Watch: Full Theatrical Trailer for 'Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation'

March 23, 2015

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

"This may very well be our last mission." Yesterday brought a quick one-minute teaser trailer for Mission: Impossible 5, which has been given the official title of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. This time the IMF, which is now being dissolved by the CIA, is being hunted down by a group known as The Syndicate. And now the full theatrical trailer has arrived giving us much more of the problem that Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his team have to deal with this time. After being a little hesitant yesterday, I think I'm officially excited to see this one. Maybe it has something to do with a flute turning into a gun. Watch it!

Here's the theatrical trailer for Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation from the film's YouTube:

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

You can still watch the teaser trailer for Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation right here.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation is directed by Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher) and written by Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3) and video game scribe Will Staples. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and team (Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Jeremy Renner) take on their most impossible mission yet, eradicating the Syndicate – an International rogue organization as highly skilled as they are, committed to destroying the IMF. Rebecca Ferguson, Sean Harris and Alec Baldwin also star in the film Paramount Pictures releases on July 31st.

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Reader Feedback - 62 Comments


Following in JJ Abrams and Brad Birds footsteps is a tall god damn order. I don't know anything about mcquarrie but Im damn impressed with what I see so far.

Jon Odishaw on Mar 23, 2015


me too!

ari smulders on Mar 23, 2015


He directed Jack Reacher and wrote Edge of Tomorrow, Jack Reacher and The Usual Suspects. I think he'll do ok.

rickvanr on Mar 23, 2015


I don't know...sounds like a slacker 😉

kitano0 on Mar 23, 2015


I'm in. I'll give it to Cruise--the man may be in his 50s, but he can still kick ass and look good doing it (see EDGE OF TOMORROW).

Scopedog on Mar 23, 2015


impressive trailer, makes you want to see it and have fun for two hours!

ari smulders on Mar 23, 2015


Wow i hope i didnt just watch the entire movie already...but looking good.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Mar 23, 2015


Switch to full screen 1080p stream and I think we just did

Tester on Mar 23, 2015


It's a ''dumb action flick'' Not expecting huge plot twists so I think we can forgive them for showing a bit..?

ProjectionistHP on Mar 23, 2015


Yet another Mission Impossible movie that looks nothing like Mission Impossible !! Buy hey, Im a sucker for these movies, so.. In Like Flynt!

Tester on Mar 23, 2015


Even with the stunts he insists on doing, surely they didn't really let him do that plane stunt... it looks very real.

T. Hakeem on Mar 23, 2015


Apparently they did. They posted a bts video of it a few months ago. Looked nuts.

Franklin Carpio on Mar 23, 2015


Wow... this dude is insane. Makes for incredible shots. Always appreciated his commitment to making these films work.

T. Hakeem on Mar 23, 2015


This was shot here in the UK, how did I miss this story! Cheers @EthanAnderton:disqus

T. Hakeem on Mar 25, 2015


Looks great, when it's not going BWUM black BWUM black BWUM black

OfficialJab on Mar 23, 2015


Not only is that plane stunt amazing, it's also funny as hell.

kitano0 on Mar 23, 2015


Needed to see the trailer before. Asking my decision, but dammit if I didnt see too much!

mooreworthy on Mar 23, 2015


I didn't see any flute guns.

Tuomas Lassila on Mar 23, 2015


Look again at 1:33 right after the woman in the yellow dress.

Ethan Anderton on Mar 23, 2015


Yeah I saw it the second time.

Tuomas Lassila on Mar 23, 2015


If it goes back the the serious tone of 3 I will be happy but I feel it will take the tone of the 4th which was like an action comedy. Not to mention the writing scares me a bit.

Brian Sleider on Mar 23, 2015


With Pegg in the cast there's no hope this won't have silly comedy in it.

AwesomeWave on Mar 23, 2015


Looks like a Great Summer movie.

TXSteadyEddie on Mar 23, 2015


Always loved Cruise as an actor... Actions seems good. This will probably do exactly what it is supposed to do, entertain. And that plane stunt!

ProjectionistHP on Mar 23, 2015


The man is nuts but he does do fun roles and MI fits him well.

Josh W on Mar 23, 2015


Look, I'm going to take a chance here and be the turd in the Tom Cruise punch bowl and see if any one might wake up and see things as they really are. This allowing yourself to be mesmerized into a brainless stupor by magic and phony stunts has to have a limit. He's not really doing this stuff as presented. Get it? Yes, he's hanging from mile high buildings and off of flying airplanes, but he's got serious cables (that are erased in post production) attaching him and in not in any real danger. And anyone could do this. Anyone, that is, that is crazy enough and with an ego that needs aggrandizing by doing this while being filmed and then projected on huge screens to fool the masses. I realize that we all like to be 'entertained', but must we blind ourselves to who we are allowing to entertain us and how they do it? If you want to see the reality of Cruise, come out of your suspended stupor and watch the doc film Going Clear. There is real footage in the film of the real Cruise and how he acts in his element around the Scientology closed doors. This is they guy who you are allowing to mesmerize you into handing him enormous amounts of fame, power and money. A guy who thinks of all of you, all of us, as wonks way below his level of being. He thinks he and the leader of this cult/organization are the only two big human beings on the planet and the rest of us are low-level infested thetans who haven't a clue. Well, are you? I apologize if I've shat upon your parade of enjoying movies. I really do. Maybe a few of you will actually take the time to view a real movie about reality and catch Going Clear when it airs on HBO later this month. Maybe even re-think who you admire and allow to entertain you. If not, forgive me my trespasses and please go on with the usual stuff going on here. I mean no harm to any of you.

Bo on Mar 23, 2015


Hey, let's not take Tom Cruise seriously, huh? I mean, I don't normally buy a single idea from him. Or scientology. And this movie? I'll probably wait a year, or less, when it shows up somewhere on some channel and watch it for free... No, biggie, right? This is just a joke ...

shiboleth on Mar 23, 2015


Right you are, Shiboleth. Good attitude. At least there is one person so far that has the intelligence, and shall I say morals, to not fall for this guy. I doubt I'll even watch this dogcrap a year from for free so good luck with that.

Bo on Mar 23, 2015


Dude, you have issues. I think Cruise is a good actor. He can tackle any genre and most of his films are enjoyable. I could care less what he's like off the screen.

tommyturner on Mar 23, 2015


Therein lies the problem; not caring about off screen. A typical mass audience member reply displaying the herd mentality. So be it, Tommy. And Dude, you're the one with issues and you just don't know it. Carry on with this kind of nonsense and and forget about the likes of me. Cruise loves thetans like you! Makes him a rich and famous man! care and enjoy the movie.

Bo on Mar 23, 2015


Bo, with this post you have elevated yourself to major troll status. Sorry. WTF does his Scientology have to do with anything? Whatever he chooses in his private life is his thing. Its not like hes a member of Hamas. He puts effort and work into his movies and it shows. Anyone could hang outside a plane? lol. Are you delusional? Do you really think he should wear no safety cables just for good ol' Bo? There's nothing phony about hanging outside a plane or dangling outside a mile high building. Cables or not. Most actors do not do it. He does. And why the fuck would you take the chance to die? Movies are all entertainment and the illusion of realism. Everything is a trick. Instead of overusing cgi and/or using a stuntman, hes doing it himself. You better stop eating that crack cake there. Jesus...

Sascha Dikiciyan on Mar 23, 2015


Don't be sorry,Sascha. The gentle breeze parting the hair on the top of you head is just that which I'm attempting to talk about and point out flying over your head. Think nothing of it as you can't. It's out of your reach. Your second paragraph makes it embarrassingly obvious you missed the point. Carry on, remarks and comments are not meant for you and your ilk. Like I said, I mean you no harm. Pay no attention to me as I pay none to you. It's all out of your league, man. Enjoy the movie and Cruise hanging from cables you can't see mesmerizing you into numbness and thoughtlessness. And you love it and him for it. Weird, man. Talk about eating crack cake or whatever! And don't wake up. Stay asleep!

Bo on Mar 23, 2015


eh, nice try to dig yourself out of that hole. Im not offended by the rubbish nonsense you're spewing because you are clearly an angry and confused person.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Mar 23, 2015


Good for you then, Sascha. We've bumped heads before and it's obvious we operate on two different levels of intelligence and comprehension. I'll stick with the level I'm at and leave you to yours. As far as 'you are 'clearly' an angry and confused person' indicates my point. Not only am I not angry, I'm quite the opposite and I'm certainly not confused. What's clear is that those statements are projections on your part which means internally you suffer from them both. Certainly the anger as you always seem to express yourself with anger. Own it, man. Even if you don't that doesn't make me angry. Only sad and I feel sorry for you. Take care. It's probably best if we ignore one another, don't ya think? You, at this point in your life, are not able to understand my perceptions and observations, let along have the decency to respect my right to express them. Try to give that a little thought.

Bo on Mar 24, 2015


So, you say we are fooled by hollywood if we go and watch Cruises new film. How can you say that Going clear is truthful and without prejudice? Were you gathering evidence or were you an eyewitness? You probably base your believes on something you have read, seen or heard, told by someone. How can you tell if your not the fool you speak of, like rest of us?

ProjectionistHP on Mar 23, 2015


Well, that's pretty funny. However, I can pretty much tell that I'm not a fool like the rest You wrote: "You probably base your believes on something you have read, seen or heard, told by someone". Got a better way to come to your own conclusions about matters? Interesting, but it sounds like Scientology garble, mixing up and stirring ingredients that sound good but are stupid, ineffective and embarrassing. You interject false accusations and bend the narrative of my posts to fit into a simplistic manipulative bunch of crap. Come on, man! You do sound like a Scientologist. Are you? Would you admit it if you were? That's a rhetorical question as I know the answer. You wouldn't as that the strategy used in that group. That's the only way your post makes any sense and even then, like them, it really doesn't.

Bo on Mar 24, 2015


".....he's got serious cables (that are erased in post production) attaching him..." What?! No way! I just never saw that coming. I have now seen the man behind the curtain. I feel so duped. People we must unite and throw off this veil of Hollywood delusions! Let us see how else Hollywood has now led us astray. No more! Thanks for opening our eyes Bo. I feel 10 lbs. lighter.

LightningB on Mar 23, 2015


Man oh man, what am I dealing with here? 5th graders with 8 yr. old mentalities? In your rush to pop off and sound clever and funny you've missed the point!! I would hope even the immature fan boys on this site would know the obvious, Lightning, which was part of my point. Look, it won't do any good to reiterate my points if it all flew over your head in the first place. Okay, great, you think you are clever and funny...good for you for skating across the surface and can't handle that which is beneath the surface. Sorry for creating waves in your surface level life. At least you know how to use irony, even if it too is pretty base and grade school level. Off with you now and go enjoy your Tom Cruise movies, my lad!

Bo on Mar 23, 2015


Oh good Lord you're an idiot. You don't even know what point you're making. I know a troll message when I see one. You are the one who pointed out that he is actually wearing safety cables digitally erased. I thought that was.....odd to take the time to point that out. Doesn't fit with the rest of what you said which might have and could have been decent but whatever. I'm not a Cruise fan by any means. Just pointing the joke of a point (or whatever it was) about his lack of bravery because he was actually wearing cables so "anybody coudl do it". That's so funny? I think. Thanks for enlightening us I guess.

LightningB on Mar 23, 2015


Look, I'm not an idiot and it doesn't serve you well to carry on in that manner. That's a fair thing to say that it doesn't fit with the rest of what I said. I've been re-thinking that due to your response and others taking my point the wrong way. I've got to take responsibility for that. I think I was trying to dilute the obvious idolization of Cruise doing this stuff when it is all artifice and any of us crazy enough and with the proper financial backing could do the same. It's all PR stuff and sure seems to be working because I've angered many people on this site who do not wish for their perceptions and false beliefs in fake heroes disturbed. To me, the guy who climbs buildings for real with no cables and no ropes is a bit more deserving of what?...respect?, I think he's crazy too. My attention? Perhaps. I did say, and I quote myself, "This allowing yourself to be mesmerized into a brainless stupor by magic and phony stunts has to have a limit. He's not really doing this stuff as presented." Does that not make sense? Anyway, I digress and I believe you've a valid point with my using the cable, erasing of it, etc. didn't serve my point making very well. It's of no consequence to what people do or don't do with regards to Cruise. I do admit I'm fascinated that people wish to remain uniformed by what this guy really is and the type of cult/organization he's heavily involved and continue to support his stardom. How many will take the time to view Going Clear and see him in his true light and perhaps alter their perceptions and entertainment needs? I just find that very bizarre and even a bit sad, quite frankly. The masses...the herd and it's/their need for heroes and to be mesmerized has always fascinated me. Anyway, Lightning (sorry, but I've trouble believing I'm attempting to communicate with someone who's chosen that name to go by, which is part of my point also. I don't mean to degrade you, it's just a little weird to me) I've re-read my original post and remain steadfast with what I wrote. It seems to me to be way too much for most people to get and so they focus on the literal surface-level on certain parts of it to avoid the larger aspects. And no, I don't think Cruise is brave. I think he's a small man, like 5'7'', that has serious needs to make himself seem bigger and to get attention and aggrandize his ego and will go to any lengths to achieve it. I've no respect for that. Where I come from he'd be a dork and we'd more than likely pour beer over his head at parties!

Bo on Mar 24, 2015


Bo knows...crap.

tommyturner on Mar 23, 2015


You might re-think sending posts of this nature. It doesn't serve you well and beside that, it's just incorrect.

Bo on Mar 24, 2015


So because I enjoy a movie with Tom Cruise, that means I support Scientology? Really? If he wants to spend his earned wages on some kooky organization, so be it. People spend millions on the Democratic Party - what's the difference?

tommyturner on Mar 23, 2015


Well, finally an intelligent post with valid questions and points without resorting to anger, name calling, and put downs. Thank you. But yes, if you 'pay' money to see a Tom Cruise movie it means you support Scientology. In an indirect manner, most certainly. That's my point. Thanks for clarifying it for me. Enjoying it has nothing to do with it. It's the giving of the money and power to a man like this that I'm questioning. Whether that makes any difference to you or others is also my point. Myself, I can't abide that so I don't see his movies. I also don't like them and find them silly and without merit, but that's another matter. As far as the 'what's the difference with the Democratic Party analogy...probably not much. However, the analogy doesn't really work because the 'kooky organization' you speak of is certainly that and much, much more. There are those that find it way beyond kooky and perhaps dangerous and even evil. Which is why I suggested people might want to check out the documentary film, Going Clear. What can possibly be wrong with furthering one's knowledge about these type of things? Especially if they deal with what can be considered a cultural icon. Viewing the doc film will certainly be informative and educational. What can be wrong with that? As to whether it might change one's feelings, perceptions and perspective regarding Cruise, who's to know? It might, it might not. Knowing what I know about the organization and Cruise has certainly affected my views and I want nothing to do with either of them or what they say or stand for or dump upon the culture. But that's just me. I'm mature and smart enough to realize and accept that others might not feel the same.

Bo on Mar 24, 2015


If you care what celebrities do besides entertain us then that is your first problem. Tom Cruise is a weird guy but he does fly stunt helicopters, has raced formula one cars, Rides motorcycles in LA and does crazy shit like this... Gotta respect the guy for having serious balls still at 52 years old. The guy already has the money, He likes to entertain, Always puts in 110% in his movies. That is what we want from actors isn't it?

Shawn Cowan on Mar 25, 2015


I don't particularly like Tom Cruise as a person, but his movies are generally good fun and the Mission Impossible movies in particular - bar number 2 - have all been a great ride. Sure, it's not as fulfilling or edifying as reading a Dostoyevsky novel, but it doesn't make it not good fun. As for all the crap about Scientology, yeah they believe in a whole lot of crazy BS and are a real pack of litigious a-holes. But then Hollywood is littered with people who submit to one form or another of the equally silly and globally far more damaging and nefarious Abrahamic cults, so unless you want to politicise absolutely everything in your life down identity lines there's not much point in harping on about an actor's belief system unless it involves sacrificing virgins at a backyard alter each Sunday. Sorry if I sh#t upon your self-righteous and self-congratulatory masturbation session, but your entire post was as pointless as the entire "faith" of Scientology.

Dotpols on Mar 30, 2015


Thanks for you reply, Dotpols, but how sad it eventually turned out to be. I was with you and in agreement with you through most of your first two paragraphs. Thought it was intelligent and articulated well enough, but not sure I'd equate Scientology and Cruise with the regular Hollywood dogshit. Be that as it may, it became quite sad with the addition of your rather crude, mean and horseshit of a third paragraph where you digressed into a self-righteous masturbatory diatribe of you own. Too bad. But I find that's usually the case when someone accuses someone of something due to projection and their inability to recognize those exact same facets of themselves so they project them and exteriorize it upon others in ignorant and angry outbursts of accusation. Too bad, man. Sad. I did think, to myself, me? self-righteous? Masturbating?...nah! I re-read my post and standfast in what I was pointing out and it's obvious you didn't a self-righteous and masturbation session? Come on, man. Get a grip! Also, you're really full of shit in your opinions, etc. regarding political matters, etc. You think I'm self righteous and I think you're full of shit. So what's left to say? I could care less about you and your reactions to my thoughts and will just press the delete button if any further communication comes from you as it's toxic and silly and without merit.

Bo on Mar 30, 2015


It's good that you could "care less" about my reactions Bo, and thank you for demonstrating that fact by writing me an expletive laden 236 word response. Nothing truly demonstrates aloof indifference like an angry self-righteous rant lol. But congratulations on continuing along what this page full of your comments demonstrates is an almost pathological strain of quite hilarious sanctimony. It's cute that you think I'm "full of shit" and need to "get a grip" for calling you out for getting on your high horse and talking down to people for watching a trailer for a Tom Cruise film. Congratulations again, as you've also demonstrated an almost Fox News grade inability for self-reflection 😉 . But listen, I don't want to diminish your contribution here too much... in fact I think you ought to continue the incredible contribution to humanity you're obviously dedicated to by perhaps telling off a bunch of school children for liking Japanese anime without properly appreciating the country's lack of contrition for war crimes committed in Asia.

Dotpols on Mar 30, 2015


You counted his words? High five!!

Bill Lange on May 13, 2015


Seriously, again? Mindless fun, of course. What else can Tom Cruise hope to produce these days?

shiboleth on Mar 23, 2015


Nice try. "these days". Lets see you produce something better. Yeah I hear emptiness...

Sascha Dikiciyan on Mar 23, 2015


Cruise on a motorcycle? What?! // Looks great.

DAVIDPD on Mar 23, 2015


Never really cared about any of these movies after the first one. They're fun and all, but I only ever rewatch the first.

grimjob on Mar 23, 2015


Sorry but MI 3 is one of the best action movies of the last decade. Far superior to the original or Woo's 2.

ragethorn on Mar 24, 2015


Nothing beats MI:3, hands down the best.

Elastikos on Mar 25, 2015


And the best part is, it came out of nowhere.

ragethorn on Mar 26, 2015


Looks like Benji finally gets to wear a mask! I am in. These movies are shameless fun and I love to see what stunt that Cruise insists on doing that terrified insurance companies.

Maxx on Mar 25, 2015


No, I don't have to respect the guy. Yes, who a so-called celebrity is and what kind of person he is does have an effect on whether I'll let him 'entertain' me. I will agree with you that he is a weird guy. That's for sure; and more than you know, believe me. Which was my point. Read the book Going Clear and/or watch the doc film on HBO Sunday night and see Cruise in a different light and if that has absolutely no effect on you or your adulation, then so be it. Also, what is with this idolization you seem to have of him because he races cars, rides motorcycles, etc. He does not fly stunt helicopters, I don't know where you got that. People do seem to get confused and mesmerized by celebrity and their PR machines designed to make the masses think the way they want them to think. He does fly fixed wing stunt-like planes. Or used to. So what? Is that really a reason to bow before him like he's some god? He actually thinks he is, a god-like human. But that's not enought. He also thinks and believes you or I are not. Scientology has brain-washed him into that. I have no interest in people like that. But look, this is silly. It's a matter of taste and morals. I find nothing about him attracts me towards him and only feel repelled by him. That's just me. He seems like a nice guy, but my point also was that it's all phony. From the stunts he has them film him doing to his public persona. You fall for it. I don't. Now, I'm done here on this thread to leave people to think and do as they please. You can't teach pig to sing; it never works and only irritates the pig. Thanks for you comments. At least they were rendered with intelligence and with rudeness and anger. I do respect that!

Bo on Mar 26, 2015


The original comments were in reference to him doing his own stunts which is why I commented on what his hobbies were. I do most of those things as well, Big into motorcycles, Racing cars etc hence the reference. I do not put anyone above God. Lets clarify, that nor am I an idolator. People actually make me physically ill that act otherwise. The point I was trying to make is when we dive into someones personal life outside of their career we will always find they are not the person they are on screen. Which is why I wish everyone would simply let entertainers entertain. Stop buying the trash magazines at the supermarket, Stop watching shows like TMZ. I can honestly say I never follow any of that B.S. Its modern day stalking and should be outlawed along with the paparazzi as well. Lets face it, America loves to see someone fall from grace, It makes them feel better about their own lives, e.g Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton etc. America loves to slow down for a good look at the accident scene, and it makes me ill. The man has been in the spotlight his entire life, and has had to live an introverted life where he can't go out in public without wearing a disguise, because of that I am sure he is an easy target for people such as the Scientology church to go after him. If anything I feel sorry for him, Basically a prisoner with a bunch of money who can't take a crap without the entire world watching. Here he is stunt flying a stunt helicopter.. You can't say he does not have balls. Allot of actors dont . I watch only the stunt stuff. Dont care who he is banging, what his diet secret is... And all the other crap men shouldn't care about lol.

Shawn Cowan on Mar 29, 2015


Well, okay Shawn. Thanks for the helicopter footage as I was wrong thinking he didn't do that. Good for him for having fun. Still, it's nothing to me; like watching kids riding a roller coaster and so what? Anyone can do it if they have the money and the inclination. So I stand corrected on the helicopter thing, but stand fast on him as a man. I disagree about the crap men shouldn't care about. They should care about a dude who participates in an organization who abuses people; they should care about a dude who has girlfriends 'groomed' for him to his specifications and then tosses them away when they don't behave to his liking. He's a creep, dude, and if my book men should notice that about other men and discard them and their antics and refuse to respect them in any way, shape or form whatsoever. That's just me and I'm fascinated by people who can't see thru this creepy dude; especially if they inform themselves about him like watching Going Clear. Instead of remaining ignorant. It's okay to be ignorant about something, but when the information is out there to be had and one ignores it then they no longer are ignorant but just plain stupid! I'm not pointing the finger at you specifically, Shawn. Thanks again for helping me remove my own ignorance re: Cruise flying stunts in helicopters, even though it doesn't change my outlook and perceptions of him in the least.

Bo on Mar 30, 2015


Is that a space alien peaking on of Tom Cruise's left ear and waving to us?

Snake Plissken on Apr 2, 2015

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