Must Watch: First Trailer for Paul Feig's New 'Ghostbusters' Movie

March 3, 2016
Source: YouTube

Ghostbusters Trailer

"Someone is creating a device that amplifies paranormal activity. We might be the only ones that can stop it." Sony Pictures has debuted the first full trailer for Paul Feig's new take on Ghostbusters, starring an all-female set of Ghostbusters, and a male receptionist. Don't worry, this looks kind of awesome. No really, I'm impressed - you need to see this trailer. Ghostbusters stars Kate McKinnon as Jillian Holtzmann, Leslie Jones as Patty Tolan, Melissa McCarthy as Abby Yates, and Kristen Wiig as Erin Gilbert, plus Chris Hemsworth as Kevin. They barely show anything with Hemsworth, but everyone else looks really good. It's sorta funny, it doesn't take itself too seriously, and it looks really cool - the ghosts are back. Enjoy!

Here's the first official trailer for Paul Feig's new Ghostbusters, direct from Sony's YouTube:

Ghostbusters Poster

For more updates on the new Ghostbusters, follow director Paul Feig on Twitter @paulfeig. Are you excited?

The upcoming Ghostbusters movie, directed by Paul Feig, will star Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones as the new Ghostbusters. Reportedly, the villain will be a "creepy mechanical genius". Chris Hemsworth also stars as the receptionist. There's also the role of Martin Heiss, a professional debunker of the supernatural who tries to disprove the antics of the Ghostbusters after some videos of theirs go viral. The project is currently filming, with Paul Feig posting updates on Twitter - follow him @paulfeig. Sony Pictures will release this brand new Ghostbusters movie, directed by Paul Feig from a screenplay by Katie Dippold and Paul Feig, in theaters everywhere starting July 22nd, 2016 this summer.

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Didn't laugh once, but i'm diggin the look of it. I'll give it a chance.

Danimal on Mar 3, 2016


I'll skip all the "unnecessary sequel" comments and go straight to dumb !!

Tester on Mar 3, 2016


Maybe we just go with "Unnecessary".

capitandelespacio on Mar 3, 2016


I laughed. I love Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon. They are 2 of the best female comedians. The ghosts look pretty cool. I'm excited to see it. I think it'll be fun.

David Diaz on Mar 3, 2016


The line about someone amplifying paranormal activity gives me the hope that there'll be cameos by at least one of the original team, possibly even as the 'villain'. Not sure whether this is hard reboot or soft? I guess we'll see if this team has been inspired to step up to save the city by the story/legend of the original team or whether they won't mention it. I like the look a lot, a nice update of the slightly cartoon but still creepy effects in the originals.

serke on Mar 3, 2016


actually several cameos from the original series are happening but it might not be them playing their original characters

desispeed on Mar 3, 2016


Which would make it weird in IMO

Steven on Mar 3, 2016


Definitely a reboot. They're essentially canceling out the first 2 movies.

TheOct8pus on Mar 3, 2016


Were there jokes in that trailer?

Jon Odishaw on Mar 3, 2016


You didn't see it? The whole thing IS a joke.

Cyberdine on Mar 3, 2016



Michael Hart Livingstone-Machn on Mar 3, 2016


Yeah, like there was the part where the black character yelled "oh hell no!" thats funny right??? Guys?????

jay on Mar 3, 2016


The joke is on us for wasting our time with stuff like this.

capitandelespacio on Mar 3, 2016


Very disappointed in this trailer, but maybe it's just a bad trailer...

ari smulders on Mar 3, 2016


I actually thought it was pretty cool. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Edward Curtis on Mar 3, 2016


SFX were solid but the rest of it was 'weak', I'll pass.

SteadyEddieTX on Mar 3, 2016


I like this the same I like Die Hard 5, Alien 7 and Jaws 19.

capitandelespacio on Mar 3, 2016


Jaws 19? Wasn't that Sharktosaurus-Rex versus Whalo-Donkey-Ostrich?

Nash on Mar 3, 2016



Xerxexx on Mar 3, 2016



grimjob on Mar 3, 2016


That did not look good....

Higgens on Mar 3, 2016


Looks all right. The effects are pretty bad, though, but they still have time.

Nielsen700 on Mar 3, 2016


The effects looked better in the originals, why not stick with the same format instead of jazzing it up.

Steven on Mar 3, 2016


Because the film needs a reason to exist.

Nielsen700 on Mar 10, 2016


The effects have nothing to do with giving a film a reason to exist. A great story on the other hand...

Steven on Mar 10, 2016


This looks like 1 of those short parody movies they show at the award show, mocking the nominated movies.

Gooski on Mar 3, 2016


Who you gonna call? How about a writer who can write a sequel and not some half-assed reboot.... I hate to pull the race card, but Leslie Jones' character is a stereotypical nightmare. I'm willing to bet money that she said "Oh, hell no" at least once in this movie. At least in the original, Winston (the black dude) was just a regular Joe who was looking for a job. No mention of his race, or allusions to his "blackness"

TheOct8pus on Mar 3, 2016


Maybe she's there to make it more Oscar worthy

MAWG on Mar 3, 2016


That was funny...

Nash on Mar 3, 2016


I thought the same thing. It just kept getting worse and worse, with that final clip being embarrassingly bad.

Mark on Mar 3, 2016


Yeah, I couldn't believe they actually went "the token black" route. She has attitude and knows the streets. So fucking lazy. All those actors raising hell about the Oscars should focus their energy on characters like this.

grimjob on Mar 3, 2016


I'm going to have to watch the originals to remove the taint of the trailer....

Steven on Mar 3, 2016


I liked it. Sorry.

steve on Mar 3, 2016


boo no pun intended

Clarence Worley on Mar 3, 2016


You must have thought it was white boy day.

grimjob on Mar 3, 2016


For the first minute and a half of the trailer I was rolling my eyes. The second half of the trailer redeemed it for me. I think this will be a fairly funny movie. Nothing ground breaking, but good.

Russell on Mar 3, 2016


Just like what I said the first time I heard about this.. ... How about no??

Seph Matienzo on Mar 3, 2016


No sorry, this does not work: - The humor feels very “forced”, for humor to work, you should feel like the character is making the joke, not the writer, and here it feels very “scripted”, I can really feel the writer is making the joke. - They all seem to be “funny”, and to have the same kind of generic “crazy fun” personality. You can’t make a movie and have all your main cast be “comic relief” and especially of the same type - In the first movie on the contrary, the humor felt spontaneous and credible, it never felt so “gratuitous” or out of place. - The 4 characters were very different, Bill Murray was the “funny” guy, but he had a very cynical humor, and a bit of I don’t give a fuck personality. Ramis was the “serious” scientist, the one who truly understand how serious the situation is, and how much they are in the shit. Akroyd was the guy who make the mistakes and make the especially cynical bill murray facepalm. And Hudson was the guy who was here by “accident”. - all of that brought a nice balance of spontaneous humor between very different personalities, here I don’t feel that, it feels forced, it tries too hard.

Lauraliane on Mar 3, 2016


I am afraid that is quite an accurate analysis.

Nash on Mar 3, 2016


Spot on friend. Quite unfortunate; I had expected the trailer to ease the fears that this would be a stinker. It's had the opposite effect.

Mark on Mar 3, 2016


Sorry guys. I liked it. I'm not comparing it to the original though...

Huck PS on Mar 3, 2016



Flandy Orton on Mar 3, 2016


What will my life be without your approval, "Flandy"?... :c

Huck PS on Mar 3, 2016


No he's right you're a moron.... this movie looks like dogshit

BetterCallPaul (IneedHHHnow!) on Mar 4, 2016


I'd say that if you'd make the thousandth unoriginal reboot Hollywood product, the least thing you could do is make an original poster to promote it.

Nash on Mar 3, 2016


Garbage! This looks atrociously bad.

ZigZagWave on Mar 3, 2016


I don’t think this looks great by any means, but my main grievance here is with the trailer as opposed to the quality of the actual film. Like, why the hell do all trailers, even comedy trailers, have to be exactly the same?? What was with all those big epic sounds, stuttery rises, cuts to black, intense music at the end, just the whole effort to make this feel like some epic action movie—like I realize its probably supposed to be ironic and funny because of how “goofy” the characters are, but seriously. The tone of this trailer felt completely inappropriate to me. Now, the movie itself, yeah it looks pretty bad, but right now I’m just annoyed that Hollywood can’t even get creative with trailers anymore, which is probably one of the few areas of moviemaking where creativity and originality actually DOES generate more consumer interest. UGH. Rant over.

jay on Mar 3, 2016


Coulndn't agree more. I was very hopeful this would be a great little trailer. Unfortunately, it shows no understanding of what Ghostbusters actually is.

Mark on Mar 3, 2016


Exactly. This just doesn't even look fun. If there is literally one single thing a ghostbusters movie should be, its fun.

jay on Mar 3, 2016


Love it! -It's to soon to make any definitive statement about the personalities. I feel bad for those people who expect the same. I think complaining about a movie they haven't see it yet with the argument of: "it's not the same" it's lame. cause well... it's not 1983 anymore. They reminds me of those people who rant about how there is not good music anymore and they doesn't go to search for new experiences. They just yell at you from their door porch. I hope the girls personalities are totally different from the original ghostbusters. -I do love that Patty is the ghostbuster with the street wise, that she gets the car for totally different reasons that Ray did it, but the same result. clever! -I love the science behind (like the featurette show us) cause that's the real core of the saga. movies and cartoon -Slimer of course! -Amazing work with the ghosts kind of creepy but colorful and glowing and ethereal. like in the original. i can see some real people in costume (with cgi head) in that intro scene -they feel like updated nerds, i'm sure that there is more in Hotlzmann that just a simply engineer absorbed in her own job. But... again, it's to soon to say that kind of stuff. -The humor is good, Paul Feig do successful comedies. If you like it or not it's a personal issue. Just like i don't understand Wil Ferrell's -I'm a fan of ghostbusters since i was 6 years old. like both movies, i saw the whole cartoon series several times,i played the video games, read some comics, and that stuff is always going to be there for me. (except, maybe, the comics... there's too much humidity around here) Ghostbusters is my personal Star Wars. A wonderful magic movies that has been part of my nerdy way of growing up. I had two happy moments since last year with ghostbusters franchise: First is the participation i didi for the upcoming ghostbusters trading cards and today... the trailer the expansion of a universe that i keep in my dumb geek heart. -I wrote this as a fan. my intention its to share my opinions about the trailer, not to convince anyone to go and watch it. That's cause we all have free will, and more important personal tastes. On july 15th i'll be sitting in a movie theater watching this movie, and there is nothing that keeps that away from me. ...except death or maybe a terrible accident. or a spiritual posession.

toonfed on Mar 3, 2016


Thanks Mr. Feig.

Splashsquelch on Mar 3, 2016


This is your personal Star Wars sums this up. The Star Wars nuts also gave The Phantom Menace a pass and even enjoyed it, so you may think it's great. Hopefully it is, but man, this is one horrid trailer.

Mark on Mar 3, 2016


God that movie is bad... lol but atleast they didn't replace Luke Skywalker with a woman

Flandy Orton on Mar 3, 2016



Flandy Orton on Mar 3, 2016



BetterCallPaul (IneedHHHnow!) on Mar 4, 2016


How did I know there was going to be a dubstep remix

OfficialJab on Mar 3, 2016


I get it! Its a SNL skit right? no? Okey.. hmm..

ErrorSapiens on Mar 3, 2016


Of course it isn't. SNL wouldn't put out rubbish like this.

Mark on Mar 3, 2016


I ment budgetwise, obviously.. jeez

ErrorSapiens on Mar 5, 2016


This trailer is just horribly unfunny. Looks shitty!

Liza on Mar 3, 2016


Wow I feel sorry for this movie already. Check out the dislikes on the youtube video jeebus. I'm not sold either. Trailer was kinda weak and I didn't really find the jokes funny at all. Hoping they have left all the funny bits for the movie. At least for their sake. Characters are all out of balance if you know what I mean. They are all playing the same character 4 times. The casting choices seem all wrong. I just don't like the casting. Wiig and McCarthy are too much and sometimes their jokes seem forced. Maybe someone like Silverman or Kendrick would have been better suited to help break it up. I will still see it though seeing as Spy was such an unexpectedly good and funny movie.

TK on Mar 3, 2016


When do they ever leave the good jokes for the movies?

Higgens on Mar 3, 2016


Sometimes they do lol. Just trying to be optimistic.

TK on Mar 3, 2016


Yeah because that works

Flandy Orton on Mar 3, 2016


uhh.... doesn't look very good

Big Beard on Mar 3, 2016


Wiig and McCarthy are too old for these roles.

DAVIDPD on Mar 3, 2016


I'm too fat for this movie.

capitandelespacio on Mar 3, 2016


Also they have vaginas and their not Bill Murry-ey enough

Flandy Orton on Mar 3, 2016


lol he was trying to protest this shit because he doesn't agree with it either IMO that should mean that they are not allowed to go ahead and make the film. This isn't GhostBusters

BetterCallPaul (IneedHHHnow!) on Mar 4, 2016


The people replying to this comment are too smart for sarcasm.

Akirakorn on Mar 4, 2016



DAVIDPD on Mar 4, 2016


Just realised that nobody is using the tagline "From the visionary studio which gave you The Amazing Spider-Man"

capitandelespacio on Mar 3, 2016


Alex how can you, a person who lives for movies and has a general sense of quality, like anything at all about this wretched trailer? There wasn't anything the least bit funny or interested going on. Not a single giggle, I just kept rolling my eyes. The big end hilarity is Leslie screaming "May the power of pain compel you" while slapstick occurs, and fade to black? What the hell is the tone here? Being a big fan of Ghostbusters, I was excited for this trailer to instill some faith in all the cynics. This only added to the doubt this movie will be worthy of the name. I hope it's just an awful trailer, because I love the cast and the franchise. Ugh just awful. At least the ghost look neat. And Slimer. I hope he can save this!

Mark on Mar 3, 2016


I think the ghost design and effects look great and very Ghostbusters-like. That's about all I can offer to them.

OfficialJab on Mar 4, 2016


I had no problem with the casting. Funny women, especially Wiig and McKinnon. But seem like somebody gave them downers before they started filming.

Mark on Mar 3, 2016


Why an all girl band??? I don't like it that they just made it into an all female versions of the original. Why didn't they adapt the Extreme Ghostbusters of the year 2000 animated series instead???

pablo G on Mar 3, 2016


If I ignore that last joke, I might wanna see this. Unfortunately I can't... I'll wait for blu ray.

Jonathan on Mar 3, 2016


Yeah! Women shouldn't be allowed to do anything!!! WTF IS THIS?!! ..

steve on Mar 4, 2016


hardly "must watch" for me. i love the first ghostbusters too much, i guess. this just falls flat for me. the jokes seem really stale. and while i like the actresses in this, they don't seem to fit these rolls like murray, ramis, and and ankroyd.

dan on Mar 4, 2016


Didn't realise that Winston was a scientist.......they can't even get that right.

Steven on Mar 4, 2016


Imagine an all male Ghostbusters reboot with an all male cast that uses the exact same logo, theme song, basic plot, costumes, props, sets, tone, all while using lame tired old jokes. The criticism from fans would be much larger because they wouldn't be afraid to be labeled as being sexist. No matter what gender the lead characters are the movie just looks like another tired reboot in the style of Robocop, Poltergeist, and Total Recall.

jason on Mar 4, 2016


Yeah I don't get the 30 years later line at the start, and yet it isn't suppose to be linked. Personally I would have been more interested if a son/daughter of the original team took up the mantle and revamped the equipment, with a couple of cameos in helping to train them.

Steven on Mar 4, 2016


I disagree. Those other movies you mentioned were done in a dull, humorless, "modern" style, which isn't appropriate when you remake a comedy. Also what is there to criticize? A rational person would have to see the movie before trashing it. Right now all I know is the cast is great, the director has done funny stuff in the past, and the trailer has some decent special effects, with not many jokes. Why do you need to judge a movie months before it comes out?

bumboclot on Mar 4, 2016


Re-read the posting. I am discussing the reaction to the trailer which is not a good trailer itself and yet has received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from blogs & sites where as they were attacking similar reboots like the ones listed above as well as Jurassic World & Terminator Genisys for showing very unoriginal content. The movie could be good but everything in the trailer suggests otherwise.

jason on Mar 4, 2016


It's interesting that this film is trying to rebel against the all male stereotypes of the first film yet paints it's character in equally stereotypical cardboard clichés. Geeky uptight mathematician - check.Tom boy engineer - check. Queen Latifah attitude black character - check. Best thing about the trailer was the slow rendition of the ghostbusters theme. The whole premise sounds like a hilarious flight of fancy that would last for a couple of minutes in a studio execs meeting before someone says "anyway, seriously..."

Payne by name on Mar 4, 2016


It's not a rebel against the male stereotypes, it's just a "girl power" "year of the woman" cliche. Lets just swap the genders and prove women are just as competent/successful/relevant as men. Yay. Not only that but the actresses themselves are portraying their own "typical" roles. The best part of Spy was McCarthy's character had real skills and qualifications, in both tech and physical espionage. I'd rather have a mixed team, 3 women and 1 man. No the secretary doesn't count. Plus completely ignore any gender and sexual tension/attraction among the group. Even ditch the "love interest" angle. Just re-watched Ghostbuster last week and Vankman-Barrett was almost cringe worthy (the script, not the actor's performances). The one good thing is the non-scientist among them has an actual purpose.

Akirakorn on Mar 4, 2016


So what are they trying to do with this movie. This looks like a typical reboot of a classic that is boring and dull. You've taken 4 great comedic and interesting characters from the original and replace them with 21st century comedic females. I wish they, studio execs, leave classic original movies alone. After watching this garbage I'm in the mood for the original Ghostbusters because I know I'm going to laugh and have a good time.

Andrew on Mar 4, 2016


Couldn't agree more.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Mar 4, 2016


Has Beyonce been contacted to re-mix Ray Parker, Jr.'s song???

theslayer5150 on Mar 7, 2016


Who you gonna call, the theater in July to see what else is playing.

ISpartaChrisI on Mar 7, 2016


so, so, so bad.

ColtNoir on Mar 7, 2016


NOT 30 years ago and Winston was a SCIENTIST! Trailer barely started and already a huge f**k up! Horrible!

Cyberdine on Mar 7, 2016


Just wait for the reboot in 2046. Or possibly 2020..

Seeker on Mar 10, 2016


sony would make more money re-releasing the original in hd 3d or better yet just leave it the he!! alone!

notDemorRep on Mar 17, 2016

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