First Trailer for Sexual Assault & Online Bullying Doc 'Audrie & Daisy'

August 22, 2016
Source: YouTube

Audrie & Daisy Doc Trailer

"Shame is trending." Netflix has debuted the trailer for a documentary titled Audrie & Daisy, which first premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival. The doc examines the lives of two different women, Audrie Pott and Daisy Coleman, who never met each other but were brought together by tragic circumstances. Both teens were sexually assaulted while intoxicated, and subsequently bullied online by their classmates, which resulted in one suicide. The doc examines the rape culture in America and shaming which is, sadly, fueled by the internet. I saw the doc at Sundance and I'm not a fan of it, but it does discuss a very important topic.

Here's the official trailer for Bonni Cohen & Jon Shenk's doc Audrie & Daisy, from Netflix's YouTube:

Audrie & Daisy Poster

Two different girls sexually assaulted on two different nights, in two different towns. Audrie & Daisy takes a hard look at the issues faced by America's teenagers who are coming of age in the new world of social media bullying, spun wildly out of control. Audrie & Daisy is co-directed by filmmakers Bonni Cohen ("National Geographic Explorer") & Jon Shenk (Lost Boys of Sudan, The Island President). The film first premiered in-competition at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Netflix will release Audrie & Daisy in select theaters + streaming online starting September 23rd this year. For more info, head to Netflix's website.

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Reader Feedback - 15 Comments


Jocks do get rapey, but folk don't seem to mind that at all.

Carpola on Aug 22, 2016


If you play a sport can get away with practically anything.

DAVIDPD on Aug 22, 2016


Similar with musicians, look at R Kelly. Oh also forgot about that mental South African Blade Runner asshole.

Carpola on Aug 22, 2016


I know how to solve that problem... lets all get fat!

backwardsprogress on Aug 24, 2016


Maybe there should be better education, that creates less creepy rapey sportsmen?

Carpola on Aug 24, 2016


Entering the internet is like entering an arena. It would be foolish not to expect to be stabbed by a spear or crushed by a hammer. Parents who let their kids on the internet without any control or restriction are really immature or irresponsible. Or maybe both.

tarek on Aug 22, 2016


Internet is public arena where come a lot of people who don't understand what public and responsibility means. For kids, that can be extreme ...

shiboleth on Aug 22, 2016


It is a very important topic, Alex, regardless if the film is successful in it's attempt to broach the subject or not. Society as a whole has never been able to deal with rape head on and usually maligns and blemishes women who have been raped. It starts with never wanting to believe them and facing the ugliness of the act happening within our lives. It's much too complex to yammer about in a comment section, but the human condition and the collective masses are seriously lacking in intelligence and steeped deeply in denial of all things uncomfortable. Brain warping to realize that it still is the same as it's always been. In other countries, men...fathers and brothers..kill their daughters and sisters when they have been raped as they consider that what happened to these females has 'shamed them' and their family. That about says it all. That shame and denial takes many different forms and acts itself out in many different ways, but underneath it all it's the same. Fear, shame, denial and the evil that comes from those feelings remain firmly in place here and now in 2016. Total insanity!

Bo on Aug 22, 2016


Agreed. And there is a special place in hell for those who falsely accuse men or women of these crimes. It is a modern day "scarlet letter".

DAVIDPD on Aug 22, 2016


But you see, David...just bringing up 'those who falsely accuse' is part of the problem. Part of the denial, if you will. Let's put it this way. The numbers are so far apart it's insane. That being the number of people who 'falsely accuse' is almost nil compared to the overwhelming numbers of actual rape and abuse. You see my point? It's crazy to bring up this 'falsely accuse' point within this discussion without it falling into the denial of rape and abuse actually happening in the huge numbers that it happens. There simply is no comparison between the two and it drives me crazy when someone brings it up. There's a special place in hell for those who rape and abuse, man...and to those who deny it and allow it to continue on with impunity and making excuses and worrying about someone falsely accusing someone. All those that accuse someone of rape and abuse are immediately under suspicion of falsely accusing when the actual occurrences of false accusations is so small compared to the actual rapes and abuses. Do I make my point?? Man, this drives me crazy and I hurt for all the victims of rape and abuse because of the torment they go through with not only having been raped and abused, but then not believed and demonized for reporting it.

Bo on Aug 22, 2016


I can see your point and agree it is unfair for many victims to feel like they are being put on trial for being the victim. But I think it is also way too easy for people to feel like they are being attacked nowadays. People cannot even complement coworkers on looking nice for fear of being accused of sexual misconduct. At the University level, students are urged to sign a form of consent before having sex. I am not saying there is not a problem sexual abuse and rape culture in this country, clearly there is, but wrapping it up in so much red tape and subterfuge is not helping. I think we can both agree that real sexual attackers are disgusting, bottom feeding, cretins that don't deserve to breathe the same air as we do. That said, I think we have fostered a culture that just serves to make life harder than it needs to be by empowering accusers with practically, unchecked power.

DAVIDPD on Aug 23, 2016


Thank you for this intelligent reply, David. Much appreciated. That said, sorry, echoing you intentionally here to add a little levity...anyway...I digress...having appreciated your post I worry much, much more about the problem of rape and domestic abuse than I do about empowering accusers with unchecked power. That still to me is flavored with denial. We must empower victims to become accusers rather than remaining silent because they know they will be treated harshly and demonized and shunned. That disgusts me. So, yes, I say give them all the power we can to allow them the confidence and the support they so desperately need. I must ask you David, as to why you so concentrate on the possibility of false accusations when like I say, examples of such are nil compared to the actual horrible acts being committed on people? I find it a bit strange. You statement...'I think we have fostered a culture that just serves to make life harder than it needs to be by empowering accusers with practically, unchecked power'. That's a pretty weird statement, man. Make life harder for whom? Unchecked by whom? Accusers and checked and demonized and not believed all through our history. This is one of the major problems here, man. Is this really a serious problem in our culture, David? Really? Anywhere near as serious as the unchecked power given to rapists and abusers? When a guy (student) rapes a drunk, unconscious woman (also a student) gets a six month sentence and you worry about if she is falsely accusing him or not? Like I said, I thought the first part of your post intelligent and meaningful, but your last sentence killed it for me. I really wonder why you can't let that go and must insist on this weird and unwarranted fear of women having some kind of unchecked power to false accuse. Yes women, David, because let's face it most of the victims of rape and abuse are women suffered at the hands of men. I really do find this fear of yours to be a big part of the problem in that the way men, way too many, feel about women. I hope my reply addressing all this gives you pause to reflect, David, as you seem like a nice guy, but this 'thing' of yours is worrisome. I hope you give it some more thought. My blessings to you. Peace.

Bo on Aug 23, 2016


No winners here.

DAVIDPD on Aug 22, 2016


SMH. Bullying and rape has always existed, now it's just publicized and streamed everywhere thanks to modern media. As a father of a daughter, vengeance would be on my mind if she were in similar circumstances. Sad times indeed.

RAW_D on Aug 22, 2016


Why not tell the truth about Audrie who was erased from her biological father in California?

Fatima Getoffmyback on Sep 12, 2016

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