Sound Off: Paul Feig's 'Spy' with Melissa McCarthy - Your Thoughts?

June 5, 2015

Paul Feig's Spy Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Unlike any spy you've never seen before. Now playing in theaters everywhere is Paul Feig's new comedy Spy, yet another spoof on the spy movie genre. This time Melissa McCarthy takes the lead, going out in the field on a job as an agent when the men aren't up to the task. The cast includes Jason Statham & Jude Law as spies, plus Miranda Hart, Rose Byrne, Julian Miller and Morena Baccarin. So how is this action comedy? Better than expected? Or a complete mess? McCarthy at her best or worst? Once you've seen it, leave a comment with your thoughts on Paul Feig's Spy.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this movie!

To start the discussion, I really enjoyed Paul Feig's Spy. It's one of the better comedies this summer, and flips the spy movie formula on its head in a really refreshing way. Kingsman is a riff on spy movies that goes in one direction, while Spy goes in the exact opposite, focusing on the ridiculous stereotypes and cliches that usually make spy movies so entertaining. It's a very smart, fun action-comedy that I wasn't expecting to be as intelligent as it was. I should have learned my lesson by now, as Paul Feig is really the talent behind this, and he's the one responsible for bringing us such impressive humor. Also, Jason Statham is hilarious in this.

From Jeremy's review of Spy: "Statham, the evening star of Spy's comic cast, is so successful with what he's going for here due to a beautiful combination of ridiculous anecdotes and sincerity of his character, a secret agent who, according to himself, has pulled off some amazing feats in his day. You kind of believe his wild claims, because you're convinced Ford believes them. Who's gonna question Jason Statham, anyway, right?"

Paul Feig's Spy

What did you think of Paul Feig's Spy? One of the best comedies this year or one of the worst?
We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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Friggen hilarious 10/10. go see it 🙂

MoeWhoa on Jun 5, 2015


I am soooo confused. The trailers make this look downright horrible. If it really is as good as everyone says, the team that made those trailers should be kicked out of Hollywood.

jlw034 on Jun 5, 2015


Right. The trailer did nothing to dispel my preconception that this was another 90 minutes of fat woman falling over while cursing.

eurogibbon on Jun 6, 2015


LOL. Gold. Thank you.

DAVIDPD on Jun 6, 2015


I couldn't agree more!! Who the hell was in charge there??

jay on Jun 6, 2015


If I see her name on anything it's an instant "no watch" for me...

Bl00dwerK on Jun 6, 2015


Same here. Can't stand her.

grimjob on Jun 6, 2015


One of the funniest movies I have seen in the last few years. Awesome. Go see this movie. You will laugh your ass off. I never knew Jason Statham could be funny.

tyban81 on Jun 5, 2015


It is great movie! Definitely one of the funniest so far this year!

Ron on Jun 6, 2015


Melissa McCarthy is hilarious! And she is smart, down to earth... incredibly talented AND riding the dream on top a lightning rod she plucked from the sky Herself! And she pretty much only makes movies with all the fun words in them! I can't wait to see Her latest...

Jo Bealder on Jun 6, 2015


Since birdman I will never ever believe a critic again, because that movie realy realy sucked the life out of you with his arogance and irritating soundtrack. It was the most terrible movie I've seen in a decade and it won a Oscar!! So the rating on imbd and Rotten Tomatoes are pivotal for me. And the ratings are very good, so people like Melisa McCarthy and only one reason :she is funny or otherwise people will leave her for dead. And must say I found the heat very enjoyable, so this one I will see also. In fact :can't wait!

ari smulders on Jun 7, 2015


Not sure what it is that you are saying here. You will never believe a critic again after Birdman yet the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes are pivotal to you???

Payne by name on Jun 9, 2015


Sorry you are right ofcourse... Not Rotten Tomatoes...

ari smulders on Jun 9, 2015


I feel the same way about Will Ferrell. Both him and McCarthy are one joke ponies repeated over and over and over in every movie and different costumes.

Jason on Jun 7, 2015


I've heard Melissa interviewed on Howard Stern and while I find her to be a funny person with an endearing personality, her performances are painfully unfunny and irritating. But she does seem to appeal to a certain audience.

cuckoozey on Jun 7, 2015


I've heard it said with regards to McCarthy that finally we have a 'real' leading lady; that is to say, a leading lady that more closely resembles what a 'real' woman looks like; as opposed to say Scarlet Johanson. And I find this insulting, as now all woman under 150 pounds or so are no longer considered to be 'real'. Absurd! And I am quite sure this is not what McCarthy set out to do, as this is the same discrimination oppositely stated. Yes, Melissa McCarthy is fat. And so was Eddie Murphy black. And so was Robert De Niro uptight (in His comedies)... and so was David Spade scrawny... and so too is McCarthy's costar Byrne super hot... and every one of these actors are representatives of the 'real' world that I live in. I am glad Melissa McCarthy is making movies. She makes me laugh. But She is not a 'real' woman any more than Johanson is. They BOTH are.

Jo Bealder on Jun 8, 2015


I enjoyed it. Perfect light summer movie entertainment. Definitely not the laugh riot that Bridesmaids was, but there were still plenty of laughs fun moments to make this a very enjoyable ride. Statham's character and delivery were very funny and a big surprise. Great opening and closing credit sequences too!

Movie Bear on Jun 8, 2015


Wouldn't go to see if you paid me. Every movie from her is exactly the same jokes, skits and "oh no the fat lady fell down"

Guest on Jun 8, 2015

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