Warner Bros. & Sony Battle for Channing Tatum in 'The Forever War'

May 1, 2015
Source: The Wrap

Channing Tatum / The Forever War

While we wait to see if Channing Tatum really ends up starring in a spin-off of the forthcoming Ghostbusters reboot with Chris Pratt, the 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike star has become attached to another project, and this one has been gestating for awhile too. The Wrap reports Tatum is attached to lead a big screen adaptation of Joe Haldeman's classic sci-fi novel The Forever War, a project that was picked up by Ridley Scott a few years ago. However, the rights have lapsed, and that's put Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures in a bidding war to pick up the project that has a script from Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts.

For those who don't know, the story follows a soldier who battles an enemy known as Taurans in deep space. As he rises in the military ranks and travels around the universe doing his job, he slows down the aging process. But back on Earth, those he loves have aged and passed on over about 700 years. However, there's also a female soldier who seems to be aging much slower as well, and they obviously have something to bond over. As of now, there's no director attached, but with Tatum in the lead and a completed script, surely one could be found quickly to get this project on the right track.

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Please for the love of god - don't screw this up - - I mean Tatum is ok -- but I don't feel he more than an action hero half the time...

J.A. on May 1, 2015


That is not a correct summary of the story. Not as it is in Haldemans book anyway. In the book the humans go into crysleep and sleep throught decades on their way to the area in the galaxy where they have encounters with some alien lifeform, then they sleep again for decades getting back to earth. After a few tours centuries have past on Earth but only a few years forr the soldiers, and that is a fact for all soldiers not just one male and one female soldier. Haldemans book was about the Vieatnam-war and how the home country and friends and families left the soldiers on their own copng with the experience of the war.

Roney Lundell on May 1, 2015


Not so much cryosleep as using "collapsars"--black hole-like objects that allow for instantaneous travel between stars. The problem is getting into position for the "collapsar jump"--even though the ships travel at close to light speed due to tachyon drives, it still takes time (months to the ship's crew, decades on Earth). The crew do use tanks to avoid the crushing acceleration from the drives.

Scopedog on May 3, 2015


Yeah, you're right, I didn't remember that part. I just remembered that it travel took some time for the soldiers and at the same time decades went by on earth. I will be disappointed if they make this to be a lovestory...

Roney Lundell on May 3, 2015


No sweat--you were still right about the travel time between the stars and decades passing on Earth. I too hope that it isn't turned into a mopey love story (now, I do like love stories, but TFW isn't one). I would be interested to see the designs they come up with for the fighting suits and the Taurans, though....

Scopedog on May 3, 2015


There's a female soldier who SEEMS to be aging much slower as well? Clearly you haven't read this amazing book. The soldiers in this story (all of them) age less quickly because of the speed with which they travel throughout the universe. For them, less time passes than for those on earth because they are traveling extremely fast. Because relativity.

TitoG on May 1, 2015


I love this book and I really dislike Tatum. I'm nervous.

ListenToVinyl on May 2, 2015


Ugh...sounds melodramatic.

DAVIDPD on May 2, 2015


The book is anything _but_ melodramatic. If they follow it close, the film could be great.

Scopedog on May 3, 2015


I may have to check out this book then.

DAVIDPD on May 3, 2015


I've always hoped for a solid film adaptation of this classic novel...looks like it is going to film (along with THE STARS, MY DESTINATION). My big worry is not Tatum, but how they will handle the second part of the book those who have read it will know what I mean!

Scopedog on May 3, 2015

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