Tarantino Announces Ennio Morricone is Scoring 'The Hateful Eight'

July 11, 2015

The Hateful Eight

Holy crap!!!!! At the end of his Hall H presentation at Comic-Con 2015 for his new movie The Hateful Eight, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino announced that legendary Italian composer Ennio Morricone is writing and recording an original western score for the movie. Quentin said that Ennio is currently writing the score now, and will be recording it in a few weeks in Prague. The film is set for a "roadshow" 70mm release in limited theaters starting Christmas Day later this year. In his previous films, Tarantino has used some of Morricone's scores from other work (that wasn't written for the actual film). Now he's finally getting his chance to get a brand new, original score from Morricone for his own western. I cannot wait to hear it.

As a longtime fan of Ennio Morricone, this is incredible news. Tarantino confirmed during the presentation that this would be Morricone's first original western score in 40 years. Many may recall some choice words that Morricone had for Tarantino after being asked about using his music in his films. But apparently the two made up, or talked things out, or just became friends, as it's officially happening. Which is kind of legendary in and of itself. Tarantino's The Hateful Eight is also shot in ultra-panavision 70mm, the 11th film ever to be shot in this format. They used the very same lenses also used on Ben-Hur. It looks stunning, and it's definitely going to be an unforgettable theatrical experience later this year. We'll see you in December.

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Reader Feedback - 16 Comments


Nice. i remember sitting at my dad's feet on the floor beside the sofa watching endless westerns with the amazing music by Morricone. This will be good.

Carpola on Jul 11, 2015


I remember watching my dad IN those amazing westerns....he always got shot.

TheOct8pus on Jul 13, 2015


Cool. Kind of. 🙂 Was he always playing an outlaw?

Carpola on Jul 13, 2015


Yes. He always played the bandit....often the Mexican bandido....

TheOct8pus on Jul 14, 2015


That's great! I bet he perfected the chest clutch and roll. Did you ever visit a set?

Carpola on Jul 14, 2015


I never visited any of the western sets because I wasn't born yet. I did however go to Sergio Leone's house a lot when I was kid. He always had these huge Sunday lunches....but I was on the set of Fellini's last film ( I was probably 8 years old at the time)

TheOct8pus on Jul 14, 2015



Carpola on Jul 14, 2015


Very cool. If you're going to do a proper homage, why not get the original Western composer?! Haha! Great news this is.

DAVIDPD on Jul 11, 2015


Frickin awesome

Jim Dawkins on Jul 11, 2015


Haha! Oh, so good. I somehow got even more excited for this.

grimjob on Jul 12, 2015


For me, Morricone's best score is for the Leone/DeNiro film Once Upon A Time In America. That film is a masterpiece and the score is haunting while quite beautiful and moving at the same time. Of course, who doesn't like Morricone's scores for the Leone/Eastwood trilogy Fistfull of Dollars, etc. and Leone's other great Western Once Upon A Time In The West. I'm not a huge Tarantino fan, but love Westerns and was highly amused and entertained by Django Unchained. Which was a pleasant surprise for me because I've really hated all of Tarantino's previous films. Hated them! also read the Hateful Eight script and was amused and entertained and laughed out loud several times. So, now I'm actually looking forward to a Taratino film. Who'd a thought it. Plus, he's got my respect because he hates digital and says he'll quit before shooting that way. My kind of filmmaker and this on 70 mm with the lens that he used. Jeez, I sound like a Tarantino fanboy! The horror....the horror....

Bo on Jul 12, 2015


Totally agree with you about those Sergio Leone films. Leone/Morricone were like Spielberg/John Williams. You couldn't have one without the other.

TheOct8pus on Jul 13, 2015


Except I much prefer the Leone/Morricone films over he Spielberg/Williams films. Not only do I prefer the films, but the scores too. Spielberg/Williams don't cut it for me. Just sayin'.

Bo on Jul 13, 2015


Of course the Italians did the better job. I'm just saying that the director and the composer work very well together (Jaws, Indiana Jones) and have created some iconic marriages between images and music.

TheOct8pus on Jul 13, 2015



Bo on Jul 13, 2015


Thank god Morricone is still alive, and huge kudos to Tarantino for hiring him! This could be the best Tarantino movie score ever!

TheOct8pus on Jul 13, 2015

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