Travel Notice - New Content Paused For One Week While Abroad

June 15, 2015

Gone Fishing

Hello, my friends. After silence today I thought I would post an update to let you know what's going on this week, instead of keeping our readers in the dark. I am currently traveling abroad through June 21st, with very limited access to internet. Over the past few months FirstShowing has undergone a number of major internal changes, including losing our primary day-to-day staff. Our hope is that we can continue to bring you the same news and content daily that you have come to love, but at the moment daily updates are on hold. We have been unable to secure new staff to keep the site updated while I am away, and as much as I hoped to keep it running myself, I'm unable to do so. I will do my best to keep the site updated. We plan to return to regular daily news starting next week, June 22nd. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Where do I send my resume?

the_situasian on Jun 15, 2015


...said hundreds of people! good luck with your efforts to allow normal service to resume, Alex. but seriously, where do we send our resumes? {:-)

son_et_lumiere on Jun 15, 2015


Seriously - I'm a web developer who loves movies!

Internapse on Jun 16, 2015


Enjoy your vacation. We will still be here when you return! You da man AB!!!~

DAVIDPD on Jun 15, 2015


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ToddEEllis on Jun 16, 2015


What happened to the staff?

Mr Chatterbox on Jun 16, 2015


They were poached.

Alex Billington on Jun 16, 2015


Keep up the good work Alex, lots of people would like to help you out I am sure of that!

Mr Chatterbox on Jun 16, 2015


Alex, you know I love you and this site, but I think it's unprofessional to say Ethan was "poached" by Slashfilm. It's common for employees to move on to other opportunities that best suit their personal needs at the time, it's nothing personal and I think you should be proud to be building up some great bloggers. When Steve Carell left the daily show Jon didn't come on the air and say he was "stolen" by Hollywood, he wished him luck and hired on John Oliver. You'll find new talent and the site will flourish just like it always has because it's bigger than just one man. Time to give someone new a shot and I think the site will be better with some fresh perspectives. Good luck man

MattPeloquin on Jun 16, 2015


How familiar are you with the situation to make a comment like this? And I did not go on The Daily Show either. I was replying to a question in the comments. I *did* wish Ethan luck.

Alex Billington on Jun 17, 2015


I just wouldn't want any of my prior bosses telling people in a public forum that another company "poached" me. It would make that person look bad the next time they make a move to a different company. I was using the Daily Show as an example. I jump around to different companies all the time and my bosses always understand that it makes complete sense to go where I get paid the most with the best benefits. You're quite defensive these days, I never saw a post on Firstshowing wishing Ethan luck and thanking him for his hard work over the years, but I may have missed it.

MattPeloquin on Jun 17, 2015


We have never written goodbye posts for many of the writers we've had over the years, that policy hasn't changed. I have also always been called defensive ever since this site started, that hasn't changed. But you seem to be making a lot of assumptions based on very little factual information, and that's what concerns me.

Alex Billington on Jun 17, 2015


I replied to your email

MattPeloquin on Jun 18, 2015


Was he the "writer" here who constantly made egregious grammatical errors in his posts, or are you still stuck with that guy? I'd be shocked if anyone "poached" him, but they did you a favour if so. Your posts are often filled with heinously misguided opinions but at least you generally write them in proper English.

2borges1 on Jun 17, 2015


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Shirley5454 on Jun 16, 2015


That's one option

OfficialJab on Jun 16, 2015


lolwut? The entire "day-to-day staff"? Seems like a pretty bad idea to go gallivanting around another continent while your site is apparently floundering. That this is the first I've heard of this is fairly disappointing as well. (& no more Ethan on the "about us" page?) Fairly sour taste there Alex. Been reading and commenting daily for years. Would be nice to keep readers in the loop.

avconsumer2 on Jun 16, 2015


Man. I can't stand people like you. You have no reference for what the man is going through or how hard it is to keep up with the pace of the film news business. Especially when you are doing a lot on your own.

Patrick on Jun 16, 2015


You're right. I love people like you. A simple informative post on wtf has happened is way too much to ask. I withdraw my previous heartless comments.

avconsumer2 on Jun 16, 2015


Thank you.

Patrick on Jun 16, 2015


This *is* the simple post on what has happened. But considering in the 9 years previous we have never publicly explained staffing decisions, I don't see why we would need to do so now. My apologies, but I really am doing my best, and felt like maybe this post was even too much. More details will hopefully come soon.

Alex Billington on Jun 16, 2015


Put an ad up with a contact email. 😉

Mr Chatterbox on Jun 17, 2015


You've been reading and commenting daily for years, but are just now realizing that Ethan is gone? Good job paying attention.

Jedi on Jun 16, 2015


Had noticed the lack of posts recently thanks, just don't normally check the bylines.

avconsumer2 on Jun 16, 2015


Alex, I understand how hard it is to keep up. I will try to contact you at the end of your trip and see if there is someway I can help you out. I love your website. It is one of the first things I go to when I get up in the morning. Have a good trip and remember that all tough times are temporary. You got this.

Patrick on Jun 16, 2015


Thank you, this means the world to us.

Alex Billington on Jun 16, 2015


I echo that. It's the first site I visit in the morning. 😉

Mr Chatterbox on Jun 16, 2015


Hi Alex, Best of luck man I know how you feel I spent four years building a podcast and website just to have my best people move on. I hope everything works out for you, let me know if I can help in anyway. I will always be a fan of the work First Showing does.

zaclaramay on Jun 17, 2015


I've been reading this website for my movie news since 2008/2009. Thanks for doing a phenomenal job and for giving me lots of great times over the years. Good luck dude! You made something awesome.

Adam on Jun 17, 2015


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Carrie8956 on Jun 18, 2015


F***ing love this site Alex. Don't mind the haters who don't understand what it takes. The fact that FS has been picked up by some of the studio's as a legit source of reviews and such it means you and your team have made an impact. Some people feel entitled to tell you how to run your business because they visit this site. Its just a bit stupid really. Personally I wouldn't mind a personal touch, like background info, goodbye notes, etc, since in the end it all about your personal opinion about the subject anyway and it might help create a tighter community. But then again, it has been a mighty fine site without these things, so I'll trust your judgement. Have a good break, and love to see your returning on the 22nd onwards.

Rick on Jun 20, 2015


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Rose721856 on Jun 21, 2015

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