Final Trailer for Zack Snyder's 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'

February 11, 2016
Source: YouTube

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

"Even you got too old to die young. Not for lack of trying…" It's here! Warner Bros has unleashed the final trailer for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, our introduction to the Justice League and an epic showdown between Bats and Supes. Metropolis v Gotham. Who will win…? What is the world going to look like at the end of this? Ben Affleck stars as Batman, Henry Cavill stars as Superman, Gal Gadot stars as Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg stars as Lex Luthor, and the full cast has Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter and many others. There are no other major reveals in this footage, but it does look badass overall, with some very dark and gritty fights. Can't wait to see this!

Here's the final trailer for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, found on YouTube:

Batman v Superman IMAX Poster

Watch the latest full-length trailer for Dawn of Justice here, teasing Doomsday & more + another TV spot.

Zack Snyder's sequel Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the DC Comics Universe will bring back Henry Cavill as Superman and introduce Ben Affleck as Batman. Amy Adams, Laurence Fisburne and Diane Lane are all reprising their roles from Man of Steel, while more new additions include Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, and Holly Hunter in a role newly created for the film. Jason Momoa will also appear as Aquaman and there have been rumblings of Ray Fisher as Cyborg. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters next spring, March 25th, 2016. For more info on the film, visit the official website at: Third trailer here.

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I've been critical of this movie thus far, and even though I'm still not sold on it, that Batman fight scene looked pretty sweet. Looks like they definitely took notes from the Arkham video game series. Again, I still have my doubts about this, but perhaps Batman could shine in this.

I'm Batman on Feb 11, 2016


Better than the last couple trailers for me personally! It is annoying how they seem to be showing the whole movie but I guess it doesn't matter, they will sell plenty of tickets regardless (including mine). The most frustrating thing for me is how this trailer shows just how much potential this movie has for some really amazing thematic ideas (God vs. man, the fall of deities, etc.), but will inevitably abandon halfway through for some Dragonball Z fight scenes.

jay on Feb 11, 2016


That should've been the first full trailer. 1000 times better than the other trailers and didn't seem to give away every beat of the movie in exact order. They definitely need to work on their music choice though, I felt like I was in line for a mediocre roller-coaster at six flags.

Danimal on Feb 11, 2016


The first trailer should have been the only trailer. We've seen WAY too much of this movie.

chuckpenz on Feb 11, 2016


He rocked-bottomed the soul outta that dude. The movie is gonna be polarizing for sure. I like what I've seen thus far so I'm in.

Xerxexx on Feb 11, 2016


People wanted christian bale so badly. His batman would crumble under the weight of this batman. Im right back on board with this.

Jon Odishaw on Feb 11, 2016


CGI has no weight

Tester on Feb 11, 2016


Christopher Nolan hand to Hand fight scenes have no weight. The man could well be the best director on the planet but apart from his fight with Bane I was unimpressed with any hand to hand combat in any of the films.

Jon Odishaw on Feb 11, 2016


It was awesome at the time. Now that we see something different I don't think it's fair to call it better... it's just a new style.

chuckpenz on Feb 11, 2016


Easy kid, I was just kidding

Tester on Feb 11, 2016


I see now what you are saying. My bad. But because you called me "kid" fuck you and such.

Jon Odishaw on Feb 11, 2016


The name is Tester, not Sascha.. so ease up. Kid is what we old farts call you young men.. You clearly are a young man and I am an old fart.. so the term applies and is just a sign of friendship (as far as friendship can go on this internet board ). I called U this before, but If U don't like it.. apologies and wont happen again. <-- see what I just did there, I flexed my old fart maturity muscles

Tester on Feb 11, 2016


dude no one takes kindly to being called kid...let alone on the internet of all places.

Xerxexx on Feb 12, 2016


ahhha nahhh U didnt just call me dude, did U !!

Tester on Feb 13, 2016


what are you gonna do, dude?

Xerxexx on Feb 13, 2016


Looked fine to me, and proly 95% of the people who will see it.

Higgens on Feb 11, 2016


I agree. I was a very big skeptic when it was announced Affleck would be batman and Nolan wasn't directing.....but I was wrong. this looks great and batman is more badass than I've ever seen him in nolans movies. and, I couldn't be more happy. I grew up a huge justice league fan and it's looking like this movie is going to go a long way to setting up the JL movie.

dan on Feb 11, 2016


Holly bat cgi... batman !!

Tester on Feb 11, 2016


Still having doubt after trailer 44...

ari smulders on Feb 11, 2016



capitandelespacio on Feb 11, 2016


There are no major reveals... really? They've basically shown you this entire movie across trailers and they just gave away that Batman is able to fight back against Superman. BOOOO.

chuckpenz on Feb 11, 2016


I thought Batman beating the shit out of some thugs was a great reveal of awesomeness.

Higgens on Feb 11, 2016


Yeah exactly. Why do they need to show the batmobile hitting superman? Why do they need to show superman being stopped by batman? Why do they even need so show wonder woman? So many scenes that would have been 100x better experiencing them for the first time when you're actually watching the movie.

Henry Willis on Feb 11, 2016


So ok Im sorry I dont read the comics. Someone please explain why it looks like Superman, an all powerful Alien cannot throw a punch at human Batman? Is this really a major spoiler they put in the fucking trailer? Just pathetic...

Sascha Dikiciyan on Feb 11, 2016


Supes stops a bomb from detonating by taking it to space, doing so blots out the sun leaving him weakened.

Xerxexx on Feb 11, 2016


That's in the Dark Knight Returns (which this is heavily based off of course), do you rate they'll do that here?

Guest2 on Feb 14, 2016


maybe not as extreme

Xerxexx on Feb 14, 2016


The movie is called batman V superman. If batman doesn't have an ace in the hole then it's not really going to be much of a fight. I don't see how it's a spoiler when it's the name of the fucking movie

Jon Odishaw on Feb 11, 2016


I love this response. And I agree with Jon.

I'm Batman on Feb 11, 2016


Thanks Jon for pointing out the obvious and being a complete dick at the same time. I was asking for a more in depth answer that maybe the real comic fans know. So Jon I hope this reply made you feel like a tough idiot. Maybe you're a fan of Trump? Im sure of it.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Feb 11, 2016


The tone of my comment is no different than every single on of yours. Cynical and dickish. Annoying isn't it?

Jon Odishaw on Feb 11, 2016


big agree - that guy is an ass towards anyone who doesn't see things his way.

dan on Feb 11, 2016


Maybe use google if you dont want snide answers. This is the internet after all. A place not known to be that kind. What exactly does Trump have to do with it? Guy said something you dont like he MUST be a Trump fan? What small minded nonsense. I feel the Bern, so you can stow that nonsense with me.

Higgens on Feb 11, 2016


you're a very, very stupid person. it's a tease, not a spoiler dumbfuck. it's meant to show people that Batman, somehow, will actually be able to hold his own. use your brain next time you retarded shithead (hint: it's that tiny BB in a can you hear when you shake your head)

davidshaw on Feb 11, 2016


Tony Stark is not the only rich genius who can build a suit to stop an unstoppable force.

Higgens on Feb 11, 2016


Zack Snyder is always pairing up "rock music" with his movies. It takes away from the depth and feeling of these amazing shots. Stick with Hans Zimmer if you want success Zack.

ga_ram on Feb 11, 2016


I disagree. Watchmen had a stellar soundtrack, bob Dylan, Simon and garfunkal and a Leonard Cohen song.

Jon Odishaw on Feb 11, 2016


I also disagree. The Matrix (which Snyder always seems to be imitating) used tons of 90s industrial and rock music to great effect.

jay on Feb 11, 2016


I guess its a matter of opinion. The Matrix inserted grunge music at appropriate times, while watchmen forced music that didn't fit the tone of the scene. this is not a matter of taste in music, its a matter of appropriate audible tone with visual scenes. Am i alone here?

ga_ram on Feb 11, 2016


you're right it's a matter of opinion 'cause in my case Watchmen had a great soundtrack the juxtaposition created a unified theme/feel to the movie, very artsy which i love.

Guest2 on Feb 14, 2016


But I will say, not sure that fits into this movie

Guest2 on Feb 14, 2016


Wow. That actually looked good, unlike the last trailer. Damn. I'm actually excited for this now.

davidshaw on Feb 11, 2016


Good trailer, Did not care for the music. But that opening fight with Bats and the Thugs, loved it. I am Waiting for Gal to ruin Wonder Woman though. I mean really, they could not find an actress who actually kind of looks the part?

Higgens on Feb 11, 2016


Cool, they ditched the abominationish thing!

Nash on Feb 11, 2016


Doubtful, they're just not showing him. I don't think they've had enough time to for reshoots and vfx to create a whole new resolution to the battle.

OfficialJab on Feb 12, 2016


Yeah, I know, just wanted to express my gratitude for not showing the kind of monster-villain again that we have seen in 20 other movies. Just think that was not one of the best elements of these otherwise excellent BvS trailers.

Nash on Feb 12, 2016


Speaking of "things", I only hope they don't do the stupid "mid titles" or "end credits" post scene.

capitandelespacio on Feb 11, 2016


The amount of content that they've been showing in trailers has a real hint of panic and desperation. The title in itself is enough to generate interest, so I don't understand why the studio is getting so jittery and insecure.

Payne by name on Feb 11, 2016


bizarre comment.

dan on Feb 11, 2016



Payne by name on Feb 12, 2016


incomplete comment.

dan on Feb 12, 2016



Payne by name on Feb 12, 2016


pointless - EXACTLY what I meant by "bizarre comment".

dan on Feb 12, 2016


I'm sorry that you have difficulty understanding the point that I was making. I'm not sure how I could word it to make it easier to grasp.

Payne by name on Feb 13, 2016


i understood what you were saying - the problem is your opinion is delusional and very odd. a studio is "jittery and insecure"? LOL!....... indeed.

dan on Feb 14, 2016


To some extent yes, I would say that a studio would be very confident if they only showed a short trailer or kept the reveals to a minimum. This though isn't about the length of the trailer but rather the amount of content that the studio feels compelled to cram into it. Given that MoS trailer has been sighted as one where the trailer painted a different picture to the actual film and that there are reports that initial test screenings haven't gone well, it really isn't that hard to figure out that a studio would be tempted to show almost all of the killer shots to ensure as much as possible that they get bums on seats. I'd say that the second trailer, where it showed the initial coming together of Bruce and Wayne and Lex and then the reveal of Doomsday, was a sign of a studio not having the courage to think 'we'll save this reveal for the actual film'. I'm sure Abrams was excited for Star Wars but that didn't mean that he felt compelled to 'blow his load' in the trailers.

Payne by name on Feb 15, 2016


Honest question,did u by any chance watch any of Age of Ultron trailers????

Caped Baldy on Feb 12, 2016


Saw the first main one (no strings on me) and stopped there.

Payne by name on Feb 12, 2016


BATMAN V SUPERMAN still looks like the film to see this year. Sure Snyder's films can feel similar, but what he does he does very well. I am still very interested in how he introduces the rest of The Justice League.

DAVIDPD on Feb 11, 2016


I like dark tones about Superman. Generally speaking, I am huge sucker for that comic character. Ever since I was a kid. And if they do what they did with the last one, I'll be ok. If they do a bit more smart, I'm in heaven ...

shiboleth on Feb 11, 2016


YEEESSSSS!! That was a much better trailer then the other ones. I'm excited lol.

TK on Feb 11, 2016


the look on supes face when batman stops his punch - awesome.

dan on Feb 11, 2016


Yeh it's a WTF moment

Jake Outcast Ray on Feb 13, 2016


Okay. So to all the people saying we've see too much of this movie, if my estimation is correct they've shown us roughly about 10 min of footage, a lot of which has been repeated over and over in each trailer. Now if the movie has a run time of 2 1/2 hrs, if what i'm hearing is correct, how in the world has the studio shown us too much? "Well, they showed us how the movie is going to play out! They fight, they realise they're being manipulated, then they join forces.". Hmmmm. I see your point internet. Oh, wait, I don't. If anybody really didn't know the gist of the first, second, and third acts of this movie I have one question. Have you never seen any buddy cop films??? I used 3 question marks cuz it's THAT serious of a question. Come on internet! It always works out like this, why should BvS be any different? Look, can't we just be stoked that we get to see Batman and Superman share the screen for the first time in a live action feature? Let the movie come out and if it sucks then you can jump on it and thrash it for being shitty, but we still have possibly 2hrs 15mins of footage to get through before we can call a TOD (that's, time of death) on this movie. In closing, trailers look great, stoked for the movie. Deuces. ( that's, peace) 🙂

bigmikeg 23 on Feb 12, 2016


Because they are showing important story beats, in what appears to be chronological order. I'm not saying it will be shitty though, this action scene with Batman looks great.

Panzerknecker on Feb 12, 2016


Did you think the Avengers were going to lose to Loki or Ultron? Or how about the X-men not saving the day for all mankind? These movies and stories have a built in understanding going in, and it's that good will triumph over evil. Regardless how they prefaced this movie, Batman fighting Superman was never going to end like Empire Strikes Back or some other cliffhanger type movie. It was always going to end with the two protagonists becoming allies, and when people say they shouldn't have shown that it leads me to believe that they are expecting some sort of twist where Bats kills Supes or vice versa, or that the rivalry goes on into another movie. Granted, the second trailer could have kept Doomsday under wraps, but it didn't REALLY spoil much. In fact I was glad that they used a kind of B list superbad to bring the team together, instead of a Brainiac or some other A list villain that could be used in a solo movie or somewhere else. All i'm getting at is that major superhero comic book movies have a basic formula that the good guys eventually always win and it tends to fall outside conventional movie writing where a hero can die, or that good guys stay mad at each other in the face of adversity.

bigmikeg 23 on Feb 12, 2016


Well fucking said

Jon Odishaw on Feb 12, 2016


It's too late for me, they shouldn't have wimped out and added the common villain. This trailer just makes me more disappointed by being good.

OfficialJab on Feb 12, 2016


They just shouldn't have shown us Doomsday!!!! Such a bad decision, having him in the movie MIGHT be good we'll have to wait and see, but they shouldn't have shown us, in fact he probably would've been that much better to have in the movie if no one knew.

Guest2 on Feb 14, 2016


Ye well that would make A LOT of people disconnected from the internet (which, it seems like you mean that's a bad thing, it really isn't) 'cause you just said people were so surprised and that's probably because in context only a small amount of people were online looking for information on the movie, the rest just watched the trailers, got excited and left it at that, maybe googled when the movie would be in theatres in our prospective countries but stopped there. Not a large percentage of the DC movie franchises audience have picked up a comic book - it's not surprising that they don't look for additional information online. So yeah if you knew good for you, clearly a lot of people didn't even if you look at the youtube comments of that trailer a lot of people did not know, so they should've just left it out. The whole Zod thing that allured to Doomsday could've been a build up to the next movie so even if someone pieced it together, they still didn't have to include him in the trailer, it could still have been a mystery and like, how many people do you realistically think saw whoever this fan was who pieced it together, talk about it. At the end of the day the majority of people saw him for the first time in this trailer and a lot of people (not saying the majority) did not respond well, and I think it would've been better if they didn't show him in the trailer

Guest2 on Feb 17, 2016


Hahahahahaha!! Right, so everyone was just lying then! If you don't even believe the audience themselves when they speak out then there really is no point in this conversation anymore so ye, I've just become well over this chat now. Bye.

Guest2 on Feb 20, 2016


Like, okay, you may not agree but it was so much more exciting as a Batman vs Superman movie, the first two trailers were EPIC. Doomsday's presence dampens the mood now 'cause we kind of know how it's going to end (the feud), it might end before, they might settle things before Doomsday comes but that trailer still dampens the mood 'cause now everyone thinks they're just gonna stop fighting because of see, if we didn't know he was in the movie then that hype of the first two trailers would still be in the air, also it looks so busy now and almost as if DC is panicking 'cause supposedly Aquaman and The Flash are also making appearances (hopefully just cameos). Still excited to watch it though.

Guest2 on Feb 17, 2016


Muy muy Schneider

TheOct8pus on Feb 12, 2016


I want to see more of Lex Luthor

Joker's hideout on Feb 18, 2016


Not up to the standards!

Jake Outcast Ray on Apr 12, 2016

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