Watch: First Official Trailer for Justin Lin's 'Star Trek Beyond' Debuts

December 14, 2015
Source: YouTube

Star Trek Beyond Trailer

"We will find hope in the impossible…" Paramount has debuted the first trailer for Justin Lin's Star Trek Beyond, the next Star Trek movie in the series restarted in 2009 by J.J. Abrams. This trailer has quite an interesting vibe, much more energetic and funky, with tons of wacky aliens and lots of weird action. I'm not sure I like where this is headed? The full cast includes all the returning Enterprise crew members: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Anton Yelchin. Plus Joe Taslim, Sofia Boutella, and Idris Elba. I really don't like the music, but then again, they are playing this trailer in front of Star Wars and have to compete directly with that movie. I'm not that excited. You?

Here's the first official trailer for Justin Lin's Star Trek Beyond, direct from Paramount's YouTube:

A continuation of the intergalactic voyages of the Starship Enterprise, with a crew featuring Captain James T. Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Scotty, Bones, Chekov and Sulu. Starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Joe Taslim, Sofia Boutella, and Idris Elba. Star Trek Beyond is being directed by filmmaker Justin Lin (Annapolis, Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious 4, Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6), from a screenplay written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung. Paramount will release Star Trek Beyond, the third film in the new Star Trek series started in 2009, starting on July 8th, 2016.

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This was EXACTLY what Geene Roddenberry had in mind when he created the TV series 500 years ago.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


Especially the voluptuous alien girls...

TheOct8pus on Dec 14, 2015


Everything in Star Trek was meant to be punk-hardcore-eviscerating violence and over the top action. I'm in.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


Don't forget quips....

TheOct8pus on Dec 14, 2015


"Well, that's just tipical..." classic Bones.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


Let's never do that again....

TheOct8pus on Dec 14, 2015


Yes! Agreed.

DAVIDPD on Dec 14, 2015


...and motocross

TheOct8pus on Dec 14, 2015


The Warp Engine has NOS now.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


Actually, Star Trek (at least TOS) has never shied away from voluptuousness. But other than that, yes.

Snev De la Fontaine on Dec 14, 2015


Agreed 100%. The "sexy" element was present in the original series and so on. Starting with William Shatner himself.

capitandelespacio on Dec 15, 2015


I think this song or something like that was used in 2009 for the first movie. Is not that annoying, though.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


and its probably cheaper to use it again , rather than pay a new rights fee

Dominic on Dec 15, 2015


I think it's just a call back, like really trying to get this thing to be a thing. I'm ok with it.

capitandelespacio on Dec 15, 2015


That's an homage to William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk, who was unable to pronounce the word "sabotage" properly....

TheOct8pus on Dec 14, 2015


Link to the audio:

TheOct8pus on Dec 14, 2015


I have to agree, I am not getting a good vibe from this at all. Barely looked like a Star Trek movie

Tester on Dec 14, 2015



Have Hope on Dec 14, 2015


not sure what to think of it yet.... hopefully Pegg cooked up something original story wise

desispeed on Dec 14, 2015


I'm hoping Vin Diesel has a cameo in this one.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


Any Star Trek fans here? What's the explanation for this universe in which every alien race speaks a common language?

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


I'm not a super fan, but from what I've been told, there is a 'universal translator' device built into their comm badges, which translates every known alien language to English in real time.

Movie Bear on Dec 14, 2015


Groovy, thanks. It's like the ring in the Green Lantern universe.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


Just don't pay attention to the lips that still sync with the English translation.

borninatrailer on Dec 14, 2015


The translator did not exist in Kirks time, it was retconned to exist on the NX-1, but that still required a human to help with translations. In the ToS Uhura was the translator.

Higgens on Dec 14, 2015


*Coughs* Nerd...

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015



Higgens on Dec 14, 2015


And proud!

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


still that doesnlt mean that for THIS MOVIE , they havent scripted that it IS invented , and working thru comm badge ... ..and it's easier for the viewer , than subtitles

Dominic on Dec 15, 2015


keyword would be "known" in reference to this movie, which treks "beyond".

Alex Hayden on Dec 14, 2015


babel fish

TheOct8pus on Dec 14, 2015


universal translator

Joker's hideout on Dec 14, 2015


There isnt one in the reboots. In the time this takes place the universal translator had not yet been invented. If you remember from ToS Uhura functioned as translator. No, its just another one of those dumb things they decided to over look in favor of the dumbed down Star Trek.

Higgens on Dec 14, 2015


They could go with the "Federation common language" instead. But here it seems they've reached the final frontier and they are pretty far from home.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


Yeh, I doubt those folk are speaking English lol.

Higgens on Dec 14, 2015


the "woman in grey and black stripes " only speaks English to Kirk .... like you would EXPECT a civilized person who knows several languages to do . Of any race ... really , you all are ASSuming way too much , and wayy too negatively

Dominic on Dec 15, 2015


This is in the midst of their 5 year mission, into deep space, away from Federation territory. How is it people learned English with out any interaction with the federation? Thats not an assumption, its the part of the plot of this movie. The 5 year mission has begun. There is a o so slim chance this is covered in the movie. more likely it wont be, and they will just speak English and thats that. Yes I am VERY negative. They have ruined a franchise in an effort to revitalize it. I dont care if the movie does well, I dont care if people who never watched Star Trek like it. They have dumbed down what was one of the smartest shows to the point of space action. This isnt SciFi. Nor has it been since the reboots started. They are fun enough movies, but they are not Trek.

Higgens on Dec 15, 2015


You're being hysterical , Higgs Why ? A) Original Trek did THE SAME THING ... Or have u forgotten the Romulus in " Balance of Terror " speaking English among themselves , and to Kirk ... B) if they DON'T speak English How are WE going to be entertained? ?as some will miss spoken lines in subtitles .. C) TNG did this too , as the rock creatures that killed Yar spoke it perfectly , Also Voyager , MUCH further out than this Enterprise now ... Get the point ? Ur being silly , and wrong

Dominic on Dec 15, 2015


Romulans had contact with the Federation, and learned the language. T The creature you speak of was very old and powerful, he could of 1. learned English some time in the past 2. Gained that knowledge when he contacted Troi 3. Been translated for by the Universal Translator. As for Voyager, they all had universal translators. So there you have it. I may be silly, but I am not wrong, I am a huge Star Trek nerd. They obviously need to speak English for the audience to connect. My point is it will likely not be covered in the movie as to WHY they can. It will just be a thing they can do, if they cover it in a line of dialogue, cool. "we have never met these guys before but a ship crashed out here and they learned about us from that" sort of thing. Even that would make little sense as the 5 year mission was to go out into unexplored space. But I would accept it. Star Trek has always been smart. Instead of just having aliens speak English they invented a piece of tech that explained WHY they all spoke English, even have some episodes where the tech fails as part of the plot. You are just being rude, so I am done responding to you. I love to discuss these thing but not with combative people who want to demean instead of converse.

Higgens on Dec 15, 2015


NOT BEFORE The Enterprise encountered them , in episode 11 of the 1st season . Also that creature would have no reason TO learn Federation Standard , since they had never come in contact with them before . Go back and watch that episode're grasping at straws for this point .. ;?)) I'm " laughing at the superior intellect " ( u should know that phrase ) of calling ME rude , when all you are doing here IS being rude to Lin and his movie . Without Cause , as I just showed you . Since " FAF " made MUCH more money than either of these ST Reboots , I think You should bow to Lin's apparent superior intellect , in bringing FAF's style to the ST Franchise

Dominic on Dec 15, 2015


Maybe Kirk 's. Hair , is the best criticism of this TRAILER that one could have .... P.S. you should have brought up Deep Space Nine , who didn't have translators . It makes sense that an inter-global space station than all would learn the dominant language , tho

Dominic on Dec 15, 2015


IDRemember anything in Voyager , about subcutaneous translators in crewmembers . REMEMBER this wasn't a planned " voyage " to a universe where No One should know English

Dominic on Dec 15, 2015


Cant tell if you are trolling at this point. Romulans were aware of Humans and the Federation WELL before Kirk and the Enterprise made their fist contact. Look into it. Armus (the sludge monster) He didn't have to learn it as I said and you either cant read or didn't read, could have absorbed it from Troi or the Universal Translator could have done that work. You are just FLAT OUT WRONG. I mean if you are going to act like you know what you are talking about, maybe you should actually know what you are talking about. As for the rest of your nonsense, I have no issue with Lin as a director, I think is style is not suited to Trek.

Higgens on Dec 15, 2015


It's Star Trek and with Justin Lin so i am in! It's my favorite tv franchise besides the walking dead, so on my to see list besides Independence Day... If the score at imbd is 4 i stay at home ofcourse!

ari smulders on Dec 14, 2015


Remind me this star trek or something else?

Have Hope on Dec 14, 2015


Fast Trek*

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


Thanks...I knew it was something different

Have Hope on Dec 14, 2015


Star Furious?

Cyberdine on Dec 14, 2015


I thought the Beastie Boys wouldn't licence their tunes for ads?

Carpola on Dec 14, 2015


They only license to ill....

TheOct8pus on Dec 14, 2015


and with a member gone , maybe the other two need to make money for his family and themselves

Dominic on Dec 15, 2015


Yeah right? I can't imagine MCA would be too pleased with this...

cuckoozey on Dec 14, 2015


So um... I want JJ back please.... Lens flares and all... And I had such high hopes... Independence Day 2 looks better IMHO.

Godzilla on Dec 14, 2015


JJ was not doing justice to the franchise, but neither is this guy.

ColtNoir on Dec 14, 2015


Agreed, but it's certainly better than this drivel...

Godzilla on Dec 15, 2015


Galaxy Quest meets Guardians of the Galaxy? I'll pay for it.

jay on Dec 14, 2015


So would I if it weren't marketed as a Star Trek film

theslayer5150 on Dec 14, 2015


That female alien sounds exactly like Abbi from Survivor.

Movie Bear on Dec 14, 2015


lol wow

Joker's hideout on Dec 14, 2015



Gaser on Dec 14, 2015


AHHH not that crazy bitch.

Higgens on Dec 14, 2015


I'm sorry but this looks horrible. I was never into Star Trek as a kid, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Abrahms "reboots." (Minus a few lens flares) This on the other hand, feels detached from the "universe" that Abrahms established in the first two films and more along the lines of something I might watch on the Disney Channel.

cg on Dec 14, 2015


I wasn't thrilled with the rebooting of the franchise originally, but I was pleasantly surprised by the first one, and the second one was decent. It was tough to transition to this new, generation-z style story telling from the original TV show and movies I grew up with, but I thought it was done fairly well. This "Beyond" looks like Fast and Furious in space. If you remember, when it was announced that Lin was to be the director, I made a post about Kirk jumping from the hood of the Enterprise onto a power sliding Klingon ship just before it flipped end over end 52 times in a ball of nitro flames (or something to that effect, I can't remember my entire comment). I was joking around then. But apparently I was correct. This looks to be quite a mess.

theslayer5150 on Dec 14, 2015


Wait, the second one was decent? I think, honestly, Into Darkness is the most horrifying thing that happened to Star Trek. It's basically the 2009 movie all over again but now with more references and a "plot" massacre: The magical blood that can actually cure death (?!?!?!). 2009 was fine, I think this one will be on the same level.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


Touche' While I get Khan's genetically enhanced blood might cure the little girl, I thought the movie as a remake of Wrath of Khan was...well, decent. Not brilliant by any means, but not a disaster. This next chapter looks sloppy.

theslayer5150 on Dec 14, 2015


There was no point whatsoever to call him "Khan", just for the sake of the reference. And the "skype" to Spock so he can hint us about this dude was the "oh-my-gawd" moment.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


Justin Lin is the damon lindelof of directors. Im no ST fan but this trailer literally made me wanna punch someone. Terrible. Top that with how terrible Into Darkness was, looks like this reboot and on the way downhill.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 14, 2015


wats your beef w damon? he's been involved in creating some of the best tv ever and helped produced countless great movies...I mean if you hate LOST and the leftovers then understandable...

ari on Dec 14, 2015


Dude are you serious? LOST ending? Into Darkness? Prometheus? Whatever that dude touches turns into shit. BTW: he couldn't handle the critic and quit his Twitter like a crying little girl.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 14, 2015


What?!? Ur crazy, ok I know everyone hates on the LOST ending however lost wasn't about the storyline its about the characters and I don't think I have ever seen a show that built better character back stories for people you actually care about. Umm Prometheus was pretty awesome actually. Into darkness was good not great but what in your opinion is awesome? Are you saying JJ isn't awesome also? Idk i think if anything he's a rare breed that brings stories that are not typical and is unexpected but hey thats just my opinion. Have you seen the leftovers? Yea its good and bad but it's pretty riveting and different than anything you seen before and thats what he does...the unexpected.

ari on Dec 14, 2015


looks like an insult to everything Star Trek. I can honestly say I won't see this based on this introduction alone. vapid & useless

Joker's hideout on Dec 14, 2015


You'll download the BDrip version of this, 4 weeks after realease.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


fair assumption. but my "to watch" list on Netflix has me busy

Joker's hideout on Dec 14, 2015


the same song was playing while Kirk was kid in the first one who stole his stepdad's car and went joy riding before letting it go over a cliff.

Joker's hideout on Dec 14, 2015


that doesn't excuse it to be used in a trailer representing the whole movie.

Alex Hayden on Dec 14, 2015


So this looks like a giant, steaming crock pot of shit.

borninatrailer on Dec 14, 2015


Agh! I knew it! Lin turned this into a F&F meets Star Trek garbage. Just looks silly. What a shame.

Cyberdine on Dec 14, 2015


Well JJ is the producer. He has power. FF is movie garbage but you know the slurpee sipping masses love this crap. Visual noise. Theres no substance.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 14, 2015


Yup. Just terrible.

Cyberdine on Dec 16, 2015


The entire movie may not be like this but man have they pissed off Trekkies with this very first trailer!

M_LokSatta on Dec 14, 2015


Completely agree on the music selection, what a poor choice. Based on this trailer, I'll catch it on redbox.

CShane on Dec 14, 2015


LO what IS WITH ths hate for the Beastie Boys ??? maybe ur the middle aged ST fan , just too old to appreciate them .. everybody wh hates it

Dominic on Dec 15, 2015


Now that's how you make a trailler!

Alpivan on Dec 14, 2015


I went into this thinking I'd hate it; but, it looks like a fun watch.

dan on Dec 14, 2015


Well, I can hope its better than it looks. Bad costume choices, bad dialog and a continued abandonment of what Star Trek is. How very disappointing.

Higgens on Dec 14, 2015


Yeah whats up with everyones hair?? Kirk looks like hes doing a combover? lol

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 14, 2015


The picture at the top looks so goofy, you'd be forgiving for thinking it was like a joke scene from SNL.

Higgens on Dec 14, 2015


I read the comments first, thinking it can't be that bad. It is.

Mark Sheridan on Dec 14, 2015


I'm someone who loved the first Star Trek film as well as TOS and TNG (though I saw them after I saw the first reboot). I know this new one probably isn't that different from the previous instalments, but I have to ask: Is it just me, or does this look way worse nonetheless?

Snev De la Fontaine on Dec 14, 2015


So much negativity here. LOL. I enjoyed it. Looks like fun.

David Diaz on Dec 14, 2015


Yes, FS houses mostly movie snobs. You should know that by know. I cannot see how anyone would think that this looks like fun but im glad someone does. 😉

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 14, 2015


Don't forget trolls. Lots and lots of trolls 😉

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


hehe 🙂

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 14, 2015


yes , preconceived notions ruin these types of movies for many . Gotta go in like u DON'T remember what happened in the previous ones . Let a movie standalone to impress you . Compare it later ...

Dominic on Dec 15, 2015


I guess in general I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to entertainment. Although I can definitely differentiate what is just popcorn fare and what is truly exceptional. I also try to let go of any preconceived notions I might have of what I think a film should be like, especially when it comes remakes, sequels, or any film based off of other source material. So more often than not I walk out of the theater having had fun and I like it that way.

David Diaz on Dec 14, 2015


This trailer had more explosions than like the entire run of Next Gen. Its Star Trek in branding only, it has lost what makes it Trek. Understandably Trek fans like myself are upset by it.

Higgens on Dec 14, 2015


Every new Trek crew felt a bit different and changed with the time. I watched the originals as a kid and grew up watching TNG and all the films. Only watched DS9, and Voyager here and there though and never saw Enterprise. But each one had a crew in space facing different enemies and having adventures. These new films go along the same lines so it feels like Star Trek to me, just with more explosions (why's that bad?), and better fight choreography. Just curious, what would these need to make it Trek to you?

David Diaz on Dec 14, 2015


I guess Star Trek, to me anyway, was more about being cerebral and story telling with cool futuristic tech, and about dealing with ones humanity in the greater universe, with some suspense and thrills shaken in. This movie (based on the trailer, so I understand it's not a finished product) looks like an action wet dream, without much to say, and certainly not about story. Sure, the tech and special effects will make it look fantastic visually, but I'm just not feeling it. As someone said, it's like Galaxy Quest married Guardians of the Galaxy. And that alone would probably be a cool, run of the mill, popcorn sci-fi action flick, but not really worthy of being a Star Trek film. Of course, it's just the opinion of a middle aged old school Trek fan.

theslayer5150 on Dec 14, 2015


Can we give the plot A CHANCE to impress Us ?? or are we going to bury a film before we even know what the story is about ? .. it SEEMS this is some new aliens and their tech that completely destroys the Enterprise ( one big ship can't defend agaisnt a swarm of thousands ..) yet they save the crew for some reason . So ur "relevant social commentary ", Higgins , is to come from whatever reason they saved the crew . And we'll see out human condition thru those alien eyes u can't " feel " a movie ,slayer , from a 1 min 23 sec soundbite . Again , like XMen trailer , you KNOW about three more trailers are coming ; judge it after them

Dominic on Dec 15, 2015


While I can agree with and understand what you are saying, what is a movie trailer? It is a sales tool to sell someone on buying a movie ticket to see it. If they are marketing to a younger, short attention span crowd then success, if they are marketing to an older one where I fall into, then I'm sorry I am not "feeling" this one based on the vibe they are trying send me. I am sure there will be another trailer that will hopefully give me something to "feel". If not, then I simply will wait for it on HBO.

theslayer5150 on Dec 15, 2015


I understand where you are coming from, but I don't think we can tell if there is any relevant social commentary from that trailer. We'll have to wait and see. Hopefully the story and characters are deeper than the trailer shows.

David Diaz on Dec 15, 2015


I think we can assume based on script rewrites(previous versions being too "treky"), the director, and the previous entrys, this will be story light and action heavy.

Higgens on Dec 15, 2015


Yeh new aliens, from where? I mean, What are they, Why in all the years of Star Trek have we never met them? They are going to have to be from a new dimension of some shit, because those aliens have never existed in previous canon.

Higgens on Dec 15, 2015


Relevant social commentary, a look into the human condition. Star Trek is/was SciFi of the highest order, not brainless space action like the reboots have been.

Higgens on Dec 14, 2015


Next Gen brought this about but the original was no where near as complex. Like David said every new outing has been different. I was a fan of the original crew. I loved what they did with Next Gen and I have liked these movies. In fact these movies have saved the franchise really because it was dying off to be honest. It's Star Trek for younger fans. There will always be the old ones to watch if you don't enjoy these.

TK on Dec 15, 2015


I am not going to go into a dissertation on this but ToS was RIPE with social commentary.

Higgens on Dec 15, 2015


Yes definitely but Next Gen took it to another level. I thought Into Darkness was subtle but you could see bits and pieces here and there. Like a terrorist who was created to fix one problem coming back to bite you in the ass. Seems familiar to today in someways.

TK on Dec 15, 2015


Oh hell yeah, I'm definitely in.

Xerxexx on Dec 14, 2015


Can someone please re edit this with "Highway To Hell" as soundtrack?

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


Written by Simon Pegg... I have some trust in that.

CDR on Dec 14, 2015


its the music from the first movie, when young Kirk stole the car, that's why they used it

davidshaw on Dec 14, 2015


I understand the correlation, I just don't think it works for the entire trailer. Especially towards the end. I still remember JJ Abrams Star Trek trailer with this hauntingly epic music: Which caused me to seek it out because I couldn't get it out of my friggin head! (I found out later it was Two Steps From Hell.) All I'm saying is that this trailer needed something to the likes of that towards the end. End rant.

THE_RAW_ on Dec 16, 2015


Yeah. This does not really look "amazing", but it definitely looks different from what JJ was doing. I am personally excited to see what Justin Lin can do with this franchise.

DAVIDPD on Dec 14, 2015


This is, I don't know, weird. Of course, pure deviation from the older Trek style. I'm not sure if that's going to work... +

shiboleth on Dec 14, 2015


Straight to VHS.

Gary Green on Dec 14, 2015


Wow, hipster alert! (Joking, ofc)

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


No man, Super 8!!

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 14, 2015


So far, this Trekkie is not impressed. Not saying NO, yet. just... not onboard. Music was definitely bad, but I have a feeling watching it muted or with a different song wouldn't make it much better.

Alex Hayden on Dec 14, 2015


what's wrong with The Beastie Boys ? that is one of their hits

Dominic on Dec 15, 2015


If people dont like Sabotage from Beastie Boys, thats a problem within itself. Dont blame the song for the shitty trailer and possible hatchet job of a movie.

Cyberdine on Dec 16, 2015


The music just killed the trailer right from the start. Been there, done that, a bad idea.

Charles Knowlton on Dec 14, 2015


Why would rebellious sorts in the future listen to music from centuries ago? Would a rebellious sort today listen to Mozart?

CommonSense033 on Dec 15, 2015


This looks unapologetic and that's why I'm way behind it. And Simon Pegg did writing so.... I mean, at any rate, it already looks better than the experience that was Into Darkness. (gag)

Lar Rackell on Dec 14, 2015


Oh weird, it looks like the Fast & Furious in space under the guise of a Star Trek movie. And the music initially worked, but then you've got actual shots of peril and people dying towards the end....and that's when Sabotage no longer belongs. Poor first impression. Could be fun, could be mindless sci-fi schlock that will be forgettable. Btw, huge fan of Abrams Star Trek. And B. Cumberbatch was the best thing about Into Darkness...

RAW_D on Dec 14, 2015


This one has no Cumberbatch...

Nash on Dec 14, 2015


You are such a weirdo. I like you.

capitandelespacio on Dec 14, 2015


Thanks, Space Captain. I like you too. We seem to share many opinions... (Morgan Freeman voice) And thus a great friendship was born...

TheOct8pus on Dec 14, 2015


Looks better than X-Men though -_-

Matthew on Dec 14, 2015


I've been a fan and defender of the first 2 (yes even Into Darkness) but not thrilled with that trailer. That was before I remembered Lin was directing. I know this is minority speaking but I think the FastFurious movies are same of the most overrated flicks ever made. They are passable brainlessactionjunkie flicks, but a billion dollars worth of that? Not even close. Far too dumb to earn that much. But then again, they're much better than every stupid Transformers film and the suckers keep falling into theaters for those piles of dung. Yes I know I will be seeing this but hears hoping Lin keeps focus on characters and not over-focusing on stunts that aren't as cool as they are trying to make them.

LightningB on Dec 14, 2015


yes, exactly, character development and less flash. Just like MI used to be a team effort where rarely a shot was fired (because it was a out-smarting the enemy thing). Add Tom Cruise and suddenly it's a lone male shooting his gun 1,000 plus times as the center of attention.

Mr. Guymon on Dec 20, 2015


I'm not big on these movies, but that song choice made me actually want to see it. Looks kinda campy, but in a good way.

movieguyryan . on Dec 14, 2015



MAWG on Dec 15, 2015


Last 2 Star Trek movies have been great and the last 3 Star Wars movies have been terrible. I am more weary of Star Wars then this. I don't mind it and the music is awesome.

TK on Dec 15, 2015


Wow....Pure Adrenaline....I Love It

Ehsan Davodi on Dec 15, 2015


Idiocracy was overly optimistic. Who needs to think, right? SPLOSIONS!

CommonSense033 on Dec 15, 2015


I dont like Justin Lin's work but I have enjoyed the last two Star Trek films. I enjoyed the trailer though and am hopeful that the team behind it will pull through

rolyjimenez on Dec 16, 2015


I wonder if Kirk carves a notch on his bedpost for every Enterprise he destroys.

Picassoson on Dec 16, 2015


I agree, why when the movies started, did they get on this kick of continually destroying star ships? In the TV version, so many episodes, the Enterprise showed it had some strength to it (hull integrity). Apparently in the future, going back, Starfleet built a series of substandard space craft. Also with seemingly under powered weaponry / shields. OH well...

Mr. Guymon on Dec 20, 2015


Wow...that looks awful.

ZigZagWave on Dec 16, 2015


a motorcycle with Captain Kirk? Really? Earthbound mentality of 1990's? That's the best they can come up with, a motorcycle stunt in the future?

Mr. Guymon on Dec 20, 2015

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