Watch: Gripping Teaser Trailer for Swedish Sci-Fi Thriller 'Origin'

August 21, 2015
Source: YouTube

Origin Teaser Trailer

"What does it mean to be human?" Whoa. Get ready for an intense psychological deep dive into the human mind with this sci-fi thriller from Sweden. Filmmakers and friends of the site Andreas Climent & André Hedetoft (they also made that short Double Trouble) have debuted the very first teaser trailer for their first feature film titled Origin. The story involves a couple of young ambitious scientists trying to figure out how to slow down the aging process at the cellular level, testing it on one of their friends. Of course, things start to get a bit crazy. Starring Emelia Hansson, Rikard Björk, Rafael Pettersson and Sandra Redlaff. This actually looks really good. I admire the cinematography, and I'm intrigued by the story. Take a look!

Here's the first teaser trailer for Andreas Climent & André Hedetoft's Origin, direct from YouTube:

From YouTube: "Ambitious science student Julia and programmer Rebecca are trying to make cells age slower. They are about to break new ground when they find out that Julia's boyfriend Erik has a terminal illness. As he gets worse and worse, they see no other option than to break moral boundaries. In secret they build a lab in their apartment and start experimenting – with Erik as a human guinnea pig. At first they seem to have found a cure, but they soon discover that his cells show signs of unexpected side effects. They have managed to enhance the body's properties. But what at first seems like something fun and exciting turns out to be far more dangerous than they ever had imagined." Origin is written and directed by Swedish filmmakers Andreas Climent & André Hedetoft, of Double Trouble previously. More info on their Facebook.

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Reader Feedback - 8 Comments


Another good one from you Alex. Yea, what does it mean to be human? And know we are going to die? Most people don't come near this question out of big time fear and instead lose themselves in trite and silly endeavors and beliefs and entertainments in order not to deal with it. Myself, I've pondered and studied and traveled and searched and read and questioned existence and what it means, if anything, to be human for many, many years. When someone attempts to make a film on this subject I'm elated. I liked the trailer and agree with you regarding the photography. I'll be looking forward to this one. Also, it good news for you and your site that these filmmakers are 'friends' to this place. Excellent!

Bo on Aug 21, 2015


Is it funny to think that many of the best moments of life are found in those "trite and silly endeavours and beliefs and entertainments"? I am not married nor do I have kids, but in the last twenty-six years of life, I have found that it is within the humdrum moments of my life I have found the most happiness. I find that in taking great care of the little actions I perform on a daily basis, I can create a better life for myself. Sure, they may seem trivial on the great stage of Life, but learning how to move and take action with great efficiency, is something I personally take great pride in, and at the end of the day, isn't that what matters most?

DAVIDPD on Aug 21, 2015


Well, good for you David. Very well articulated and done in an intelligent manner. However, lol.... I'm a little over 40 yrs. older than you so our life experiences vastly differ, of course. Having said that, I must confess I'm do not know what matters most. Or if anything matters at all. The great sages and mystics say that nothing matters and to beware of pride as it goeth before the fall. They also caution against getting lost in the ignorance of everyday life at the cost of self awareness in one's thoughts and actions. Awareness is always the preferable position, especially awareness of Self; not self, but Self and this is what I was talking about when I remarked that most people do not engage in awareness of any kind and are lost in the trivialities of life. Anyway, thanks for your thoughtful and intelligent and well-stated response to my comments. You come across as an intelligent and gracious person and that's refreshing. Lose the pride though. It's ego centric and of no use as you journey through life.

Bo on Aug 22, 2015


get a load of this ass

ummmmmmmm on Sep 5, 2015


Bo is a giant jack ass...don't even waste your time

NewsGuest on Sep 7, 2015


Looks interesting. Seeing much a young cast try to attain everlasting life is funny. I think I'll go watch THE FOUNTAIN.

DAVIDPD on Aug 21, 2015


What is strange about it is wish to prolong life and absence of valuing good life. They missed the meaning of it. Being human has no sense if you live longer and not good. And that should work for everybody and not just for some well-to-do hipsters or something like that. Imagine the workers with underpaid jobs. Would it be good to prolong their life? Only if you want to use them on ...

shiboleth on Aug 24, 2015


Very well said.

Bo on Aug 24, 2015

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