Must Watch: Second Awesome Trailer for 'Kong: Skull Island' Drops In

November 17, 2016
Source: YouTube

Kong: Skull Island Trailer

"That's Kong. He's king around here." Warner Bros has unveiled a second trailer for Jordan Vogt-Roberts' new Kong: Skull Island movie, taking us back to the island where King Kong comes from. This is a reboot of the King Kong origin story and it looks totally, totally awesome. Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson star along with a cast including Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, John C. Reilly, Tian Jing, Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchell, John Ortiz, Thomas Mann, Shea Wigham, Toby Kebbell and Eugene Cordero. Everything about this looks badass, from the cinematography and the sleek visuals, to the various giant monsters they encounter, as well as the entire cast in play. Even John C. Reilly is hilarious! Can't wait.

Here's the second trailer (+ poster) for Jordan Vogt-Roberts' Kong: Skull Island, direct from YouTube:

Kong: Skull Island Poster

You can still watch the first teaser trailer for Kong: Skull Island here, to compare footage from the trailers.

A trip back to the mysterious and dangerous home of the king of the apes, the new film will reportedly follow a team of explorers (led by a character played by Tom Hiddleston), who venture deep inside the treacherous, primordial island to find the leader's brother along with a mythical serum, confronting extraordinary creatures along the way. Kong: Skull Island is directed by American filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts, of the films The Kings of Summer and Nick Offerman: American Ham previously, as well as plenty of TV work before those. The screenplay has credits for Max Borenstein, Derek Connolly, John Gatins and Dan Gilroy. Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros will release Kong: Skull Island in theaters everywhere starting March 10th, 2017 early next year. Are you ready for an adventure on Skull Island?

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This looks stunning. From Kings of summer to this? Makes it look like he's been making blockbusters for years.

Jon Odishaw on Nov 17, 2016


NaaaaaaaaaM. The concept guys have had a field day with the sets and creature designs.

Carpola on Nov 17, 2016


Legit. One of my favorite trailers of the year!!! I didn't think Reilly was going to be the funny guy.

DAVIDPD on Nov 17, 2016


Hopefully there won't be a brachiosaurus stampede scene...

TheOct8pus on Nov 17, 2016


I really liked that film. Too long but I loved it. Cheesy brachiosaurus scene and all.

Jon Odishaw on Nov 17, 2016


Once they finally got to the island it was good. You can sleep through the first hour though...

bumboclot on Nov 17, 2016


I did too....except for the stampede scene....and I also felt the giant man eating bugs scene went on for an uncomfortably long time...

TheOct8pus on Nov 17, 2016


A little bummed with this trailer, looks like yet another CGI fest.. Still looking forward to this movie

Tester on Nov 17, 2016


I can't imagine a different kind of Kong movie. You prefer the guy in the monkey suit to CGI?

bumboclot on Nov 17, 2016


I should have added more detail to my comment.. My concern is not really about Kong, but the rest of the creatures on the island.. Reminds me too much of PJs KK CGI crapfest

Tester on Nov 17, 2016


I'm in to see it...trailer wasn't perfect but I'm so stoked.

Xerxexx on Nov 17, 2016


Sure...why not

YourMomInABox on Nov 17, 2016


Well, lots of monsters, some pretty big stars, and a lot of expensive special effects I'm assuming. What else can you ask for? It's a King Kong movie so any good writing, acting and directing is just gravy.

bumboclot on Nov 17, 2016


As long as Peter Jackson isn't involved, it would be ok.

tarek on Nov 17, 2016


Why? Peter Jacksons skull island party is some of the best CGI monster madness ever created.

Jon Odishaw on Nov 17, 2016


Peter Jackson's King Kong had a great first act. Once they reached the skull island, it became Battle of the five armies, that is: CGI crapfest with non stop nonsense. King Kong fighting the Tyrannosaurs was so over the top and cartoonish, it became laughable.

tarek on Nov 18, 2016


That was my absolute favourite part of the film. Not surprising that we don't see eye to eye 😉

Jon Odishaw on Nov 18, 2016


Obviously, there might be some chance of a story. But, judging from this trailer, I have strong doubts about that ...

shiboleth on Nov 17, 2016


It doesn't matter 😉

Steven on Nov 17, 2016


Oh, I noticed that ...

shiboleth on Nov 17, 2016


This looks like some good mindless fun! FX look pretty awesome!

Sascha Dikiciyan on Nov 17, 2016


Tell me.. Why does gums, spit and teeth still look shit in cgi? Like.. we can do some pretty mind blowing water simulations..but gums, teeth and spit just looks.. fake.. always.

ErrorSapiens on Nov 17, 2016


Looks decent. I hope it does well so they put him against Godzilla again. They should do that one in 2022, which would be the 60 year anniversary of the original King Kong vs Godzilla film

Marcus on Nov 18, 2016


Plus it looks like their keeping it on Skull Island. It doesn't look like the typical King Kong where they go to the island, girl gets sacrificed, falls in love with her, goes to New York, and then gets killed. I have to admit John C Reilly ruined the tone for me. At first it seemed like a dark and suspenseful film. Was a comedic element really needed. It just takes me back to how annoyed I was with Jack Black.

Marcus on Nov 18, 2016


I was onboard with this trailer until John C. Reilly showed up. I understand injecting comedy to lighten tense moments, but it felt uneven and awkward. Kong looks great, it's just the supporting story and cast I'm worried about....on the fence with this one...

RAW_D on Nov 18, 2016


Stoked af.

Nielsen700 on Nov 19, 2016


The trailer alone is better than the entire Peter Jackson King Kong film, can't wait!

BNN667 on Nov 19, 2016

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