'TRON Legacy' Sequel is Reportedly Shooting in Vancouver This Fall

March 10, 2015
Source: Vancity Buzz

TRON: Legacy

It's been a couple years since we heard anything about a sequel to TRON Legacy, the 2010 sequel to the classic 80s sci-fi adventure TRON. At the time, the project was said to be on the fasttrack, but here we are without any solid development being reported. However, we might get some news sooner than we think if a report from Vancity Buzz (via Badass Digest) is to be believed. They say that Disney has greenlit what will the third film in the TRON series and filming is already being schedule to begin in Vancouver at the beginning of October of this year with Garrett Hedlund being the only cast member confirmed to return.

However, what's more important is that we haven't heard who wrote the final script or who will be behind the camera. As of 2012, Jesse Wigitow, who did work on the remake of The Crow and the adaptation of Peter and the Starcatchers was scripting the sequel, but the studio may have gotten someone else to rewrite more recently. Joseph Kosinski directed TRON Legacy, and it sounds like he'll be back as director for this one too. Kosinski knows how to direct a pretty movie, but the story last time left something to be desired, so here's hoping Disney gets a better script together. Thoughts?

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About friggin time. Kosinski does do pretty movies for sure. I just hope it's not gonna be the grid escaping into the real world, that'd blow.

izak1399 on Mar 10, 2015


Tron Legacy was visually amazing but I felt the story needed some more work to it.

Jordan Odinson on Mar 10, 2015



SalsaBandit on Mar 10, 2015


I could definitely spend a little more time in TRON's world. Mosdef hope Daft Punk will return.

DAVIDPD on Mar 11, 2015


Or maybe replace them with Mos Def

Sky on Mar 11, 2015


Legacy soundrack is perfect, I'll be fine if they use the original as it is.

Armitall on Mar 11, 2015


Hell yeah! Can't wait for this. They could draw from the uprising series, that was awesome!

Armitall on Mar 11, 2015


Hopefully his directing chops have improved. Direction in Legacy was... weird.

avconsumer2 on Mar 11, 2015


I just hope there's no CGI "young" Jeff Bridges in the new movie....

TheOct8pus on Mar 11, 2015


But wasn't Bridges in the film as his normal self as well? So what was the problem with that?

Tuomas Lassila on Mar 11, 2015


No problem with Jeff Bridges as a 65 year old man. The CGI Bridges looked terrible. Even for a movie that took place inside a computer he looked fake.

TheOct8pus on Mar 11, 2015


Uuuuuuh nope. Looked pretty real to me.

Tuomas Lassila on Mar 11, 2015


Looks like a PS2 game...

TheOct8pus on Mar 11, 2015


I always forget how underrated CGI is...

Tuomas Lassila on Mar 11, 2015


It didn't. Neither real or good. Clean your glasses 😉

Sascha Dikiciyan on Mar 11, 2015


I don't wear glasses mate, I can see perfectly thank you.

Tuomas Lassila on Mar 11, 2015


All things considered it wasn't a horrible job, but anybody who thinks it looked anything like his 1980's self (that was their stated goal) does truly need to get their eyes checked, or they didn't see any/many of the movies he made around that time. In Legacy, as someone else put it, it looks like they took his older self and digitally wiped away most of the wrinkles, and replaced his head and facial hair. Which of course, is technically what they had to do. His mouth in particular though wasn't right at all. At some point, it will probably be an industry standard to create 3d image maps/models of an actor's face when they make a heavy CGI movie. It's very inexpensive, and once it's preserved, they'll have that actor/actress frozen in time, able to be resurrected for a sequel decades in the future as long as they're still able to lend their voice to the role.

Enonumus on May 5, 2015


He looked fake, but I don't remember it bothering me a bit...

ProjectionistHP on Mar 11, 2015


They keep trying, CGI just is't there yet...

ProjectionistHP on Mar 11, 2015


Either they have booked a late 2016 date for the film, or the special effects will take hell of a time to make.

Tuomas Lassila on Mar 11, 2015


Something tells me this got ramped for late 2016 after the announcement of Avatar being bumped to 2017,

Steve Kemper on Mar 11, 2015


Yes!! I have been waiting for some news like this. I thought the movie was good visually and I liked the music. The story wasn't perfect. I really hope this gets traction. Honestly I loved the series Tron uprising which was perfect. I really hope they bring back the show. I don't think it was ever officially cancelled. It was left open for further seasons.

timnimbus on Mar 11, 2015


I thought the story they had on Legacy was a great premise, but most of the interesting ideas were dumped in long exposition speeches.

OfficialJab on Mar 11, 2015


i doubt they will have daft punk along for the ride, that was all the last film had going for it

Matthew Sam Russell on Mar 11, 2015


Daft punks soundtrack pretty much built 70% of the films ambient or magic (how you want to put it)... If they don't manage to get them back they are screwed.

ProjectionistHP on Mar 11, 2015


I thought Daft Punks score was great too, There's a scary but real chance it will be Skrillex replacing Daft Punk for this sequel. My thoughts are 1st - Daft Punk, If not DP, then the next best option I can think of is The Chemical Brothers, Moby, Fatboy Slim, Crystal Method, and M83 are all FAR BETTER options than any dumstep noise,

Steve Kemper on Mar 11, 2015


Those would work. I would't mind if they got Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross to do the score if Punk isn't in. Skrillex would probably make it way too noisy...

ProjectionistHP on Mar 12, 2015

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