Red Band Trailer for Ben Falcone's 'The Boss' Starring Melissa McCarthy

February 13, 2016
Source: YouTube

The Boss Trailer

"You don't have any money you stupid Ginger!" This looks awful. Universal has debuted another new red band trailer for the upcoming comedy The Boss, starring/written by Melissa McCarthy and directed by her husband Ben Falcone. The plot involves the richest woman in America, played by McCarthy, losing all of her money and everything she built after getting busted for insider trading. It gets really stupid when she comes up with an idea to start a brownie empire to reestablish herself. The final showdown in this trailer is scraping the bottom of the comedy barrel. Haven't we moved passed this? I guess not. Proceed with caution.

Here's the new red band trailer (+a poster) for Ben Falcone's The Boss, direct from YouTube:

The Boss Poster

See the first official green band trailer for The Boss here, to compare footage from these trailers.

A titan of industry (McCarthy) is sent to prison after she's caught for insider trading. When she emerges ready to rebrand herself as America's latest sweetheart, not everyone she screwed over is so quick to forgive and forget. The Boss is a comedy directed by actor-turned-filmmaker Ben Falcone, who also directed the film Tammy previously. The screenplay was written by Ben Falcone, Steve Mallory and Melissa McCarthy. Universal will release Falcone's The Boss in theaters on April 8th, 2016 this spring. Anyone?

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Overexposed. McCarthy has got to be getting tired of raking in buckets of money with these "gems".

DAVIDPD on Feb 13, 2016


Totally agree on this one ...

shiboleth on Feb 13, 2016


She's the new Adam Sandler.

Akirakorn on Feb 13, 2016


Ouch. You think she's fallen that far?

Duane on Feb 14, 2016


IMO she was never as funny as Sandler was back in the day.

Higgens on Feb 14, 2016


I agree with Higgens. At least Sandler "was" funny at some point.

MaqueeStalker on Feb 15, 2016


Movies for idiots. Getting dumber every day. If I still drunk beer I'd enjoy this movie with hangover. Possibly

Carpola on Feb 13, 2016


Yeah, seems like a great hangover movie. Just kinda staring at it. Not thinking.

Nielsen700 on Feb 13, 2016


I guess, violence among and towards children in school is still not an important issue in US. Or, at least it looks that way here ...

shiboleth on Feb 13, 2016


this shows how stupid you are, people here in the US are wildly obsessed with exactly that, they constantly overreact to the tiniest hints of violence, get your head outta your ass

davidshaw on Feb 13, 2016


Oh common, don't be so sensitive. Of course, I could exchange 'stupid' for the 'ignorant' but I'm not sure you are familiar with that word. You really are quite specimen that represent real values of your country, aren't you? And naturally, it's quite possible that shootings in the schools or at universities now and then mostly does not happen in US. Media these days really sound confusing, right? And that geography thing might be confusing for them, too. And I have to tell you that I absolutely admire the view that dismiss reaction to violence as overreacting. So sweet this is, to have a limit up to which reacting to violence starts to be overreacting. How did that happen, really? Too much TV? I certainly believe that US is not some Third world country, but sometimes, people like you help me think that this does not work for everyone there. Which makes us all citizens of the world. So, if you like, I can connect you to some bigots in Eastern Europe, I know so many of them and then you could really feel good among them. I can tell that. Eventually, don't think you made me mad. You made me think how good this is. Since, it took a long time to meet someone without manners on this site. Really, you should be proud of yourself, because you are something rare among other decent people I communicate with around here...

shiboleth on Feb 13, 2016


moved PAST this, geniuses. seriously, does nobody here proofread?? god damn it, learn English before you try to write it

davidshaw on Feb 13, 2016


You forgot to start your sentence with a capital letter, three times. And you forgot to end your last sentence with a period. I will leave the rest up to the natives.

Nash on Feb 14, 2016


doesn't ANYBODY proof read...genius

Joker's hideout on Feb 18, 2016


Peter Dinklage though.

Lar Rackell on Feb 13, 2016


with a sword

Joker's hideout on Feb 18, 2016


More of the same old shtick for her I see. What was with those weird turtle necks?

Higgens on Feb 14, 2016


that poster is so bad it makes me queasy

Joker's hideout on Feb 18, 2016

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