Watch This: VFX Artist Dylan J. Nathan's 'Extropy - Speedhack' Short

April 13, 2015
Source: Vimeo

Extropy - Speedhack

Another cool sci-fi proof-of-concept (to follow The Leviathan). Dylan J. Nathan, a VFX / CGI artist, is looking to make the leap into filmmaking and has debuted his 2-minute short to show us what kind of world he wants to create. His new short is titled Speedhack, part of the Extropy sci-fi series he is developing. As described: "Speedhack is a high-octane journey through a near future city sprawl created entirely by Dylan J Nathan, Speedhack is a proof of concept scene from EXTROPY, a sci-fi feature film for the 21st century." Everything looks cool, I just hope there's a good story in here. Another site calls this a "FPS mashed-up with Akira and Tron" but it's just a sleek proof-of-concept for an intriguing sci-fi world. Recommended viewing.

Extropy - Speedhack

Description from Vimeo: "When reality is augmented, DNA is synthetic and machines are sentient, what does it mean to be real? What is life? Speedhack is a high-octane journey through a near future city sprawl. Created by Dylan J Nathan, the short is a proof of concept scene from EXTROPY, a sci-fi feature film for the 21st century." This short was directed by Dylan J. Nathan (his website), featuring music by Jega, and visuals by Subvert. Dylan is a self-described "NeoFuturist Filmmaker" who worked with GMunk and Joseph Kosinski on Tron: Legacy and now he wants to make the leap into feature filmmaking. This project is one of his pitches - Extropy, a unique sci-fi trilogy. More info on this from The Creators Project. What is Extropy?

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i remember that video game... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY7Mj1KUfK4

Dan Hibiki on Apr 13, 2015


Awesome designs. CGI is obviously not 100% polished, as this is a proof.

TheOct8pus on Apr 13, 2015


Yet again, another short with awesome visual style, but no real hint of a story. More importantly, no hint of an interesting character. If the purpose of it is to further his career in VFX, he's golden. If the goal is to convince someone to give him 100+ million dollars to make a full feature, we have to see story potential that could carry a whole franchise. It would be interesting if there were an independent forum that helped aspiring writers (or established writers) to connect with these emerging visual stylists to jump-start the next generation of epic filmmaking. Artists are capable of doing SO much on their own these days, but when it comes to filmmaking, you have to bring together enough skilled people to make sure there are no weak links.

Swanland on Apr 13, 2015


I've had first hand experience of going to a school that trained concept artists, VFX and Motion Graphic artists much like this person. I studied graduate film (writer/director), and I can tell you a forum like the one you speak of wouldn't do much good for most of them. And that's because these artists want to think of themselves as directors and "storytellers", when most of them don't have a English literature (since we're in the US) background past high school level. They think they can come up with interesting/original characters and stories when their sole focus has been making things look as cool/realistic/pretty as possible. Somehow they think they can write a story as well as a screenwriter/director who spent all of their life reading, writing, and revising. I wonder how many of them even realizes that creative writing is a discipline as deep as anything they pursue. Further, they don't react well when these shortcomings are brought to their attention. Many of these artist types actively sneer at film majors because for the time being, its easier from them to do something visually polished. A good example of this type of director is Neil Blomkamp. He got lucky with District 9, but his subsequent films showed his true colors as a director who's only interested/focused on certain visual gimmicks (robots), and less so in character development and actual storytelling. We'll see how the next Aliens movie goes...

Firebrand003 on Jul 19, 2015


Needs some grain. Quite liked it though.

Carpola on Apr 13, 2015


Yet another short that serves no purpose except to show how proficient the director is in VFX. I'm sure Hollywood will begin frothing at the mouth for this guy and give him $200 million to reboot some old sci-fi franchise. Meh!

Trey Wilson on Apr 13, 2015


Simply Excellent ! This guy needs to make this. Soo much better than the rest of the crap that Hollywood has been trying to peddle this summer. WAY better than ANY of the other action scenes I've seen this year. So many trolls here who could never make anything like this... Bravo !!! More ! I look forward to seeing what this director does !!!

Hotkey on May 31, 2015

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