Watch: Trailer for 'Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans' Documentary

October 1, 2015
Source: Apple

Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans

"I'm a driver, I'm an actor, and a filmmaker." FilmRise has debuted the trailer for Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans, a documentary about actor/director Steve McQueen trying to make the racing film Le Mans, which was released in 1971. Apparently it was a very troubled, messy production with all kinds of problems and on-set rivalries - resulting in what was a "poorly received" film that didn't really connect with American audiences. The documentary features plenty of archival footage along with some interviews to present a unique, inside look at the production and what really went down. Of course, found within all that footage is McQueen talking about a love for car racing and filmmaking. "This is the story of racing, man."

The trailer for Gabriel Clarke & John McKenna's doc Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans, via Apple:

Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans

By 1970, Steve McQueen ruled Hollywood. He was the King of Cool and the world's most notorious ladies' man. Hot off the back of classics like The Thomas Crown Affair and Bullitt, the racing fanatic began production of his passion project, Le Mans, centered on the 24-hour car race in France. But the infamously troubled production was plagued with financial troubles, on-set rivalries and the star's own personal issues. This documentary film interweaves stunning, newly discovered footage and McQueen's private recordings with original interviews to reveal the true story of how this cinema legend would risk everything in pursuit of his dream. The documentary is directed by Gabriel Clarke & John McKenna (When Playboys Ruled the World). After premiering at this year's Cannes Film Festival, Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans will be released in select US theaters starting November 13th later this fall. Who's into this?

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Reader Feedback - 20 Comments


Is he supposed to be saying "up yours" on the poster? McQueen is arguably the coolest actor ever.

tommyturner on Oct 1, 2015


He and Paul Newman for sure !!

Tester on Oct 1, 2015


Totally agree! If only McQueen had his own salad dressing....

tommyturner on Oct 1, 2015


I agree. Liked them both a lot. Also met McQueen as I stated in my lengthy ramble above. Anyway, not often do I hear someone state as you did about McQueen and Newman. They are almost forgotten these days.

Bo on Oct 1, 2015


I think he's saying, "bring me two cheeseburgers"

TheOct8pus on Oct 1, 2015


"Utah! Get me two!"

Nick Sears on Oct 1, 2015


Indeed! Troubled guy, but certainly cool.

Bo on Oct 1, 2015


Paul Newman's The Racing Life and now this ?? fukin awesome

Tester on Oct 1, 2015


Ah, McQueen. Met the man when I first came to Hollywood in 1973. Drank some beers with him, just he and I, in an empty bar in Malibu. Both of us had long hair and full beards. I didn't recognize him at we got to talking and I realized it was him. It nearly blew my mind...nearly, but I got over my jitters at having a beer and chatting with my favorite actor since I was a kid watching Wanted Dead or Alive and then in high school when Mag. 7 came out then Great Escape. I liked him. He was just a guy wanting to know how long it took me to grow my hair as long as it was and my beard Not even close to being the Steve McQueen on the screen. It really woke me up, that experience. The Steve McQueen on the screen was a character playing another character, whether it be Bullit or the Cooler King or Thomas Crown. A character playing another character. This guy I was drinking with mumbled and grumbled and seemed like some blue collar worker or some street thug. Not Steve McQueen. Not the public McQueen or the guy on screen. Heavy. Later, I started hearing about him and all his troubles and insecurities and how big a pain in the ass he was to work with. Read some books about him. A good one written by his ex-wife Neille McQueen. He was a very, very damaged and insecure guy who caused a lot of people a lot of pain. In retrospect, I could see all that in him when we spent that half hour drinking beer and talking. Yet, I liked that guy with the long hair and beer. I liked that he wasn't my fantasy of who I thought he was. We did talk a bit about acting, not much, but I was studying acting with a man he knew back in the old days of the Actors Studio in New York so we had a little in common. He had a profound effect on my life as a kid and a young man, and meeting him only added to the experience of life and the reality vs. the silly fantasy and idolization of people. He did some good stuff. Bullit turned the crown's heads when it first came out as no one had filmed a chase scene like that ever; and no one was a cool as McQueen/Bullit. Certainly not me or that guy I drank beer with in that empty bar in Malibu in Also, LeMans was not very good. Sad, but true, but hey...he got to do it and gave it a whirl. It just didn't work out as most folks were, and are not, as crazed about racing as he was. He did tell me he was broke and had to go back to did Towering Infernal with Newman then. Each of them make about 15 millions from that which was a big deal back in '74. Ain't too shabby even He only lived another six or seven years after I met him. Died when he was fifty. 'Twas a sad thing indeed, but there you go. Life and life only. And death. Sorry for the long ramble. Us old folks can't get it done with 140 or

Bo on Oct 1, 2015


Very cool, thanks for sharing that story..

Tester on Oct 1, 2015


You're welcome...and thank you for acknowledging in such a nice, polite way.

Bo on Oct 2, 2015


That is one MF'n great story!

tommyturner on Oct 1, 2015


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Bo on Oct 2, 2015


It's pretty much what I imagined (read from different sides and sources through time) about him. Thanks for this ...

shiboleth on Oct 2, 2015


You're welcome. Yea, it's all pretty interesting, that's for sure. Thanks for your reply. Cheers!

Bo on Oct 2, 2015


LOL!!! They used an image of him giving the Bird on the poster!!!~~~ // Where my British people at???!

DAVIDPD on Oct 1, 2015


We're right here sunshine; McQueen doesn't give a stuff what you think, and neither do we. 😛

Edward Hunter on Oct 1, 2015



DAVIDPD on Oct 1, 2015


The man and lemons

Lar Rackell on Oct 1, 2015


Met Newman at Nelson Ledges track, we both had Datsun 510s ... his was built by Bob Sharp to TransAm 2.5 specs, mine was built by me in my garage (also in Shaker Heights) with leftover TransAm pieces. But he was a good guy, a great driver, and not a movie star at the track.

disqus_2GJGmD4hyE on Oct 3, 2015

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