Watch: Trailer for Anthony Hopkins & Colin Farrell in 'Solace' Thriller

August 5, 2015
Source: Latino Review

Solace Trailer

"I've wanted to meet you for the longest time… Can't believe we're finally face-to-face." The first trailer for a serial killer thriller called Solace, or Prémonitions, recently debuted and if you haven't seen it you can check it out below. The film stars Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell, one a psychic, the other a serial killer, who battle mind-to-mind. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Abbie Cornish, Marley Shelton and Xander Berkeley also star. This looks like it has some interesting twists and turns, with that psychic imagery playing out in unique ways. I'm curious to find out what's going on, but not sure how good it'll be in the end.

Here's the first official trailer for Afonso Poyart's Solace, or Prémonitions, found via Latino Review:

Solace / Prémonitions

A psychic works with an FBI special agent in order to hunt down a serial killer. Solace, also known as Prémonitions, is directed by Brazilian filmmaker Afonso Poyart, of 2 Coelhos (Two Rabbits) and a short film previously. The screenplay has credits from writers Sean Bailey, Ted Griffin, Peter Morgan and James Vanderbilt. This was filmed in/around Atlanta, Georgia. Relativity Media was going to distribute Solace here in the US, but they recently went bankrupt so no new release plans have been put in place yet. Stay tuned for additional updates on the opening if you're curious. LR says it's still "set to be released this fall."

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Looks neat.

Brian Sleider on Aug 5, 2015


this is totally ripped off of an old x-files episode!!

Ryan on Aug 5, 2015


or Next

Josh W on Aug 5, 2015


ha ha ha it really does seem like it. The old guy was Peter Boyle wasn't it?

harm on Aug 5, 2015



Ryan on Aug 6, 2015


That poster is the most overused layout in Hollywood....

TheOct8pus on Aug 5, 2015


Looks fun to watch! On my to watch list....

ari smulders on Aug 5, 2015


cinematography looks like crap, but the premise and the actors look great. Bring it on

harm on Aug 5, 2015


These days, movies like this one pick my interest when there's a good dark tone in it ... There's some in this so I might watch it. Never mind A. Hopkins suddenly looks like he took that part from Morgan Freeman ...

shiboleth on Aug 5, 2015


you like movies with a "dark" tone? check out the trailer for "the hallow" - even though it's just a trailer and not a "major" movie release, I think they really nailed the "dark/creepy atmosphere,.

dan on Aug 7, 2015


Of course, I took the liberty and looked for the trailer, and I think it's The Hollow and not The Hallow. But, honestly, that looks like something generic and not the 'dark' I'm inclined to ... I like dark in thriller and drama, where is present more substance than horror. Pure horror, only for scares (and this is how this one looks) is something vapid for me. Definitely not my cup of tea ...

shiboleth on Aug 8, 2015


no, man - it IS "the hallow" ties in irish mythology in a creepy way. go to " it's the 10th trailer from the top. even If you don't like it - remember the site. it's great for trailers. btw - "the hollow" does look like generic crap.

dan on Aug 8, 2015


This is one of those movies whose premise is so ridiculous and nonsensical, but the actors and writing are so serious that it kind of makes you forget how dumb the plot really is. ...DIG IT!

DAVIDPD on Aug 5, 2015


oh well...I will see it

Trey on Aug 5, 2015


That's not ironic, just coincidental. Also, a few of those are different enough in my eyes; but yes, I guess that's a noticeable movie poster trend... not as overused as the floating heads, but still.

Terry Craig on Aug 5, 2015


It's ironic that I said the Anthony Hopkins picture looks like every other poster in Hollywood and 2 of the random examples I used show his face (the same face). Irony and coincidence are not mutually exclusive. Anyway, some of these are rather different from each other, but you get the idea: close up of a face, words scrawled across the face....

TheOct8pus on Aug 6, 2015


No, it would be ironic if your example somehow implied the opposite of what you said about this movie's poster. However it only confirms it. And yeah, I get it, just that if you consider that a movie poster will inevitably have words on it (and almost inevitably at least one face), it's not always a hack move to have the former obscure the latter, depending on the execution. The last two posters, f.ex. aren't that clichéd imo (although not too remarkable either). Considering how generic this movie looks, though, it's hardly a surprise they went for a generic poster 😛

Terry Craig on Aug 6, 2015


Wow I heard about this film literally Years ago. Thought it got shelved (obviously it did lol) or blacklisted. Looks like a straight to dvd title.

SkyNet300 on Aug 6, 2015


So the killer is Colin Ferrell. Mystery solved = NO NEED TO WATCH THIS.

RAW_D on Aug 7, 2015


This looks made for tv

ff on Aug 7, 2015


It looks like I owe you two apologies. First one is about the wrong trailer (I just didn't try hard enough, I admit) and second one is about the 'themoviebox' site. And believe me, I know the site, it has much more than this one but at some time (for reasons that need no explanation) I stopped visiting it. Thank you for your persistence, it paid off, which means, I'm back to themoviebox again. As for the 'hAllow' I took the opportunity to watch the trailer and this time it was better. But I would also like to repeat myself a bit. Although I might watch this film sometimes (it looks ok, definitely), I also am inclined to watch sinister, dark things produced by very nonsupernatural human beings in a world full of scary everyday situations. Not that I don't like imagination, I very much do, but I often am also fed up with too much of lazy scripts using possibility of supernatural effects of the story ... Thanks again and sorry for misunderstanding ...

shiboleth on Aug 9, 2015


gotcha! and glad you're back on movie box - it offers a LOT of content!

dan on Aug 10, 2015

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