New US Trailer for Germany's Academy Award Entry 'Toni Erdmann'

October 6, 2016
Source: Vanity Fair

Toni Erdmann Trailer

"Life is just passing by…" Sony Classics has debuted an official US trailer for the highly acclaimed film Toni Erdmann, a drama from Germany that is being submitted by the country as their official Academy Award entry this year. Directed by Maren Ade, the film stars Peter Simonischek and Sandra Hüller as father and daughter. Hüller doesn't get to see her father much now that she works as a consultant for companies around the world. However, he decides to invade her life again as the character "Toni Erdmann", following her to Bucharest on a business trip. The film is both sad and funny at the same time, but also poignant and unforgettable. Critics have been raving about it ever since it premiered in Cannes, and it certainly lives up to the acclaim. You'll laugh heartily throughout, especially at the end. Don't skip seeing this outstanding film.

Here's the official US trailer (+ a poster) for Maren Ade's Toni Erdmann, originally from Vanity Fair:

Toni Erdmann Poster

Toni Erdmann (Peter Simonischek) is Winfried, 65, a music teacher with a strong penchant for jokes, who lives with his old dog. His daughter Ines (Sandra Hüller) is a career woman who travels around the world in order to optimize companies. Father and daughter could therefore not be more different. He, the soulful, socially romantic '68. She, the rational management consultant who tries to raise her profile at a major outsourcing project in Romania to compete in a mans world. Toni Erdmann is both written and directed by German filmmaker Maren Ade, of the films Everyone Else and The Forest for the Trees previously. This first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and played at numerous fests the rest of the year. Sony Pictures Classics will open Toni Erdmann in select US theaters starting December 25th, Christmas Day, this year.

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Carpola on Oct 6, 2016


Looks...odd. I didn't get much from the trailer, here's hoping the best parts are still tucked within the film. With all the acclaim, I'm assuming that's the case...

RAW_D on Oct 6, 2016


what's on this poster? A Wookie hugging a girl?

tarek on Oct 6, 2016


Basically, yes... You have to see it to understand.

Alex Billington on Oct 7, 2016


I have no idea what to make of this. Loads of European people saying pointless things to each other doesn't mean it's a good movie.

Nash on Oct 6, 2016


'Loads of European people saying pointless things to each other'. Yeah, that's how many 'good' or 'classical' American movies look to Europeans but they still watch them. Give it a try. As European do with a lot of American movies ...

shiboleth on Oct 6, 2016


I am totally European, from the Netherlands. Germany is my neighbour country. I understand the language. And it still looks pointless to me. But... perhaps I should give it a try...

Nash on Oct 6, 2016


I live in Germany! Hello neighbor. It's a great film. Really, there's so many layers to it, so much depth. While on the surface being a sweet, funny, wacky little film, there's subtext galore and it's brilliant to behold. Yes it's long, that's the biggest problem, but other than that - this is one of the best European films this year easily.

Alex Billington on Oct 6, 2016


Both Shiboleth and Alex, thank you very much for taking time. I guess this shows the power of a medium such as FS. The trailer itself does not hook me. But with the educated advice of 2 fine gentlemen like yourself, I have no other choice than to watch this movie!;-) Alex, I had no idea we were neighbors. Do you live anywere near Berlin? I visit Berlin about 5 times a year. (And many other German cities...)

Nash on Oct 6, 2016


Thank you Nash, from one fine gentleman to the other. I live in Croatia and have a lot of relations to Germany although this days I don't go often there. Great country with great books and with great film history. As for the Netherlands, some time ago I spent a week in Amsterdam, been in Rotterdam and Hague. Beautiful country.. Hope you will like the film...

shiboleth on Oct 7, 2016


I live IN Berlin! Hit me up the next time you're there! I'm around. 🙂

Alex Billington on Oct 7, 2016


Berlin is an interesting city. I've been there only once. Unfortunately. It's one of those places I would love to live in. This information just made me think even better of you, sir ...

shiboleth on Oct 7, 2016


Any idea on what is shown on the poster Alex? I am confused.

tarek on Oct 6, 2016


I also need this question answered!

polar_beagle on Oct 6, 2016


@tarek:disqus @polar_beagle:disqus Yes - she's hugging her father who is dressed up in a very hairy costume. It's part of the final act of the movie. You have to see it to understand, which is odd why they're using it for the poster. Here's a better look at the character - Really, to understand fully, you just need to see the film. I recommend just seeing it when you can. It's worth it.

Alex Billington on Oct 7, 2016


Cool. I like the poster too!

DAVIDPD on Oct 6, 2016


That looks nice and intelligent. Cool ...

shiboleth on Oct 6, 2016


Sorry, to rain on some crazy parades is a boring nearly 3-hour weird-fest. I AM a german film critic and radio host, I know many a film critic who LOVED this. But I saw it and it made me wanna sit through a TRANSFORMERS marathon, rather than this. My personal opinion. That's it. There are soooo many better paced and scripted german movies. Look at Tom Tykwers work for instance.

Stefan Kuhlmann on Oct 7, 2016


Or Der Untergang. Bruno Ganz should have won an Oscar for his role.

tarek on Oct 7, 2016


I don't know about T. Tykwers. I mean, Run Lola Run was ok but rest of his films are nothing special. He's ok as an director, but no more than any standard Hollywood director. Good craftsman, yes, but as an artist Tykwers is nothing special. I guess it's a question of taste ...

shiboleth on Oct 7, 2016


Thank you Shiboleth! It IS a question of taste! Absolutely.

Stefan Kuhlmann on Oct 8, 2016

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