Watch: Featurette Explains the 70mm Roadshow of 'The Hateful Eight'

November 25, 2015
Source: YouTube

The Hateful Eight Roadshow Featurette

"Here's what makes 70mm so glorious!" Still confused by the "roadshow" version of The Hateful Eight? The Weinstein Company has released a featurette explaining the story behind why Quentin Tarantino wanted to shoot this film in 65mm ultra-panavision and how they're planning to release it in 70mm in certain theaters around the country. The video features Tarantino plus Samuel L. Jackson, cinematographer Robert Richardson, and many others. They explain that this roadshow is basically a big, special occasion that features an overture, and an intermission, and a playbill and everything. This is awesome and I'm glad they finally released this video for The Hateful Eight, the 11th feature shot in ultra-panavision. Do not miss.

Featurette on the 70mm roadshow for Tarantino's The Hateful Eight, on YouTube (via The Film Stage):

Watch the most recent trailer for The Hateful Eight here. More info on the official website here.

The Hateful Eight is written and directed by Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds, Django Unchained). Six or eight or twelve years after the Civil War, a stagecoach hurtles through the wintry Wyoming landscape carrying bounty hunter John Ruth (Kurt Russell) and his fugitive Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) towards the town of Red Rock where Ruth, known in these parts as “The Hangman,” will bring Domergue to justice. But their journey is about to get disrupted by a blizzard, leaving them stranded at Minnie's Haberdashery with six other travelers (Samuel L. Jackson, Walton Goggins, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern and Demian Bichir), and they might not all make it out alive. The Weinstein Company will open The Hateful Eight in a limited 70mm roadshow release starting on December 25th, 2015, Christmas Day, later this year. We'll see ya'll in theaters then.

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Reader Feedback - 12 Comments


pitty it's US only.

Rembo on Nov 25, 2015


Amazballs! Bring it!

CShane on Nov 25, 2015


I reckon ya gotta love Tarantino for doing this on film. I hate digital solely because of the way it looks. I get it why directors love working with the format on set for the quickness and availability of watching takes instantly, etc. But it just does not look as good as film, and I don't think it ever will. I do not think I will go to this 'road-show' event as it's a little over the top for me. Sort of like Samuel Jackson and his 'carnival barker' act during this featurette, which just made me cringe. I simply cannot stand him and his 'schtick' while he seems clueless as to his over-the-top fakeness and talking down to 'the folks' like he was talking to a classroom of five year olds. Enough of him. It's enough to make me seriously think about not even seeing this latest QT film until it comes around on cable. That and the fact that most of the film takes place in-doors so the whole 70mm thing is a bit moot. The film, at least the script that I read, is certainly not filled with exterior action sequences like in Ben-Hur or Lawrence of Arabia, etc. It all seems rather hyperbolic to me, which is typical Tarantino and Jackson. If you like that sort of thing, good for you. I happen to detest it!...lol... I did like Django, which surprised me as I've never liked anything Tarantino has done. I like Westerns and thought Django was very, very funny. I also liked the script I read of Hateful 8 and laughed all the way through it. Having said that, I've been disappointed by the trailers for 8 and found the acting not believable; from any of the actors. Even Russell, whom I really like. And then there was Jackson's hyperbolic nonsense which is the same in everything he does. Well, there, I believe I've talked myself out of viewing this over-blown mess...lol... I do hope all of you enjoy it though. Really...I do...

Guest on Nov 25, 2015


70mm film. This must have been such pain for Taratino. It really shows how much he loves cinematic art.

DAVIDPD on Nov 25, 2015


Film is the only way to go. The new Star Wars was filmed on film as well. You think anyone will remember that Hobbit 48fps garabge? Nope.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Nov 29, 2015


Anyone have any idea who/what/where/when/how to get tickets to the roadshow and what theaters it's gonna be in? Every news article is just showing repeating the same info from the video but it won't do us any good if we can't actually GO to the roadshow and see it!

Rob Cameron on Nov 30, 2015


I live in Pittsburgh and the closest showings that I found were Chicago, D.C., and somewhere in Connecticut. I think I'm going to the D.C. one.

Franklin Carpio on Dec 1, 2015


How did you find those theaters?

Rob Cameron on Dec 1, 2015


I found this list and then I used the interactive map. I am willing to skip Christmas for this but I will be contacting the theater to confirm the showing first. http://www.in70mm.com/news/2016/hateful_8/index.htm

Franklin Carpio on Dec 1, 2015


I need to go see this.

Franklin Carpio on Dec 1, 2015


While I'm not the biggest Tarantino fan, I would absolutely love to see this on the big screen. I'm sure it's going to look fantastic on the "big screen" at home too. You have to hand it to him. He's doing what he can to keep the art of film alive. Good for him.

Charles Knowlton on Dec 1, 2015



Harlan Greenstein on Dec 22, 2015

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