'Star Wars' is No Longer About the Rebel Alliance Versus the Empire

April 17, 2015
Source: SlashFilm

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In the original Star Wars trilogy, the battle was always between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. But after the events of Return of the Jedi, it looked like the Empire was finally defeated. However, as we've seen in the most recent trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, about 30 years after the second Death Star was destroyed, there are still remnants of the Empire, complete with new stormtroopers, including a bad ass chome stormtrooper with a cape, and a mysterious new villain named Kylo Ren. Well, thanks to an exhibit at Star Wars Celebration, we have information where the Rebels and the Empire stand.

At Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, there's a little exhibit that has some of the models of the ships and costumes of new characters we've seen so far in the trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Well, SlashFilm noticed the little placards alongside some of the pieces have a little information about the film and the two forces who are still fighting each other. Here's evidence of the two new but familiar factions:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

That's right, the Rebel Alliance is now known as The Resistance, as evidenced by that slightly modified X-Wing description, and the Empire is now known as The First Order, which just sounds menacing. And all of the stormtrooper armor on display at Celebration has them listed as troops of The First Order, and their emblem is on that red flag we saw in the recent teaser trailer. It's not a mind-blowing revelation, but it's something that will be ingrained in our heads for years to come. But now the question is, who is in command of The First Order and The Resistance? Surely we'll hear more about that in the months to come. If you want a more in-depth look at the costumes and new details, check out this great post by SlashFilm from Star Wars Celebration with a bunch of photos. Thoughts?

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First Order makes me think there is a religious aspect to the new "empire" Maybe some sort of sith worship?

Brian Sleider on Apr 17, 2015


I think you're right about that. The Jedi and Sith were always fundamentally religious in their beliefs and ways of life. It's no surprise that after the fall of the Empire, the remaining sides would cling to the only thing left - their beliefs.

TheOct8pus on Apr 17, 2015


I have not and will not read this article, but I just came here to ask you to please avoid frigging spoilers in the title of your news. I want to know as little as possible about the upcoming Star Wars movie before it hits theatres, and I wish I hadn't read your title.

Paul K. on Apr 17, 2015


Time to turn off the Internet then.

Bryan "bytehead" Price on Apr 17, 2015


My normal use of the rest of the internet did not spoil me that we were not going to see the Rebel Alliance vs the Empire. This news' title did.

Paul K. on Apr 18, 2015


I guess your definition of spoilers is much like everybody's definition of spam. It's information (email) that you don't want. I don't consider the title, or the other information in this article, to be spoilers. If you don't want any more new information about the movie, quitting the Internet is about the only thing that will save you on that. As far as I'm concerned, if you saw the title, then yeah, you saw it through your regular Internet use. Period.

Bryan "bytehead" Price on Apr 18, 2015


I'm perfectly fine with you not considering the title to be a spoiler. By the very definition of the word found in the Merriam-Webster dictionary (which is not my definition, by the way), it still is a spoiler. I didn't say I did not want any more new information, I said I'd like as little as possible - I will of course learn more about the movie through regular internet use, and that's unavoidable and not too much of a problem since I'll probably escape learning about major plot points. Since it would be really easy to also avoid giving out information in news titles on this website, though, I posted a comment asking the writer if he could pay attention to details like that. Exactly what is supposed to be the problem?

Paul K. on Apr 18, 2015


This is not a spoiler, and we haven't put any spoilers in this article. This is basic information that anyone who watches the trailers, sees the action figures, and all the other marketing materials leading up to the film, will know by the time the movie is released. We don't post spoilers in headlines and we never will. If you don't want to know ANYTHING about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, quit reading the internet.

Ethan Anderton on Apr 17, 2015


It is a spoiler, since a spoiler is defined as "information about the plot of a motion picture or TV program that can spoil a viewer's sense of surprise or suspense". That Episode VII will not be about the Rebel Alliance vs the Empire is a MAJOR plot point, which you have just spoiled for me. I watched both teasers and did not know this. Episode VII is probably one of the most anticipated movies in recent years, and I really don't think I'm asking too much by asking you to simply avoid directly mentioning in your titles plot points you want to discuss. Writing "[Star Wars Spoiler] *the actual title*" or "SW EP VII: New plot elements emerge" would be two ways of warning readers that they will encounter spoilers if they read on.

Paul K. on Apr 17, 2015


If you actually read the article then you would understand that the film is obviously still about conflicting sides, as they trailers already indicate, but they just aren't called the Rebel Alliance and The Empire anymore. That's what the headline means. And that's what you get for just reading a headline and inferring information. If knowing the names of two factions who are fighting each other in a film that you likely already know is about two opposing sides fighting each other is a spoiler to you, then you probably shouldn't read anything ever again. It would be like crying because you know The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies has five armies fighting and you know what the armies are.

Ethan Anderton on Apr 17, 2015


First, I just presented you with the definition of a spoiler, proving that it is indeed a spoiler, so no, I'm clearly not wrong. Second, the other people reacting here probably wanted to learn about the information they're now discussing, so it's hardly unexpected that they're not complaining about the said spoiler. Third, I obviously knew that the film would take place in a context of armed conflict, but the point is that I did not know whether the opposing sides would still be the Rebel Alliance and the Empire or not. Between whom the opposition is going to be is obviously a MAJOR plot point, and writing a headline which spoils that it is not going to be between the Alliance and the Empire means that people who did not want to know this now do. I'm not "inferring information" from the headline. The headline is the information. That's the entire point. Fourth, the situation is completely different from a film like The Hobbit 3, for which the source material is already widely known, and for which the factions had largely already been featured as such. Fifth, I'm not "crying". I'm a long-time reader of this site who is disappointed to have learned something I did not want to learn about SW Ep. VII because of a headline that could easily have been changed to prevent potentially unwanted information to be immediately received by readers browsing through article titles. Please stop addressing me like I'm some kind of moronic 12-year-old who is barely worth your time. If your position is that you will continue posting titles with spoilers, even though it would be incredibly easy to find simple workarounds (as I explained earlier), just say so instead of replying to me condescendingly.

Paul K. on Apr 17, 2015


Dude, you are being ridiculous.

denverchris on Apr 18, 2015


It's pretty clear what my stance is. Not every single piece of information about a movie that you don't know is a spoiler just because you don't know that piece of information. And clearly everyone else in this thread agrees. The Rebels and Empire just have different names. Deal with it. Move on. Grow up.

Ethan Anderton on Apr 18, 2015


Again, I presented you with the definition of what a spoiler is, and I explained to you why the title you used qualified as such. I also already addressed why other posters here didn't mind it, so I'm not sure why you're repeating yourself. I really don't think it's too much to ask to pay a little attention to the information you're releasing in news titles about one of the most anticipated movies of the year. But I do find it particularly ironic that you're telling me to "grow up" when 1) you're apparently incapable of accepting that one of your readers is voicing criticism of one of your titles, and 2) you can't help replying to that reader with a condescending tone and ad hominem attacks. Yes, clearly I'm the one who should "grow up". The only reason I bothered making a comment here is because is a website I very much enjoy reading daily, and more to the point because I think its staff is competent, passionate, driven, and engages with its readers. This led me to believe that you would understand where the fan that I am might be coming from. Even if you disagree with me and don't plan on changing how you write your titles, you could easily have replied to me by saying something along the lines of "I understand your point, and I'm sorry you feel spoilered ("spoilt"?), but I felt this was not too revealing and I had to include some information in the title indicating what the article was about". I would still have felt that the title could have been more vague, but I would have felt that you were engaging sympathetically with me, I would have agreed to disagree and you'd have my respect. Instead, you decided to flat-out call me "wrong", which I'm not, told me to "quit reading the internet", and now told me to "grow up". I appreciate the work you do here, but you are the one who was not only unprofessional but even rather childish in this exchange, so I can only offer you to take your own advice.

Paul K. on Apr 18, 2015



SubSumeYou on Apr 17, 2015


haha, why would you come to a movie news site then?! Boggles the mind

desispeed on Apr 17, 2015


Because movie news site don't necessarily have to put movie spoilers in their news titles, and news aren't necessarily about plot details.

Paul K. on Apr 17, 2015


just by seeing the trailer posted in a post on the main page with a screen cap showing action scenes of the movie you have already been spoiled. You now know how a character looks like which lends to the plot of the movie in question. This thought process makes no sense if you are trying to avoid spoilers to retain whatever you consider to be the best movie experience. Your doing yourself a disservice

desispeed on Apr 17, 2015


Please do not attempt to equate, in terms of plot importance, "how a character looks like" with the fact that the opposition structuring the entire first trilogy is not going to structure Episode VII. You're grasping at straws at this point.

Paul K. on Apr 17, 2015


no you are being ridiculous and have no clue what is considered the "line" of being spoiled.....stop hyperboling about how your movie experience is being ruined by a title that didn't even tell you what the article contained. Of course you decided to post on this topic and spoiled yourself once again by having to see the contents!!

desispeed on Apr 17, 2015


You've now turned to ad hominems and no longer have any actual points to put forward. I just explained to you the difference in terms of plot importance of the example you gave and of what was just spoiled here, and you have no counter. Also, like I said earlier, I did not read the contents of the article, only the title, which was enough of a spoiler.

Paul K. on Apr 17, 2015


SW is the biggest movie of 2015 and your hitting up movie sites having to close your eyes going thru when reading the news cause you don't want to be spoiled......well some things are ok like pictures but plot points are a no no. Why would anyone put them thru soo much nonsense is beyond me

desispeed on Apr 17, 2015


You're repeating, in an even less articulate way, what you already said before. I'm not "hitting up movie sites", I'm visiting the one movie site I've been reading for years, and all I'm asking is to avoid spoiling plot elements in news titles. Is there something you still don't understand about this?

Paul K. on Apr 17, 2015


hey Star Wars 7 "Force Awakens" ....the title has now revealed a ton about the plot and is a major spoiler I'm sure in your world.....are you gonna cry?!!

desispeed on Apr 17, 2015


I see you've abandoned all hope of coming up with actual points. Glad to see you concede.

Paul K. on Apr 18, 2015



SubSumeYou on Apr 17, 2015


He's just here to see his own drama play out with everyone, sheesh, you help a fellow out and next they smack you for it. SMDH

SubSumeYou on Apr 17, 2015


If seeing a trailer or reading news about a movie might be spoilery to you, why are you here?

Brian Sleider on Apr 17, 2015


Because usually I can choose to avoid getting spoilered when I don't want to get spoilered by not clicking on article titles. In this case, the information I did not want to read was in the article title.

Paul K. on Apr 17, 2015


You should really begin exercising self control and ban yourself, AT THIS POINT NOW, otherwise, you're a typical hypocrite.

SubSumeYou on Apr 17, 2015


How exactly is asking to avoid spoilers in titles supposed to make me a hypocrite? Perhaps you're the one who should begin exercising enough self-control to think about what you're saying before posting.

Paul K. on Apr 18, 2015


I had thought what happened after RotJ was written out long ago, or was that just unofficial expanded universe? I wasn't expecting so much never before seen material.

PyroDark on Apr 17, 2015


expanded universe and Lucasfilms decided to make all of that non the EU heir to the empire series remnants of the empire basically fight the new republic

desispeed on Apr 17, 2015


EU is not cannon. All that stuff is in the trash.

Brian Sleider on Apr 17, 2015


The Rebel Alliance was probably abandoned after the downfall of the Empire at the end of the last movie. Darth Vader has a twin brother and takes control of the Communists Under New Tyrannical Sect which sends out inquisitors to eradicate all known Jedi Knights and their families. Han Solo has seven children who are training to be Jedi Knights by Luke Skywalker at Deasnay Temple as Chewie decides to help Han fight on Jakku. The evil Lord Syn Mokarfee sends out inquisitors to keep control of the House of Geequanerds.

Mike Zarquon on Apr 17, 2015


No. Stop talking.

stevecharb on Apr 18, 2015


The resistance? They couldn't think of anything more creative?

India312 on Apr 17, 2015


The Resisty?

David Vigil on Apr 17, 2015


I thought this was a given?

DAVIDPD on Apr 17, 2015


'Star Wars' is No Longer About the Rebel Alliance Versus the Empire, It's Now About the Good Guys Versus the Bad Guys

BNN667 on Apr 17, 2015


Like it always did...

ari smulders on Apr 18, 2015


Is the same shit...

Miguel Garay Boszeta on Apr 17, 2015


So basically - same shit, different names.

Trey Wilson on Apr 17, 2015


Its cash verses the credit card...

Fritz on Apr 17, 2015


Well someone is at that podium. Magnification please.

Why? on Apr 18, 2015


Despite their best efforts,I think the Rebel Alliance still is dealing with pockets of the galaxy that stayed loyal to the Empire despite its destruction..that's what it looks like and although the EU is non-canon..with so much of that material out there,the new movies even though without even trying are probably going to touch upon plot points used there even though it'll be accidentally. How can there be Sith lords without Darth Sidious?....Anyone that becomes powerful enough with the Force will at some point be tempted by the dark look at the mirror within so to say.

Jeff Bauer on Apr 18, 2015


Kylo Ren could've come from the Unknown Regions. My star wars history is a bit rusty, but for all we know this is a rebirth of the sith empire. when i saw the mask he was wearing i had to double take because i thought it was Darth Revan

LibertarianSocialism on Apr 18, 2015


I am only glad that George lucas isn't on board anymore... In his new version han solo would fight against a teletubbie sith Lord to expand his billions...

ari smulders on Apr 18, 2015


Oh yeah, cause JJ Abrhams and Disney are in it for the art of story telling

derangedmilk on Jul 23, 2015


For the money or not for the money, Star Wars is in better hands with Abrams. Star Wars was good *despite* Lucas, not because of him. Shit, he'd probably have a teletubby Sith Lord just because he thinks it'd be cool. And the teletubby would be a thinly veiled knock on Muslims or something. Lucas does love his Racial Caricatures In Space.

The Pygmy on Aug 28, 2015


Why bring back the whole Rebel Alliance (the Resistance) vs. the Empire conflict again? After thirty years? Why be so unoriginal?

rosie1843 on Jul 3, 2015


Now that you've probably seen the movie, you know why.

Vorastra on Dec 29, 2015

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