, but not all of it works, though I dug his interactions with Scarlett Johansson in this. The most I can say is that I had fun watching, it is an epically entertaining movie with all the cheesy fangasm moments you'd expect (Thor's Hammer! so funny). But beyond that? It's rather forgettable. I agree with pretty much everything in this Talkhouse illustrated review.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

What did you think of Marvel Studio's Avengers: Age of Ultron? Bigger & better, or terrible?
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nice said!

ari smulders on May 1, 2015


a honest review, thanks...

ari smulders on May 1, 2015


Well looks like someone didn't experience this movie in IMAX 3D. The experience was beyond amazing and while yes the film did feel rushed at times it was still a blast to watch the entire team back together once again. I do say Scarlet Witch was a major highlight being one of the new characters to the roster and Ultron as a villain was perfect. He was menacing with a little bit of satire and wit to his personality. A filler movie? Then you might as well call every other Marvel movie before simply a filler movie to progress to the next one. The action doesn't top the first? The action was miles better than the first film are you kidding me!? The new cinematography and new direction really helped because I always thought the first film had this "plaster" gloss to it. That opening tracking shot with the entire team together battling in the snow. Hulk vs Hulkbuster, The mini highway chase fight with Cap vs Ultron, and that ending battle sequence with waves of Ultron bots coming at them and the way it was shot...that was miles more than the first film. I can't recall any other spectacular fight sequences in the first Avengers other than the final battle scene, but even that I felt was lacking a bit. Iron Man vs Cap vs Thor, Thor vs Hulk, those were just like mini battles while exciting to watch these characters fight for the first time not quite exhilarating. Avengers Age of Ultron simply put, is a major step up and what the first film should have been.

Jordan Odinson on May 1, 2015


I really don't know what there is to complain about IMAX 3D. Maybe your screening didn't have a proper IMAX 3D but for me the IMAX 3D made it feel like a true superhero experience, like a roller coaster ride and your sitting right on the edge. It wasn't an eye popping experience to say where your constantly ducking and dodging things left to right but I did definitely notice more depth in the image. This is exactly one of the many reasons why I go to a theater, for things like IMAX 3D. But oh well I guess IMAX 3D and or 3D is not for everyone. If I have to go out a long way to the theater just to see a movie and it's showing in IMAX 3D or 3D then yeah I'll take it.

Jordan Odinson on May 1, 2015


also I have found that most aren't paying $20 for a movie . So if you want a theatre with NO kids , and maybe never more than half-full , IMAX is the way to go

Dominic on May 3, 2015


Here's a complaint: the tinted glasses. They rob luminosity from the screen. The glasses dulled Liam Neeson's shimmer in those trite Titans movies, they reduce the energetic glow of lightsabers, they generally rob a bit of visual beauty out of every inch of the screen, giant IMAX or not. Every single 3D movie I've been to I've found myself at some point lifting the glasses up to see the (sometimes significant) difference in brightness. The benefit does not outweigh the downside for me, Give me IMAX 2D any day!

kevjohn on May 5, 2015


Couldn't agree more. I'd love a big 2-D screening. 3D is only for excitable children.

Payne by name on May 2, 2015


I agree, I did not understand why the Ex-Machina comparison was made. Two different movies all together.

Simple Sam on May 1, 2015


awesome in IMAX ..worth the $20.. just the 3-d or standard versions , prob aren't good enough , with all the SFX here. Vision was great ! he had to be 'turned" right away , as the pacing of the movie doesn't allow for him to be on Ultron's side first - that;s for ScarletWitch and Quicksilver ... and Ultron repays them by destroying their city ... anyone who wanted more Hawkeye or Black Widow were satisfied ; with the scenes at Barton's "Safe House " , he was shown as maybe the luckiest of the Avengers , personally . He "Grounded" them at a time they needed it .. A character DIES , in a not-coming-back way - I won't say who , but it proves Marvel is trying not to stick to their usual cliches of anyone who dies coming back, like I have seen complained about elsewhere .. Pressure form the "New DC " ? it is paced and written EXACTLY as it would have been , in a 5-isue story arc in the CBs .. ur in the theatre for two and a 1/2 hours but u won't notice it so much .. more Back story on Natasha to prove she is as much " Monster " as the Hulk ..Hulk overcomes her "influence " tho , highlighting that Banner's brain is taking more control of the monster . somebody told me he fell asleep during it ! but they needed those personal scenes to balance out the action ; I had no problem with them. the Big Three have their usual issues ; Tony's responsible for the world-shaker this time , not Thor .. ..the ONE bad plot hole ? the scene we saw in the previews , where Thor saves a woman by Throwing her up to Cap on a bridge NO WAY he doesn't wrench her arm out of its socket , nor that Cap could catch her with one hand , while hanging off the end of the bridge , without the impact pulling him off, or breaking that chunk of he bridge ... esp since he catches SAME arm .. she shouldn't have been able to pull herself up over Cap a minor flaw ; otherwise you should Love this movie per a previous page - if DC wishes to catch Marvel , business-wise ..their movies will have to match this one ..

Dominic on May 1, 2015


you are so right. the concept of a city flying in the sky was so realistic but was ruined by the physics of Cap catching a women. don't these writers understand how important real world science is in a super hero movie?

MrKuel on May 1, 2015


Its funny where people draw the line. That scene actually annoyed me too but the scene that bothered me the most is even more nitpicking. Stark saying to Hawkeye about monitoring frequency's for black widow then her actually getting a signal out. Of all the stupid unrealistic bullshit in this movie I've no idea why that scene bothers me so much haha.

Runadumb on May 3, 2015


hmm I took the assumption , that Ultron didn't bother checking Natasha for little tools like that , ON PURPOSE . as the goal was to Make the Avengers come To Segovia . also it was to show that even the Non-Super Powered characters , can do some " tricks " that save the day ... I did trip over that for a sec , but obv Ultron was smarter than that ..don't kill her ; use her as bait

Dominic on May 3, 2015


I thought it was visually more attractive and interesting than its predecessor, but the plot lost some oomph because of its wider (but more shallow) focus than the last one. And although I'm sad to again see a faceless army, having another worthy main villain is an incredibly important plus.

Snev De la Fontaine on May 1, 2015


I'm pretty sure he mentions ex machina in the article because they both feature artificial intelligence, and also, to recommend a movie he thinks deserves more viewers, in an article that will naturally gravitate more readers, which would be good for the director/writer to be able to make more original movies. Unfortunately, a more likely scenario, would be the director, now noticed by the suits of hollywood, being put to work on some super hero movie. Also: I haven't seen the new super hero movie, and most likely won't in theaters. They aren't my thing.

tree on May 1, 2015


Didn't he do DREDD? That was awesome.

Bennycrime on May 1, 2015


Dredd was awesome...

ari smulders on May 3, 2015


A R rated dredd is how dredd should be, all my male friends found it heavy and hard hitting, so it supposed to be! You're welcome!

ari smulders on May 3, 2015


Loved it, had a lot of fun. Hulk Vs IronMan....Oh man what a fun fight. I loved Vision. Spader as Ultron was fucking great. Hawkeye having a bigger role was cool. Will be interesting to see where we go from here, and how we get to Civil War. Banner 100% in the wind, Tony taking a big break from the looks.

Brian Sleider on May 1, 2015


Very heavily character driven. Very fun and entertaining. Loved seeing Episode 7 trailer on IMAX in 3-D. Fun day. I farted about 11 times in the theater and about killed a woman next to me. That extra tidbit is a bonus. You're welcome.

Quanah on May 1, 2015


It started with a bang that slowly fizzled out into whimper. Entertaining yes but didn't progress the universe at all. Winter Soldier and GOTG are still the best movies in the MCU. Some scenes with the Hulk seemed unfinished. CGI for the Hulk seemed better in the first movie. Storyline had a few holes in it and it was almost a carbon copy of the first one with a few more people in it. The action scenes were amazing but the pacing was off in between. I still dont know how or why Iron Man rejoined after the ending of IM3. Made me feel giddy and warm on the inside seeing the Avengers fighting side by side but after coming down from the heights of being fanboy it was a pretty forgettable movie.

TK on May 1, 2015


"didn't progress the universe at all" i think u didn't pay too close attention ...what it progressed , was the story line about the Gems , and why they'll be seeing Thanos soon .. besides all their personal connections progressing some . they even built up a little animosity between Cap and IM , since u know their face-off movie is coming ... This is where i think you and "I'm not sure if it's just one big continuing setup for Thanos, or what, but it feels like another filler movie to just progress everything." Alex here , are missing it : EVERY Comic was always written as a Progression of stories over the same Theme .. what this would have been in the CBs , is a 5-6 issue story arc that prob would never really end . Since maybe Thanos is resurrected( for example ) , or some other villian enters the fray with similar purpose . So in this OVERALL storyline , the Purpose has always been the power of the Gems . The separate stories of Avengers 1 and 2 , GoTG , parts of AOS , and Thor 1 and 2 Are All written with this theme in mind ... keeps ya hooked , and buying more comics . Maybe one u never bought before , but they were " crossed over " into this storyline of a book u did buy .. That;s what I felt like Watching the movie ; that this was like Reading a Comic Book , on a big screen - with somebody else flipping the pages. .... The pacing that others hated , seems fine to me The interlocking stories of one main theme , over several "products " , Is what Was missing from CB movies before ; sorry u DC fans who want separate universes for some characters ... That became a Business Model that didn't work in the CB industry .. For another example , who wants to watch Star Trek 2 ? , without seeing 3 and 4 after ...

Dominic on May 2, 2015


It's one thing progressing a story, it's another to make the audience feel like they are treading water until the next big thing.

Payne by name on May 2, 2015


;?) welcome to the MOVIE version of Comic Book World .. basically because I could buy about 6 CBs , for what i paid for the movie .. but it cost a lot more to make the movie than that random 6 issues of any CB series ... Comics treat you pretty much the same way , reading certain series . just a slower tread , with a quicker "next fix "

Dominic on May 3, 2015


Yes they tread a very fine line with this. Why did Thanos let the scepter go when he had it knowing it had one of the stones? How and why did Tony Stark rejoin the team when he clearly left in IM3? You can't really compare comic books to these movies considering you have to wait 3 years for the next one to come out. But great for Disney though to cash in and with Infinity Wars being two parts...Winner. There are many ways they could have gone with this and no I am not a comic buff but I have read Civil War and The Infinity War. I got more satisfaction out of reading those in terms of story then the movie. Civil War is an amazing story arc and quite complex. That little tension they showed in the movie between IM and CA? Same tension as the first movie. I didn't really need this movie to tell me there was tension between them. Vision could have easily appeared in Ant-Man and skipped this movie and no one would have been the wiser.

TK on May 2, 2015


Ex Machina because they both deal with the question of what happens when you create artificial intelligence and it takes over, or can it take over, and with Ultron it does, it's like the same plot, about AI "oh look what we've created, humans are puny, AI forever!" Safe indeed, but it could've been better, I was just let down. (And I think Ex Machina, among many other films, is much better.)

Alex Billington on May 1, 2015


I liked that in response to all of the comments after A1 that Hawkeye was a pointless part of the team, not only did that come up in dialogue, but in order to remedy it they didn't make him more superhuman and over-talented, they humanized him even more. A very very thoughtful choice.

OfficialJab on May 1, 2015


good scripting , in reply to criticisms form the last movie ..even set up more by his injury , and Avengers' comments later

Dominic on May 2, 2015


Good movie. A littled rushed in some parts. Liked how Hawkeye was treated. Loved the Vision.

Miguel Garay Boszeta on May 1, 2015


You are a monumentally stupid person.

davidshaw on May 1, 2015


So there

OfficialJab on May 2, 2015


Says the guy who doesn't understand how Disqus works

GandolfsLeg on May 3, 2015


the biggest problem with the movie is that they teased so much of it that there were ZERO surprises by the time you saw the movie... the movie fell flat but it's because all the stuff that would have wowed and amped us up was already known in their entirety. to wit: - hulk buster armor. that was a genuinely cool idea whose cool ran out 5 months ago. - paul bettany as vision. the implications of that struck most of us INSTANTLY and it was such a terrific idea for a cinematic universe version of his origin story. and all of this ingenuity was worn out months ago too. - quicksilver was undermined by xmen's quicksilver... this version pretty much sucked in comparison. the movie really is chock full of really good, fanboy pleasing... IDEAS... but like a soda that's been left out for a day, it's all just flat by the time opening day rolled around. especially since it already had such enormous audience good will, this movie really should have just kept most of this under wraps for much much longer. imo, it's a lesser movie than the first and far lesser than winter soldier which imo, is maybe the best marvel film so far. and man, i think winter soldier is the last time i can tolerate the themes from 9/11 being the subject matter of super hero movies... basically ALL the modern super hero movies are essentially about 9/11 in one way or another and from dialog to visuals, you simply can't escape that conclusion. but come on... let it go. time to move on. let's get on with it.

jin choung on May 1, 2015


"it felt like Iron Man 2" whoa whoa whoa... let's not say things we can't take back....

jin choung on May 1, 2015


Loved it. Very Character driven but it wasn't too much that it would overload the rest of the movie. James Spader always makes a good bad guy even if it was just his voice. Hulk needs his own movie. It looked like to me where he was flying that he had turned into grey hulk. Hawkeye always needed more attention.

tyban81 on May 1, 2015


Overall a good movie, not a great one. Best line "Ultron multiply faster than a catholic rabbit" by Iron Man. MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD CONSIDERING STORY. * In the first Avengers movie the Chitauri chief said to Loki " he who put the scepter in your hands". Meaning Thanos give Loki the scepter and as we now know there is an Infinity stone in the scepter. Why would Thanos do that after traveling the Universe there and back to collect the stones himself. Unless he also has the gift of foresight and know that, that stone will end up on Earth and on Earth the final battle over the reign over the Universe is going the happen. The stone did end up on earth and created a powerful hero in Vision and a hell of a match for Thanos. I don't think Thanos would give up a stone even as a strategic move. So that makes this imho a bad story point and almost destroys the whole Infinity War story. * So, Ultron takes control over Jarvis and in doing so Ulton has also the control over Veronica. Iron Man could not use his Hulkbuster suit. Right. Btw I think Thor is a far better match in fighting Hulk. He just can grab him and fly him off to an isolated region of the 9 Realms to let him cool down and bring him back to the Earth again. Or in fighting the Hulk, Thor finds a way to place the hammer on the breast of the Hulk and he will not be able to stand up again. I like the actor RDjr. I begin to hate Tony Stark. Mr. Stark where the fuck is your hommage to Yinsin. You're only alive thanks to him. If Ulton could build a robot army in that amount of time, so could Tony Stark rebuild his Iron Legion. Looking forward to your replies. Greetings,

PARANAM on May 1, 2015


well 1st Param , the line about Catholic rabbits , was made by Fury Loki had convinced Thanos he would rule Asgard with it ( u forgot the scene ) . so Thanos is stupid ...UNDERSTAND tho if characters don't do something stupid there is NO story ... ...Veronica would be a separate entity from Jeeves , which is why it was in orbit . credit Stark to looking ahead to IF Jeeves failed him , that is all IM couldn't fly too well , while he was holding Hulk , could he ? and if I was Heimdall , I'd be Pissed that Thor bought Hulk to the Golden Bridge ... obv Stark has robotic construction facilities ; Ultron just focused them better .

Dominic on May 2, 2015


Where did Banner go to?

redskulllives on May 2, 2015


Lol no idea

Bounty 4 Zuckuss on May 2, 2015


Hopefully to make a Hulk movie

Danimal on May 4, 2015


My review of the film:

Richard Newby on May 2, 2015


7 or 7.5 out of 10. Falls below Avengers, GOTG, Winter Soldier at least.

Bounty 4 Zuckuss on May 2, 2015


Didn't feel like a Whedon film, there were little glimmers but not as whitty or fresh as the first movie. Typical sequel stuff.

Bounty 4 Zuckuss on May 2, 2015


awesome movie

Amaru Ortiz on May 2, 2015


Looking at both as standalone movies, I'd have to choose the first one. However, they are all part of something bigger and that's what I felt after AoU was over. It felt like part of something bigger while the first one didn't feel like that for me. I believe Age of Ultron will become even better on multiple viewings once Civil War, and others like Black Panther, Ragnarok, GotG 2, have been released

Neuromancer on May 2, 2015


I kind of felt the way I did after watching Empire Strikes Back the first time. Unsettled. Knowing a fell wind is starting to blow that will change things a lot.

Brian Sleider on May 2, 2015


you just compared this to Empire Strikes Back? HAHAHAHAHAHH

GandolfsLeg on May 3, 2015


I compared the feeling I had after Empire to the feeling I had after AoU.

Brian Sleider on May 3, 2015


and u said the FIRST time , denoting that as you watched ESB more , you began to like /appreciate it more? i would agree with that ; going back to watch the little things u missed the 1st time , is always good . Like , I only remember one Product Placement but don't remember what scene it was , as I was watching the characters more than the background

Dominic on May 3, 2015


When I walked away from Empire the first time, I had a feeling of unease, things were not well with our heroes. While over all AoU ended on an high note with the reveal of the new Avengers. Prior to that we have Banner 100% in the wind, Stark looking like he is done, a dead hero and the knowledge that something big is cooking with the Infinity Stones. I walked out with a similar sense of unease. I do not mean, at all, to compare Empire to AoU in terms of quality.

Brian Sleider on May 3, 2015


ahh but it's not like there were all new Jedi Knights , ready to take over as the lead in the story from Solo Leia and Luke the Avengers as a team we never "static" . Thor was in Asgard at times, Hulk Would go off on his own Stark always had issues , etc .. of course there was always a new villain on the horizon ; what u bring up about that "dead hero " nobody is talking about much ( spoilers i guess ) . that hero had his " away moments " too , but the Crew isn't even giving him a chance to be on the team at all ... An un-signed actor issue ? , or will he only show up in XMen movies ... so no worries , the team is fine . Viz keeps the Power level up , if Thor is not around .. And if SW is replacing Hawkeye , it's a power boost ..Quite different from the ending of TESB

Dominic on May 6, 2015


It seemed to be a film without direction. Just a whole pile of stuff tossed together and hope the actors carry it the rest of the way. I had big hopes but it seemed underwhelming. And who edited this claptrap? It was confusing to every movie goer that wasn't an orgasmic comic book geek. Nothing seemed to gel. Good movie, but could have been way better. Is Marvel losing their touch?

Guest on May 2, 2015


Seen in twice here in South Korea. Both times I have pretty much lukewarm on it. I was baffled by the awful CGI in the introduction. I thought Strucker was wasted for no reason. I didn't understand the Banner/Romanov relationship. I laughed at some of the product placement, especially when Bruce was shaving. Ultron was really cool, but I didn't understand his motivations. The Vision was really cool, but I didn't understand why he couldn't just obliterate all the Ultron bots right off the bat. I liked Sirkus. I liked the Twins. I thought the best scene was the Hulk Vs. Hulk-buster Iron Man. I didn't like all the setup for the future films. I didn't get why they needed the whole South Korea nonsense (obviously SK government paid them a lot). Overall, it was okay, a lot of my dislikes were minor, and were mitigated by the experience as a whole.

DAVIDPD on May 2, 2015


sigh u weren't paying attention ... the bots didn't matter Ultron's consciousness in the internet WAS the problem ..and if Viz had just SoulGem'd everyone then the others would have nothing to do .. On a scripting tool level , you always need a character to come back in the story , JUST in the nick of time Thor when they were bickering about awakening Viz Ultron had knocked him away after Viz had put the thumbs in his eyes , Remember ? so Viz was Supposedly hurt/knocked out somewhere , coming back to save Thor . Viz did keep Track of every robot , tho why they needed to destroy Two Cities ? because Avengers are BigTime and their conflicts have huge scope ..having some fight in a field wasn't enough , or not only One city destroyed ( did that in 1 ) Strucker was devalued , I guess , as he should have been as old as Red Skull would be ..again a STAPLE of Comic Book scripting , is the easy fight u look badazz in , followed by the hard one which u get ur azz kicked ...all to set up the winning finale ...

Dominic on May 3, 2015


I am glad you enjoyed the film. Your understanding of it is clear.

DAVIDPD on May 3, 2015


Every scene seem like a rush to get to the next. The first avengers was so well done thisbonenshowes you exactly what people were afraid was going to happen to the first. Too any characters with too much story to tell. The acting in some of it seemed like first takes and the movie when it did slow down seemed like it was to deliver a one liner. This character leaves to have visions in a pond for no reason. The movie needed to be an hour longer. Hawk eyes story was out of place. I get it! Character development. Great add him to one of the franchises to expand upon it. It just seemed pointless as Beuce Banner taking off at the end. The love interest between banner and widow was pointless. Never should have been put in. It was like oh hey we like each other. Oh here I am to save you. Okay bye. Gillian ultron there was no time to get to hate him as a villain

locsphere on May 2, 2015


and it will be 3 hours , on the BluRay .. the Banner-Widow thing , is just to remind you that pretty people can be just as monstrous as ugly green ones ; and that is the reason Nat can be attracted to Bruce ..psychologically and YES they DID just make this movie to tie into others ones ! and to make you spend money - that's their job .. jeez the base criticism seems to come from people who NEVER read comic books have no basis for this type of story pacing , or specifcally the tensions among the Avenger members actually Both Avenger moves , GOTG , both Thor movies , and some of the narrative in Agents of Shield IS ALLL to Advance the same story : the Infinity Gems and those who chase them ..I.e. Thanos interlocking stories weaving around a similar event but with meaningful events for individuals , is what CB Scripters do for breakfast ..and all good authors

Dominic on May 3, 2015


Maybe it will be better as a longer version but the version that Marvel released at the cinema feels sub standard and they should be called out on that rather than letting them off because once again there's something even better further down the line.

Payne by name on May 4, 2015


I will see it next week, yes still going. But I think after watching the kingsman with Colin firth I will disappointed. Totally blown away by it by the historical fight scene in the church, it was mesmerizing like the fight scene in banshee episode 3 of season 3! What a great and fun movie to watch,age of Ultron can't be better...

ari smulders on May 3, 2015


I have to say that Kingsman is still my favourite film of the year.

Payne by name on May 4, 2015


It's a damn good and fun movie to watch!

ari smulders on May 4, 2015


Both feature AI moron

GandolfsLeg on May 3, 2015


It was a flawed but good film overall. Ultimately the movie suffered from too much baggage. Too many plot elements, too many characters, too many overlong action scenes,a rushed pace and too much set up for Phase 3 that all gets in the way of the drama. But there is still enough emotion to get invested, the writing/direction is strong,and it's entertaining so for me the movie strikes a weird balance of both underwhelming and satisfying.

Azim Abou-Khalil on May 3, 2015


Better than the first. More mature direction, themes. Even a little funnier.

Jon Odishaw on May 3, 2015


In most ways it was better than the first. A more complex, mature film. The action sequences and the visuals were executed in a superior fashion, as were the characters and the 'team dynamic' in general. Beyond that, in some structural aspects, the first was superior. With Age of Ultron, you can tell they were really trying to tighten the belt of the running time as much as possible, and they may have done so a BIT too much as some story threads just needed a LITTLE bit more time to fill them out. If there is any truth to the 'extended edition' rumor, though...I have a feeling that cut of the film might be improved from the theatrical cut....which is already fantastic.

Chris Groves on May 3, 2015


the problem with Hollywood today is EVERY movie of this " caliber " , is better when u see the Extended Version or its Deleted Scenes....most that hate "Prometheus" for example , would be advised to see its BluRay deleted scenes , as the the tone of the movie then moves closer to "Alien" , Not "Aliens " ... just another $20 you have to spend

Dominic on May 3, 2015


To be honest, there are plenty of cases where the 'extended editions' just add more. Sometimes deleted scenes don't make a difference, and I don't think they would have with Prometheus. They might with Age of Ultron.

Chris Groves on May 3, 2015


I tend to agree with you most of the time and this is no exception. A more mature film is exactly how I described it. and Visually it was much better, the action sequences were excellent.

Jon Odishaw on May 4, 2015


Thanks. Hey, great minds think alike!

Chris Groves on May 4, 2015


Why are people lying? This movie was an atrocious mess like Iron Man 3.

Onechi on May 3, 2015


Yea I agree, although not as bad as IM3 but it's in the same catogory.

Bounty 4 Zuckuss on May 3, 2015


I had a great time. It had better plot and 3x more funny one liners than the first if you can believe it. Comparing this to Ex Machina is just dumb. They're totally different genres of film.

ion677 on May 3, 2015


Maybe it was the theater I was in, but the dialog was largely garbled, muddy and unintelligible, to my experience. May have just been a bad PA system, but I'll have to rent it and listen to it again on headphones to hear all of the dialog. They should make sure that the actors don't mumble their lines, and that the quiet audio is as audible as the fight scenes, crashes and bangs.

Ronald D. Bain on May 4, 2015


I had no trouble hearing the Lines

Sky on May 4, 2015


Luckily for the Avengers, General Grievous, I mean, Ultron turned out to be a dumbass.

TheOct8pus on May 4, 2015


Not much more to add other than I enjoyed the movie very much even though there were a few plot holes and questions. Thor wasn't quite sure where Jane Foster was, but knew exactly where to find Selvig? And Selvig knew exactly where to find the mysterious pool of water that explained everything to Thor without explaining anything to us. There is more that I wont get into due to it being covered already or just to small to be a big deal. There is a certain level of the suspension of disbelief when watching a movie like this, otherwise you would not enjoy it at all. And for a two and a half hour movie, I can only imagine what was cut for time.

theslayer5150 on May 4, 2015


I also just realized that with all the speculation of who the black woman was in the trailer (presumably Black Panther's sister) in that pool of water, that scene was cut from the movie, as I did not see any reference at all other than the pool itself that Thor was in.

theslayer5150 on May 4, 2015


I love the new rooster!!! 🙂 Falcon and War-Machine still rock and Vision and Scarlet Witch are awesome! Can't wait to see them in action together.

Dubmaster2010 on May 12, 2015


Why the hell does hawkeye have a family? Hes married to mokingbird. This is stupid as hell

Armstrong Wiggins on May 18, 2015

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