Alexander Skarsgård in New IMAX Trailer for 'The Legend of Tarzan'

June 6, 2016
Source: IMAX

The Legend of Tarzan IMAX Trailer

"He's Tarzan, you're Jane, he'll come for you." IMAX/WB has released a new trailer, making this the third official trailer (see the second one), for David Yates' The Legend of Tarzan, being released by Warner Bros on July 1st this summer. Alexander Skarsgård stars as Tarzan, along with Margot Robbie as Jane, in this new live-action version of the classic story. The full cast includes Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, Casper Crump, John Hurt, and Djimon Hounsou. While this reminds me of Jon Favreau's wonderful The Jungle Book, it has a much darker, much more sinister feel to it, especially with the footage in this. I actually think it looks fantastic, that opening with the apes is chilling. Will catch this in theaters.

Here's the new IMAX trailer for David Yates' The Legend of Tarzan, direct from IMAX's Twitter:

You can also still see the first two trailers for The Legend of Tarzan here & here, to see more footage.

The Legend of Tarzan

Tarzan, having acclimated to life in London, is called back to his former home in the jungle to investigate the activities at a mining encampment. USA Today explains that "the movie finds John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke, a decade removed from his home in the Congo and fully entrenched as a British gentleman in 1880s Victorian London, with his beloved wife Jane (Margot Robbie) by his side." The Legend of Tarzan is directed by English filmmaker David Yates, who made the leap to features with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, also directing Half-Blood Prince and both parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The screenplay has credits for Stuart Beattie, Craig Brewer and Adam Cozad; adapted from Edgar Rice Burroughs' story. Warner Bros releases The Legend of Tarzan starting July 1st, 2016 this summer.

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Reader Feedback - 22 Comments


That bit with Samuel Jackson sounded off...I thought he was going to ask Tarzan for a bite of his Big Kahuna burger. Otherwise, looks epic.

kitano0 on Jun 6, 2016


That poster should read: Tarzan and The Planet Of The CGI Gorrilas

Tester on Jun 6, 2016


God this looks terrible. But I've never cared about Tarzan.

grimjob on Jun 6, 2016


I have and it still looks terrible

Tester on Jun 6, 2016


This does not look very good. Horrible digital photography. It's ugly and the sequences do not match in lighting or color. Christ, doesn't anyone care anymore? Don't the DP's? Certainly not this one as I checked out his resume and there is nothing there to indicate he's anything to shake a stick at. Also the CGI gorillas didn't cut it for me either. This is really a pity for me as I like the Tarzan story; always have. I also like the two main actors. It just doesn't come across as being a well made and well told story. Like I said, it's a pity. Maybe the troops will like it.

Bo on Jun 6, 2016


The color grading is changed for the flashback shots,which have more warm golden tones,and the present,which have cooler blue tones. Most likely ,you are not aware of the story which makes it clear that the origin story only appears in brief flashbacks. The color grading is used to denote the time difference and also to color the past in the warm golden glow of memory. Also, Yates has said that one of the things that drew him to this film was the chance to use a variety of colors and shadings since the setting varies from the deep jungle ,to misty rocky waterfalls rivers to open golden grasslands.

Margaret Bailey on Jun 7, 2016


Thank you for you reply, Margaret. I appreciate it, even though I'm no rookie/novice when it comes to film and fully understand the use of different schemes for story telling purposes . Having said that, I still have not changed my opinion on the look of this movie. Yates may have wanted to achieve all that you say, but it still has that ugly, washed-out look of digital for me. You seem to have misread/misunderstood my comments as I said I've always like the Tarzan story and am very familiar with it. One only has to look at the Tarzan film from 1984...Graytstroke: The Legend of Tarzan to see what great film cinematography looks like while shooting in the jungle. That film was shot by the great DP Kubrick used, John Alcott. He shot 2001, Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, and The Shining. All shot beautifully on film which digital has yet and never will duplicate the aesthetics of film photography. Need I say, the DP on the Yates picture is no John Alcott...that much is obvious from his past work. Still, thanks for your explanation and taking the time to do so, even though as I stated it wasn't necessary. Soderbergh did the same thing more successfully with Traffic by using a different color scheme with each of the different story lines in that film. Even still, I thought it was a bit too obvious what he was up to and didn't think it worked in the long run. I'm an old dog who has worked in film for over 45 years. I admit I'm having a tough time letting go of films being shot on simply love the look of film and I think that the aesthetics of film photography has suffered greatly with the advent of digital and the preferences for the immediate nature of using it and its technological pluses, costs, etc. And that is too bad and rather me...thanks again. Cheers! Peace.

Bo on Jun 7, 2016


Yes, I did misunderstand you, I didn't realize you were talking about the look of digital vs film. I agree. Film looks way better and I am sad to see it go.

Margaret Bailey on Jun 7, 2016


I am too, but there are still some that will be shot of film, so we have that to look forward to. I've enjoyed our exchange and appreciate the pleasant and respectful manner in which you conveyed your thoughts, Margaret. Take care.

Bo on Jun 8, 2016


Me too. An unusual pleasant exchange so rare in today's world where trading insults is more important than sharing perspectives. Thank you, as well.

Margaret Bailey on Jun 8, 2016


Well said, and you're very welcome.

Bo on Jun 8, 2016


Tarzan was maybe a viable story 60 years ago. But naaaaaaaah.

Carpola on Jun 6, 2016


This looks REALLY bad

Bob on Jun 7, 2016


I've been waiting for this movie my for practically my whole life. Has anyone ever had their favorite book turned into a movie and Hollywood totally F'd it up? Well Hollywood has been doing that to Tarzan for literally a 100 years. Producer Jerry Weintraub spent the last 10 of his life trying to bring the "real" Tarzan to the big screen. David Yates the director of the last 4 Harry Potter movies, who made 4 billion dollars for Warner Bros had a stack of screenplays to choose from to make his first movie after HP. He fell in love with this "new" version of Tarzan. You naysayers out there have no idea what's awaiting you. Just wait this is going to be epic.

William Streckfus on Jun 7, 2016


White man saves apes. Apes save White man. Apes...inherit the Earth.

DAVIDPD on Jun 7, 2016


It makes,at least for me, very strange thing to shoot this film nowadays considering what white man represent in Africa. Yeah, I understand sentiments about the old movies and the original story, but still, I'm not sure. And I like all those playing the leading roles ...

shiboleth on Jun 7, 2016


"White men in Africa?" ... The guys who brought modern culture to primitive tribes? The guys who shut down Muslim slavers? The guys who built farms and cities ? And just look at how the black man is faring as he destroys Zimbabwe and South Africa, now that he can't blame it all on the "white man."

jetgraphics on Jun 20, 2016


i certainly won't be the one to defend black man, he's doing that better than me. But black man has lost himself through all those problems of slavery and colonialism and all the culture he sees is the white one. And don't tell me black man fared well afterwards. Nothing build in Africa by white man was not build for the black man. In fact, go on and ask him. I trust he will show a lot of confidence in your argument. Or maybe just not ...

shiboleth on Jun 22, 2016


Perhaps we're victims of propaganda, or disinformation, but there is now more evidence that the tribal schisms are more at fault than was "white versus black" in Africa. The 'evil' whites tried to clamp down on tribal abuses by apartheid. Now the 'good' tribalists are hacking and collaring each other with complete freedom... as well as murdering white farmers.

jetgraphics on Jun 24, 2016


To be honest, and in correspondence with subject, I agree. Absolutely, since nothing is only black or white. None of views represented is easy to discern as a right state of affairs. And yes, absolutely today, nobody is innocent. I always found that 'black continent' extremely unhappy and sad. But yes, everything bad is also still in place over there: from colonialism to the savagery of homegrown people. Discussion over one film won't save that, I know ...

shiboleth on Jun 25, 2016


At least there's no god-awful Phil Collins song in it... And imo it's the best cut/edited trailer thus far, but the CGI still looks TERRIBLE. It looks unnatural and fake. And is anyone else getting sick of the whole "Inception WAAAAHHHH" scores in trailers?! C'mon! Lets move on already! A couple more things: I'm glad it's also a period piece, and not a modern day adaptation. The casting is fantastic...but...I'm doubtful regarding the execution... Rant end.

RAW_D on Jun 7, 2016


Agree... CGI is very terrible. Going to be impossible to get immersed into this movie because of how distracting it is.

backwardsprogress on Jun 15, 2016

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