Watch: Second Trailer for the Inspiring 'He Named Me Malala' Doc

August 28, 2015
Source: YouTube

He Named Me Malala

Join the movement to change the world. Fox Searchlight has debuted another trailer for the documentary He Named Me Malala, profiling the life and activism of Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. We've featured one trailer for this previously and it looks like a very inspiring, very moving, heartfelt look at Malala's ambition and her relationship with her father. We expect this film to start getting more and more buzz as it shows up at film festivals this fall, between Telluride and Toronto, before opening in theaters in October. Hopefully this doc will help Malala reach out and inspire even more people all around the world.

Here's the second trailer for Davis Guggenheim's documentary He Named Me Malala, from YouTube:

Directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth, Waiting for "Superman"), the film shows us how Malala, her father Zia and her family are committed to fighting for education worldwide. He Named Me Malala is an intimate portrait of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai, who was targeted by the Taliban and severely wounded by a gunshot when returning home on her school bus in Pakistan’s Swat Valley. The then 15-year-old (she turns 18 this July) was singled out, along with her father, for advocating for girls' education, and the attack on her sparked an outcry from supporters around the world. She miraculously survived and is now a leading campaigner for girls' education globally. Fox Searchlight will debut the doc He Named Me Malala in select theaters starting October 2nd this fall.

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When the world is free of religion, we can move on as a species and get rid of the old world.

Carpola on Aug 28, 2015


Yep, one less thing to kill ourselves over.. Unfortunately you and I will not see this in our lifetimes.

Tester on Aug 28, 2015


Religion is not the problem. Guns are not the problem. Drugs are not the problem. The problem is and always will be, the people and what they do with these things. Remove religion bad, misguided people will find another way to rally people to a cause. Remove guns and people will still kill each other. Remove drugs and people will still prey upon the weakness of others.

Higgens on Aug 28, 2015


This. I'd say education is the most effective way to remove violence now, (violence is pretty much at an all time low already despite what your local broadcasters / grandparents tell you). You could say things like poverty or religion, but I would suggest that education is the root of those that is easiest for us to effect change on. Enough well educated and peaceful people are religious that I do not tie them together. Fundamentalists however...

OfficialJab on Aug 28, 2015


Religion is a form of control and of division, often not by the practitioners of the faith, but by others with some point to make or points to win. It is a good way to get people to murder one another, but you are right, human beings don't need too much motivation to kill or hate one another.

Carpola on Aug 28, 2015


Higgens, from a root cause point of you, I have to agree. We are still territorial animals who still need more time to evolve away from our young past. Having said that, Religion is no longer needed and a complete waste of resources which can be allocated elsewhere.

Tester on Aug 29, 2015


Who are you to decide that?

Higgens on Aug 29, 2015


I did not decide anything for anyone, just my opinion based on my education and experiences

Tester on Aug 29, 2015


Religion is the problem of the world. You relativize the whole thing. Religion is just lost in time. Monotheism was just one step ahead from polytheism. Some 1500 years ago it still looked modern, but that's over. Today, religion is an instrument of control, no matter how much good will is invested in it. And it is control of the people by the people who use it as a tool ...

shiboleth on Aug 29, 2015


No one controls me. I have faith in god. That faith is personal and something you can never disband or abolish, wishing and hoping it to go away, will never happen. People believe and you will never stop them doing so. We should not focus on the tool, we should focus on those who use to do evil.

Higgens on Aug 30, 2015


Of course, it's not on me to shake or weaken your faith. But you also must know, from the other side, that's just your right to be wrong. And I'm not stopping people over the world for believing. But I do criticize their faith as wrongdoing. It's their decision what to do about it. And I'm doing it because the tool you're mentioning is a problem. I'm profoundly convinced that faith is in its deepest sense, let's use the Christian point of view, pure evil. And as such, very damaged tool for everything. As for the people, they are always worth fighting for, much more than tool is ...

shiboleth on Aug 30, 2015


Again, as you said, TOOL. I dont blame the knife when I cut myself. Manage a way to abolish all religion (lol you do know there are more believers than non world wide right?) and shitty people will still be shitty people and they will simple pick another tool to do their misdeeds.

Higgens on Aug 30, 2015


Well, I guess you like playing naive. No, the religion, or, to be more accurate in this sense, the faith is not a knife, or a tool for everyday activity. We can take a condom as an example in this respect, you know. You don't blame it when girl get pregnant after sex, do you? However, there's a slight possibility that religion, or many diverse convictions of people might have some other purposes than knives or condoms, huh? In short, you're being ridiculous. Look, this can be long exchange between us and I can do it, but to what purpose? To count believers or non-believers? In these time of the history monotheism makes the majority of the people. In times of fascism most of the people are fascists. So, everything you can get with the majority is count the influence of idea or belief. The substance of it is not something we will agree on, right? So, let's cut it.

shiboleth on Aug 31, 2015


The point would be for you to open your eyes and not blame a tool for the actions of the user. I see that's impossible.

Higgens on Aug 31, 2015


You're not very tolerant either. Since you're blinded by yours beliefs, don't try anymore. For the sake of decency ...

shiboleth on Sep 1, 2015


Higgens, I respect your belief and agree with your point of view. But please do not say "never", I used to be a very dedicated catholic, born in a very very religious country. However, after much discussion, research and education I have walked away from such beliefs and can only label myself an atheist.. I will not say that I will never change, but I hardly think that I could ever believe in anything that is not represented by logic, evidence and common sense. My life is now a better one and now I look at the universe with wonder, delight and curiosity.. As I always now say Religions is a choice Science is the truth !!

Tester on Aug 31, 2015


Your belief is not representative of the world though. The fact is You and your kind are a VAST minority, and you will NEVER stomp out all religion, I will say it. Because faith goes deeper than those who would dismantle it. I Once thought as you, shrouded in science that is as much faith as what I believe.

Higgens on Aug 31, 2015


It is unfortunate that you referred to me as "your kind". That ends our discussion. Good day sir.

Tester on Aug 31, 2015


Your kind, "atheists" calm down. I did not mean to be disparaging.

Higgens on Aug 31, 2015


if there were no religion then how can anyone make a difference between good and bad : religion thought us that sir : can u give a science fact on that : that time science/ didt even existed when religion was on the peek its just we are too lazy to understand no one born as a bad person its a activities that we perform makes us bad person .

noman on Oct 3, 2015


Its called morality, U don't need religion to learn it.

Tester on Oct 3, 2015


Greed and lust for power are the cancer of this planet...

dawko on Sep 6, 2015


What a nice place this must be...I think I can live happily with having never stepped a foot on their soil.

DAVIDPD on Aug 29, 2015


There are really unfortunate places in the world and you might be just right. Many countries of the world are very beautiful but their social environment is literally lethal... Wretched of the world ...

shiboleth on Aug 29, 2015


Can't wait to see this documentary. Pakistan is not unlike many places in the world where girls are treated like property. Not all Pakistani communities are controlled by evil. We have friends in Pakistan who live in areas where women are treated as they should be, but the fact is that there are, around the globe, whether by country or by region or by religion, many places where women are denied an education, where girls are married off to strangers, where girls are used, abused, accused, and denied freedom and basic liberties that should be afforded to all human beings. The subject of comments thus far has not had anything to do with the documentary. How disappointing that the focus has not been on this amazing young woman who stood against evil even in the face of death and of a father who loves his daughter -- who did not walk with society but in love, who thought his daughter worthy, and in that thought willing to risk all that other daughters of the world might live a good life without fear. Pride clouds vision; humility brings focus.

IknowGodIs . on Sep 6, 2015

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