First Trailer for Historical Film 'Bitter Harvest' About The Holodomor

October 26, 2016
Source: Yahoo

Bitter Harvest Trailer

"How many lives is this war worth?!" Roadside Attractions has debuted an official trailer for a sweeping historical drama titled Bitter Harvest, set during "The Holodomor" in Ukraine in between the first and second World War. The "Holodomor" was a genocidal famine engineered by Joseph Stalin, as an effort to stop the Ukrainian independence movement, resulting in the deaths of millions of people. The film tells the story of a romance between a young Ukrainian couple torn apart by the starvation. Max Irons stars, along with Samantha Barks as his lover, also including Terence Stamp, Barry Pepper, Richard Brake, Aneurin Barnard, Tom Austen, Tamer Hassan and Lucy Brown. This looks okay, but it's hard to tell with this trailer. There's too much going on and the director isn't that impressive, it might not be any good.

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for George Mendeluk's Bitter Harvest, originally from Yahoo:

Bitter Harvest Poster

Set between the two World Wars and based on true historical events, Bitter Harvest conveys the untold story of the Holodomor, the genocidal famine engineered by the tyrant Joseph Stalin. The film displays a powerful tale of love, honour, rebellion and survival at a time when Ukraine was forced to adjust to the horrifying territorial ambitions of the burgeoning Soviet Union. With an exceptional cast of established and rising stars, the film epically recreates one of the most dramatic & dangerous episodes in the history of 20th Century Europe. Bitter Harvest is directed by veteran German filmmaker George Mendeluk, of films including Men of Means, The Kidnapping of the President, Doin' Time, and The Terror Experiment previously. The screenplay is by George Mendeluk, from an original script + story by Richard Bachynsky Hoover. Roadside will release Bitter Harvest in select theaters starting February 24th, 2017 next year.

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Hmmmmmm. Isn't WW3 going to start soon?

Carpola on Oct 26, 2016


What?! No Potemkin Villages?

DAVIDPD on Oct 26, 2016


wrong ,,,Richard Bachynsky Hoover ,,me wrote the screenplay as well the story initially and Mendeluk collaborarted on the final shooting script Thank you! get facts in order please IMDB I executive produced as well in Ukraine, please correct that if you have the consideration for the writers ,,hard work,

Richard Hoover on Oct 27, 2016


True he was not the DP,,i meat he was working on that set with the DOP learning so much from Alcott and Kubrick,check my wording ,my words -,i said hes worth mentioning as a DOP regarding Check his IMDB credits ,(for his position with Alcott DOP etc. ) thanks for the constructive feedback ,Doug is a wise talented man,its in the film,))))

Richard Hoover on Oct 27, 2016


True mistake ..Barry Lyndon he worked on with Kubrick and with Kubrick in the Shining sure.point taken.cheers.

Richard Hoover on Oct 1, 2017


Playing with history in films is always a delicate matter for me. And it seems like nobody is giving a try to do it good. Ok, Stalin was brutish, cruel and merciless ruler. But then again, he was a communist and valued a communist society, something he never achieved. Or anyone else for that matter. Since concept of communism is ultimate freedom for everybody and it always was more a philosophical concept and not good politics easily explained let alone achieved. In wrong hands, it produced horrors for many. Just like Christianity in its turn. Those are complex matters, anyway, not easily described and developed in books let alone shot on film. But this is what it is, this is showing a fairy tale about bad communist and, to be honest, I can't discern good guys. Ukranians? Really? A lot of them were toxic nationalists in recent history (pretty interested in collaborating with Nazis during WWII) as many other East Europeans and paint them as angels is plain wrong. I can go on, but this looks like amplifying a brute piece of history and politics in the area where no one is innocent and victims are everywhere. Hollywood is really sometimes looking funny and very narrow in its idea of fun ...

shiboleth on Oct 27, 2016


You are completely fuil of shit. There is nothing "complicated" about the deliberate starvation of millions of people, which is what happened. Your attempt to rationalize away genocide is utterly pathetic.

danram on Nov 2, 2016


Yes, there's always something complex about any crime, murder or like. Being simple is something that can only say a perpetrator. That's why there's so many books or films (a lot of them bad, as this one seems to be) about them. Not just to witness and present them but also to contemplate and consider them. Yes. that's not very appealing to victims but it is a way to deal with understanding of them. Saying that they should be understood in plain and simple manner also means not to think things and history through. And btw, it would be great and sweet if I were some crazy Russian or something close to that, huh? Sorry, I am not, I just know too much about Eastern Europe (being somehow more on the Western side of it) and I use opportunity, from time to time, to show my contempt about East Europeans who behave like children and about their understanding of history and its crimes. Of course, all you can do is retort and say that I don't respect the victims. Oh those victims of the past, it must be so juicy to use those big numbers today, huh? Everybody should shut up after you mention those, right? Suggestion: leave them alone. ok? For me, anyway, that means running in circles. And if you plan to keep running in those circles, just do it, don't expect me to follow you. Or anybody normal, for that matter ...

shiboleth on Nov 2, 2016


You miserable worm; 6-10m Ukrainians were systematically murdered in the holodomor. Another similar amount died when the nazis invaded. They have suffered mass murder for 350 years. They are the victims of toxic nationalism, cretin.

Scradje on Nov 2, 2016


You know, not that I know you, I didn't wait for you, but I knew you were coming. You are late, you sorry little East European victim. Nowadays, that should be a profession. And I don't deny what you say. You could read that in my post, too. So, you're trying too much. You can go on with that, if you like, of course. And contaminate this site on. But I did say also something else. Get back with reaction on that in twenty years, after you realize it. Or don't. And understand this, I have nothing against you ...

shiboleth on Nov 2, 2016


Then reserve your contempt for those who inflict genocide, not the victims.

Scradje on Nov 2, 2016


Oh, saying that, it must feel righteous, doesn't it? You good, and I bad, huh? Like I said, learn to read, you simple minded person. You're not good at it. But then again, too many righteous clouds in your head which block that function is not easy to remove and clear out...

shiboleth on Nov 3, 2016


You know less than nothing about the holodomor or the nazi invasion, so stop making your poisonous insinuations. A tiny minority mistakenly initially welcomed the nazis because they thought they were being liberated from the horrors of genocide and slavery inflicted upon them by the occupying Russians. When they realised that the nazis were just as bad, they stopped. So stick to what you know about. What I loathe about people like you is that you have the same contempt for the victims of unspeakable crimes as the perpetrators.

Scradje on Nov 3, 2016


perfect reply ,,Slava Ukraini!

Richard Hoover on Nov 3, 2016


So, finally, it is about the Ukranian nationalism. True, not interested to know much about it. Learn to read. Or not, that's not my problem. I commented about the piece of film propaganda and I have no problem with that. Of course, I'll keep on doing it. You can keep telling lies and claim irresponsibly that I support crime and its perpetrators. But, that was all the purpose of your righteous diatribe, right? To loathe others for not loving your nationalism. I meet base arguments like these everyday, so no news there. Don't worry, I wish you well...

shiboleth on Nov 3, 2016


Comments threads are crawling with malevolent, know-nothing trolls like you. Ten a penny. I am not a 'nationalist', you oaf, I am anti-fascist totalitarianism. And those who gloat at others' misfortunes should be challenged, however pointless it is to reason with disturbed people.

Scradje on Nov 3, 2016


Oh, now I 'gloat at others' misfortunes'. Don't worry, I really don't enjoy this, but I find interesting all of your constructions you made here. Keep going, it's getting more and more interesting...

shiboleth on Nov 4, 2016


So, it is about nationalism. True, not interested in that. And yes, I understand, you can loathe people for that. I see it everyday. Anyway, I commented a piece of film propaganda and I have no problem of doing more of that in future. Of course, if I don't like it, I must be a bad guy supporting all the worse. Not very good with reading, huh? Still, wish you well, regardless this pointless small talk...

shiboleth on Nov 3, 2016


It is about the VICTIMS of aggressive nationalism. You describe the film as 'propaganda', which means you are a holodomor denier, putting you on the same level as a holocaust denier. You can't get any lower than that.

Scradje on Nov 3, 2016


Well, the next accusation goes that I deny that Earth is round. I certainly claimed that it's flat, right? Do you worse, do your worse, smarty. Denying what? I didn't claim anything about it! And I am not planning it either. Not claiming anything about the historical facts also doesn't mean to have a possibility to deny it. So, as for me, as long as you stick to this, you do claim that this is a propaganda, plain and simple...

shiboleth on Nov 4, 2016


Your exactly right ..kudos Slava Ukraini.

Richard Hoover on Oct 1, 2017


Your excellent movie was trolled by kremlin collaborators, as was Reny Harlin's Five Days of War, which exposed some of the atrocities committed by Russian invaders in Georgia in 2008. The more they hate you, the better the job you are doing. Good luck with your next project Richard! Suggested topic: atrocities committed by putlerstan's swastika-tattooed savages in Donbas.

Scradje on Oct 1, 2017


My father lived through stalin's starvation of Ukraine - he was 11 years old at the time AND THIS IS NO FAIRY TALE - read up on it and do not equate the Holodomor (Ukraine's starvation that happened in 1932-1933) with WWII - different years - learn some history.

Oksana Hawryluk on Nov 3, 2016


You do understand that your reaction has nothing to do with my first comment? Do you? I do understand your post as some kind of statement, but see no connection to what I wrote above ...

shiboleth on Nov 3, 2016



Silva Cavalcanti on Feb 20, 2017


Thank you all for seeing our film..huge respects for supporting Ukraines struggles ongoing still today against Russian Agressor Putin and his separatist Terrorist..locking up and torturing and killing patriotic Ukrainians inside their own now terror zone in fear to leave.Richard Bachynsky Hoover..Slava Ukraini Slava my Canada!! United in freedom.

Richard Hoover on Oct 1, 2017

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