First Promo Trailer for the Young Bruce Lee Film 'Birth of the Dragon'

September 14, 2016
Source: Deadline

Birth of the Dragon Trailer

"This is kung fu. It's not a game. It is not a religion. It's about who lives, and who dies." Wow - martial arts fans need to take a look at this. The first full 3-minute promo trailer has debuted for a film called Birth of the Dragon, a fictional feature based on the true story of the legendary Bruce Lee. Directed by the guy who made The Adjustment Bureau, the film stars Philip Ng as a cocky, young Bruce Lee living in San Francisco training and teaching his kung fu skills to others. He is confronted by a legendary Shaolin monk named Wong Jack Man, played by Yu Xia, who is upset that he is sullying the art and spirituality of kung fu. This trailer pretty much goes through most of the story, including the token white dude who is a part of the story, played by Billy Magnussen. This looks like it has some fairly kick ass fights and will be inspiring to watch.

Here's the first promo trailer (+ poster) for George Nolfi's Birth of the Dragon, originally from Deadline:

Birth of the Dragon Poster.

Young, up-and-coming martial artist, Bruce Lee, challenges legendary kung fu master Wong Jack Man to a no-holds-barred fight in Northern California. Set against the backdrop of San Francisco’s Chinatown, this cross-cultural film chronicles Bruce Lee’s emergence as a martial-arts superstar after his legendary secret showdown with fellow martial artist Wong Jack Man. Birth of the Dragon is directed by American writer-turned-filmmaker George Nolfi, director of The Adjustment Bureau, and writer of Ocean's Twelve, The Sentinel, The Bourne Ultimatum and the TV show "Allegiance" previously. The screenplay is written by Christopher Wilkinson & Stephen J. Rivele. The film just premiered at the Toronto Film Festival this month. No official release date is set. Stay tuned for updates. "Kung fu is meant to liberate." Who wants to see this?

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Looks good. But will it beat IP MAN?

DAVIDPD on Sep 14, 2016


Maybe that garbage that was IP MAN 3, but this isn't coming close to IP MAN 1 & 2

Oblique on Sep 14, 2016


Wow, Bruce Lee was an arrogant c*ck who had to have some sense knocked into him. Film at 11! Would be cool if Jackie Chan does a cameo as a young student way in the back row of Bruce's class, scared shitless bring unwanted attention to himself..

Sharkman1963 on Sep 14, 2016


Who had some sensei knocked into him?

ErrorSapiens on Sep 15, 2016


Dumb on so many levels.

Cyberdine on Sep 15, 2016


Pretty Bad@ass. I like Bruce Lee's character. It kind of reminds me of Mugen from Samurai Champloo

Tobi on Sep 14, 2016


Need Release Date Please!

Miguel Sandoval on Sep 15, 2016


Oh hell yeah. Sold.

InNolanWeTrust on Sep 15, 2016


Looks stellar, I'm in...

TXSteadyEddie on Sep 15, 2016


Feels like three different films running into each other... Looks fun.

Nick Sears on Sep 15, 2016


I liked Grandmasters, no matter how fictional that was. This looks different, less classy, but still somehow fun and watchable ...

shiboleth on Sep 15, 2016


Looks cool, definitely have to check this out. Anyone else find it strange that they're name-dropping X-Men? Not only is it a film that is 16 years old, but one that isn't remembered for any martial arts choreography. Been awhile since I've seen it, but I can't recall any.

grimjob on Sep 15, 2016


Will definitely watch. Bruce Lee's skill and charisma is not an easy thing to duplicate. Dragon was good but its so antiquated and 50% of that movie was inaccurate. Hopefully this will pay more justice to Bruce.

Cyberdine on Sep 15, 2016


I will go it see it, but it is very embellished. Wong Man Jack was no Shaolin monk - he was just a young martial arts practitioner around the same age as Lee. Also, the story about Lee being threatened because he was teaching students that weren’t Asian is more than likely not true. It’s an urban fiction. For a more balanced view, check out the book (available on Amazon) called Showdown in Oakland: The Story Behind the Wong Jack Man – Bruce Lee Fight by Rick Wing (a student of Wong’s). There's also a very good article at Mental Floss - For the book, Wing interviews the people who were actually there and who actually saw the fight and gives the circumstances around it. He even includes clippings from Asian newspapers (translated for English readers) that talk about the story. What really happened is that Bruce Lee was at the Sun Sing theatre dancing the cha-cha with a partner onstage, which he followed by a martial arts demonstration. According to witnesses, he was supposed to hit a volunteer with his one-inch-punch (with a pad over his chest) and knock him backwards. Only, it didn’t work the first time for some reason and people laughed. Lee got angry and issued a challenge from the stage –

“Lee, flustered and angry, quickly reacted and made comments to the audience suggesting that if someone felt they could do better, they’d be welcome to come up onto the stage and try. He then said that he was better than any martial artist in San Francisco, and would welcome the challenge of anyone who could prove him wrong. If anyone needed to be shown his skill, they could come to his studio and see for themselves. Wing, Rick (2014-01-11). Showdown in Oakland: The Story Behind the Wong Jack Man – Bruce Lee Fight (Kindle Locations 838-841). . Kindle Edition. ”
So, some local people from the martial arts community thought they ought to take him up on his challenge and it was decided that Wong Jack Man would be the one to fight. It was supposed to be “an exchange of skills” or something like that, and not an angry bout. Jack Man was about the same age as Lee at that time – a young and quite a reserved man. Anyhow, they arranged it with Lee, went to his studio and the match took place. By the accounts of those there, it was largely a draw, and Wong was the one who got the only meaningful punch in to the left side of Lee’s neck. Wong also had told his friends that he wouldn’t use his kicks at all during the fight, and stood by his word. The match has been blown up into something it wasn’t and (as I said) had nothing to do with the teaching of students (foreign or otherwise). Also, there was not a clear winner. Photo of Wong Jack Man from the period -

Fletch on Sep 15, 2016


Great info, thanks!

buscando on Sep 17, 2016


Sadly, It just looks like another subpar movie. Dragon, The Bruce Lee story is still epic.

Henry Willis on Sep 17, 2016

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