Must Watch: Full 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Trailer Calls the Four Horsemen

March 17, 2016
Source: 20th Century Fox

X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer

After Oscar Isaac helped save the galaxy in Star Wars: The Force Awakens last year, this summer he's going to try to destroy the world as the big bad guy in X-Men: Apocalypse. A new trailer for the sequel assembles the four horsemen to destroy the world. Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Psylocke (Olivia Munn), Storm (Alexandra Shipp) and Angel (Ben Hardy) are causing some serious damage, forcing Professor X (James McAvoy) and his young X-Men to save the world. Honestly, I'm not too sure about this one. The visual effects look dodgy, and Apocalypse doesn't seem nearly as threatening as he should be.

Here's the new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer from 20th Century Fox:

See the first official trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse, right here. For more updates follow @XMenMovies.

X-Men: Apocalypse is directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men, X2, Superman Returns, Valkyrie, X-Men: Days of Future Past), who co-wrote the script with Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris and Simon Kinberg. Details are scarce, but we know the comic book villain Apocalypse will be the antagonist, and we'll see Alexandra Shipp, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan and Kodi Smit-McPhee join the team as Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops and Nightcrawler respectively with James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, and Rose Byrne all reprising their franchise roles. X-Men: Apocalypse opens in theaters May 27th this summer.

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Wowee well that got me excited. What a trailer. Really looking forward to this one now.

TK on Mar 17, 2016


I thing that all that mass destruction scenes will be just a glimps by Prof. X in to the future,what could it be if they don't stop Apocalypse.The movie will not have that scale of demolishing,which is exactly what i want to see.DoFP had the same feel from the trailers and i was not wrong then.Hope i'm not right.

Maxim Karagogov on Mar 18, 2016


My one argument to that is Prof. X can't see into the future, he just reads/controls minds (unless there's something I'm missing, I'm no expert). Singer did say there would be a lot more destruction in this movie and from some of the scenes, they look like they are true events.

Justin R on Mar 18, 2016


Nope. its all real in the movie. over the top MoS destruction

derpa on Mar 18, 2016


Oh, another cosplay movie... interesting.

naundob on Mar 18, 2016


Old school Coldplay cover at the end! I can dig that. Honestly this trailer sells me a lot more than the previous ones. Although this whole movie is giving me such a "dark, gritty power rangers reboot" vibe.

jay on Mar 18, 2016


As much as I resent this recent trend of splitting up movies into two parts for extra money, I dont disagree with you here.

jay on Mar 18, 2016


I kind of wish they would have just done the split movie thing with Civil war as well, and let infinity wars be one installation instead of two.

jay on Mar 19, 2016


Ivan Ooze sure is more mean this time around.

Higgens on Mar 18, 2016


I'll give Brian this, he made Archangel look pretty badass.

Cyberdine on Mar 18, 2016


And probably won't give any explanation as to why he's older, when we know Ben Foster is one year younger than Shawn Ashmore.

derpa on Mar 18, 2016


I'm sure it's obvious to everyone how Hardy got this role. With Singer and casting young guy roles its rarely based on acting talent.

Kafka on Mar 19, 2016


X-Men isn't the only story that apparently does this, but why is it always that the first is the strongest? Like nature said "I DUNNO LET'S TRY EVERYTHING" and shoved it in a single man in ancient history. MIND CONTROL SIZE MANIPULATION ENERGY POWERS SUPER STRENGTH TELEKINESIS. Why can't the first be pretty average in the long run? I mean, he'd still be worshiped like a god in his times but when he came back around? Storm or Jean could take him out without breaking a sweat or something.

Lar Rackell on Mar 18, 2016


Well in the comics, he was the first mutant that then enhanced his abilities due to alien technology. Who knows what they'll fuck up with this movie

derpa on Mar 18, 2016


This is what I felt should have been done with Khan in Star Trek as well. These are characters you need build up these characters properly, not just show their rise and fall in two hours.

Lar Rackell on Mar 18, 2016


"Everything the've buillt, will fall!", this time with Batfleck voice...

Nash on Mar 18, 2016


I'm trying to realize the symbolic story behind those powers and just don't understand that range of aggression and destruction to render it ...

shiboleth on Mar 18, 2016


behind who's powers, Apoc ? as noted below , the CBs had him " enhanced " by alien tech . So the movie writers have to sell his mania , without that Aliens Hate Earth focus basically a Grand Villian is always needed , as these humans with powers SHOULD be able to handle normal human criminals , and the like . A simple scripting meme ...

Dominic on Mar 19, 2016


I get that, but then again my focus is on meaning of such movie. It is, quite normally and, obviously, conventionally done in a popular manner. I also agree with logic of its narrative, or, at least, how you described it, but I don't see the idea behind it. I mean, come on, destruction of the world? Again? How many times will that be recycled? And why attract masses of people with so many new technical visual effects to say the same old story? And with what purpose? And don't tell me it's about the fun because this can be fun over and over again ...

shiboleth on Mar 19, 2016


Not every CB storyline had "meaning" .. just general themes redone again and again .. Yes some issues were just heroes fighting villians or other heroes . For revenge because of past slights , or just the hell of it . But for major storylines , obv the biggest threat / most drama , is The Destruction Of The Earth . Unfortunately Hollywood compressed EVERYTHING to do with the CB World . So going to that TDofTE level with Avengers 1 has made doing it again seem boring and redundant , To Moviegoers like you . Even if it's Another group of heroes " who must save us " . Tho I would note , The Infinity Gauntlet storyline is about The Destruction of the Universe . So at least the next Avengers /GOTG movies have a higher scope . I guess Hollywood feels " mutants catching criminals " storylines won't make them A Billion . So it's either heroes fighting heroes or WorldSavers , for storylines for awhile

Dominic on Mar 20, 2016


In a way, I wanted to provoke an answer but in the same time I hope I didn't annoy you. Which means, thanks for your answer. Anyway, I know all that. But I also know that I can't easily reach behind that logic of profit and mass approval of narratives you described. But I just can't help asking questions about those quasi fantastic heroes and their stories and their overall hidden meaning. Never mind I'll watch most of those and later laugh at those while commenting them with my friends over beer... But man, wouldn't be just great to get something more from movies than guys in their pajamas and their sleepy dramas?

shiboleth on Mar 20, 2016


from the average comic book story ? no u don't get much meaning , hidden or in plain sight . However when they created Spidey , and the XMen , those books had front-and-back story meanings about humanity , and its current state .. the "Winter Soldier " movie had more to do with human drama , than most CB movies . That's why it gets applauded as doing CB movies right. . And the next Cap movie with heroes squaring off , having the theme of who polices the heroes , and why ? , should be deep enough for you "Age of Ultron " tried to have a deep meaning , of creationism and humanity's worth , but it got sucked down to just a " Meglomanical " Tony Stark ...

Dominic on Mar 20, 2016


I know, you are right. But since they make most of our perspective and imagination on film (actually, I'm trying not to let that happen to me), you need to have some expectations. And, besides, as so many here, I have read a lot of comic books and just can't go on without noticing that movies is other kind of medium and that things could be done differently. In fact, I'm afraid, in some not so far future this will become some kind of subgenre, something like B-movie catalyst for some future successful Hollywood formula. Just anticipating possibilities, but I don't think this worth so much attention. On the other hand, I have to agree on CapA WinterSoldier and similiar stuff. However, I'm not surprised by it since you got to have some quality product if you're gonna make a whole series of those and likes. I think, and that's my starting position on all this, that this is not enough and that movies should start to be something more and use its filmic means of expression to show more hidden background in those stories. Being CA or IronM must mean something more behind all the money from Tony Stark or honest endeavors of Steve Rogers since that can be all about them ...

shiboleth on Mar 21, 2016


I really hope there's someone else out there who hates Jennifer Lawrence's acting as much as I do. She is just godawful. They really fucked this movie up by making her the leader instead of Cyclops. What the fuck man. Just because asshole bleacher J-Law is in the movie that means the story has to revolve around her? Fuck that shit.

ali3000 on Mar 18, 2016


They should have hired Jon Voight.

Nash on Mar 19, 2016


Hahahaha. My old friend. How I missed you. How you been?

ali3000 on Mar 19, 2016


😉 Life is good. And now and then your name pops up and then it's Jon Voight time! Nice to hear from you again and see you around at Disqus!

Nash on Mar 19, 2016


Couldn't agree with you more. I enjoyed the last film on the basis that Cyclops was back. He's a great character that has been shamefully treated by this franchise because the writers didn't have the creativity to imagine that you could have Cyclops AND Wolverine as lead characters. Hence he had to play second fiddle to Wolverine before being killed off. And now when he's back, what do you know, he's playing second fiddle to Mystique.

Payne by name on Mar 19, 2016


I enjoyed the last X Men, which surprised me as I'd been tiring of the whole franchise. But there's something about this trailer that just bores me again like they used to. I don't know if it's just too much stuff going on, the makers throwing everything in and hoping that something sticks or just that Mystique /Jennifer Lawrence is given too much exposure. I've always been frustrated by Mystique and the dominance that she has. She's a simple shape shifter yet can somehow takes others powers, as shown when fighting with Wolverine and all manner if equally more aggressive foes. Plus there's so much J Law in the trailer, it might as well be another Hunger Games.

Payne by name on Mar 19, 2016


Mystique is a shapeshifter, yes, but she doesn't take anyones powers, it's never been shown of her taking anyone powers and she certainly didn't take wolverines power. Rogue did, not Mystique.

The Maverick on Mar 21, 2016


I know she isn't Rogue, taking the powers was the wrong terminology. At Liberty Island, she managed to fight equally with a beast like Wolverine for a period of time. Her character is used so many times (and even before J Law) as an easy fix or quick get out. It reminds me of Mission Impossible's over reliance on the face masks, it just feels cheap.

Payne by name on Mar 21, 2016


Now that's a sweet trailer. Of course that doesn't mean the film itself won't suck. Seen that happen too many times where the trailer was way better than the movie itself. Here's hoping.

LightningB on Mar 19, 2016


Looks good. Wasn't a big fan of the last film tho

Kafka on Mar 19, 2016


these studios need to learn to start taking chances with directors and or cast. YOU DO NOT need a big name to create a great movie. You need a vision and the will to make it so. Get behind them. PERFECT example is Jodorowsky's Dune. Movies are not supposed to be some cookie cutter that makes it great for everyone. Give them Carte Blanche and have faith. Deadpoool did it, so can the others. You dont need multi million dollar budgets either, just look at Moon (2009), 5 million and its incredible.

Douglas Dixon on Mar 20, 2016


I wish this was how it was, but studios are there to make money, theyre a business. They dont NEED a big name to make money, but casting a big name will bring in much bigger money. Jodorowsky's Dune is a great film but has barely cracked half a million at the box office and remained relatively unknown to the general public. Deadpool had Ryan Reynolds leading it and spent millions on over the top marketing (also0 its a superhero movie, the hottest thing around right now). Moon is another great low budget movie, but keep in mind the box office gross was something like 5,009,000 dollars. Making a net gain of $9000 isnt exactly an ideal strategy for a hollywood studio. Also something to keep in mind are the more atypical films that came out this year that had more of an original vision and flopped. The Walk, Chappie, and Fantastic Four all tried to deviate from the norms of their genre and they all lost a bunch of money.

jay on Mar 22, 2016


I didn't mean the documentary Jodorowskys Dune, but the actual movie he was trying to make that we never got to see. Totally agree on those box office flops, but Chappie at least tried. Loved how they showed how gritty and down right animal we humans can be. It needs to be about the film again, and not about money. Deadpool only worked because they got behind the director. Proper rating for once, and full control to the movie, not the studio. Check out, this film is not yet rated. I also highly suggest people watch Punisher war zone and then listen to the podcast how did this get made, they have a episode early in the series that explains what the director had to go through to get her vision made. Did it appease everyone? No. was it a great movie, maybe. Up to you. But she had a vision and went for it

Douglas Dixon on Mar 23, 2016


I think we are on the verge of getting to where it will be about film again and not the money, but it might take another generation or two. Right now movies are still just so damn expensive to make and studios cant risk tens of millions in losses. With technology getting better/cheaper/smaller everyday, maybe soon well see movies get made for much less, and thus less risk will be involved in funding a more unique film.

jay on Mar 23, 2016


The Walk, Chappie, and Fantastic Four all tried to deviate from the norms of their genre and they all lost a bunch of money. That's because today's moviegoers are too narrow-minded and conservative to accept something new.

rosie1843 on May 8, 2016


You can have carte blanche to make Mad Max or Deadpool, but not something like Batman vs Superman or X Men or Star Wars. Those are way too important to give a creative person too much freedom. Not because one Star Wars movie is too expensive, but because the whole franchise can be greatly devalued with one movie. Mad Max and Deadpool had no franchise to speak of so there were not as many studio suits messing with them.

bumboclot on Mar 28, 2016


This trailer just made my sack twitch

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Mar 21, 2016


Olivia Munn as Psylocke? What a joke.

Henry Willis on Mar 26, 2016


I wonder how they will be able to overcome the 4 Horsemen and Apocalypse?? It just seems like they are too powerful. I really hope they don't just end up getting flipped...I hope.

DAVIDPD on Mar 31, 2016


Wow . . . Storm is a villain. Bryan Singer must really dislike her character. With the exception of "X-MEN 2", he always manages to find a way to screw up their character. By the way, both McAvoy and Fassbender, who are in their mid-to-late 30s, are TOO YOUNG to be portraying Xavier and Magneto, who are supposed to be in their 50s in this film.

rosie1843 on May 8, 2016

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