Full-Length Trailer for WWII Movie 'USS Indianapolis' with Nicolas Cage

August 31, 2016
Source: YouTube

USS Indianapolis Trailer

"This is a damn suicide mission…" "Full speed ahead." A new international trailer has debuted for the film USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, about the tragic sinking of the USS Indianapolis during World War II. Nicolas Cage stars as Captain Charles B. McVay, who was court-mailed for "failing to zigzag" as the Captain of this ship, then exonerated more than half a century later. The full cast includes Tom Sizemore, Thomas Jane, Matt Lanter, Weronika Rosati, Brian Presley and others. This trailer is extensive and explains most of the story, including attempting to survive in shark-infested waters after sinking. You can still see the first trailer here for something shorter, otherwise dive in to this epic, full 3 minute trailer below.

Here's the new official trailer (+ poster) for Mario Van Peebles's USS Indianapolis, direct from YouTube:

USS Indianapolis

The harrowing true story of the crew of the USS Indianapolis, who were stranded in the Philippine Sea for five days after delivering the atomic weapons that would eventually end WWII. As they awaited rescue, they endured extreme thirst, hunger, and relentless shark attacks. USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage is directed by Mexican actor-filmmaker Mario Van Peebles, of films like Love Kills, Baadasssss!, and Red Sky previously. The screenplay is written by Richard Rionda Del Castro and Cam Cannon. Saban Films will release USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage in theaters in the US, but no exact date is set yet. Stay tuned if you're interested. Read more about the USS Indianapolis sinking on Wikipedia. What do you make of this?

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Reader Feedback - 41 Comments


Directed by Van Peebles with Cage, Remar, and Sizemore leading the cast. I can't say I've much interest in this group of past talent. Interesting subject that the ship carrying those horrific bombs that ended up killing massive amounts of innocent civilians ends up getting sunk with much of the remaining crew members eaten alive by sharks. What an over-all horrific ordeal for all the humans involved in this bit of madness created by the insanity of the human condition. I wonder if it will be about that or just another rah rah rah, flag waving, America the great nonsense. I should think the latter.

Bo on Aug 31, 2016


Poor Imperial Japan. All they wanted to do was take over half the planet and mean old flag waving America got in the way. Let me guess...staunch Bernie supporter?

Dr. Dobb on Aug 31, 2016


Yea, I expected this kind of ignorant, flag waving numbskull reply from someone too dense to see my point of the all the horrors we human beings inflict on one another. To understand that kind of morality and decency one has to abandon their programmed upbringing which makes them defend the slaughtering of hundreds of thousands on civilians. Or of all the slaughtering of the Native Americans; what air base did the attack, Dobb? What nation or planet were they wanting to over take? Oh, that was the white man/American who wanted to take over half the planet and the Indians got in his way so he slaughtered them all, innocent women and children included. I'm sure you can find a way to defend that madness too, Dobb. The world is a horror show with insanity and mass killings and you seem to be part of that problem. It's called spiritual vapidness, Dobb. I support no one, although Bernie seems like a pretty sane man to me, in the insanity of the politics in our country or the world so again, your light weight assessment coincides with your spiritual vainness. From your immature Bernie remark it would seem Trump might be your boy. How insane is that? He's ready to wave that flag you admire so much and slaughter muslims and deport all those nasty Mexican rapist. What insanity. Thanks for revealing your part in it. See what movies can bring out in people? Ugh!

Bo on Aug 31, 2016


Yes...being aware of the atrocities of Imperial Japan equates to "ignorant, flag waving". You need help. Like seriously up your meds. Without them you're some bat shit insane libtard drowning in White Guilt. The pinnacle of decadence is your level of self loathing.

Dr. Dobb on Aug 31, 2016


Yea, right. I need help. Attempting to communicate with someone like you is impossible, Dobb. What a world we live in when ignorant and vapid people tell others people that they need help. You can't even perceive or understand where I'm coming from so let's just stop rattling back and forth. Peace to you, man. You're scary.

Bo on Aug 31, 2016


I don't have a dog in this battle between Bo and Dr. Dobb, but I will say that the atomic bombings of Japan were justified, and saved about five million lives. There are some facts that need to be remembered, rather than just knee jerking and saying we shouldn't have dropped those bombs from the hindsight of 71 years later: 1. Japan started the WWII in the Pacific with the US in 1941, but had been killing the Chinese by the millions since 1937. 2. It was a much more brutal time all around the world and the US was weary of war, even though we'd suffered the least of the major combatants. Hell, China lost millions, Russia lost about 20 million, and all told the Germans had slaughtered almost 45 million people in Europe, including the Russians already mentioned. 3. US policy with Japan, as it had been with Germany, was that Japan was going to surrender unconditionally. 4. To force Japan to surrender, after already suffering horrifying losses on Iwo Jima and Okinawa, the US was going to invade Japan in late 1945/early 1946. We would conservatively have lost 1 million men killed and wounded in that invasion (I think it would have been more). We are still handing out Purple Hearts and using body bags that were manufactured for Operation Downfall. Here is something from Wikipedia about expected casualties: 5. The Japanese were going to fanatically defend their islands down to the last man, and because of Japan's geography, could predict our invasion plans very well and plan their slaughter of our guys accordingly. I've always thought Japan would have lost at least 4 million people, military and otherwise. 6. The late Paul Fussell was an infantry officer in Europe during WWII who KNEW, just as hundreds of thousands of Americans, they were doomed to die in the invasion of Japan. He wrote "Thank God for the Atomic Bomb" in 1981, which was published in The Atlantic Monthly, about the experience of suddenly realizing you weren't going to die, because Truman had the balls to drop the bombs: Before you knee jerk and say he was just a savage American, look him up. 7. WW2 was total war, and had been since well before we were even involved in it. We won it, convincingly, and saved millions of lives by the method we used, including millions of our Japanese enemy's. Lefty hysterics and people who don't know anything about human history and human nature say all the time: "Imagine a world without nuclear weapons!!!" I think those people are imbeciles, because we don't have to imagine it. It existed, and is illustrated best by the over 60 million people who died in WWII of conventional methods, right up until the moment on August 6, 1945, when we destroyed Hiroshima. We must have done something right, because the Japanese haven't been interested in anything but anime, scantily clad young women in school girl outfits, and tentacle pron since 1945.

Sharkman1963 on Aug 31, 2016


You know, I wasn't going to comment, but I guess I have to. I won't comment on your first paragraph except to say there isn't anything true in it. Well, maybe to also say that it ain't "us" doing the slaughtering when it comes to Muslim-World relations. Islam's followers have been killing everyone in their path since the Seventh Century and there isn't much evidence they will ever stop. Regarding your first paragraph: The "Native Americans" we all know as the peaceful put-upon people of Dances with Wolves were, in fact, just as horrifically violent, cruel, and savage as any human beings who ever lived. They were Homo Sapiens (like us, obviously) and when they came over the land bridge from Siberia 20,000 years ago, they exterminated, yes, EXTERMINATED the entire Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal human populations who lived in North America originally. Next, 90% of the deaths of the North American "Native Americans" was caused by disease, not by being "slaughtered by white men/Americans", and was actually a natural process that was inevitable. North America was surrounded by oceans, and of course because of that, the "Native Americans" had not experienced any of the many plagues and diseases that had wiped out half of Europe many times before any European colonists arrived here. The INSTANT a human foot from anywhere in the rest of the world hit North America, it was inevitable that disease would do here exactly what it had done in the rest of the world. The literature describing the first Europeans settling on the East Coast is full of descriptions of empty "Native American" villages that had been empty for decades. There isn't a single nation on Earth whose population doesn't have blood on its hands. Why is the blood on Americans' hands the only blood that must always be remembered? America has done a hell of a lot more for the rest of the world, and always has, than any other nation on Earth. That's not ignorant flag-waving. It's just fact.

Sharkman1963 on Aug 31, 2016


Whilst there are items of merit in your response, I do have to question the validity of your final paragraph. America has done a lot 'for' the Earth but a 'lot more than any other nation' is a bit of a stretch.

Payne by name on Sep 1, 2016


I confirm. America has raised the earth temperature by 1.5°C. But china will beat her soon.

tarek on Sep 1, 2016


"EXTERMINATED the entire Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal human populations who lived in North America originally." and you must have a video on that to confirm this...'theory"? "90% of the deaths of the North American "Native Americans" was caused by disease, not by being "slaughtered by white men/Americans", and was actually a natural process that was inevitable." Well, it was very "evitable" if Europeans stayed in Europe, and didn't bring their filthy diseases and greed with them.

tarek on Sep 1, 2016


Well said, as always, tarek. Thanks for the contribution to this discussion. Cheers!

Bo on Sep 1, 2016


There's not much else to say in response to your typical 'must defend and stand up for America at all costs' and then claim it's not flag waving, except the movie on this thread is about America, a ship that was sank after carrying bombs that incinerated hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in a flash. So the discussions was about America and it's atrocities, which way too many of it's citizens live in denial of due to their programming and indoctrination...but I digress as this is all in my above post. Of course, all of the human race does what America does. This too was in my post if you could extract yourself from your programming enough to see. The human condition is one of immense fear of death and the 'others' and we, as humans, have been slaughtering one another since time began out of that fear. I can't let this pass, even though tarek, who always displays intelligence and grace in his posts, called you on this as well as one can be called on by making such vapid statements that disease killed the Indians as if we didn't rape and slaughter our fair share of them. We brought the diseases that killed them, which you seem to want to ignore. Interesting to not include that 'fact'. I don't fault you as you're just another victim of programming that has yet to wake up and see reality more subjectively rather than just through the prism of being an who sees, thinks, feels and has opinions that have been instilled into them since infancy. This is basic, simple stuff that most people never become aware of and sleep walk thru life like robots and never become who they really are...or should be. In finishing, you are only correct in your whole post when stating 'there isn't a single Nation of Earth whose population does't have blood on its hands'. That's true, but it's pretty naive and immature to ask in what comes across as a bit whining, why is the blood on American's hands the only blood that must always be remembered? Come on, man. That's absurd! Like their hasn't been so many movies and books and discussions regarding Germany's blood on their hands regarding the horrific extermination of six million Jews and five million more of various groups of fellow humans. The question is why do you deny and refuse to accept the blood on our hands? It's there and has been for a long time. Why do you deny and protect and defend that? Especially on a thread that was discussing a tragic event in American History? Thou does protest too much, my man. Enough. Interesting subject worthy of lengthy discussion and exchanging of thoughts and perception. Take care. Peace.

Bo on Sep 1, 2016


Man, you people really made this discussion a heated debate. To some point. Come on Sharkman, don't be ridiculous, Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal are localities in today's France and Germany where remains of early human communities were found. And those communities hardly ever had the chance to reach today's Siberia let alone today's Alaska. As far as is known people that crossed that land bridge from Asia to America were much more probably around India and Siberia itself. As for the extermination argument that is hardly worth a comment. Since such operation requires a technological conditions pretty much unavailable at that time. Even Western conquerors couldn't do that in 16th and 17 century with native communities in what came to be called and known after those centuries America. And also, history is always very much assimilation of populations and not some cleansing of them. That's anyway, a vocabulary of 20th century since no extensive killing of this magnitude was undertaken before (which doesn't mean it wasn't tried). Besides, as for Chinese or Japanese, did they also, huh, exterminated Cro-magnons and Neanderthals? In short, your argument is pure racism. And that needs to be said. As for the Muslim-World the same problem can be seen since there were a lot of ugly historical wrongdoings coming from the West toward Muslim world. Crusades for one started something really atrocious in that relationship. Using and exploiting their natural resources for more than a century now and preventing any progressive forces over there is not really just the fault from one side of that problem, right? As for the US and its role in the world. Well, nothing is white and black, definitely. I like American culture, a lot. Is that bad or not is a different story. But that culture doesn't need to be decisive fact for everyone. In fact, it isn't even for me, but I let it to influence me. So, positive attitude to something American can be a free choice and there is also some respect for it, right? But that doesn't necessary coincide with politics. Especially, when country like US has global responsibility and is often using all the prerogatives from it in its favor, regardless what it does to the rest. I wouldn't paint global American influence with pitch black but its more vivid colors, earned mostly from the WWII, are slowly and surely fading (which, on the other side, others involved doesn't necessary paint as good guys). And nothing on horizon in American approach to the global situation does give a hint that such process could be reversing ...

shiboleth on Sep 2, 2016


Is this going to be like 4 hours long? The trailer shows, battle sequence, floating sequence, shark sequence, then a court martial? It seems bloated.

DAVIDPD on Aug 31, 2016


This is a story worthy of a much better director. Granted if you are ignorant of history and anti-american like some people here a story like this will be wasted on you. Those people think Japan was the victim in the war. Probably think WWII was about oil. Bernie supporters no doubt and probably HS drop outs.

Dr. Dobb on Aug 31, 2016


"...ignorant of history and anti-american..." This comment seems the most ignorant to me. Did you know there were other nations in the war, some were even on the American side. They have their own stories - how many of them do you know?

Carl Manson on Aug 31, 2016


Every side fought for what they thought was right. There were no winners. Japanese deserve to celebrate their war veterans as much as any other country does. Soldiers often are just following orders.

TK on Sep 1, 2016


Soldiers are just fodder for canon.

tarek on Sep 1, 2016


And that's the worst crime any solider can do ...

shiboleth on Sep 1, 2016


This just looks awful. Thankfully, they showed everything that happens, three or four times.

Mark on Aug 31, 2016


This is a story worthy of a much better director. Granted if you are ignorant of history and anti-american like some people here a story like this will be wasted on you. Those people think Japan was the victim in the war. Probably think WWII was about oil. Bernie supporters no doubt and probably HS drop outs. (had to repost since 2 people with poor reading comprehension responded)

Dr. Dobb on Sep 1, 2016


WWII wasn't definitely about oil. But Iraq war was.

tarek on Sep 1, 2016


don't tell that to Bo...he thinks the US was the evil aggressor in WWII

Dr. Dobb on Sep 1, 2016


Well, I don't want to be the butter between two slices of bread... So keep me away from any quarrel ;D American people have paid a heavy toll during the WWII. and without the involvement of the USA in the conflict, the world would speak now German fluently... ;D So we have to pay respect to those who were killed to save others lives. And this applies to all who served a noble cause. But that was before the dark time...Before Bush and Rumsfeld.

tarek on Sep 1, 2016


It was pretty dark times dropping bombs killing 3 hundred thousand innocent civilians too, tarek. Let's take a higher ground and just look at the insanity of human beings and wars...we're all insane...America, Germay, Japan...we continue to kill one another in horrific ways and will continue to unless we somehow evolve in awareness and in how we think. Einstein is famous for stating it this way. He was horrified by the Atom Bomb. It's beyond me that anyone can continue to justify or defend slaughtering that many people at once. It's crazy. We're all responsible. Was WWII really so noble? Wasn't it and our global presence a bit more complex than that? I think so. Of course, Bush and Rumsfeld were much more obvious. And now we have Trump...don't get me started. It's all insane and the killing will continue. The evil 'they'...there's always an evil 'they'.. are right from their side and we are right from our side and the killing and slaughtering continues. And they killed that guy Jesus for preaching peace and evolving beyond this madness, let's not forget that. They always kill the spiritual teachers who discuss living in a more sane manner...sorry...I don't believe in Jesus or god or any of that, but it served my purpose here...too bad that you stay away from being he butter...I could have used some help with Dobb and I would think that you would recognize that his assumptions and perceptions regarding me are way off the mark...just saying, tarek.

Bo on Sep 1, 2016


Human nature is really disturbing. We are like a bottle that entrapped an angel and a demon, Some of us succeed in killing the demon within, and become Saints, while others prefer to befriend their demonic side and become beasts. War is a horrible creation that serve only bloodthirsty warlords and unscrupulous tycoons. War is good for business. Nazism and its offshoots (fascism, Imperialism) weren't a futile threat, I think we all agree on that, The US intervention was something inevitable, on the humanitarian side or economically. ( they are interdependent). Soldiers who sacrificed themselves did it for a noble cause. you cannot stop an armed enemy with nice words. I wish it was possible. It's always hard during a war not to be the cause or to witness collateral damages. Sometimes,(most of the time ) it's unfair to judge a decision taken during a crisis a posteriori, You can't set aside the context and the specificity of the moment. sometimes, you have to do macabre maths during war times: "Should I kill the enemy even if it will lead to few casualties, or should I avoid to cause any casualty, even if I am sure that every day that passes, the enemy will kill innocent people anyway? While Nagasaki and Hiroshima were an unforgivable horror no sensible person would accept, I did the exercise to try to understand the motivation behind it. I am pretty sure that the decision-makers took a cold blooded decision, because they were convinced that while they will kill hundreds of thousands of civilians, they will shorten the war by 2 or 3 years, and thus, they will save millions of persons. It was war maths...Alas.

tarek on Sep 1, 2016


Well, as always a very intelligent viewpoint very well articulated, tarek. Thanks. I really do appreciate the effort and thought you put into constructing this reply. I sometimes think when I interact with others I'm the only one who sees the madness of war and the killings of massive amounts of innocent civilians...and soldiers too for that matter. Einstein, from what I gather, was very much against the use of the bomb, as any sane person would be. It's madness, to me, to not see that the 300 some thousand innocent Japanese civilians were not victims. Of course they were. It's always the innocent civilians who are the real victims. Having said that, in my downtime I did a little research into the real reasons for the Second World War as I've mostly forgotten this knowledge from my radical days after getting out of the Army during the Viet Nam debacle in late 1968. Hell, anyone can just google that question and get multiple hits as to the complexities involved outside of the conventional 'propaganda narrative' of it being a 'noble' war and 'we' were the good guys. Like all wars, the reals reasons are kept hidden and the lies become the narrative to make each side look like the good guys. One well known and troubling fact is that Roosevelt baited the Japanese into attacking us to give us reason to get into a war the American public did not want. As insane as that seems, and it is insane, do a little reading and research and one might find it to be the truth and discover the many reasons behind such an incredible endeavor. That and the fact that we were selling many things to both Germany and Russia, of which arms were just one of those things. There are many, many complexities hidden from the masses and stay hidden even after all these years which the masses simply doesn't want to know and probably couldn't handle it if they did know. The world is a dark and disturbing place and all the greats, from Plato and Socrates knew the masses could not handle the truth and needed to be governed and lied too. I certainly agree with you about Human Nature and that was my point when I posted originally about the madness of human nature and that war is a horrible creation. For me there is never justification for killing 300 thousand innocent civilians especially, to this day, there is much to learn as to just why we did that. There's the fact, that to many, the war was essentially over and the bombs were dropped as an example of the U.S.' overwhelming superiority thus paving the way for our continuing imperialistic ways. Einstein and many other top scientists pleaded that the bombs not be used. Again, human nature is disturbing and to have a bomb like that and not use it to make a point? It was too enticing as we could have just dropped the bomb(s) on deserted parcels of land to show their devastating power....but we didn't...did we? In war, neither side cares about civilian lives and good propaganda convinces the masses otherwise. I know. I was a Drill Sgt. in the Army and saw behind the scenes. The lies were unbelievable. Especially when it came to numbers and the narrative to give to the public. All in order to make the military look good. Anyway, I'm exhausted by all this. I appreciate your excellent views but disagree with justifications that are indoctrinated and programmed into us since birth that are no where near to the reality of the darkness of the human condition. Hell, the darkness is not just the atrocious acts humans commit on one another, the darkness is also the lies and justifications of doing so. We see it today. Radical Islamic soldiers, if you will, view us as Satan and fully justify the killings and beheadings and other monstrous acts they commit. And they believe it just as much as much of our population believes all the justifications we are programmed to believe. It's just not that simple. I understand, for many people, staying unaware of the horror, the real horror of the human story makes it easier to live their lives as they simply could not carry the weight of the dark truth(s). Maybe all people, especially Americans need to get a first hand experience of war and the grotesque madness and the horrible things soldiers do on the field of battle. All their naive holdings would evaporate rather quickly. One of the great works is the book by Ernest Becker titled The Denial of Death. He won the Pulitzer Prize for it in 1974. It's a masterful work about the human condition and the fear of death and to what lengths human beings will go in order to stave off that fear. Killings others is a most popular example, but, of course, like all such endeavors to stop this fear of death, it doesn't work. Nothing does except facing it and living with it. Alright. I'm done. I've not the energy to re-read and make any corrections so please forgive my mistake. Thanks for helping me put this exhausting communication regarding the horrors of war and the horrors of killing 300 thousand innocent civilians to rest. I, though, shall never be able to rest as long as people keep finding it acceptable and live the lie that surrounds it. Miles and miles to go before I Cheers.

Bo on Sep 1, 2016


...what are we living for. Confused phrases, I guess we know the score. On and on, does anybody know what Dobb is looking for. Another zero, another mindless bairn. Behind the curtain, in the pantomime Hold the line, does anybody want to talk to him anymore The show must go on...

tarek on Sep 3, 2016


Poetic and obtuse, but again, well said, tarek. Nice use of the work bairn...don't see that word very often. Cheers.

Bo on Sep 4, 2016


I twisted Queen's "Show must go on" for the circumstances ;D

tarek on Sep 4, 2016


Got it. I'm off this thread now. At present I'm engaged with you on the ski-fi thread...see you there! Over and out!

Bo on Sep 4, 2016


Egads, this'd be like if Michael Bay directed a Pear Harbor movi- - oh wait...

cuckoozey on Sep 1, 2016


I think "starring Nicolas Cage" said it all. And Robert Shaw did a better job in the 2-3 minute version than this whole movie will do.

CyraNOSE on Sep 1, 2016


After the cringe worthy Drive angry, I can't stand him anymore.

tarek on Sep 1, 2016


I don't know. I think you've been too harsh on him. But then again, he might never come back as a good actor. I think that is his problem, he think he's just making money while what he should start doing is actually acting. He could do that, only if he remembers it. And I think he can do it ...

shiboleth on Sep 1, 2016


I wish him the best.

tarek on Sep 1, 2016


Well, that looked done by used people for used purpose about some event that was more tragic in its scope and less important for what WWII was. As for Nicholas Cage, I really feel sorry. I still kinda hope he will recuperate since he makes a good film from time to time (Joe or Frozen Ground) ...

shiboleth on Sep 1, 2016


Too bad you had to reveal the real essence of yourself and thus your acceptance of the propaganda narrative popular with people such as yourself. By that revelation I mean your 'Lefty hysterics and people who don't know anything about human history. I'm tired of this discussion. Especially with people who are so programmed and indoctrinated they haven't a clue to the real, very dark madness with regard to human history. They readily accept that which has been programmed for them to accept and never really do any real research into what is behind all the lies that are put forth for them to believe. Enough. Just google the real reasons for World War II for a start and see behind this curtain of pretense of accept. To believe history as presented in our schools and books is so naive I can't waste my time any longer which such fools. Easy to live one's life within the herd mentality that demands uncritical acceptance of the common and collective narrative put forth by governments and people of power. I understand. The truth is scary and difficult and 99% want no part of it and want to believe they are part of the A Team...the good guys who do no wrong...who are heroes and save the world. It's childish beyond belief. Any you're wrong about Lefty hysterics as many of them are like you. They live the lie in order to live because they can't handle the truth. Of course you think others are imbeciles. Such false feeling and expressions of superiority come part and parcel within the frightened masses. You're last paragraph, even if meant as a joke, is disgusting and racist. Again, revealing your real nature..which is that of a frightened little creature unable to face life in all it's raging madness and glory. Please stop addressing me as I will simply delete any further communications from you. Enough is enough. I wish you well as you suffer and cause suffering and don't even know it. Peace.

Bo on Sep 1, 2016


as they say the conquerors are the one who write the history books.....then again maybe they were actually unbiased in what they wrote 50% of the time and 50% of the time they were basically everything you have learned by checking your "sources" is probably 50% right and 50% wrong so basically no one is right 100% on this subject and no one is wrong 100%....WW2 cause and atomic bomb justification debate settled

desispeed on Sep 2, 2016


For every negative comment on this trailer, this looks okay and it seems Nicolas Cage does a fine job. I personally don't like history movies, or it must be from the dark ages or Roman empire. But this looks fine... And remember :James Cameron is screwing up his time by making endless avatar movies...

ari smulders on Sep 2, 2016

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