Thrilling New 'Immersion' Sci-Fi Short Film from Raphael Rogers

March 10, 2015
Source: Vimeo


"I'm going to fight my way out of this world!" There seems to be an oncoming trend with sci-fi involving virtual worlds, e.g. Second Life, most likely thanks to growing interest in virtual reality via Oculus Rift. A new short film called Immersion, written & directed by Raphael Rogers, has debuted online and it's a techno-thriller (though I probably shouldn't call it that) kind of inspired by The Matrix and Tron, about a virtual gaming platform called "Immersion". This 7 minute sci-fi short starts out pretty good, then gets a little choppy in the second half, almost as if he's trying to give us hints at a bigger story in the full-length feature. Which may be what's really going on anyway, another unique short hinting at the potential of more. It looks pretty cool and I'm intrigued by the premise, though I wish the story in the short was a bit clearer.

Synopsis from Vimeo: Immersion has taken the world by storm. Initially created as a virtual gaming platform more enticing than reality, its simulations have become so convincing that criminals are now being treated as patients inside virtual reality. Pairing the worlds of Immersion with nanotechnology has unlocked the key to modifying brain behavior. We can now cure a murderer, heal an addict. But change can happen both ways. The short is written & directed by Raphael Rogers (see more of his work), with cinematography by Brendan Uegama, starring Stevie Hendrix, Emilie Ullerup, Brad Simanski and Ryan Caldwell. See the behind-the-scenes video here. It was shot with Red Epic and Sony a7s primarily, with one 5DIII shot. "All the VFX was done by two of us using After Effects." I'm up for more. Thoughts?

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Waste of time, don't watch. Pretty bad from start to finish, but not even watchable in the second half, and the vfx throughout were pretty bad. Why post this?

TimothyV on Mar 10, 2015


where were the vfx bad? what are you people even talking about?

darion d'anjou on Jul 16, 2016


three minutes of my life I'll never get back before turning this off

Paige on Mar 10, 2015


I'm increasingly convinced that Firstshowing has terrible taste, more so with every short film they decide to post on here

Peach on Mar 10, 2015



Paul on Mar 10, 2015



DAVIDPD on Mar 11, 2015


I am sure there is an interesting story somewhere in there.

Armitall on Mar 11, 2015


Alex, it seems to me that all the short films these days tend to feature some form of sci-fi story and an element of CGI, whether it be HUDs or holograms or whatever(and robots, always robots). Is this the trend for young filmmakers? They only care about the visuals? Not that the story is bad but I'm worried that these supposedly future filmmakers are all about the style while neglecting the performances and characters. Yes? No?

PitchDot on Mar 11, 2015


Based on this short film I don't think the guy who made it will be a future filmmaker at all. Not only is this thing empty of any story, but the visuals aren't even good, and the actual visual effects are bad even for two guys making it alone. No vision to it at all. What a mess.

Miko on Mar 12, 2015


I agree with you, at least in terms of the lack of vision. But I'm just worried that, should it happen that these gentlemen get a chance to make a feature, will they (along with the others of their ilk) be making the same mistakes they're making with their shortfilms? Will they concentrate purely on trying to "blow us away with the next best thing" or will they actually learn from their experience and craft a decent story with great characters?

PitchDot on Mar 12, 2015


Filmmakers like the one behind this doesn't do anything new or interesting. This short reminds me of a million other things and it is very poorly executed. I think the best new filmmakers will be good storytellers because people are really demanding that now that anyone can film something with a DSLR like this crappy little film. I hope we have more new filmmakers like James Gunn who can do amazing visuals with a good story and character .

Pauline on Mar 12, 2015


loved the concept of this short and fiending for more! the visuals and story idea were totally on par with where the movie world is heading. GIMME MORE NOW!

Louise on Mar 12, 2015


I guess people don't know a great film when they see it. Granted- they probably do not understand the concept here and what the director was trying to do. It's genius. I'm a huge sci-fi freak and believe this film is innovative and visually AWESOME to watch - even if you're not a sci-fi fan. Great job to the director. It left me entertained and wanting more. So many unanswered questions!! I guess I'll just have to wait and hope this film makes it to the big screen.

Jeremy on Mar 13, 2015


You're also Tina right? Your comment is even worse than (hers)! yhis film is not only poorly made but it is idiotic. It's been panned and your response is that people don't understand the concept or what the director was trying to do? Come on clearly you're also a friend of someone involved. you're saying that everyone who didn't like it just didn't get it or was too dumb to get it which clearly is not true and it's an empty defense of a bad movie

ChristianPote on Mar 14, 2015


dude, i'm not a friend of anyone involved in this film and i thought it rocked. it was visually as stunning as oblivion to me, and sure i think most people do get the premise. the twist maybe not so much, but that's the point of teasing the larger ideas. not all questions are answered.

darion d'anjou on Jul 16, 2016


Instead of nit-picking films in a negative manner that are created by hard-working individuals, it's important we appreciate them. Regardless of what everyone is saying, keep in mind, it's hard to tell a story in a short amount of time, however, the film was engaging and the work put into this was apparent. I think the storyline is great and although it may resemble other films (what movie doesn't? If you're not first, you can be different) it excels in engaging the audience. I hate seeing people pick apart people's work in such derogatory ways. If you don't like it, that's fine. People put their heart and soul into projects, and critiques are always welcome, however they should be helpful and encouraging to young filmmakers. I think this film has MAJOR potential and I applaud the filmmaker for taking a risk and doing what he loves. I hope this film takes off because it's really something. Give someone the chance to really allow something to develop before smashing it with negativity.

Den on Mar 13, 2015


Is it a coincidence that everyone responded negatively except three people who are either closely associated with the film or know the filmmakers? Even going as far to like each other's comments? It's not the worst thing I've seen, but it's not very good, and definitely not worthy of a place on a website where I rely on good film journalism. Also your comment is pretty hilarious, so take it as an attack against you and not the film. Just because people poured their heart and soul into it doesn't mean it shouldn't be available for critical analysis or judgment. "It excels in engaging the audience" right, I forgot that you represent the opinions of everyone who watched it. It didn't engage me, so what do you want me to do, apologize? Your opinions are more poorly structured than the short! BOOM!!!!

ChristianPote on Mar 14, 2015


That overly arrogant response definitely does not require a "BOOM" at the end. Calm yourself. Wasn't speaking of the entire population, just an opinion. But unlike you, I don't need to belittle and tear others down to stroke my own ego. Get off your high horse and be a human. Not a dick.

Tina on Mar 14, 2015


Opinion/noun/ a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. Your comment: it excels in engaging the audience. NO. It excelled in engaging YOU. The way you phrased it suggests that all people had that experience, which is so inherently flawed. Clearly there was work put into this, I'm not discrediting that, but it doesn't work on any level. The acting is laughable, the cinematography is flat, the visual effects are boring, derivative, and generic. Nothing here suggests a good filmmaker, which is my problem with it, and my problem with it being posted on a film news site. This isn't news or relevant to anyone interested in film. Share with friends and family, but there's some obvious nepotism happening with its appearance here, and in your comments.

ChristianPote on Mar 14, 2015


ChristianPote: "Opinion/noun/ a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty. Your comment: it excels in engaging the audience. NO. It excelled in engaging YOU." Fact, not opinion. On CGBros Raphael Rogers' "Immersion" has 50,407 and 852 likes vs. 58 dislikes. By definition this means, factually, that Immersion succeeds in engaging audiences. Not just one person, the overwhelming majority of votes were favorable by more than a multiple of 10. it doesn't get more clear cut than that. the shizz rocked man, and it looked amazing. get over it.

darion d'anjou on Jul 16, 2016


you sound ridiculous saying that this film is not very good. i mean, come on, this thing packs more action packed story into 7 minutes than many feature films. there was just enough story to be exciting in the beginning with the chase, the world was setup convincingly, what are you even talking about? this film was awesome!

darion d'anjou on Jul 16, 2016


I'm friends with the director! LEAVE IMMERSION ALONE!



what does that even mean? your friends with the director, so what?

darion d'anjou on Jul 16, 2016


I enjoyed this short, i just wish it was longer. I originally saw this on a streaming site. Are there plans for a longer movie?

Lifting The Veil on Jun 30, 2015


yes, blue is the best.

darion d'anjou on Jul 16, 2016

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