Must Watch: First Teaser for Christopher Nolan's WWII Film 'Dunkirk'

August 4, 2016
Source: YouTube

Dunkirk Teaser Trailer

It's time for our first glimpse at Nolan's new World War II movie. Warner Bros has released the first short teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's WWII action thriller titled Dunkirk, about the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940. When Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain and France were surrounded by the German army during a fierce battle in France at the start of World War II, they figured out how to evacuate as many as possible by boat across the English channel. The full cast includes Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, James D'Arcy, Harry Styles, Aneurin Barnard, Jack Lowden, Adam Long. As expected, this looks epic in scale and it still has the gritty Nolan feel to it. I can't wait to see more from this.

Here's the first teaser trailer for Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, direct from WB's YouTube:


Dunkirk tells the story of the miraculous evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk, France, between May 27th and June 4th, 1940, during Battle of France in Word War II. Dunkirk is both written and directed by acclaimed British filmmaker Christopher Nolan, of the movies Following, Memento, Insomnia, The Prestige, Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy and Interstellar previously. It was filmed on location on the actual beaches where the evacuation took place in Dunkirk, France. Warner Bros will release Nolan's Dunkirk in theaters everywhere starting July 21st, 2017 next summer. How does this look so far?

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Looks good! Just the right teaser... And a good historical event portrayed rarely. Sold!

Joe Kundlak on Aug 4, 2016


Maybe that's Nolan's challenge - to make you as engaged in a war film about soldiers fleeing. I think he'll pull it off...

Alex Billington on Aug 4, 2016


Hell yeah! Nolan's name still carries enough wait for me to see anything he directs. Regardless of the ad campaign this is a Must See!!

DAVIDPD on Aug 4, 2016



guilamu on Aug 5, 2016


Ah man, Lagoya! If you have that much conviction, I applaud you! They already have money!

DAVIDPD on Aug 4, 2016


I'm sad to see him leave the world of sci-fi/fantasy because absolutely no one does it better. But I don't doubt he will deliver a grade A product as always. Well mostly always haha.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 4, 2016


His bro/writing partner Jona is as good in opinion. He helped with many of Chris's films and showran PERSON OF INTEREST and the upcoming TV series of WESTWORLD for HBO. If you have not checked out POI, I would get on that. It was one of the best sci-fi series in years! Right up there with LOST and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Chris is definitely a treasure among treasures though.

DAVIDPD on Aug 4, 2016


Don't worry. He'll be back. Between all the unnecessary remakes, DC falling flat on its face and My Big Fat Wedding 2, we need Nolan more than ever right now. I'll take a romantic comedy directed by him at this point.

ragethorn on Aug 5, 2016


I kinda of hopes he likes to try different things. I wouldn't mind a less epic WWII or a sword & sandals period film from him at some point. So far as an artist his canvas is fantastic.

Steven on Aug 5, 2016


Sword and sandals would be great...

ari smulders on Aug 5, 2016


Little good can be done in war stories, like those of bravery or fighting. Or fleeing, if you like that way. I don't know what's worse, sf or this. I liked Insomnia and Memento. I don't know what to think of rest from him. It looks like some exercise in style or something. Definitely well educated and skilled person, but somehow devoid of substance...

shiboleth on Aug 4, 2016


Is it possible to look past one's political orientation and see the film as film? I can totally respect a negative response to that question. And let's be fair, this was a 30 second teaser...haha!!~~~("haha" is to diffuse and indicate a sense of lightness)

DAVIDPD on Aug 4, 2016


It is possible David if you think you can tell me that film is film and not politics. And I don't see that. I see politics, very much hardcoded in every history filmic piece that comes. And I must tell you, I have nothing against politics in film as long as that's what it says it is. We are having so many films about politics (whether of war or of something else that are not political and yet all I can conclude from them is politics) that are not openly political films. And that's all I'm asking for; political film being that openly and not covertly, not just for the sake of entertainment. Because that what films about the history are and represent ... As for this one, I said what I wanted to say but it does not mean I will not see in it something what will make me to change my mind for better. Nolan does have skills, I say that, I just don't believe they are worth of acclaim before I see what he has done ... Cheers David, thanks for your response ...

shiboleth on Aug 5, 2016


As long as the human being will be this creature with a subjective consciousness, anything he will create or produce will be a subjective product. Art ( read movies) is the result of a subjective process. When you like or dislike something, there is always a subjective reason behind it, whether you are aware of it or no. As for academic history, well...people started writing history with "less subjectivity" maybe a quarter century ago. I can be wrong.

tarek on Aug 5, 2016


Never heard of archetypes?

ari smulders on Aug 5, 2016


should I? I don't like heavy metal.

tarek on Aug 5, 2016


Carl jung...

ari smulders on Aug 5, 2016


teasing you. ;D What did you mean by archetype? It's hard to catch the idea behind a concept.

tarek on Aug 5, 2016


You say everything is subjective and that's true, but we halve also archetypes in our subconscious. So the majority of people like the same things, hate the same things etc... So yes it's always subjective, but also what's good is good for allot of people. Same goes for movies, there are some rules what makes a movie appealing for a allot of people..

ari smulders on Aug 5, 2016


Gotcha. Thanks for enlighting me. You'll find indeed great similitudes in the conceptualization of things between different populations that do not share the same culture, history, belief, geography. etc. Does that mean that we share some common ground encoded in our genes ( or souls?).

tarek on Aug 5, 2016


We can never know what's behind our 5 senses, we can only guess. Plato's world of ideas is maybe the right answer, but it will always be guessing. Yes we have all a universal knowledge, it goes before experience,proven by test on babies...

ari smulders on Aug 5, 2016


Well, I don't want to turn this in some serious academic discussion but I have to inform you: that part of writing of history was over during, say, 1960s. The problems with objective history is that somehow some historical account always had some subjective, whether political, cultural, social or any other, conclusion on the end. So, what we have today is combination of every possible aspect of it. You, or somebody else, is writing a history of something and you use all the scientific tools you know and can use and we got to see all of your knowledge and we see all of yours skills but on the end we all know that it is you behind it. Writing a history and then say, it's objective thing, that won't hold any more. As you wisely noted tarek, you can't erase subjectivity from anything done individually. And that's exactly my problem with movies, since they are, comparing them with the science, made in a very primitive and one sided manner. Like, we don't know what you think or will, it's just fun. Yeah, we changed some things in the narrative, but hey, let's have fun, it does not matter if liars are not liars any more or freedom is not freedom not any more. It's just fun. Not to me. I just don't like lying. Especially lying about not being a liar ... As for the art part in today's movies, give me a break. Nolan is at his best master of mannerism and person of well crafted commercially successful style. Nothing more. But good for him, I agree about that ...

shiboleth on Aug 5, 2016


Now you are being subjective towards Nolan... ;D As about history, Ibn Khaldun started his Muqqaddimah (Prolegomena) by this: "All records, by their very nature, are liable to error... ...Partisanship towards a creed or opinion... ...Over-confidence in one's sources... ...The failure to understand what is intended... ...A mistaken belief in the truth... ...The inability to place an event in its real context ...The common desire to gain favor of those of high ranks, by praising them, by spreading their fame... ...The most important is the ignorance of the laws governing the transformation of human society."

tarek on Aug 5, 2016


Oh, I know you just talked to the guy, so you must be emotional about it. Yes, he's better than most considering what he's doing. But he doesn't get the pass just for that. No matter how subjective you see that ... As for the Ibn Khaldun quotes. Yeah, I could agree on that. I mean it's a sketchy view on writing of history, but it's still good. People certainly have done worse than he did.

shiboleth on Aug 5, 2016


Hard to keep a cold head when you exchange words with Chris. He's a brilliant mind. Ooops! now I am being emotional again. ;D

tarek on Aug 5, 2016


Of course, I'm not taking that against you. And things are definitely different when you talk to actual person. I don't know how much would I change what I said about his films, but it would certainly affect me. Just like everybody, I guess. Anyway, thanks for another good exchange tarek. You stay cool now ...

shiboleth on Aug 5, 2016


True war ain't Call of Duty...

tarek on Aug 4, 2016


Interest is piqued...

grimjob on Aug 4, 2016


Mucho piqued~~~!

DAVIDPD on Aug 4, 2016


Being a world war 2 history buff myself, this looks GREAT! I love all films about the conflict and time period. It was so monumental in human history, I like seeing stories that veer away from the 'standard fare' and go into the other stories (stories that history buffs know, but the general public doesn't). 😀

TSJones97 on Aug 4, 2016


In Nolan We Trust. Can't wait.

Franklin Carpio on Aug 4, 2016


Fanboy or not, Nolan is a force. The second you see a teaser titled "From Christopher Nolan", face it, your balls or boobs drop. Even with something as divisive as Interstellar, there's respect there that he tried to make something big and ambitious like the Kubrick days. IMO, Nolan & Linklater are the ballsiest filmmakers today and it doesn't matter what they release, I'm there. Opening day.

ragethorn on Aug 5, 2016


Nolan is on his way to be new Spielberg, no doubt...

ari smulders on Aug 5, 2016


I am still blown away that interstellar was/is considered divisive. I was fucking bawling in the theatre, I was at the edge of my god damn seat the whole time. Despite the slightly corny "time dimension" part I think it IS the modern day 2001.

Jon Odishaw on Aug 5, 2016


Loved interstellar, it made me cry, so beautiful it was... The best movie experience since the dark Knight...

ari smulders on Aug 5, 2016


Still not the WWII I'm waiting for, but Nolan will deliver a good solid WWII film I'm sure. Hopefully he'll have a crack at a less epic scale WWII film and have a look at the founding of the SAS.

Steven on Aug 5, 2016


I wonder if they will show the scene where fat fuk Goering talks Hitler into letting him finish off the retreating allies with his mighty air force ?

Tester on Aug 5, 2016


Very hesitant about this movie. Of course it will be awesomely made, but not my favorite genre and Dunkirk was a big defeat for the English. I am curious wich angle they will take...

ari smulders on Aug 5, 2016


Stop it Ari. You know you're going to be raving about it after first view. lol Stop fighting it. Just embrace it.

ragethorn on Aug 5, 2016


hmmmm hesitant still, happend only once with the Guardian of the galaxy dammit! O wait it happened with Deadpool too! :)))

ari smulders on Aug 5, 2016


Do what I do dude. Just enjoy the teaser, then be blown away by the trailer and by the time the movie is released, go to the movies and just open your legs. Bring lube.

ragethorn on Aug 5, 2016


I look at Dunkirk as a great victory and pinnacle point in the war. Sure they were trying to escape, but if those soldiers never made it out, there would have been no one to defend England, which would subsequently lead to no D-day.. So in the end a great victory

Tester on Aug 5, 2016


That's a way you can look at it, but really :Dunkirk is no battle of Stalingrad, and only the battle of Stalingrad can be defined as the turning point in world War 2...

ari smulders on Aug 5, 2016


Ari, I said Pinnacle, not Turning. And yes from a turning point U are certainly correct. Hey, gonna be in your backward next month, only 2 day visit and then must run off to Belgium. If I had more time I would take U up on your invitation.

Tester on Aug 6, 2016



Bob on Aug 13, 2016


You clearly are ignorant of history

Bob on Aug 13, 2016


no i a not,just not onley the american side looking at it!

ari smulders on Aug 13, 2016


there died more russians in one single battle than Americans in the entire second world war..And America screwed up Vietnam and Iraq.America is a nation of a few billionaires ruled by wallstreet! Democracy in America is a fairy tale created by hollywood...

ari smulders on Aug 14, 2016


I can't wait for this. Not that I'm getting that vibe from the trailer, but I recently watched The Hill and I know Nolan's a big fan of it. I'm curious to see how much of The Hill we are going to see in Dunkirk. I'm hoping a lot!

Isildur_of_Numenor on Aug 5, 2016


The story of Dunkirk interests me, the director less so. Fingers crossed that it's more about what happened rather than some esoteric rambling nonsense. Being a true story it shouldn't at least have some massive plot holes.

Payne by name on Aug 6, 2016


Lol...Nolan trolls are the dumbest. Just off yourself loser

Bob on Aug 13, 2016


When I saw the trailer I was kinda hoping it would be aliens attacking. Cause I don't know who Dunkirk is.

CyraNOSE on Aug 8, 2016


Now THAT is a proper TEASER TRAILER!

RAW_D on Aug 8, 2016


Like another comment, don't know the director. DO know the work of some of the actors and, thankfully, the outcome of the Dunkirk evacuation. But just like Saving Private Ryan, knowing that only makes the "how done it" more interesting.

Virginia Voedisch on Aug 8, 2016


You don't know nolan? What rock have you been living under? Lol

Bob on Aug 13, 2016


Scary man.....scary

Joker's hideout on Aug 10, 2016


Best director alive IN NOLAN WE TRUST

Bob on Aug 13, 2016

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