First Teaser Poster Revealed for Shane Black's New 'Predator' Sequel

February 16, 2016
Source: Facebook

Predator Sequel

"Here we go again, bro." Whoa! Where did this come from? No release date or any solid confirmation on filming, yet the first poster is now out. An early teaser poster for the upcoming Predator movie has been unveiled on the official Predator Facebook page (found via SlashFilm). According to early details, this film is actually a direct sequel to the original 1987 sci-fi feature starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The poster only says "You'll never see him coming" and lists the title as The Predator, which perhaps means we'll only see one Predator this time around again. I'm definitely curious to know more about this. Check this out in full.

Predator - Shane Black - Teaser Poster

We last wrote about this movie in 2014, without any updates since then, only confirming that Shane Black was writing the treatment and directing the movie (his follow-up to The Nice Guys and Iron Man 3) but not writing the script by himself. Instead, he's working with Fred Dekker (who co-wrote The Monster Squad and directed Night of the Creeps) to write this sequel. Quotes from Black at the time stated that it would be an "inventive sequel" connecting back to the original 1987 movie. "Why start over, when you’ve all this rich mythology yet to mine?” No other details about it have been revealed yet and it hasn't started filming either.

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Carpola on Feb 16, 2016



EagleWolf on Feb 16, 2016


I like the quote on the poster coz it's also the something the Mandarin says in Iron Man 3.

Hien Lam on Feb 16, 2016


I like that they're not starting over. The poster is, well, what it is.

Nielsen700 on Feb 16, 2016


"Instead, he's working with Fred Dekker (who co-wrote The Monster Squad and directed Night of the Creeps) to write this sequel" that instills much confidence. I'm genuinely excited for this, Shane Black belongs to predator. The Predator is a great baddie and hopefully this is a straight up Tough Human vs Tough Predator no holds barred. Wonder who's gonna star in it. i'd personally love to see Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, or Timothy Olyphant lead the film.

Xerxexx on Feb 16, 2016


"A great baddie" Fuck that, The Predator is one of the greatest movie monsters of all time.

Higgens on Feb 16, 2016



Xerxexx on Feb 16, 2016


You deleted a post with a very funny, if not a bit rude, line, Had to comment, can you imagine if that line were to be put into a movie these days, the outrage it would cause?

Higgens on Feb 16, 2016


its really gone!? What the hell Billington!? I love that line, its fantastic.

Xerxexx on Feb 16, 2016


Oo not a delete but a censoring!!!

Higgens on Feb 16, 2016


it was posted!

Xerxexx on Feb 16, 2016


Monster. I don't know. I think the Alien takes that crown.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Feb 16, 2016


I did say one of the greatest, and Alien is certainly up there. Personally I like the Predator mythos more. But as far as pop culture goes Alien is certainly higher up. And I mean like top 5. Honestly for movie monsters who got their start on screen not in books, Id say you Have Godzilla, Alien, Predator all sharing the top spot of #1 and then there are like 20 empty spaces because thats just how bad ass those 3 are.

Higgens on Feb 16, 2016


Yep. I just never saw the Predator as a 'monster'. More of some sort of Alien hunter. But yeah top 5 for sure.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Feb 16, 2016


Oh I see what you mean by your other post, and can see what you are saying.

Higgens on Feb 16, 2016


no they are definitely "monsters " of a sort .. as they only use the Alien creature to spice up their hunts , not track and kill them directly "Requiem" the ship crashed on earth , and that is what brought them . Not so much chasing the Alien , but preventing its spread when it wasn't a legal "hunt" . As they Set Up Whelan's crew for , in AvP . C'mon ..." we kidnap beings of all sorts , and we throw them into a pit , of sorts , and practice killing using them " .. That ISN"T Monstrous ?? . Trying to be the Best Killer Ever ? but they have a weird sense of Honor , so they're cool ....

Dominic on Feb 17, 2016


And don't forget--Black also played Hawkins in the original. So he's got a very strong connection to the original.

Scopedog on Feb 16, 2016


Oh I definitely remember! I remember the great debates about Billy being merked off screen. The Predator wanted Dutch from the get go. Billy wasn't worthy.

Xerxexx on Feb 16, 2016


The Predator certainly wanted Dutch, he was the most prime Prey...a little to prime.

Higgens on Feb 16, 2016


Wow, I never knew it was THAT Shane Black. I feel so lame. MINOR SPOILER AHEAD... Although, I remember they did show Billy getting merked, just not the actual fight. My guess is didn't get the budget for the effects on that one. Plus I'm sure the predator wanted to fight Billy, he knew Billy noticed him lurking in the trees. SPOILER -> Billy was worthy, he impaled him on his forearm blades. Billy tossed his gun and whipped out his knife, challenging the predator, so he obliged. If he wasn't worthy he would've just shot Billy.

Akirakorn on Feb 16, 2016


I got the impression that the Predator gutted him while he was cloaked. So maybe he was worthy of two blades in the chest but not worthy of a face to face encounter.

Xerxexx on Feb 16, 2016


Her pussy is as big as a house!

Higgens on Feb 16, 2016


Yeah, and you have to deal with the echo...but Billy did figure it out later....:)

Scopedog on Feb 16, 2016


dat scream tho!

Xerxexx on Feb 17, 2016


They better not screw it up, predator is a damn classic...

ari smulders on Feb 16, 2016


Considering that Shane Black was also in the original Predator...well, yeah, I hope that they don't screw this up, but the chances may be slim on that. Of course, being that it's Shane Black, I wonder if the film will be set during Christmas...:)

Scopedog on Feb 16, 2016


It will never be better as the original but i settle for just as good. But that i don't see happening. It's just such a badass movie, everything works. The casting, the location and myth behind it. One of my favorites ever. They should place it 200 years in the future and per accident stumble on there home planet, but than of course better equipped with weapons. It would be awesome and of course use a new bodybuilder like Arnie...

ari smulders on Feb 16, 2016


I like your pitch. Instead of home planet though maybe a mother ship, and the humans find it, and THEY hunt the Predators, Have some ship v ship stalking, a small heist bit where the humans secretly board the mother ship, and lets say during the escape the humans ship is hit and lands on a nearby planet and thats the set up for like a 5v5 finale.

Higgens on Feb 16, 2016


Ari, that sounds interesting...have you ever checked out Dark Horse Comic's Predator comics? The first series they did was a direct sequel to the film, focusing on the brother of Arnie's character (and resembled Arnie too!) who was an NYPD cop facing off against Predators that have come to New York. Track them down (or get the Omnibus collection); they were quite good, in my view. Granted, they started in 1989, but still worth reading.

Scopedog on Feb 16, 2016


This kinda blew my mind. Shane B is the same dude with the dorky glasses in the original P? Crazy.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Feb 16, 2016


Yep, that was Shane as Hawkins!

Scopedog on Feb 16, 2016


it is a classic, no argument there. a description i once read of Predator was that it was the acceptable face of dumb action movies. i think that's a bit off - yes, some of it is silly and over the top, but it's tight and focused (as you'd expect from McTiernan), has only a few characters and doesn't get loaded down with distractions, unlike everything that came afterward. i thought the same as your post above when 'Predators' came out. i saw it, could barely remember it a few weeks later, then just went back to watching the original. it's a *lot* to live up to.

son_et_lumiere on Feb 16, 2016


I refuse to get excited for this. The original is a fucking classic, a pinnacle in hyper machoism 80s movies. Every movie since is a stain on the progenitors legacy.

Higgens on Feb 16, 2016


ever seen the extras on the dvd/blu? the stars talk about how they were all sneaking off to the gym to do extra sessions so they'd be bigger than the day before, Apollo Creed and The Terminator trying to out-do each other on the weights! hyper macho indeed.

son_et_lumiere on Feb 16, 2016


Yeh, one of a very few movies I watched the extras on. Arnold was a beast!

Higgens on Feb 16, 2016


Yep and i loved how everyone has a cigar in their mouth immediately after a take. 😉

Sascha Dikiciyan on Feb 16, 2016


In Shane's hands, given his talent and his connection with the original, I am really looking forward to seeing this. The original is still a wonderful, balls to the wall action film and it really demands some decent writing, direction and budget spent on it.

Payne by name on Feb 16, 2016


Agree on all counts.

Scopedog on Feb 16, 2016


Considering it's always a different Predator, you don't need a reboot or anything, just a different "event". I'm still waiting for a good Alien vs Predator... my god it nearly writes itself how can they blow that!?

Bill on Feb 16, 2016


Right? I personally want it to be an earth thats been all but wiped out by Aliens and Predators coming in to help earth because humans have shown a good ability at fighting Aliens and they have broken out in a bad way across the galaxy. A good one shot that could lead to more if they do it right.

Higgens on Feb 16, 2016


Ugh man, I was hoping it was a sequel to Predators. I actually highly enjoyed that film. Predator 2 was bad and the AVP movies were trash.

steve on Feb 16, 2016


Your argument?

ErrorSapiens on Feb 16, 2016


Sounds like he just hoped it would be a sequel to the previous Predator movie we all got (and some enjoyed, including myself)

Joker's hideout on Feb 17, 2016


Yeah I didn't hate that previous Predator movie either but I'm totally cool with having a new non-Brody reboot. One movie with him was enough.

bumboclot on Feb 19, 2016


Damn!! I didn't know this was happening or maybe I just forgot. This franchise has been wrung one too many times, but I am always pumped for another installment. I think the monster is too cool not to be excited for.

DAVIDPD on Feb 16, 2016


"You'll never see him coming" Sounds like the porn parody.

capitandelespacio on Feb 16, 2016


I'm sure Deadpool will have a cameo.

RAW_D on Feb 16, 2016


The first one is in my top 5. Shane Black has my trust.

grimjob on Feb 16, 2016


HAHA there it is!

Higgens on Feb 16, 2016


I know!

Xerxexx on Feb 17, 2016


I really did not enjoy the last movie much. Adrian Brody was so so terrible in it, IMO. His hardcore character came across so fake. Not saying he isn't a fine actor but he was miscast IMO.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Feb 16, 2016


That was my gripe too. I liked it quite a bit actually, just couldn't buy his tough guy act.

grimjob on Feb 16, 2016


I want Arnold in a small role as the guy who briefs a new team on what to expect and how he took one down the first time. I need to hear "if it bleeds, we can kill it". But he stays home, Grandpa needs to sit this one out. He should have played Fishburn's character in Predators... that would have been great. But I swear if this movie takes place during freaking Christmas, I'm skipping it. Seriously, look it up.

Christopher Logan on Feb 17, 2016


I wanna hear Sexual Tyrannosaur.

Xerxexx on Feb 17, 2016


U can, watch the original = D

Joker's hideout on Feb 17, 2016


Oh I always watch the original. picking up the blu-ray this weekend.

Xerxexx on Feb 17, 2016


If its not rated R...expect it to be like the last few iterations.....garbage

Trey on Feb 17, 2016


I rather liked Predators quite a lot

Joker's hideout on Feb 17, 2016


It was a collection of cool ideas, executed poorly. With a very weak lead.

Higgens on Feb 17, 2016


I'll never understand that casting choice.

grimjob on Feb 17, 2016


Like who thought a gritty voice Brody was going to be a suitable Arnold analogue? Sure he put on some muscle, but he is so meek looking.

Higgens on Feb 18, 2016


That damn nose. Its distracting.

grimjob on Feb 18, 2016


Brody was entirely believable, and I found that unbelievable! If you are or have ever been Special Forces like me you know how exactly he fits the bill and build of a SF operative.

Rj Kietchen on Jun 2, 2016


even tho the poster design is one of the ongoing ripoffs from the Social Network, I kinda like the work that was put into it. Makes it look like it was raining

Joker's hideout on Feb 17, 2016


Looking at the poster, I like the more simple looking Predator. Looks very similar to the Jungle Hunter.

Higgens on Feb 17, 2016


can't wait its a shame at the time of the original that they never made a prequel with arnie's group in predator they always spoke about past missions "do you remember Afghanistan" would have made a great action flick

gman on Feb 17, 2016


Always wanted that too.

grimjob on Feb 17, 2016


Thanks i will look it up, interesting!

ari smulders on Feb 17, 2016


Man, that is a bad poster. Damn.

Panzerknecker on Feb 17, 2016


How is that a bad poster? Here we go again, bunch of nerds online bitchin about everything!

CyraNOSE on Feb 18, 2016


It's cluttered to the point of being almost unreadable. That is bad.

Panzerknecker on Feb 20, 2016


Why do studios use taglines/slogans like this? It's not just uncreative, but almost aggressively uncreative.

OfficialJab on Feb 17, 2016


Definitely lazy.

grimjob on Feb 17, 2016


How many times must they butcher Predator?!

Cyberdine on Feb 18, 2016


Until they stop hunting us for sport!

bumboclot on Feb 19, 2016


...please tell me I'm not the only one who read the poster in Kingsley's Mandarin's voice...

Mark Brackney on Feb 20, 2016


I actually did too. God, pop culture is weird these days. . .

Rockmaninoff Gunlok on Jul 26, 2017


When was it ever normal?

Winter on Dec 26, 2017

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