Must Watch: Full Red Band Trailer for Ridley Scott's 'Alien: Covenant'

December 25, 2016
Source: YouTube

Alien: Covenant Trailer

"You sure about this, Captain?" 20th Century Fox has unveiled the first trailer for Alien: Covenant, the highly anticipated sci-fi follow-up to Prometheus, once again directed by Sir Ridley Scott. This is the latest movie in the Alien Anthology, bringing back the xenomorph alien as well as the R-rating, and it looks damn good. Dark and violent and scary. Michael Fassbender also returns as the android David, and Noomi Rapace is back somehow, along with Guy Pearce as Weyland. Katherine Waterston stars as Daniels. The thriller also co-stars Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Carmen Ejogo, Callie Hernandez, Demián Bichir, Jussie Smollett, and Amy Seimetz. The final scene that this trailer ends on looks brutal. Wow.

Here's the first red band trailer (+ poster) for Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, direct from YouTube:

Update! A fan re-edited this first trailer with the music and structure of the first Prometheus trailer:

Alien: Covenant

The crew of the colony ship Covenant discover what they think is an uncharted paradise, but it is actually a dark, dangerous world, whose sole inhabitant is the synthetic David, survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition. Alien: Covenant is once again directed by veteran filmmaker Ridley Scott, of the original Alien from 1979 and Prometheus from 2012, as well as the films The Martian, Gladiator, Robin Hood, American Gangster, The Counselor, Matchstick Men, Blade Runner, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven and Legend previously. The screenplay is by Michael Green and Jack Paglen, with a rewrite by John Logan. Fox will release Alien: Covenant in 3D in theaters starting on May 19th, 2017 next summer. First impression?

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Shower sex = death ? Seriously, Ridley? Horro B movie oldest rope? Ain't you ashamed?

guilamu on Dec 25, 2016


Not if the dude is the one donning the tail!

ErrorSapiens on Dec 25, 2016


Pretty sure his head/chest is a goner.

DAVIDPD on Dec 26, 2016


I just don't know where all the retards suddenly come from? Its an obvious homage to the genre. It looks well done. So why the fuck not?

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 25, 2016


Cliches from 80s horror movies should stay in 80s horror movies. Not in major releases from "top tier" directors.

Higgens on Dec 25, 2016


Thanks Higgens, I was really tired of having to explain this to the "retards" who only love to see the same thing again and again.

guilamu on Dec 25, 2016


I agree. We should have an alien movie without any alien.

tarek on Dec 25, 2016


They probably prefer to see a Shower taking a shower of people while being assassinated by a sadistic and possessed plumber

tarek on Dec 26, 2016


This is next level dumb

Foffee on Dec 26, 2016


The aliens, I don't really care about anymore. But it looks pretty good. Interested to see what Kenny Powers will be like in space.

Carpola on Dec 25, 2016


Must ass! This doesn't look like an alien movie, it's so cheap, what camera did they use ffs

qweqwu on Dec 25, 2016


How the fuck does this look cheap? Twit, clean your thick glasses.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 25, 2016


Just open your eyes dumbass, and you'll see, a lot of shots use a cheap ass camera filter

qweqwu on Dec 25, 2016


It looks underwhelming twit.

Foffee on Dec 26, 2016


Totally agree on the color side. But I felt the same when watching the very first trailer of Exodus. At the time, I couldn't believe my eyes how cheap it looked (far worse than this). Then, when the film came out, the colour was absolutely gorgeous and everything was forgotten. I may be wrong, but I strongly believe RS, in his recent films at least, doesn't do colour mastering until the very last stages of the montage. Just before the theatre release.

Altares on Dec 25, 2016


Exodus looked and was absolute garbage.

tarek on Dec 25, 2016


The movie might have been garbage but the look was stunning. Smoking crack on Christmas?

Foffee on Dec 26, 2016


I'm a tea smoker. Any good dope? If you really think that Exodus looked good, then you have a serious issue bro(b).

tarek on Dec 26, 2016


If you think Exodus looked bad then you have a serious issue bro.

Foffee on Dec 27, 2016


I have indeed a serious issue with bad cinematography. Exodus cinematography was soulless. Shiny and soulless. Shiny CGI isn't for me. Vfx serve the story and not the other way around. Sir Ridley was totally uninspired on this one I must say.

tarek on Dec 27, 2016


I'm not sure about that, prometheus looked great from the first teaser, the image felt so clean, clear, expensive, it was beautiful, it's the same here in some shots, like the one over the lake or the one where fassbender looks at the big screen, but in some of them it looks awful, let's hope for the best !

qweqwu on Dec 26, 2016


Holy shit Danny McBride

Xerxexx on Dec 25, 2016


You know his character will die a horrible death.

Bart Beasly on Dec 25, 2016


McBride in COVENANT and John C. Reilly in SKULL ISLAND are the performances to watch!~

DAVIDPD on Dec 26, 2016


Definitely agree

Xerxexx on Dec 27, 2016


Yeah this doesn't look like it has anything to offer to the franchise besides a very good cast. If this weren't part of the franchise and some other alien, it would look like just about any other sci-fi horror out nowadays. But I'm still hoping it's just the trailer...

Terry Craig on Dec 25, 2016


Dat poster is IT.

DAVIDPD on Dec 25, 2016


Of course the best trailer of 2016 comes a week before 2017!

DAVIDPD on Dec 25, 2016


Blade Runner?

Foffee on Dec 26, 2016


Teaser, bruh.

DAVIDPD on Dec 26, 2016


Which is a type of trailer. LOL

Foffee on Dec 27, 2016


But a full trailer it is not.

DAVIDPD on Dec 27, 2016


But a trailer it is. Sort of like how a midget is still a person.

Foffee on Dec 27, 2016


Some time ago, I read the basic synopsis somewhere for this and was pretty much disappointed about it. Yes, this has been done good but shows nothing new. Unfortunately, we will watch it only for aliens or someone interesting in it and not the story which is, as seen from this, incredibly shallow ...

shiboleth on Dec 25, 2016


I like it. Don't listen to them Ridley.

tarek on Dec 25, 2016


I loved Prometheus, so this will be fine too!

ari smulders on Dec 26, 2016


Maybe it will have some depth beside all the horror cliches. If so this trailer does a fantastic job hiding it.

naundob on Dec 25, 2016


speaking of clichés - what is this "depth" you speak of?

dan on Dec 25, 2016


Amazing trailer! Really love the aesthetics in this. Reminds me a lot of the Dead Space series (a part from Alien, of course). That being said, I really liked Prometheus as well. Can't wait!

Ricardo_PT on Dec 25, 2016


Chick singing over ambient drone is the Inception Horn of 2016. Stop cutting trailers this way. You're better than that, Mr. Scott.

Keithist on Dec 25, 2016



Foffee on Dec 26, 2016


I hope this is better than Prometheus.

Bart Beasly on Dec 25, 2016


But Prometheus was crap.

Bart Beasly on Dec 25, 2016


Nope. It wasn't.

tarek on Dec 25, 2016


True dat, retarded in some parts really, but some stunning visuals and cool ideas (Engineers) muddled by a half baked script and some character choices that made so little sense. Compared to the gritty realism and immersive world he created in the first movie, Prometheus was always going to come off as a step down. But whatever, I will go and see any sci-fi movie made by Ridley based on the 2 movies that defined the genre IMHO. Let's see what he delivers! PS. Prometheus: excellent trailer = crap movie, so maybe Covenent: crap trailer = you do the math.

J.F. Sebastian on Dec 26, 2016


But it's trailer wasn't...follow along please

Foffee on Dec 26, 2016


So apparently these Alien Trilogy movies will answer the question of where the first alien came from when he burst out of that one guys body from the 1979 movie. Which means this trilogy is nothing more than a prequel of the original 3. That sucks.

backwardsprogress on Dec 25, 2016


It's always risky to deconstruct a mythology. But hey! It's better than any SW prequels. So a win win,

tarek on Dec 26, 2016


Rogue One is a Star Wars Prequel and it was 100x better than Prometheus

Foffee on Dec 26, 2016


And you used your cranked brain to measure it of course. Not surprising coming from someone who thought that the prequels were superior to TFA... ;D

tarek on Dec 26, 2016


It's called an opinion and I've never shared my opinion of the prequels.

Foffee on Dec 26, 2016


Oh you did young padawan. ;D

tarek on Dec 26, 2016


No I didn't.

Foffee on Dec 27, 2016


For all the haters of Prometheus, i loved it and mythology was worked out fine. This has for me a more aliens feel to it, so going to be there next year...

ari smulders on Dec 26, 2016


Hey Ari, I didn't hate Prometheus, I just thought it was unfinished and expected more. And what disappoints is that this one is not being its continuation. I found, after seeing the end of Prometheus, very exciting to see those characters (Elizabeth Shaw - Noomi Rapace and David - Michael Fassbender) going after and meet some kind of their 'makers'. But here, we have only the repeating of the same old thing with better effects. A bit underwhelming for me ...

shiboleth on Dec 26, 2016


Are you sure this sequel isn't the continuation of Prometheus shiboleth? Why then do we have Michael Fassbender in it? Isn't he playing the same character? I doubt they will end the Prometheus story on an unanswered cliffhanger.

tarek on Dec 26, 2016


I so much hope you are right, tarek. But trailer does not show that. But then again, let me be wrong and may you be right ...

shiboleth on Dec 26, 2016


I found an answer. Click at your own risk! BEWARE THE SPOILERS:

THE_RAW_ on Dec 29, 2016


David was a "synthetic". Duplicates aren't out of the question I'm thinking.

RAW_D on Dec 27, 2016


It could be the case indeed. But if we refer to the alien anthology, all synthetics weren't obviously recognized as synthetics at first sight. So I hope this is the same David. If not, then Prometheus would become a useless entry to the franchise. Or maybe this sequel is a original story. But will be connected to Prometheus by the end of the second act.

tarek on Dec 27, 2016


It'll be interesting to see how it plays out. I hope it connects to Prometheus properly, and doesn't just shun the mythology.

RAW_D on Dec 28, 2016


This looks nothing like Prometheus so not sure how this is a repeat

Foffee on Dec 26, 2016


I was not thinking of repeating the Prometheus story but from the first Alien film. Prometheus is obviously some kind of prequel...

shiboleth on Dec 26, 2016


I get what you mean, but wich way they should go? We now know enough of the origin of the alien, so it will indeed be a aliens 2.0...

ari smulders on Dec 27, 2016


Yes, we know enough about aliens' origin and therefore we need no more of repeating that. We just found out that there's someone behind that origin and wouldn't be just cool to know more about this guys? It poses a tricky and intriguing question about the life in the space in general. I think that was too big for mr. Ridley ...

shiboleth on Dec 27, 2016


Agree! Hopefuly we'll get a continuation of the Prometheus story line in there somewhere as that is the thing I'm most looking for. I need more engineers!

Armitall on Dec 26, 2016


Yes the engineers where badass, so bring them back...

ari smulders on Dec 27, 2016


Prometheus was amazing.

Бабак on Dec 26, 2016


Sorry but this is a horribly weak trailer. I'm a huge fan of Ridley and the Alien franchise including Prometheus but this just doesn't do anything to get me excited.

Foffee on Dec 26, 2016


Agree! They could make more better than this.

Бабак on Dec 26, 2016


Alien: Covenant in 3D? So no 2D version? While I enjoyed Prometheus in 3D, I would prefer to have the choice between the two versions.

tarek on Dec 26, 2016


They always show it in 2D as well. I saw Prometheus is both 2D and 3D at the theater....drrrrrrrr

Foffee on Dec 26, 2016


Well...Not in my town. They only offered the 3 D version of Prometheus. They did the same with many other blockbuster titles. Probably to boost the box office. Very bad strategy, as I avoided them like plague. their loss.

tarek on Dec 26, 2016


I'll take 2D any day of the week.

grimjob on Dec 26, 2016


Same here. Except for Avatar.

tarek on Dec 26, 2016


Good call. Missed it in 3D, and regret it.

grimjob on Dec 27, 2016


60 comments on the trailer so far. It's good.

Carpola on Dec 26, 2016


This is some next level dumb

Foffee on Dec 27, 2016


What if it's both? What if it addresses Prometheus in the first half and the second half leads into an alien movie? Best of both worlds?

RAW_D on Dec 29, 2016


I was a bit shocked at this trailer. I wasn't really expecting an Alien movie, I was expecting Prometheus 2, with Noomi Rapace and David exploring the home planet of the Engineers! To be honest, I was a bit disappointed, but at the same time intrigued. WTF are they doing here?!? Cast is solid, so it'll be interesting to see how it pans out. And my two cents on Prometheus: Heavily flawed with dumb decisions, but there were fascinating moments that raised many questions regarding the Xenomorph and Engineer mythology. I'd be fine to explore that further. Also that self abortion scene... EFFING CRAZY. Rant end.

RAW_D on Dec 27, 2016


The surgery scene was simply genius. When you see it you know Sir Ridley is still at the top of his game. I loved Noomi Rapace. she was the perfect Ripley alter ego.

tarek on Dec 27, 2016


Thanks, but I don't want to see it. Let imagination works for a while, huh? And a happy new year in the interim ...

shiboleth on Jan 2, 2017


It is so weird reading the comments, so many people wanted more of prometheus but when it came out, you guys were like dogging that movie so fucking bad, I could barely find a soul who agreed with me about liking the film and now this is coming out and people want more prometheus rather than Alien, I agree because I loved Prometheus even when everyone hated on it, this seriously is so weird cause I have so much history saved on of me debating with more than 80 percent of the people who had seen it. Everyone hated the film and didn't see the potential I saw but now they do, good for me in the end because people are wanting more of what I was wanting right after watching prometheus. This is even why we didn't get a sequel to it at the time even though he was planning on it, you guys talked so much shit that he left the idea alone. So I'm not just claiming this because there are actually things that happened professionally with him that wouldn't have happened if everyone liked it then. That's even why we're getting more alien and not Prometheus because everyone complained so much about it, I just feel bad for Ridley when he finds out people wanted more of the movie people were crucify in him over...feel so bad for artists when people do this to them.

Jake on Jan 6, 2017

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