What a Year for Sci-Fi - Check Out This 1982 Summer Movie Preview

July 17, 2015

1982 Summer Movie Preview

"Another alien from outer space is featured in…" Ready for an awesome trip back in time? This video has been on YouTube for years, but it's surfacing again this week thanks to a post on The A.V. Club about just how awesome the movies from the summer of 1982 were. It's an uploaded recording of a segment from Entertainment Tonight in 1982 looking ahead at the upcoming summer of movies, specifically the science fiction movies playing that year. Many will recall that 1982 was one of the best years for sci-fi movies ever, and this preview reminds us of all the glorious movies that arrived that summer: Steven Spielberg's E.T., Poltergeist, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, John Carpenter's The Thing, and Tron. Just… sit back, relax, and enjoy the crap out of this vintage TV summer movie preview.

Thanks to SlashFilm for the tip on this, posted recently again by The A.V. Club mentioning some of the best lines from host Ron Hendren: "'a very lovely genetically manufactured woman,' 'ghosts-can-do-anything attitude,' 'all-male cast,' and 'a bold move to get kids out of the video arcades.'" Some of my own interesting observations from this: He pretty much spoils the end of The Wrath of Khan without so much as skipping a beat. Which is an interesting comparison to E.T. - where he even says that "little is known" about it, and the footage never actually shows the E.T. alien at all, only quick teases of his light-up finger. Crazy to see how secretive Spielberg was about E.T. at that point in time, and the fact that the alien was being kept as the big reveal for the movie. This video just makes me dream of another iconic summer like this… Maybe one year.

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I've seen them all in the cinema(yes I am that old) and still is blade runner the best science fiction movie ever made . Seen it a few months back after a long time and it still is a powerful as ever... I hope villeneuve does his homework!

ari smulders on Jul 17, 2015


WTF they spoiled Wrath of Khan in that preview?!?!

Brian Sleider on Jul 17, 2015


Back in those days we had no clue.. nothing ever got leaked like it does now. I was as shocked as anyone at the theater when it happened.

Tester on Jul 17, 2015


I thought that was weird too. Not even necessary. Dude even hinted at his return in part three.

Jonathan on Jul 23, 2015


Damn 1982! You so fine!

TheOct8pus on Jul 17, 2015


"Dark, wet look..."

DAVIDPD on Jul 17, 2015


I saw all these at the theater expect for ET. Yes, I skipped ET at the time thinking it was a kids movie.. Have since changed my mind. Of all of these, Poltergeist was the most fun to see in a theater, went and saw it twice. The Thing ( still one of my all time fav movies ) was the one that surprised me the most, I went in expecting nothing but a scary movie, got much more.

Tester on Jul 17, 2015


I envy you, I was 12 and my parents wouldn't let me see The Thing and had to live vicariously through my older brother's description and the coverage in Fangoria. I did see ET, Poltergeist, and Star Trek II though. It was indeed an awesome summer. Also released in August '82 was Fast Times At Ridgemont High and Friday the 13th Part 3 In 3D,..

cuckoozey on Jul 18, 2015


I was 14 at the time and was sneaking into movies with my older cousin. I forgot about Fast Times and Friday 3D, I think I saw Friday 3D in theater also, but cannot remember for sure

Tester on Jul 18, 2015


How the hell is it possible that all these movies came out the same summer? Amazing. Crazy thing is that I have seen all of these movies, except Thing, with my 9 year old and he loved them. All of these movies stand the test of time, thank you for this post.

Snowmanfloza on Jul 17, 2015


The Thing also holds up perfectly. Definitely see it.

grimjob on Jul 17, 2015


I have seen the Thing a million times, just not with my son, 9 year olds are not ready for that yet, but damn I love that movie

Snowmanfloza on Jul 19, 2015


1982, you son of a bitch!~

DAVIDPD on Jul 17, 2015


I was only a year old. I missed out on one sexy summer.

grimjob on Jul 17, 2015


Same Birth year,saw em all on video throughout my child hood though.

Brian Sleider on Jul 17, 2015


Oh absolutely.

grimjob on Jul 17, 2015


What isn't mentioned is that some of those movies weren't big box office hits as they seem they should be in retrospect. A lot of people didn't get "Tron" and "Blade Runner" wasn't appreciated, especially since it was the voice-over version. To a kid though, none of that matters. I saw several of these at the time and "Annie", which was also big that summer. I wasn't even interested in "E.T." at the time but a parent was, so I was taken to see it. I do remember "Poltergeist" and "E.T." often mentioned together because of Spielberg and their long strange names ("the Extra-Terrestrial").

Biscuiteer on Jul 18, 2015


Jeezus... movies really do suck these days.

avconsumer2 on Jul 19, 2015

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