Must Watch: Full Trailer for Christopher Nolan's WWII Film 'Dunkirk'

December 14, 2016
Source: YouTube

Dunkirk Trailer

"The event that shaped our world." Epic. Warner Bros has unveiled a full theatrical trailer for Christopher Nolan's WWII action thriller Dunkirk, about the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940. This trailer is also playing in front of Rogue One, with the prologue in IMAX theaters. Starring Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, James D'Arcy, Harry Styles, Aneurin Barnard, Jack Lowden, and Adam Long. When Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain and France were surrounded by the German army during a fierce battle in France at the start of WWII, they had to evacuate by boat across the English channel. Finally we get some real footage and holy hell does this film look incredible (but of course it does).

Here's the full theatrical trailer (+ poster) for Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, direct from WB's YouTube:

Dunkirk Poster

You can still see the first short teaser trailer for Nolan's Dunkirk here, for a different look at this WWII film.

Dunkirk tells the story of the miraculous evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk, France, between May 27th and June 4th, 1940, during Battle of France in Word War II. Dunkirk is both written and directed by acclaimed British filmmaker Christopher Nolan, of the movies Following, Memento, Insomnia, The Prestige, Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy and Interstellar previously. It was filmed on location on the actual beaches where the evacuation took place in Dunkirk, France. Warner Bros will release Nolan's Dunkirk in theaters everywhere starting July 21st, 2017 next summer. How does this look so far?

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Nolan has never disappointed me.

deerosa on Dec 14, 2016


Inception disappointed the hell out of me. But the rest of his films have either impressed me or blown me away.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 14, 2016


I feel the same way about INTERSTELLAR. I thought it was a goofy film.

DAVIDPD on Dec 14, 2016


I can't say I was necessarily disappointed by Interstellar, but its been my least favorite of his films (that said, I still loved it more than 90% of other Hollywood's movies).

I'm Batman on Dec 14, 2016


I feel Interstellar could of been way better without Matthew and Ann Hathaway. Matthew's acting doesn't impress me, also, it just seemed as though any of his acting and emotions fit the scripting. And Ann Hathaway just seemed to laugh at everything.

Cyberdine on Dec 15, 2016


Hathaway is a good actress, but her big eyes and huge mouth scares the hell out of me. Matthew McConaughey ? You should be joking. He's tremendously gifted.

tarek on Dec 15, 2016


LOL this is like saying "I had sex with the 3 hottest women on earth, won the lottery, cured cancer, and became immortal...but I'm feeling pretty unfulfilled" Inception is probably the best sci-fi movie since the 80s

2001HAL on Dec 14, 2016


Inception?!?! Wow, that's a first for me. I think Inception is tremendous, but to each their own I guess.

Cyberdine on Dec 15, 2016


This might be exactly the movie America needs right now.

Dhubs on Dec 14, 2016


yes...a movie about the brits in france fighting germans

2001HAL on Dec 14, 2016


Damn. Damn! DAMN!!!

DAVIDPD on Dec 14, 2016


Looking forward to this. Nolan and WW2 is a good mix. It's still a mystery why the Germans didn't annihilate the Allies on the beach. They had the chance. And finally a war movie where it's not all 'USA USA! And Hoo-Rah!

Gramercy Riff on Dec 14, 2016


Because the Allies had Hellboy on their side. You should have known this.

tarek on Dec 14, 2016


Thats because that fat fuk Goring talked Hitler into letting his air force finish the job.. This decision is considered one of the biggest mistakes Hitler ever made, it allowed the Allies to regroup, defend England and give them time to counter attack

Tester on Dec 14, 2016


Damn. (That's all I thought before I saw DAVIDPD's comment. I'm sticking with it.)

grimjob on Dec 14, 2016



DAVIDPD on Dec 14, 2016


Not his best trailer but I have 100% faith that this is going to be incredible

2001HAL on Dec 14, 2016


Before I gripe, let it be known I'm a HUGE Nolan fan. Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Inception and Interstellar are all top films for me, however, this trailer felt a bit underwhelming. Maybe it's because I'm not familiar with the story of Dunkirk? Or maybe because it's a bunch of random footage (which looks beautiful btw) thrown at you? I guess I was hoping for more "adagio" like the teaser, and instead it was more "allegro"? It didn't feel like a proper representation of a Nolan film. Disjointed and haphazard his films are definitely NOT. Regardless, I'll still be seeing it. Rant end.

RAW_D on Dec 14, 2016


Probably a trailer edited by a drunk intern. ;D Like you said, the Dude knows his job, so we shouldn't be disappointed.

tarek on Dec 14, 2016


That was exactly my thought. "Here kid, try your hand at this. If you're good, we'll keep you on. If it's sh*t, well...there's the door."

RAW_D on Dec 14, 2016


And as this kid is thick, he will reply: " should I integrate it in the opening scene ? "

tarek on Dec 14, 2016


Nicely written, well said. I'm sure we'll get more of an idea of the story soon.

Alex Billington on Dec 14, 2016


You da man, AB!!~

DAVIDPD on Dec 14, 2016


Thanks Alex! I'm hoping the next trailer we see will be more Nolan, and less marketing...

RAW_D on Dec 14, 2016


Allegro instead of Adagio? Damn son!!! Maybe the most high brow comment on FS, ever!!

DAVIDPD on Dec 14, 2016


I had to look those terms up.

grimjob on Dec 14, 2016


So did I. Those piano lessons I took were a LONG time ago.

RAW_D on Dec 14, 2016


HA! You underestimate yourselves! Bo has thrown some high brow stuff out more often than I can muster.

RAW_D on Dec 14, 2016


I thought Nolan doing a war film would be great, but I felt from the start he's picked the wrong story to tell. Could of told Anders Lassen's story, that would be epic. google his name

Steven Lewis on Dec 14, 2016


Why isn't this guy's story a movie yet? Pretty incredible...

RAW_D on Dec 14, 2016


I believe there is a statue of him at the camp of the SAS, very much respected as one of the originals.

Steven Lewis on Dec 15, 2016


I guess I am a bit of a history Buff, and the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan is right up there in presenting the visceral side of war. That's what this felt like. Nolan has a knack of making the fantastic, look and feel real. Batman was never so grounded in the real world until Nolan gave it his treatment. Nolan made Interstellar flight real. Dunkirk was a real event, and I have no doubt that Nolan will make us feel a part of that.

MAWG on Dec 14, 2016

33 Please read. Calling these people cowards is awe-inspiring in its ignorance.

lewis on Dec 14, 2016


"If I watch a war film, it want to see soldiers fighting, and the hero(s) taking on the bad guys" Hum...You've watched too much Michael Bay movies. Reality isn't that glorious my friend...

tarek on Dec 14, 2016


You should know that 80% of the troops were 18-20 year old boys, who've never been on a battlefield. It would surprise me if I see them cracking jokes while rushing towards the enemy. These kids were just kids...

tarek on Dec 14, 2016


Ok, why not just say that exactly instead of your stupid initial comment

Tester on Dec 15, 2016


you are a moron of the highest order it's been fun watching others tear your comments to shreds

2001HAL on Dec 18, 2016



2001HAL on Dec 20, 2016


That is literally the dumbest comeback ever. You're still the moron who couldn't finish Blade Runner and thinks the allies were cowards during WWII. Are you a nazi? Anti-Semite?

2001HAL on Dec 20, 2016



2001HAL on Dec 20, 2016


you don't know your mom's address, coward?

2001HAL on Dec 20, 2016


So no one is going to be honest and admit that the trailer looks underwhelming??

Trey on Dec 14, 2016


Nope. You go first.

tarek on Dec 14, 2016


I said it when there was just a teaser some time ago ...

shiboleth on Dec 14, 2016


If you scroll down far enough, several people already have...

RAW_D on Dec 14, 2016


I could understand your point of view until I read the second last word. Calling them cowards turned you into a clueless idiot. Side comment - the heroes are the people getting them home. England sent everything that could float over the channel.

dude on Dec 14, 2016


I get what you are saying, it's kind of like a car racing movie that doesn't race cars a la FAST AND THE FURIOUS series. But in this case, they knew they lost the battle and did not want to die for "glory". I don't really have a problem with that. Maybe if they just dropped their arms and fled, but the Germans retreated for no particular reason and they saw an opening and took it.

DAVIDPD on Dec 14, 2016


This film is based on an actual event which helped to shape the rest of the war. Many of those "cowards" made it to safety and then returned to fight and beat the Germans. Your comment is disrespectful to every single man and woman that fought that war. Dude is right, you are a clueless idiot !!

Tester on Dec 14, 2016


So your definition of a coward is someone fleeing no matter the reason? That puts you in a somewhat better light. You are still clueless but at least you can fix that by using a dictionary instead of needing to go to the doctor because there's something wrong with your head.

dude on Dec 14, 2016


This is old news - but just on the principle: I don't care whether you want to watch the film nor do I care about changing your mind. I'm not the taste police. What I do care about is you disrespecting people who were in a desperate situation.

dude on Dec 19, 2016


Keep digging that hole

Tester on Dec 15, 2016


They escape you brain fart.

Moose on Dec 15, 2016


I somehow think this is quite a regular film for Nolan. Another and logical creative challenge for him. I just don't see anything special in it ...

shiboleth on Dec 14, 2016


"I just don't see anything special in it" Your parents said the same thing once...many years ago

2001HAL on Dec 15, 2016


Ban this troll 2001HAL.

boball on Dec 18, 2016


Jack Churchill Vampire slayer. I buy it.

tarek on Dec 14, 2016


Completely unimpressed by this trailer. Meh.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Dec 14, 2016


Amazing cinematography and an incredible piece of history aren't for everyone. Have you watched the new Transformers trailer? Might be more your speed.

2001HAL on Dec 15, 2016


Ban this troll 2001HAL.

boball on Dec 18, 2016


Ban this douchebag boball

2001HAL on Dec 18, 2016


Anders Lassen all the way 🙂

Steven Lewis on Dec 15, 2016


Snore. Snore snore snore snore.

boball on Dec 18, 2016


history isn't for everyone...go back to watching Transformers little child

2001HAL on Dec 18, 2016


2 years ago he posted this... "Holy crap...this was awesome.... getting to understand the amount of work....teamwork.... and creativity.... that is involved. The Transformers movies are truly epic events. Thank you Michael Bay and to everybody involved." THIS GUY LOVES TRANSFORMERS MOVIES!!!!

2001HAL on Dec 18, 2016


LOL at the Nolan haters

2001HAL on Dec 18, 2016


cowards fleeing you are literally one of the dumbest human beings I've ever come across.

2001HAL on Dec 18, 2016


Whenever I see that photo of British and French troops wading through water to board an evacuation ship at Dunkirk, I think of one them hollering out, "Hurry lads, let the Yanks do the heavy lifting!". Reading the comments from Subjects of an unelected Hereditary Crown, you'd swore the Brits hadn't read their history. Churchill said it best, "...we must be very careful not to assign to this deliverance the attributes of a victory. Wars are not won by evacuations." The Yanks storming Normandy showed you how its done.

John Barksdale on Mar 18, 2017

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