James Cameron's 'Avatar 2' Might Not Be Released in 2017 After All

January 22, 2016
Source: The Wrap

James Cameron's Avatar

Briefly: After the big news this week that Star Wars: Episode VIII was being pushed back from May to December 2017, all of the other studios have to check and make sure none of their releases are threatened. The ultimate showdown was going to be between Episode VIII and James Cameron's Avatar 2, which was being talked about for Christmas 2017 release. Just as of a few weeks ago, Cameron was saying it was still headed for Christmas. However, The Wrap is now confirming that the studio is no longer planning a 2017 release anymore, and maybe be aiming for 2018 or 2019 but they're still not sure yet. Nothing is confirmed or set yet by 20th Century Fox, but this is what we expected to hear after the Star Wars release date change.

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Reader Feedback - 34 Comments


ha ha ha. By the time it comes out the technology will actually be real and we'll probably be colonising other universes.

Carpola on Jan 22, 2016


Take your time Cameron. Lets have you making blue people movies till you die.

Higgens on Jan 22, 2016


I really don't care about Avatar! I hated the first one... I really don't see the appeal beyond the 3D. And I really like Cameron but this is not for me.

Drived on Jan 22, 2016


What?! They're using this as an excuse to push the movie back a year? That's some bullshit Cameron, a few months would've been sufficient.

MattPeloquin on Jan 22, 2016


well they haven't actually announced a new release day yet so.... maybe wait till they confirm one before calling him out

alex on Jan 22, 2016


Once again, I'll paraphrase Sly Stallone..."there is a diminishing window for people to accept a sequel" The more it gets delayed or pushed back, the less interest I'll have in it. And I already barely have any interest at all.

theslayer5150 on Jan 22, 2016


Are we caring about this? Sequels to bad movies? He can push it back to 3018 for all I care. I don't think Cameron's been a good director since Terminator 2. And even that wasn't as good as his previous movies.

Jonathan on Jan 22, 2016


I think T2 was def a masterpiece. Parts of the Abyss are good too minus the ending. And true lies had its moments.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Jan 23, 2016


Shocker! ...not!

DAVIDPD on Jan 22, 2016


This is Abadaaaaaa

Have Hope on Jan 22, 2016


I know it will make me look like a Troll but...Avatar was the worst overrated piece of movie garbage ever to be conceived. There, I said it.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Jan 22, 2016


Agree 100%

Huck PS on Jan 23, 2016


Same here dude. But I know that the sequels will make a ton of money as expected.

Drived on Jan 26, 2016


This isn't bad news at all. I liked avatar because it was beautiful to watch and it was a original story. But a sequel is totally unnecessary and i don't get what Cameron thrives to make it. If you are a director you want to make movies (i think) and James Cameron doesn't mind they keep pushing it back??? He could already made 3 new movies with original stories, but nope, he is wasting time developing 3 sequels... A shame for such a talent....

ari smulders on Jan 22, 2016


Hey Ari, I wasn't a fan. I thought it was relying too heavily on visuals, and the plot is basically "Pocahontas in Space" so yeah, not the least bit excited about sequels for this...

Huck PS on Jan 23, 2016


feel the same huck, who cares....

ari smulders on Jan 23, 2016


thats how Cameron works...he is going to do whatever he wants on whatever time table he wants and Studios don't care.....his is a money making machine

desispeed on Jan 23, 2016


No doubt about it he is making big bucks with the new sequels, but i don't get that he chooses this path. He is goddamn director, no wizkid behind a computer. It's a waste of talent.

ari smulders on Jan 23, 2016


see thats what ur getting wrong about Cameron...he is actually one of the most technical directors in the game..and is sort of a whiz kid when it comes to the technology incorporated in his movies. He always pushes the limit and tries to further the game that everyone else plays catch up to. Maybe Avatar is a tired genre/plot but he has a 3 movie arc in his head that he wants to play out so I see no problem with him seeing his vision come true

desispeed on Jan 23, 2016


I have no problem with avatar as a movie, it's a beautiful movie experience and i liked it very much. By far the best 3D experience ever. The story is just a vehicle for the 3D effects, maybe lame but it worked.

ari smulders on Jan 23, 2016


Ari, sheesh come on dude. Best 3D experience? it was a blurry pos. The story was as original as the force awakens. Im a fan of Cameron but mostly of his older work. Avatar was only a hit because the tech for it was so hyped that everyone went out to see it. I remember shaking my head afterwards and I have never ever felt the urge to see it again.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Jan 23, 2016


Dear Sascha. I know we have our differences, but not always (we do like the revenant allot). Indeed it's a simple story but flawlessly made. I can't remember a 3D movie who is better, if you do tell me. The only who comes near is Prometheus, but avatar is way better because Cameron only thought in 3D and not converting in 3D afterwards. It's a spectacle of colors and awesome depth, and i was totally blown away by it, and a billion people more. Yes it's simplistic, but the revenant also if analyze it. It are the images what makes those movie great, and both gave me great EXPERIENCE. Yes the revenant is better, because of the topic and the actors in it, but saying it's just a coincidence people liked avatar is strange. James Cameron i followd for his early days as a director, did see piranha in the cinema, and timing and flawless scripts are his trademark.

ari smulders on Jan 25, 2016


I guess you haven't seen the Honest Trailer that tears it a new one on how it wasn't original lol

steve on Jan 23, 2016


Can't see everything lol

ari smulders on Jan 23, 2016


Who even cares about Avatar anymore?

Huck PS on Jan 23, 2016


Certainly not much hope releasing opposite SW ep8. Avatar would take a massive beating like Fantastic 4.

bumboclot on Jan 23, 2016


It's gonna keeping getting pushed back to the point it'll start being made when Cameron is dead

steve on Jan 23, 2016


What happened to the "king of the world"? Oh, right, he lost his balls.

capitandelespacio on Jan 23, 2016


An I'm supposed to give a !/&_ why? If i was 7 an new to movies I'd prob dig these movies . Just predictable eye candy at this point.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Jan 24, 2016


Besides having world class 3D (which I've since lost all interest)... Avatar kind of sucked. I don't care if there is a sequel. Zero interest.

Bill on Jan 25, 2016


Who gives a shit? Avatar was sucked ass! Snoozefest turd.

ZigZagWave on Jan 25, 2016


Best movie I ever seen. Love the Avatar. Classic.

pablo G on Jan 26, 2016


Not surprised. Hey, the first Avatar was pretty big for 3D. Maybe this movie will push another technology.

TheRotationPodcast on Jan 26, 2016


If they push it much past March or April 2018, might as well kill it now. While I'm looking forward to it - the longer Avatar 2 release is put off the more likely it's going to be wedged between too many other tentpole releases to really be able to make back its budget.

VAharleywitch on Jan 28, 2016

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