Crazy New Red Band Trailer for Blind Man Horror Film 'Don't Breathe'

August 10, 2016
Source: YouTube

Don't Breathe Red Band Trailer

"How many of you are there?" Sony has debuted a wicked new red band trailer for Fede Alvarez's Don't Breathe, the horror thriller about a blind man who seeks revenge on a group of teens who break into his house and try to mess with him. This is a crazy cool, twisted concept for a film and it seems like it's actually pretty messed up with the footage they show in this trailer. The cast features Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto and Stephen Lang as the badass blind dude who seems to have a very demented side to him. This is an impressive trailer, the way it's cut together and the "f**cked up" dialogue all helps make it eerie but effectively enticing. Not your typical trailer editing, but this actually works well. Take a look below.

Here's the new red band trailer for Fede Alvarez's Don't Breathe, direct from Sony's YouTube

Don't Breathe Poster

You can still watch the first official trailers for Don't Breathe here, to compare footage from these.

A trio of reckless thieves breaks into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they'll get away with the perfect heist. They're wrong. Don't Breathe is directed by up-and-coming Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Alvarez, who broke out with his robot short Panic Attack! and went on to direct the Evil Dead remake before this film. The screenplay is written by Fede Alvarez & Rodo Sayagues. The film first premiered at the SXSW Film Festival and earned quite a bit of buzz during the fest. Sony Pictures will release Fede Alvarez's Don't Breathe in theaters everywhere starting August 26th this summer. Visit the official site. Interested?

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Reader Feedback - 14 Comments



CShane on Aug 10, 2016


The poster really should read "From The Director Of The Mediocre Remake Of Evil Dead"'s not Raimi, after all.

cuckoozey on Aug 10, 2016


It wasn't a good remake.... they should just remove it from the poster...

TheOct8pus on Aug 11, 2016


I liked it. It would have been better has just another cabin in the woods horror movie as it was not very "evil dead" at all.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 11, 2016


Of course, I'm going to see this. And I definitely root for the old guy. I mean, since he's blind he's not a saint? What kind of idiotic conclusion is that? And of course, there must be some crazy shit like chained women in his cellar, right? That's usual way of dealing things these days with blind people...

shiboleth on Aug 10, 2016


Yea, I want to see it too, shiboleth...and I don't much care for the whole horror genre. I liked the trailer and the whole set-up with these stupid kids thinking they can easily take advantage of some old blind guy and bite off much, much more than they can Stephen Lang...he's always pretty intense and this looks right up his alley. Didn't one of the review blurbs say 'shit your pants terrifying'?...I laughed at that...not hardly, I'm sure, but this looks fun...won't go out to see it, but cable at home for sure. Later gator.

Bo on Aug 10, 2016


Yes, Stephen Lang looks ok in it. Somehow, he looks like the best part of it. But the story is what bothers me and it's more than stupidity of youngsters. In fact, it's more about the lack of reasonable perspective in some parts of society. That tastes the same everywhere. I am always fascinated by the fact that Hollywood is taking someone's predicament to make a story. Very hypocritical and corruptive move in that respect, in my view ... Cheers Bo ...

shiboleth on Aug 11, 2016


I'm chuckling while reading your reply, shiboleth as you dig deep man and are quite serious...but right, perhaps, so there's that. I see this as a silly kind of comedy and watch what you reap thing. I don't know about Hollywood 'taking someone's predicament' to make a story. That's drama, shiboleth; putting someone into some kind of predicament and the tension involved in them dealing with it. It's as old as history and story telling and dominate in the works of Shakespeare. So, I think you might have an ax to grind with Hollywood...and America? Which I'd have no problem with, by the

Bo on Aug 11, 2016


I know Bo, sometimes I just get too serious. Well, I read some serious stuff about philosophy and culture here and then I got carried away, I guess. Although, I'm trying not to. Having said that, I have to add this things, harsh views about the movies, should be said (written) since there's so much nonsense about the movies and popular culture today which make all of these things less and less engaging. And should I say, the movies are mostly more and more annoying than watchable. So, I hope this does not look like some pointless ranting since that's what defending such culture seems to be for me. But still, I like films, what can I say ... Later Bo...

shiboleth on Aug 12, 2016


No,'re fine, man...just fine. I totally agree with your regarding films. I very rarely see a film that I like anymore. That's why I don't go out to the movies anymore because it's a waste of time and money. I watch them at home on my cable and on my 55" Samsung Flat Panel and that is perfect for me. I enjoy watching movies but always see where they have made choices not to my liking and mistakes that didn't have to be made. I think really the last movie I liked from beginning to end was The Drop and even then I was dismayed as to why they changed the title from the novella's which was Animal Rescue which was perfect for the story's theme. Still, it was a very, very good movie with all the actor's turning in terrific performances. Rare to find one like this, but they do come along now and then. I have never considered you engaging in pointless ranting and I not only can be a bit harsh regarding these silly juvenile movies of today, but find the harshness necessary to express my points and feelings. So 'harsh' on my friend...we are soul mates in that regards so I enjoy it. Take care.

Bo on Aug 12, 2016


I'm hoping for a Beanie Baby collection. "Don't mess with ma beanie babies!!!"

DAVIDPD on Aug 12, 2016


Really... Fucked... Up.. Fuckedup

Oriyan J. Ovadia on Aug 10, 2016


This movie just set blind rights back 20 years....

TheOct8pus on Aug 11, 2016


They should cut a trailer of just ambient noises.

DAVIDPD on Aug 12, 2016

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